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Chapter 292: Focus of the Party!

Chapter 292: Focus of the Party!

Around him, people’s blood boiled with excitement!

“Where’s Zhang Ye?”

“That’s the one!”

“It’s really him!”

“I was just saying that he looked familiar!”

“Why is Zhang Ye here at our school?”

“Ah, that’s the one that Mengmeng introduced. He is her brother?”

“How could that be? Mengmeng’s brother is actually the famous Zhang Ye? Oh right, right! I think Mengmeng did mention that her brother is a big star! I thought she was joking! I was still wondering why her brother was wearing those shades in such a dark place!”

“Aiyo! I really like ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’!”

“Me too, me too, but my mum doesn’t allow me to watch. She said it would affect my studies. Hmmph. I’ve always secretly watched it under my blanket. It’s really too funny!”

“I’ve finally seen a star!”

“I must get a signature later!”

Mengmeng’s classmates were all chattering away together by now. Of course, there were many other students who did not know who Zhang Ye was. So they asked around.

Teacher Leng and a few other form teachers, along with Brother Yang and the other parents, nearly vomited blood. Although they managed to guess who that person was, when he took off his shades and revealed that familiar face to them, they still looked like they were surprised! No one would have expected that Zhang Ye would attend their school’s New Year party! No one expected that Cao Mengmeng’s brother would be Zhang Ye — He was the idol of Teacher Leng and the person that Brother Yang had just criticized as someone who did not know how to write love poems!

When Teacher Leng saw her idol, who was also a guardian of her student, she became very excited. The other parents were also very happy to see a celebrity here.

Only one person was left a little embarrassed!

The person, who was most affected by Zhang Ye’s revelation, was Brother Yang!

Just a while ago, Brother Yang had been commenting on Zhang Ye’s works. According to him as a professional editor of a publishing house, he had questioned Zhang Ye’s ability in writing love poems. Although he had not commented on it loudly, the person he was talking about was sitting right beside him. Only a deaf man would not hear it! In his conclusion, Brother Yang had surmised that Zhang Ye’s love poem writing skills were not good enough. Yet just a short while later, Zhang Ye had spontaneously composed this “To The Oak” to rescue his sister’s recital performance. This was truly bashing this Old Comrade Yang’s face! His face had turned green at this moment!

Brother Yang had an expression that oscillated between crying and laughing as he looked at Zhang Ye, “Teacher Zhang, so it is not that you don’t know how to compose a love poem? You can even do it from the female’s point of view?”

Zhang Ye waved it off, “Mengmeng made it sound better than it was. I was just blindly composing. Blindly composing.”

Teacher Leng interrupted, “How could that be blindly composing? “To The Oak” and “Flying bird and fish” are really too close to compare. They’re really works of classic! The delicate tenacity and perseverance described in the poem, even though I’m a woman, I wouldn’t be able to write that. Your talent….I really don’t know how to put it!”

Brother Yang quickly added, “I apologize, Teacher Zhang. I said too much earlier. I even blindly commented that your composing level was too low. Hai, please don’t judge me with that only!”

Zhang Ye laughed, “It’s fine. I heard what you said earlier. You weren’t wrong. I’m really not well versed in love poems and do not have much works to show for that.”

Brother Yang sighed, “To me now, it’s not that you aren’t well versed in love poems. It’s just that you do not wish to compose any. If you really wanted to, how could a love poem hold you back at all? Didn’t this “To The Oak’ just prove that? In the world of poetry, amongst the poets, you’re definitely a master!”

“Eh, I can’t accept that praise. I can’t be considered a master.” Zhang Ye kept shaking his head. In public, some titles given to you by others should never be accepted, even if they affirmed your status. This was a tradition of their countrymen and the basis of modesty and courtesy. Of course back at home with your parents, relatives, and close friends, you may boast all you want. You can say that you were a great poet living amongst mortals. You could even say you’re the great grand-aunt reborn and no one would say a word!

The performance on stage continued.

The female host announced the next performance.

But Teacher Leng was already shaken up by the appearance of Zhang Ye and was no longer in any mood to continue watching.

Shortly after, Cao Mengmeng skipped back to her seat with a copy of the original script to “To The Oak” in her hands. She had a face full of joy and satisfaction. She had all the glory.


“Your recital was so good!”

“Why didn’t you tell us that your brother is Zhang Ye!”

A few female classmates, who were close with Mengmeng, asked.

Cao Mengmeng smiled widely, “You wouldn’t have believed me even if I said it.”

Lili kept an aloof expression and pretended not to see or care about her.

She did not say a word. Instead, Cao Mengmeng went over and said, “Lili, are you convinced now?”

Lili pouted as she glanced at her, “I’m convinced by your brother, but not you. Hmmph, everyone knows your brother is a literary person. He wrote poems that made even the Writers’ Association shut up. Your brother does this as a professional, if he gave a poem for you to recite, of course you’d get the glory. That’s already unfair bullying!”

Cao Mengmeng laughed smugly.

“Mengmeng, can you get a signature from your brother for me?”

“Yea, Mengmeng. We will be counting on you.”

“I want it too! My dad really likes Zhang Ye. When I get your brother’s signature and show it off to him, even if I didn’t do well for my final exams, he wouldn’t punish me.”

Cao Mengmeng’s classmates were giving a lot of attention to her as they gathered around her.

Cao Mengmeng said high-spiritedly, with a wave of her hands, “Alright, I know what to do. Whoever wants a signature, get ready a book or paper ready for me. I will get it from my brother.”


“Giving to you!”

“And mine!”

“I didn’t bring any paper, sign it on my textbook!”

In the blink of an eye, Cao Mengmeng had collected a stack of books.

Teacher Leng kept eyeing the original script in Cao Mengmeng’s hand every now and then. She finally clenched her teeth and asked Zhang Ye, “Teacher Zhang, is that the original script for ‘To The Oak’?”

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “I guess it is.”

Teacher Leng coughed, “About that….can you give that original script to me as a present?”

Zhang Ye laughed dryly, “It’s just a random pamphlet that I got and wrote behind on. It’s not really a script. If you really like it, I could write it properly for you?”

“No need, no need.” Teacher Leng immediately answered, “This will do.” To her, only the first original copy of “To The Oak” would be most precious. If it were to be written again, even if it’s on better paper and properly written, it would not be as collectable as the first original copy.

Zhang Ye said, “Sure then. Of course you may have it.” As he said that, he signaled to Mengmeng to come over, “Mengmeng, give the script to your Teacher Leng.”

Cao Mengmeng walked over wondering, “Why?”

Teacher Leng quickly reached out her hands and took the script. She was careful not to fold it as she carefully placed it between a notebook that she carried around. Then she put the notebook back into her bag before smiling and saying, “Teacher wants to keep it for memories.” She then turned to the side and said to Zhang Ye, “Thank you, Teacher Zhang.”

Brother Yang, who was standing beside them, had wanted to have it too, but Teacher Leng made the move first. He could only smile bitterly and not say a thing, but to have witnessed such a great love poem at this place today, Brother Yang already felt very satisfied. He knew that he had not come in vain today and he could provide an article for a big piece of news tomorrow. He would have to get Teacher Leng to show him the original script later.

After that, Cao Mengmeng poured all of the books in her arms onto Zhang Ye and said cheekily, “Brother, it’ll be hard on you. Please sign your autograph on my classmates’ books.”

Teacher Leng asked, “So many? Just sign a few, don’t trouble Teacher Zhang.”

“It’s OK.” Zhang Ye had always felt that if everyone gave him face, then he’d have to return the favour.

As a result, he signed each and every book, there were more than thirty books.

Teacher Leng blinked at him throughout waiting for Zhang Ye to finish signing on all of the books. Then she coughed and cleared her throat before coming forward to ask, “Then, Teacher Zhang, may I also ask for your autograph?”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Of course, you’re being too polite.”

Teacher Leng by now had lost all her composure as the form teacher of a class. She excitedly rummaged through her bag and took out her notebook for Zhang Ye to sign on. It looked like she was truly Zhang Ye’s fan.

After he had signed it, Zhang Ye said, “Mengmeng’s a naughty child. I hope you would help us take care of a her a little. If she causes any trouble in the future, you can look for me. I will scold her.” Basically, he was asking Teacher Leng to give a little more attention in taking care of his cousin.


Slightly before 9PM.

The 15th Junior High’s New Year Party had dispersed. The programs had all ended.

Zhang Ye said goodbye to a few parents and Teacher Leng. He was about to leave with Cao Mengmeng, but the school principal had found him, obviously knowing who he was by now.

“Teacher Zhang.” The principal smiled and put out his hand.

“How are you, Principal?” Zhang Ye shook his hands.

The principal lamented, “I did not expect that you’d join us for the New Year’s Party. If I knew, I would have invited you on stage to perform. It’d have been much better.”

Zhang Ye said, “It’s all about the children’s performances today, I wouldn’t want to crash the party.”

The principal said, “That ‘To The Oak’ really opened my eyes today. With this poem of yours, our party today will become famous.” He was in an extremely good mood. If it were any other C or D-list celebrities, the principal wouldn’t have cared, but it was Zhang Ye who joined them today, he even created a poem on the spot and had it recited in the school performance. This was a whole other level compared to inviting a celebrity to perform as it might attract criticisms from others. After all, they were an educational institute, but Zhang Ye was not your typical celebrity, he was also an established and skilled literary person. This poem meant a lot to them at 15th Junior High. In the future when anyone mentioned “To The Oak”, they’d surely link it to this night at 15th Junior High. This would make their school famous.

The principal was very enthusiastic as he kept Zhang Ye for long time just to chat.

A few other school leaders also joined in out of interest and had a chat with Zhang Ye.


It was now past 9PM.

Zhang Ye finally brought Cao Mengmeng out of the school and they walked to the hotpot store to get his car. He got onto his BMW X5 and drove Cao Mengmeng home.

On the way, Cao Mengmeng danced happily in her seat, “Bro! You allowed me to stand with my head high! Hahaha! What a good day! I feel great! Did you see their faces? They were all stunned by your ‘To The Oak’!”

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes at her, “Only this once. There won’t be another time. Your job now is to study hard. Don’t keep going for those useless accolades.”

Cao Mengmeng obviously did not listen and continued on talking about herself, “Bro, I really, really adore you so much! You’re my eternal idol from now on! When I grow up, I want to be just like you. I’ll become a great literary person! Fans will recognize me anywhere and ask me for autographs! Begging for my ink!”