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Chapter 275: Another War of Words with ‘Working Together’!

Chapter 275: Another War of Words with ‘Working Together’!


It was getting warmer in the house.

Maybe the air conditioner settings were too high, or it could be a matter of passion.

Zhang Ye’s neck was feeling sweaty, so he removed his thinly knitted top layer. He was still wearing a T-shirt underneath. Then, he continued to put his hand inside Dong Shanshan’s qipao thigh slit. Bit by bit, he pushed it further in. His left hand lifted the wine glass from the coffee table using its stem.




Cling, their glasses touched and they had some red wine.

Dong Shanshan leaned forward and flipped open the laptop that Zhang Ye had put on the coffee table. She switched it on, “Can we surf the internet?”

“Of course.” Zhang Ye answered.

“Eh, it’s disconnected?” Dong Shanshan asked.

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “Log in again and it’ll be fine.”

Dong Shanshan smiled. “You’ve switched off your phone and even disconnected from the internet… are you trying to isolate yourself?”

Zhang Ye sighed, saying, “There’s been too much happening and it’s too messy. Might as well not know. Out of sight, out of mind! Saves me the trouble of scolding people, I can’t suppress my anger after all.”

Dong Shanshan began to read the news.

Zhang Ye did not bother about what she was doing. He was only focused on the school belle’s smooth long legs. His right hand had unconsciously made its way further in. When Dong Shanshan uncrossed her legs, the qipao was naturally tighter. Now that she had put down her legs and leaned forward to use the laptop, the space had expanded by a lot more and it allowed Zhang Ye more space to move around too.



Zhang Ye narrowed his eyes into a slit, feeling relaxed. Listening to Dong Shanshan clicking on the mouse, his hand, that was touching that smooth skin of thigh, all his troubles from the past two days had now disappeared.

Si la!

Suddenly, there was a nasty sound from the dress!

Zhang Ye made an uh and coughed dryly. He looked towards the slit of her qipao. The dress was alright, but her stockings had been accidentally torn agape by Zhang Ye. He had been rather busy in recent days and had not bothered to cut his nails. With his long nails and the thin material of the stocking, any sudden force would have torn it.

Dong Shanshan looked at him in a speechless manner, “You really don’t hold back, even with your old classmate. That was really aggressive, I’d just changed to a new pair of stockings today.”

Zhang Ye said embarrassed, “A misunderstanding, misunderstanding.”

Dong Shanshan tucked her legs back in, “Alright, the comforting is over.”

“Don’t, I’ll buy you a new one.” Zhang Ye still did not retract his hands, and instead moved it further in. With a flick of his hand, he squeezed into the opening of the tear and slowly dug inside. This time, there was no longer the stockings putting up resistance, so he could touch her smooth long legs directly. Naturally, the tiny tear in the stocking slowly enlarged with Zhang Ye’s hand. Si la. Su la. The tear reached all the way to Dong Shanshan’s knees. The tear was also not very clean, as the nude-colored stockings dangled on Dong Shanshan’s outside thighs.

She cringed, maybe because it was a little itchy.

Zhang Ye pinched her naked thigh and felt the high body temperature of her legs. They were warmer than his palm. It was unknown if Zhang Ye had pinched too forcefully or if there was originally a reddish mark on the school belle’s thigh after she had been freed of the stocking’s restrain. It looked extremely enticing, like a ripe fruit that one could not help but wish to bite on it. It was extremely sexy.

“We’re almost done here.” She glimpsed at him and put her hands on her legs. With a layer of nude-colored stockings above Zhang Ye’s hand, she pressed down on his hand.

Zhang Ye thickened his skin saying, “We have nothing else to do anyway.”

She laughed in exasperation, “Are you treating this as entertainment?”

“It feels too good, let me touch a little more.” Zhang Ye was unwilling to stop.

“Don’t push it.” Dong Shanshan teasingly slapped his dirty hands, “The hanky panky time stops now. Stop messing around. Let’s watch the news.”

She switched on the television.

Zhang Ye was not interested, he raised his glass, “Here, let’s have another one.”

“Cheers.” As Dong Shanshan switched channels, she casually drank with him.

After Zhang Ye put down the glass, he looked around. He was still feeling horny, and finally, his gaze landed on Dong Shanshan’s thighs. He did not ask for her opinion, and took of his shoes and lifted his feet onto the sofa, as he lied down, his head rested on Dong Shanshan’s thighs. As her legs were full of elasticity, the moment his head landed, it bounced up a little due to her thigh’s flesh, before falling back down into a stable state.

“I feel a little giddy. Let me lie down to watch.” Zhang Ye said by acting before obtaining approval.

The face he saw while lying down looked at him and said helplessly, “Lie down then.”

With him drunk, while lying on a beauty’s lap, Zhang Ye found it extremely comfortable. He was enjoying it like a lord. After adjusting his body, he even raised a leg and crossed it over the other on the sofa. All of his face pressed against the flesh on Dong Shanshan’s thighs. The qipao’s fabric was very thin and very smooth, so there was no need to mention how comfortable lying on it was. There was also the fragrance of the school belle’s perfume. Today, she had put on a faint perfume, and the faintly discernible scent went well with the classic qipao.

“Eh?” She said.

Zhang Ye asked, “What’s the matter?”

She gestured with her chin towards the television, “Are you watching? I think it’s about you.”

“Let’s watch it. Who’s talking about me again?” Zhang Ye turned his head towards the television.

The volume was very low. Dong Shanshan adjusted the volume with the remote control as the sound became louder bit by bit.

This was a Shanghai provincial channel. Its signal covered the nearby regions. On the screen, there was a caption of “Television Station Deputy Director” under a middle-aged man being interviewed. He said , “This matter’s effect is quite terrible. As a member of this industry, I strongly condemn Zhang Ye’s unethical behavior. If everyone disobeys the instructions from superiors, then won’t the entertainment industry be in chaos?”

It seemed like a discussion program.

Another guest added, “I agree with Director Qian’s view. A person like Zhang Ye should be forced out of the entertainment industry as soon as possible. I’ve seen his ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’ before. It’s full of nonsense. It is indeed a very bad influence. The investigation team of the the Shanghai SARFT’s Chief Li did not make any mistakes. Such a program should be axed as soon as possible to prevent undue influence. Also, I want to urge those industry insiders and netizens who joined in Zhang Ye’s revolt. Do you know what you are doing? Do you all still know how to tell right from wrong?”

A few guests castigated Zhang Ye, and scolded him in all sorts of ways!

Only one guest proposed a different view. The guest was a middle-aged woman. She had a common face, and looked like a mass media reporter. “Whether ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’ violates regulations, I will first not talk about it. Actually, the reason why this matter caused such a huge controversy has to do with a few pirated WebTV programs that plagiarized ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’ without being halted. They were not even punished. Everyone’s content was more or less the same. Some of the joke segments from a few talk show programs were even copied directly from Zhang Ye, but ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’ was halted. Zhang Ye was used as a classic example, and then forced to apologize and reflect, while those programs that plagiarized his program did not pay a single cent in copyright fees, and still remained fine. I believe this is the reason behind Zhang Ye’s rage. It is also the reason why some people in the industry are speaking for Zhang Ye, and also the reason why the netizens are mad. All of this resulted in the Shanghai SARFT’s website’s denial of service.”

The middle-aged guest from before looked coldly at him, “Just because he was angry, he could speak gibberish on a live broadcast to incite the crowd? Because of anger, the netizens can disrupt a website belonging to the nation?”

The middle aged woman frowned, “You are taking my words out of context! My main point is….Why weren’t those copy-cat programs not halted?”

The youth guest said, “I heard that Chief Li’s team is currently investigating those programs, the problem at hand will be resolved very soon.”

The middle-aged woman shook her head, “Since a press conference was held, then it means this round of investigations has come to an end. Why didn’t they stop the pirated programs from the beginning? Instead they investigate after the press conference? And the investigation results have not been revealed and there are no updates on it.”

The middle-aged guest said coldly, “The officials definitely have their plans as to how to handle the issue!”

The middle-aged woman looked at him and said, “Then I would like to ask, is a pirated and plagiarized program’s influence more dangerous, or an original program’s influence that someone produced with their heart and soul more dangerous?”

The middle-aged man laughed, “Do you still need to ask? Of course it’s the original program’s influence! Just like ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’. With that many views, its bad influence is the most widespread! That is why the investigations started with Zhang Ye first!”

The middle-aged woman fell silent before she said, “I have nothing else to say. Some people’s views really make me speechless!”


The program ended.

Seeing Zhang Ye looking gloomy, Dong Shanshan switched off the television.

Zhang Ye got up from her lap. He coldly took a sip of red wine and then leaned forward to take control of the mouse. He started browsing the internet and Weibo.

Dong Shanshan comforted him, “Don’t worry about it. Some people just like to bootlick. There’s no point bearing a grudge against them.”

“That won’t do.” Zhang Ye said, “It’s fine if I didn’t see it, but since I’ve seen it, then I shall not stand for it!”

At this moment, the denouncing and condemnation at Zhang Ye was increasing. There were still many supporting him, but at the same time, there were also more people scolding him!

“With Zhang Ye gone, the entertainment industry is clean and quiet!”

“The Shanghai SARFT did the right thing. There was no problem in their decision!”

“For such insubordination, a person like Zhang Ye should be punished severely!”

Those who said this on Weibo were mostly industry insiders, or were famous figures or famous hosts. A large number of them were not even known by Zhang Ye, nor did he have a grudge with them. However, it was as if those people had discussed it beforehand. They all began criticizing Zhang Ye at the same moment, as well as strongly advocated the Shanghai SARFT’s decision!

This bro hasn’t even made any actions on one scolding a day!

You ended up scolding me first? Fine! Let’s see who can out-scold who!

Zhang Ye immediately logged into his Weibo. He began writing a poem on his Weibo, and pulled out the big guns to launch scoldings at a large number of people!

“Junior officials to senior officials.”

“Submitting obsequiously to their will.”

“If this is done to kin!”

“Won’t they be filial children!”

“—’Working Together’. This poem is dedicated to those ‘filial sons and dearest grandchildren’, as a way to express my highest adoration towards you. Zhang Ye.”