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Chapter 279: Support Genuine Products!

Chapter 279: Support Genuine Products!

Late at night.

The district was without a sound.

The only place lit up was Zhang Ye’s room. This fellow didn’t rest at all. He was fighting at the frontlines against corruption by himself. He patiently attempted to hack into Shanghai SARFT’s website. However as time passed, Zhang Ye’s expression became more and more annoyed. This website’s network security was too well planned. The vulnerabilities had already been patched and no matter how Zhang Ye tried, he could not hack into it.

For example, he wanted to use the SARFT’s website to propagate the trojan horse, and then use that to gain access to find the location of Li Tao’s computer, but having tried twice, Zhang Ye gave up. He couldn’t even break through the server’s firewall and was stuck outside the network. It was difficult to go on as he couldn’t even get past the first obstacle, let alone install the trojan horse. It was bizarre to him, to the point of him giving up thinking about it.

Next, Zhang Ye downloaded another hacking software to try and punch through the firewall into the web server. He did not expect to install the trojan propagator, but instead wanted to at least gain access to the system administrator’s account and password. This step proved to be the same as the first. The hacking software was too outdated and the firewall had records of it. When Zhang Ye tried to gain access, the firewall immediately alerted the administrators and traced the unauthorized point of access. It would have tracked for Zhang Ye’s IP address. He did not know whether it was the system administrators who did this manually, or whether it was an automated response by the firewall. In any case, Zhang Ye nearly shat his pants. Luckily for him, he had ‘eaten’ 11 books of [ Computer Programming Skills – Network Technology Experience Book ] and he was rather skilled. His immediate action was to stop the counter attack and clean his traces. Then he quickly pulled the LAN cable out from his laptop before he could catch his breath.

Your sister!

Does this world need to be so safe!

This bro can be considered a somewhat skilled hacker by now, but you’re just a damn provincial SARFT website, yet I can’t break your low level security?

Why did he say that the website’s security was low?

Zhang Ye’s fans had gone to the website and refreshed it for 30 minutes and caused a denial of service. It was only restored after more than 10 hours in the evening. The website’s standards were definitely not high. At most, it was considered as a basic security model. Even the website administration team’s standards were average at most. Yet Zhang Ye couldn’t break in. It showed that this world’s web security was already at the most forefront of times! Of course, part of the reason could be because of Zhang Ye’s laptop settings. His laptop specifications were very average. It could be used to play games at times, but if it were used for a software attack, then that might be over the limits. The configuration and internet speed was also not good enough. Looks like it was time to change his laptop, but that’s another story. He had to think of other ways to break in for now.

Next, Zhang Ye connected back onto the internet. He had thought of a few more ways now. Back in his previous world, Zhang Ye had already been rather interested in hacking. He had ever read books and browsed the internet for information, but never took it up. Ahem, but still he was quite well versed in understanding of this topic.

The 3rd tactic was for Zhang Ye to use a phishing email and attach a trojan horse with it before sending it out to the Shanghai SARFT’s provided email address. If the administrator clicked on the attachment and in a situation where the computer security was less tight, the trojan horse would definitely take effect and meet its objective, but regretfully, this phishing mail sent by Zhang Ye did not even reach the target’s mailbox. It was intercepted by the email server!



And more failure!

Numerous failed attempts had caused him to become disheartened. He also became more and more aware of this world’s network security. It was little wonder for this world to have so few hackers. Most would have given up by now. With such networking security technologies, it’s your mum who’s not leaving rice for the hackers to eat. Not only did she not leave them any rice, there’s not even a scrap of other dishes left for them. All of you are too inhumane!

The noob hacker was now raging!

It was his first time hacking and he had failed!

Zhang Ye thought that his plan was perfect, but he did not expect that he couldn’t even make any progress in it. Breaking into the SARFT was not something he had on his mind anymore for now. Finding Li Tao’s office workstation and controlling it was also out of the question. The only choice he had now was — To locate Li Tao’s home computer, access it remotely and take control. He was hoping that Li Tao’s home was using a pirated operating system that was not updated and patched, but a new problem arose. Regardless of the operating system he used, he did not even know Li Tao’s home address or IP address. He did not even know his accounts used for communicating. He had more questions than answers! Without any information, how was he to hack in? There were hundreds of millions of computers in the whole country. Where would he start looking!?

It was aimless.

Zhang Ye did not hide his IP address this time. He visited Shanghai SARFT’s website normally and found the public information regarding Li Tao.

His full name.



Etc, etc, etc.

Things like residential address were not written.

Zhang Ye was indignant, so he checked the website for any records of posts that came from his ID. Opening one of Li Tao’s report uploads, he did not find any viable information. Hence, he continued looking at all the posts by Li Tao. Suddenly, a thread from the middle of this year had given Zhang Ye a pleasant surprise. This was back during the early stages of a crackdown. As at team leader of the Shanghai district, Li Tao had publicized the scope of the crackdown, leaving behind a hotline to tip him off. There was also a SARFT website tip-off email address, and finally a small line of text. Li Tao had actually left his personal email address there!

He’d gotten his email address!

Zhang Ye was immediately elated. He immediately downloaded a new trojan horse. This was a trojan horse that was embedded within a picture. It was very well concealed, so without thought, Zhang Ye used his skills and software to create a non-existent email address, to prevent him from being tracked. Then, he used this email to send Li Tao a pornographic photo, which was the trojan horse program. After dwelling on the matter, he titled the email containing the picture, “Shh, don’t tell anyone. I’m sending all of you a picture of a private voyeur shot of Heavenly Queen, Zhang Yuanqi. If you don’t take a look, you will be shamed to dare say you are a man! No need to thank me. Please call me Red Scarf!

Tell me, how much of an asshole grandson is Zhang Ye?

With this passage, no one would be able to resist opening it!

The email was sent over very quickly. A personal email was different from the official email at SARFT. The protective measures were definitely not that strong. This time, it was sent out successfully and did not get filtered out.

After waiting for a moment, there was still no response from the other end. Zhang Ye knew that Li Tao was probably asleep already. He did not want to wait up stupidly, so he set an alarm for an early time and fell asleep under his blankets.

Hopefully this time, it’d work!

Hopefully, Li Tao’s home used a pirated operating system and firewall. As long as his computer had not been updated with the latest patches and virus detections, Zhang Ye had a good chance of taking control of his computer!

It was the first time in his life that Zhang Ye had so much love for pirated products. He was also looking forward to it!

Of course, this was only with regards to pirated operating systems. After all, that was the intellectual property of foreign companies, but for domestic products……

Novels especially!!

Especially novels!!!

Zhang Ye had to read the genuine versions!!!!

There’s a need to support the domestic literature industry!!!!