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Chapter 273: One Scolding a Day!

Chapter 273: One Scolding a Day!

The next day.

After waking up in the morning.

It was almost winter. The sunrise was getting later and later.

Zhang Ye’s eyes swept across the late sunrise and yawned. He looked at his cellphone’s date, realizing it was closer and closer to the new year. He got out of bed and left his room to take a shower. When he got home last night, it was already very late. He fell asleep almost immediately. This morning, he did not see any sign of Dong Shanshan, but the dining table already had his breakfast on it. This told him that his old classmate had not forgotten about him, but only that she had left for work early.


Eating breakfast.

Zhang Ye touched his belly after feeling full. He did not need to go to work today, so he went back into his room and switched on his laptop to check the situation online.

Weibo was still hotly discussing!

“Let’s attack, bros!”

“Right! Let’s go bombard the Shanghai SARFT’s website!”

“We can’t let Teacher Zhang Ye fight this battle alone!”

“Everyone step up! Let’s help Teacher Zhang!”

“I’m here! My large saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!”

Zhang Ye’s “The Last Speech” had a great influence on everyone. Some familiar faces had appeared and there were also new faces who joined in the denouncement army. They were all here to support Zhang Ye. The people applying to join Zhang Ye’s Tieba also steadily increased. Zhang Ye was supposed to be bidding farewell to the entertainment circle and had almost no chance of making a comeback. but after that press conference, in which he was banned and sentenced to “death” was over, his popularity increased instead. In fact, his fame was soaring!

The fanclub member numbers had increased by 30%!

Zhang Ye’s weibo followers also increased by a 100%!

Several major discussion forums left a good spot for Zhang Ye on their news section. They made the press conference from last night a highlight!

Then, Zhang Ye’s “Sunflower in the Sun” that he had recited at the reporters last night also appeared on many Shanghai morning newspapers. The online press also began to comment on it!

“It’s another classic modern poem!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye’s accomplishments in poetry are really a wonder of the world!”

“This was something said casually! And can you tell from it? The poem might seem to expound and describe Zhang Ye’s character, but in fact, it was still scolding the SARFT and Li Tao in the end. There was not a single phrase that was used to scold in the text, but it perfectly described Li Tao and company as the Sun, but the more you f**king do it this way, the more powerful the cursing is that touches the heart! It was the same as “Dead Water”, “The Answer”, “Some People”, and even “Self-mockery”. In the area of sarcastic poems, Teacher Zhang Ye had long since reached to the acme of perfection! The sunflowers under the sunlight! This was in fact describing the entertainment industry under the SARFT, but the video of the situation has not been posted. Hurry and post it! Hurry and let us all see the actual scenes! Just from the text version of ‘Sunflower in the Sun’ is not forceful enough! Teacher Zhang Ye’s modern poems are still the most shocking when seen live! Zhang Ye’s words, movements, expressions cannot be isolated. They are a complete whole, and it the way Zhang Ye expresses his literature!”


“Pleading for the video!”

“Not a single of Teacher Zhang’s works can be missed!”

Maybe it was because they heard the pleas of the people, a Shanghai newspaper immediately posted a video of Zhang Ye reciting the poem under the setting sun from last night on its official website. A staff of this newspaper agency had carried a camera back then, and had managed to record it perfectly.

The video was revealed!

“Do you see that sunflower?”

“You should get closer to it!”

“Get close and you’ll find!”

“The soil beneath its feet, each handful of soil, would ooze with blood!”

Zhang Ye’s figure stood under the setting sun, beside the almost withering sunflower was imprinted into the hearts of many!

Zhang Ye’s fans were seething with excitement!


“It’s too awesome!”

“Indeed, this video gives you the feels!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye, you are so f**king handsome! So handsome!”

“Although Teacher Zhang has average looks, his courage and personal charm is nothing anyone can compare with. What Lee Parkwoo, he’s worth nothing. Handsome, my ass! Our Teacher Zhang is what’s truly handsome!”

“How is Zhang Ye average-looking? He looks very handsome in my eyes! I even want to marry him!”

“Brothers, what are we waiting for!? The war gong has sounded! Today we must let Li Tao and that bunch of people see! We would rather die than become marionettes! There’s not only Teacher Zhang Ye! There’s still us!”

The moment “Sunflower in the Sun” appeared, it was as if it had given them additional ammo!

Under the lead of Zhang Ye’s few hardcore fans, everyone charged towards the Shanghai SARFT official website. Some flooded the page, some cursed, and some went to speak reason with them. What touched ZhangYe greatly was that even ZhangYeNumber1Fan, Yang Lian, had appeared. Zhang Ye had been in contact with Yang Lian’s family in the past few days to ask about her condition. He knew that Yang Lian had just successfully completed the first operation, but she was still not completely recovered. Due to cellphone signal interference, cellphones were prohibited in the wards. Maybe because she had remained in the hospital ward for such a long period of time, Yang Lian had somehow managed to find a cellphone to log into her account, using her little amount of strength to cheer on Zhang Ye!


“Number1 is here!”

“Are you feeling better!? Hurry and rest!”

“Right, you aren’t allowed to use cellphones there. Leave this till after you have recovered!”

Zhang Ye’s fanclub all knew the fan leader, Number1. They also knew of her story, so the moment they saw her appear, they hurriedly urged her to rest.

However, Yang Lian wrote, “When I was at my most helpless and difficult times, it was Teacher Zhang Ye who helped me and saved my life. Now, when he is in trouble, I will naturally come!”


“Number1 said it well!”

“Everyone has a chance to fight alongside each other again!”

“That’s right. I really missed those days! Troll army gather!”

“Eh, where’s Big Saber Bro? I saw him just now, but why has he disappeared in the blink of an eye? It was not easy for everyone to gather, so we can’t be lacking Big Saber Bro!”

“Don’t bother looking for him. While you guys were busy chatting, Big Saber Bro had already gone to flood the Shanghai SARFT website. He has already flooded it with more than 300 messages!”

“Holy sh*t!”

“Big Saber Bro is so f**king fast!”

“Big Saber Bro is too empowering! He only acts and never talks!”

“Onwards! Let’s go on up to! Let’s not let Big Saber Bro fight alone!”

“I’m here too! F**k it, count me in!”

“Eh, who’s that upstairs? I’ve never seen you in the fan club before?”

“I’m just a passer-by, but this time, I really cannot stand it. I came specially to support Zhang Ye!”

“I’m a passer-by too. A twenty year old experienced ultra-nationalist. Count me in for this battle! They are indeed going too far! They really think we are easily bullied!”

“Count me in!”

“Me too! Let’s go together!”

“I am a fan of Teacher Chen’s children’s program! Let’s go!”

“Teacher Zhou Hao’s fans are here to help! All for one, and one for all!”

People from everywhere came here by word of mouth. Some were fans of the hosts who had their programs banned, while some of those that came to help were people who could not stand what had happened. Finally, there were also quite a number of trolls that came to join in the fun. Commoners tend to pity the weak, so with Zhang Ye banned, they ignored everything. Some didn’t even know of the background ongoings or what had really happened, but just with Zhang Ye’s shocking works with “The Answer”, “The Last Speech”, and “Sunflower in the Sun”, they all rushed here to help without thinking!

Zhang Ye was right!

With one Zhang Ye sacrificed!

Thousands and thousands of Zhang Ye will stand up!

The Shanghai SARFT seldom had a lot traffic flow, and their servers had always been quite old. Their website staff only had average skills, and were not professional web administrators. The server could only sustain a limited load, hence in half an hour, the entire Shanghai SARFT official website was paralyzed. Many of those who knew of the ongoings behind the scenes were not aiming for the SARFT, but at Li Tao and his inspection team! A large portion of flooding messages on the website were cursing at Li Tao! Every injustice had its perpetrator, every debt had its debtor! This mass halt of programs was too controversial. Those pirated programs that plagiarized and should be halted were not halted, but those which should not be halted, such as a childrens’ program and the original Talk Show program were halted! This was also because Li Tao had been too underhanded in his execution. He used the governmental policies of being able to suppress movie and television programs for his own interests! This caused the current controversy! Actually, if he had been a bit more restrained, by stopping a few programs that were obviously in violation of the regulations or plagiarized programs, it would not have led to such a situation!

Despite the Shanghai SARFT being on the verge of collapse due to the criticism directed at Li Tao, the SARFT did not put out an official word. They made no action!

Many netizens had already guessed and had expected this. The higher management might not care about this matter, or they pretended not to see it. However, even if they were guesses, the people still could not accept it, so the curses grew in intensity! The emotions of the people also became angrier!

The website was finally hacked!

Many people began to curse Li Tao on Weibo!

Numerous people emerged to @Li Tao on Weibo. His name began trending almost instantly!



Shanghai SARFT. In an office.

Li Tao was sitting in the room, smoking. A young civil servant rushed in to report to him!

“Chief Li! Our official website has crashed from the traffic!” The youth wiped his sweat, “It has already hung! There’s no way for it to run normally!”

Li Tao said angrily, “What?”

The youth said, “It seems it’s all due to Zhang Ye’s fans and those trolls!’ With a pause, he said carefully, “And, last night, Zhang Ye seemed…seemed to have composed another poem.”

Another poem?

Li Tao quickly opened a webpage, and after seeing “Sunflower in the Sun”, he slammed his table angrily. With a loud thud, “That damn hooligan!” Yesterday, Zhang Ye had said to his face, that his future job was to scold them, and it was a scolding a day. Back then, Li Tao believed Zhang Ye was just speaking on the spur of the moment and was nothing much. He never expected that in less than a f**king day, which was yesterday or the day itself, Zhang Ye had already come up with a new poem to curse them? F**k! Why did we offend such a hooligan!?

A hooligan!

A piece of sh*t!

A piece of stinking gum!

This was their impression of Zhang Ye in their hearts!

Li Tao nearly died from infuriation. Against such a fellow, he really could not hide. Li Tao had seen many hooligans in his life, and he had taken care of several of them. Didn’t they become obedient under his department’s power? However, for an outrageous and shameless person like Zhang Ye, this was the first time he and his Shanghai SARFT had ever seen this type of situation! They were experienced in dealing with disobedient people. However, against Zhang Ye, who was fearless against anything, and was like a shameless stone in a rural toilet—smelly and impervious, they had no experience at all!