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Chapter 276

The poem was posted!

It was getting lively on Weibo again!

“Quickly take a look! Zhang Ye has posted on Weibo!”

“Let me take a look at what Teacher Zhang just posted!”

“If this is done to kin, won’t they be filial children? Wahahaha!”

“That last sentence is such a classic! Godly scolding! It didn’t even have a single word of profanity in it! Aiyo, such a joy to read! It was even dedicated to those ‘filial children’?”

“Zhang Ye has fired his cannons again!”

“Teacher Zhang’s scolding is too awesome!”

“But of course, haha. Our Teacher Zhang is a scolding specialist. Those industry insiders wanted to use Teacher Zhang as a bridge to bootlick Li Tao? Wish to step on Teacher Zhang Ye to get to higher places? I can’t help but laugh at their low intelligence! Teacher Zhang Ye’s already so infamous. He has already scolded so many people till they had to beg for their lives and yet they dare to scold him? What’s wrong with their memory? Haha, now they have badly scolded by Teacher Zhang! Serves them right!”

“Well scolded by Zhang Ye. This group of lackeys are f**king disgusting! Everyone knows clearly what the hell is going on! As long as they have eyes and a brain, everyone would know that there’s some conspiracy, let alone you industry insiders, but you all!? You all put the blame and scolded Teacher Zhang for having no professional ethics? Then where are your professional ethics? You clearly know that it’s wrong, yet you help the party in doing wrong to create additional pressure for Zhang Ye! Compared to Teacher Zhang Ye, people like you do not deserve to be public figures! Misleading the public! Fanning the flames! Do you all really take the commoners to be fools?! Filial children as a description for you guys is too suitable!”

“Zhang Ye is on a roll these past few days!”

“Hehe, do you think people on Li Tao’s side will regret?”

“Do you still need to ask? Of course! Those people must be regretting until their intestines turned green!”

“That’s right, haha. They thought they were pinching a soft persimmon, but little they did expect Teacher Zhang Ye to be such a thorn. His whole body is full of thorns!”

“I’m impressed. Only Teacher Zhang Ye can rebuke this well!”

“I’ve deduced that anyone who messes with Teacher Zhang will not live peacefully. Didn’t he create an earth-shattering mess the other time?!”

“There’s no other way. Who asked Zhang Ye to be so daring to speak the truth, I like him so much!”

“Heeheehee. Teacher Zhang is different from the others. Look at the other celebrities and public figures. They only know how to create news out of nothing by ‘falling down’ or having ‘wardrobe malfunctions’, but Teacher Zhang Ye has never resorted to any such stunts, even though he gets exposure from time to time. From his debut till now, I believe the number of people who follow him for his works does not surpass the people who follow him for his scoldings and finding trouble. Do you guys think that even if Zhang Ye were to be banned from the entertainment industry, could he depend on scolding others with his poems….to miraculously become an A-list or B-list celebrity?”

“Haha, that’s totally possible!”

“In Teacher Zhang’s dictionary, nothing is impossible. Teacher Zhang has done so many amazing things that I won’t even be surprised anymore!”

“Those who replied, don’t you think you guys are getting carried away? Teacher Zhang is still at a crossroad right now.”

“No choice, Teacher Zhang is exactly such a person who makes others happy. His works aren’t even my taste, but everytime I see him scolding or causing an incident, I cry with excitement!”

Fans of Zhang Ye were all tickled funny!

In contrast, those industry insiders, including the guests on Shanghai provincial channel earlier, who were showing their support for Li Tao and the SARFT’s decisions, now had their faces red with anger and embarrassment. They felt like they could strangle Zhang Ye now!

Filial children?

Filial children your sister!

Zhang Ye, you’re too wicked! That mouth of yours is to fucking wicked!

They immediately launched a counter-attack on Weibo, but before Zhang Ye could even bother himself with their replies, Zhang Ye’s fans had already drowned them out!

“Yo, the filial children are getting anxious!”

“Haha, the filial children can’t take it anymore!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye, run away quickly. Don’t let those filial children bite you! We will sacrifice ourselves in your place!”

After scolding for a full day, the industry insiders also stopped. Because they realised that no matter how much they scolded Zhang Ye, whether it was a thousand or ten thousand scoldings, it would be in vain. It couldn’t even compare to the ferocity of Zhang Ye’s “Working Together”!

This was a poem used to scold those who adulate and flattered others. It was a poem by Dong Yingju from his previous world. “Working Together” had been passed down from the ancient times to present days. It was very famous and Zhang Ye had used it today to insult the ‘filial children’ who bootlicked Li Tao. It seemed to be very suitable for them!

That bunch of people could not outscold him. They could only keep their anger inside as their rage slowly extinguished without a place to vent!


How could they counter-attack!? What could they counter attack with!?

Even if they combined their efforts, they could not match his literary talents!

Zhang Ye’s poem was like a nuclear weapon. It could be described as extremely savage. Not only them, the Beijing Writer’s Association’s members also got a taste of his scolding! Zhang Ye ability in stirring up trouble and scolding of people was already very well known. It was extremely famous!

Those industry insiders were now regretting quite a bit. They had initially felt that Zhang Ye was done for and that he would disappear from the entertainment circle. They felt that even if they were to offend him, there would be no problems. So instead, they sucked up to Li Tao and the Shanghai SARFT. They openly supported them so that they may get some beneficial decisions in the future, but seeing Zhang Ye jump out with a ferocious “Working Together”, they suddenly felt that what they did caused more harm than good. Every poem of Zhang Ye’s was very classic. This was already a fact well known to everyone. Like the previous time when Beijing Television imprisoned Station’s Wang Shuixin had “Some People” thrown his way at the memorial service. That poem had shocked the nation and displaced a leader of a television station of his role. It was rumoured that he was. In the past, Wang Shuixin had some fame as a poet and was the person who wrote “Everything”, which made its way into our educational material, but who was Zhang Ye? A man with no fame and authority. Just with a poem like “Some People”, whenever it was mentioned, it made people hateful of Wang Shuixin. They would need to scold him a bit to ease their rage!

What kind of viciousness was this?!

This was the power of Zhang Ye’s works!

“Working Together” might not be as good as “Some People”, but it was also a powerful work. That bunch of industry insiders thought to themselves and hoped that they wouldn’t become related names with “Working Together”. To be mentioned in the same breath whenever this “Working Together” was brought up by people and the future generations? To be alluded with this poem? Holy sh*t! This sort of opportunity was not something they wanted!

The scoldings faded.

They did not make any posts on Weibo!

Zhang Ye’s practical move had warned many others. Yes, this bro did offend people. I might not be able to continue on in the entertainment industry, but my conscience is clear. I did nothing wrong. The truth and facts are clear to everyone. I did not provoke any of you, so don’t provoke me. If anyone thinks that just because I have been banned and wanted to take the chance to bully me while I’m down? Consider yourselves to be blind! Even if I am going to become an ordinary commoner! Even if I don’t work in the entertainment circle anymore! I will scold you all like I scold my grandchildren. It’s that simple! If you think you can win against me in scolding! Then let’s have a practice match! If you think you have the ability! Then don’t waste time talking and do it instead!


He closed his laptop.

Zhang Ye snapped his fingers, “Alright, I’ve settled it.”

Dong Shanshan, “…..That’s how you settled it?”

“Yea.” Zhang Ye was feeling at ease and smiled. “Then how did you think I would settle it? I just want to scold them into submission. Different situations call for different actions, I don’t care who it is. Whoever it is, come get me!”

Dong Shanshan curled her lips in helplessness, “You’re really not afraid of offending people.”

“I’m not in the entertainment industry anyway. I don’t have anything to consider. Even if it’s an A-list celebrity who comes to insult me, I will scold them without hesitation!” Without worries and without a job, Zhang Ye was feeling at ease all over again. He was a free soul, so who would scare him?

Dong Shanshan opened the laptop that Zhang Ye had just closed, “Let me read that poem.” After reading it once over, she said, “In the past, I was a little skeptical. I thought that maybe your poems were pre-written, but today, I believe you. You really composed it on the spot?”

Zhang Ye smiled. “More or less.”

Dong Shanshan looked at him and toasted, “Sure, to this poem, cheers!”