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Chapter 300: Breaking! Zhang Ye is to become a Peking University lecturer?

Chapter 300: Breaking! Zhang Ye is to become a Peking University lecturer?


It was lunch time.

After eating the leftovers from last night’s dinner, Zhang Ye carried on working. He continuously worked hard at absorbing the misconceptions this world had of “Dream of the Red Chamber”. He also checked the historical information and ancient texts related to “Dream of the Red Chamber”. He noticed that the historical information regarding “Dream of the Red Chamber” was not completely lost on this planet. There were still some comments and sporadic pieces of information. However, people of this world did not find them authoritative, nor could they be said to have fundamentally ignored them. By using the idea that Cao Xueqin was lacking in focus and ability in his final years, they had missed the most critical pieces of information, resulting in such a situation.

Thankfully this bro was here!

Or else you guys would have been kept in the dark!

Since Zhang Ye already knew that there were challenges awaiting him, that he needed even more information to support him. Furthermore, he needed information that this world possessed. As a result, the workload was a lot greater.



Until noon was when Zhang Ye began to feel that the information on the internet was not enough. He ended up driving out while wearing his sunglasses to a few large libraries in Beijing. Some libraries were free to enter, while others needed him to apply for a library card. As such, Zhang Ye began to browse inside the respective libraries.

On his side, he was extremely busy.

However, the internet had exploded into a buzz!


At the beginning, it was a video of Beijing’s 15th Junior High’s New Year’s Party being uploaded. There was a poem, “To The Oak”, that blinded the eyes of numerous netizens!

“Who is this girl?”

“Why haven’t I heard of this poem?”

“It can’t be original work, right? Are junior high students so awesome these days?”

When the girl finally mentioned the poem’s name and the composer’s name, it dawned on everyone, it was Zhang Ye’s new poem! It was published at such an occasion!

“Zhang Ye came out with a new poem!”

“And it’s a rare love poem! Classic!”

“That’s right, Teacher Zhang Ye’s poems are typically used to deride and curse at people. There are too few romantic ones. Only after listening to ‘To The Oak’ did I know that Teacher Zhang has such profound skills in love poems too!”

“Teacher Zhang really does not have any flaws in the realm of poetry!”

“I have to memorize this poem, so that I may confess to my male crush in the future!”

Following that.

A few Peking University students caused a commotion on Weibo.

A Peking University female student @ her boyfriend on Weibo, asking, “If complications arise during my childbirth, would you save me or the child?”

The boyfriend smiled and wittily replied, “Of course I would save you, is there any need to ask!?”

Immediately following that, the girl asked, “Then if your mother jumps into the river and asks you to save the child, what would you do?”

Numerous characters appeared on her boyfriend’s Weibo as a result, “….(&%$##$@@(&! ! !”

Many onlookers initially thought that they were just showing their affection towards each other. Some even replied in contempt, however after seeing the last question of the Peking University female student, everyone vomited a mouthful of blood. Many netizens, who were drinking water in front of their computers, spat it out. Many people laughed until their stomachs ached!


“Divine! This question is divine!”

“Hahahaha! Peking University female students are fierce! This question is too ruthless!”

This Weibo post was immediately forwarded by numerous people.

The boyfriend was nearly crying as he posted, “Yan’er, who taught you that?”

The Peking University female student answered proudly, “This is Zhang Ye’s joke!”

The boyfriend asked, “Which Zhang Ye? I must kill him! That grandson is too evil!”

“What are you saying!” The Peking University female student posted an angry, staring emoticon, “Zhang Ye is our new teacher!”

This reply of hers was not given much attention to many netizens. After all, there were too many people named Zhang Ye. There were too many people with the same surname and name.

But after a while, a few other Peking University students appeared and posted two poems on Weibo. One was Wang Shuixin’s “Everything” and the other one was also named “Everything”, but credited to Zhang Ye. Upon seeing the two poems, many literature lovers were convinced!

“Zhang Ye changed ‘Everything’?”

“It’s far from changed! It’s a complete transformation!”

“Compared to Zhang Ye’s poem, Wang Shuixin’s poem is nothing!”

“This is skill. In the past, it was impossible to tell with one, but now, with something to compare to, the two similar poems have similar goals to express, but the literary content is completely different. Can’t you see? It’s not chance that Teacher Zhang Ye’s poem are so popular, he really has the ability!”

“A ‘Some People’ had sent Wang Shuixin to jail. Now, with Teacher Zhang Ye changing ‘Everything’ to smack his face, this was f**king mutilating the corpse! Hahaha!”

“If Comrade Wang found out about this in jail, he would definitely be tearing up!”

“That’s right. His magnum opus is ‘Everything’, but it has now become Teacher Zhang Ye’s work! Teacher Little Zhang Ye is too evil. He is really deserving of the title Face-smacking Prince!”

A few literature scholars, who were more famous, immediately analyzed Zhang Ye’s “Everything”. They then also did a complete comparison with Wang Shuixin’s original, and after countless discussions and appraisals, they unanimously concluded that Zhang Ye’s literary attainment was higher than Wang Shuixin by several times! Actually, modifying a poem was much harder than writing a new poem. From this, everyone once again witnessed Zhang Ye’s literary standard. Without much to say, he utterly convinced everyone!

Just as everyone was in pursuit of “Everything” (New)’s tail by joyfully and desperately forwarding it, a few people noticed something.

“Eh, why is all of this coming from Peking University?”

“That’s right. The joke about saving the adult or the child was also from Peking University.”

“Posted by Peking University students? Teacher Zhang Ye went to Peking University? What’s he doing there? Is he studying? Postgraduate studies?”

“Hey, that’s possible. Teacher Zhang only has a Bachelor’s. It wouldn’t be surprising if he does postgraduate studies, after all, he has been suspended.”

“Teacher Zhang is returning to his studies?”

“This is big news!”

However, the next piece of news stunned everyone!

A Peking University student tsked, “What do you mean returning to his studies. Teacher Zhang Ye is our new teacher. He will be teaching us ‘Appreciation of the Classics’!”

And at the next moment, Peking University’s official Weibo and official website posted the latest news—Famous radio host, former Beijing Television Station Arts Channel program host, Weiwo WebTV host, famous poet, famous author, famous producer, famous program planner, famous advertisement planner, famous lyrical composer…Teacher Zhang Ye will be joining Peking University’s Chinese department. He will be teaching the elective class, “Appreciation of the Classics”!

After a long list of accolades, a shocking piece of news appeared!


“Oh my God!”

“Zhang Ye is going to Peking University to teach?”

“Peking University? Furthermore, the famous Chinese department?”

“Holy mother of god! Zhang Ye is not there for postgraduate studies, but to teach!”

“How can that be? Peking University actually invited Teacher Zhang Ye as a lecturer?”

“Teacher Zhang is motherf**king defying the heavens! He even has the qualifications to teach at Peking University? Although it is only an elective class, “Appreciation of the Classics” is also an important class. Basically half the Peking University’s Chinese department students would choose this elective, right?

“Is this news real?”

“It is, it’s already out on the papers!”

Even the afternoon Beijing papers were filled with news about Zhang Ye!

“Zhang Ye enters Peking University to teach!”

“Zhang Ye joins Peking University! Is it bliss or a tragedy?”

“Zhang Ye has been confirmed to be taking on the role as Peking University’s ‘Appreciation of the Classics’ lecturer!”

“Zhang Ye’s self evaluation: A man above vulgar interests. A man who is of value to the people!”

The moment the news was revealed, Zhang Ye’s fans cried out from excitement. They really felt Teacher Zhang Ye was too awesome. His hosting qualifications had just been suspended by SARFT, and had even entered this year’s SARFT “blacklist” at the number one spot. In the end, he had been invited by Peking University as a lecturer, and was even in charge of an important subject. This was rectifying his reputation! It also showed how sought after Zhang Ye was!


Your SARFT discriminates against Zhang Ye?

You people from the entertainment industry do not need Zhang Ye?

It’s alright! We from the education world need him! We from Peking University need him!

With this recruitment from Peking University, it gave Zhang Ye another brilliant halo. Zhang Ye’s qualifications and accomplishments that he achieved in the past might be at the ground level, but with the title of Peking University lecturer, his qualifications and prestige would soar high in a straight line. It would immediately become several levels higher!

What sort of affirmation was better than that from the educational world?

Furthermore, it was a world class institution of learning like Peking University! It was a famous school, ranked first in the country!

Later on, Zhang Ye’s first encounter and exchange with his students at Peking University was posted by a Peking University student!

Zhang Ye’s jokes, humor, and literary standards were vividly expressed.

Especially when everyone saw Zhang Ye’s final words that evaluated himself. It was even more shocking—”a noble-minded person, a pure person, a man of moral integrity, and above vulgar interests. A man who is of value to the people.” When people recalled the various experiences of Zhang Ye, while linking it to this evaluation, wasn’t that the case!? Zhang Ye’s self-evaluation was in no way exaggerated!

He was pure—he dared to speak and act!

He was moral—he did not stand for seeing injustices happen!

He was above vulgar interests—He always did things no one else could do!

He was of value to the people—Be it the matter of Father Wei, or his fan contracting a terminal illness, or the hijacking, it was all Zhang Ye coming forward to save the situation!

This was the Zhang Ye in many people’s eyes. These words were described just right, and not too much or little!

“Appreciation of the Classics?”

“I’m looking forward to it! It has to be him teaching the Three Kingdoms, right?”

“Definitely, Teacher Zhang Ye is most skilled in the Three Kingdoms!”

“I haven’t gotten enough of ‘Zhang Ye’s Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’ from back then. I must think of a way to get into Peking University tomorrow! I also want to listen in!”

“Haha, Teacher Zhang Ye will really become a Teacher Zhang Ye in the future!”

Immediately, before Zhang Ye even began teaching, just this piece of news made his popularity soar. Many of Zhang Ye’s fans expressed their overwhelming anticipation!