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Chapter 274: The Target of Scrutiny by the SARFT!

Chapter 274: The Target of Scrutiny by the SARFT!

In the day.

The warm sunlight shone into the room.

There were too many calls — Zhang Ye switched off his cellphone.

Online, information was a mess — Zhang Ye disconnected from the internet as well.

He went to the living room to get a flask of water, a tea cup, and some Pu’er tea leaves and went back into his room. He sat at the window under the sun and made some tea for himself. Shaking the tea cup and inhaling the fragrance, Zhang Ye sipped and tasted the tea. His eyes were focused on the view of the garden below.

At this moment, Zhang Ye’s mind was at ease. He thought about his actions from the previous evening. It was true that he was impulsive, but he did not regret it.

Exit from the entertainment circle from now on?

Give up his dream of becoming the top star of this world?

Zhang Ye placed his cup of tea gently onto the window sill. He felt that he could not do that, but what should he do from here? What path should he take? He needed to think about it, maybe he should become a singer? He couldn’t get away from SARFT! Be an actor? He couldn’t get away from SARFT! Even if he were just writing novels, he would not be able to get away from what was called the News, Publication & Broadcast SARFT! Now that Zhang Ye had somehow walked into a corner, his chances of turning around was not big!

What should he do?

In the entertainment circle, no matter what he chose to do, everything seemed to involve the SARFT!

And to be honest, Zhang Ye was reluctant to let go of his “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”. He really couldn’t bear leaving it. He had spent too much effort and time on this production. Just the amount of Reputation spent on buying Memory Search Capsules to sort out the segments for this program alone was worth too much! For this program, Zhang Ye didn’t get much sleep for the past few days. Sometimes, he would even work into the night and sleep at the recording studio. He would even eat there. With all that blood and sweat used to produce this program, it would now be halted after just a few episodes? No matter how Zhang Ye thought about it, he could not accept it. If it were possible, he would like to have continued his own Talk Show. He would need at least another month to finish recording the first season of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”. Otherwise, how was he to put it as his representative work to others? What was a representative work? Oh, it would be “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” that ran for 4 or 5 episodes? How could you call that representative work!? It would be like a 2 hour movie that you only filmed for 10 minutes. Who could acknowledge that to be a classic?

The cancellation of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” was too hurtful for Zhang Ye. This was the reason for his rage at the SARFT press conference!

How could he revive the show?

Was there any other way?

Zhang Ye shook his head, he no longer carried much hope. He could only take it one step at a time, observe the situation, and wait for new developments. If there was no other way out, he could use his own money to rent a recording studio to continue recording his Talk Show and post it online under his own name. This might end up infringing Weiwo’s copyright and there was a possibility that the conditions and funds would be insufficient. This would affect the quality of the recorded program and there would also not be proper promotions leading to less visibility for the program. However, Zhang Ye was determined to finish his Talk Show. It needed a proper ending. All of these contributed to his achievements. Only if he really did not continue on in the entertainment industry, would Zhang Ye ever give up on these achievements and results. He had already gone past the point of no return.


He began feeling hungry.

Zhang Ye strolled over to the fridge and pulled open the door. There was still leftover food from yesterday, so he took it out and heated it in the microwave. He finished everything up.

After eating, Zhang Ye washed the dishes and cleaned the table. Suddenly, he felt really comfortable and relaxed since putting aside all his work.

His mood was also better.

Zhang Ye switched on his cellphone and messaged Dong Shanshan: “Coming back tonight for dinner?”

Di, di. She replied very quickly: “I will be, what do you want to eat?”

Zhang Ye typed: “Don’t bother yourself with it today. I will get it settled. I will order some takeout in the afternoon. Shall we get some wine?”

She replied: “Anything is fine.”

Zhang Ye: “Red or white?”

She replied: “I’m fine with either. This lady will let the man decide.”

Zhang Ye smiled: “Alright then. I will wait for you tonight.”

He switched off the cellphone and put it away. Zhang Ye did not want to think about anything else, he just wanted to relax for the day. He did not go online and had broken off all connection to the rest of the world. Then, he walked over to the balcony where the landlord left a treadmill machine. Zhang Ye, who was in his pajamas, stepped up and starting running. All these days, he had been busy with his job, working continuous days and nights. His physical health had deteriorated and since he had finally managed to catch a break, he decided to start training again. Firstly, it was good for his health. Secondly, his Taekwondo and Taiji Fist techniques depended on his physical condition. If his strength and reaction were better, so would the power of those techniques.

2PM in the afternoon. Zhang Ye finished running and was sweating profusely.

3PM in the afternoon. After showering, Zhang Ye went out to the supermarket and bought 2 bottles of red wine. He did not have any wine glasses at home, so he bought some of those too.

After reaching home.

He took the key and opened the door.

When he pushed open the door, he was stunned for a moment, “Hey, you’re back? It’s only 3PM.”

Dong Shanshan was standing in the living room. It was obvious she had also just stepped in and put down her bag. She was now tying up her hair into a bundle. She looked back to him and smiled. “There’s no work in the afternoon, so I clocked out earlier.”

Zhang Ye brought the red wine in, “Why didn’t you inform me?”

Dong Shanshan glanced at him, “I wanted to, but you need to switch your phone on.”

“Sigh, I forgot.” Zhang Ye smiled wryly, “Are you hungry yet? Shall I order the food now?”

Dong Shanshan laughed, “I’ve just had my lunch. Take your time. Yo, you bought wine? Why don’t we have some first? Give me the glasses.” Her high heels made tapping sounds as she walked into the kitchen to wash the glasses.

Zhang Ye did not wait to open the red wine and quickly filled the glass to the brim for the two of them.

“Cheers.” Dong Shanshan clinked her glass with his, and drank half in one mouthful.

Zhang Ye also drank half like her and took a deep breath afterwards. He made her sit down.

“Hu, home is still the warmest place.” Dong Shanshan reached out and unbuttoned her coat. She pushed her chest forward and took off the coat to hang at the side.

When the coat was off, the school belle’s dress was revealed. She was wearing a qipao. It was a long white qipao with embroidered red flowers. It was the first time Zhang Ye had seen Dong Shanshan dressed like this, so he took a double take. She looked very sexy wearing the qipao. A qipao has always been a slim type of dress that exuded the contours of a person’s body. It had outlined very clearly the curvatures of Dong Shanshan’s body and the side split of it almost revealed the entirety of her thigh. From the side split down to her feet, she was wearing a skin colored stocking which extended downwards. Dong Shanshan’s legs, which was wrapped in those stockings, were wearing 4 inch white high heels! No wonder she was bundling up her hair. It was not because of convenience, but because she wanted to match this qipao. It brought out the classical charm of her.

Zhang Ye teasingly said, “You’re really not afraid of the cold.”

Walking back, Dong Shanshan sat on the couch again and crossed her legs. She smiled. “I was wearing a coat and there’s a heater at the office and at home. Why would it be cold?”

Zhang Ye stared at her chest, which she was holding up with her posture, “But it’s not that warm either.”

Dong Shanshan said nonchalantly, “We’re public figures, of course we can’t dress too casually. What if we get recognized on the streets and they want to take pictures with us? That would look too shabby.” With a shrug, she said, “So my principle has always been to dress up well wherever I go.”

Zhang Ye blinked and said, “You’re a real professional.” Saying that, he quietly reached for her hand to hold it.

Dong Shanshan laughed and quickly avoided his reach, “Why are you being so touchy again?”

Zhang Ye gave a cry, “Your old classmate has been banned and won’t be able to feed himself anymore in the future. As my old classmate, don’t you think you need to comfort me?”

“Oh, how do I comfort you?” Dong Shanshan blinked a few times.

Zhang Ye reached his hands out again, but this time he reached for the slit of Dong Shanshan’s qipao. “Like this.”

Dong Shanshan did not avoid him. Looking at him, she asked, “You will be comforted like this?”

“Yea, I’m easily satisfied.” Zhang Ye freely bullshitted.

Dong Shanshan held up her wine glass and had another drink with him. Then she said, “Alright, on account of this old classmate, who is in such a sorry state, I will comfort you a little, but don’t touch anywhere out of this zone.”

“Sure.” the two of them continued drinking.

Zhang Ye chatted with her as he squeezed her thigh gently. The qipao was a smooth satin finish and he was touching her firm thigh through that material. It was further separated by another layer of stocking. This was something of another level. Zhang Ye had previously briefly touched her thigh before, but this time he was touching her in detail! It was a good sensation, but he was not satisfied and put his hand further down.

One centimeter…

Three centimeters…

His hand had moved to her outer thigh.

That was where the qipao slit was at. It was where the satin did not extend to and all that was before Zhang Ye’s vision was her thigh and the skin colored stocking.

“How’s the situation at the company?” Zhang Ye asked. His hand had slipped into the slit of the qipao. His fingers reached for the inside as he felt her up with just the stocking material between them.

Dong Shanshan shook her wine glass, “How else would it be? Everyone’s just talking about you. You’ve become famous in the industry this time, even the SARFT headquarters knows your name.”

Zhang Ye’s fingers went deeper in, but as the qipao was very tight, there was little room for maneuvers. His fingers were not caught between her thigh and the qipao, but Zhang Ye was still lingering about that beautiful leg, he did not care that he might accidentally tear her qipao.

“That’s all. This is not that zone anymore.” Dong Shanshan said trying to stop him.

Zhang Ye did not listen. “This area is also part of the zone you mentioned. I did not touch any where else.” Then he changed the topic. “Oh right, how would the headquarters know me too?”

Dong Shanshan laughed uncontrollably, “You caused such a large commotion, how could they not know about you? I got a call from an ex-colleague from Shanxi Television Station this morning. She mentioned about you to me. Maybe she has some insider news. I heard that last night, your name has already been flagged by the SARFT headquarters! You’ve become the focus on their blacklist!” Maybe she was feeling embarrassed by all that touching by Zhang Ye, so she uncrossed her leg and sat up a little.