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Chapter 301: There’s no need to thank me, Just call me Red-scarf Scout!

Chapter 301: There’s no need to thank me, Just call me Red-scarf Scout!

The other side.

A disciplinary office somewhere at SARFT.

Li Tao, who had been exposed for his wrongdoings, was currently being investigated by the disciplinary commission. He was restricted to this room and had been spending all day giving statements.

Outside, a few disciplinary commission staffs were passing by.

“Did you hear? About Zhang Ye.”

“Him? Didn’t he get blacklisted?”

“It’s not about that. It’s was news that was just released. Peking University has invited him to give lectures. It’s not a one-off lecture, but as a lecturer of Peking University teaching classes!”

“What? How does he even qualify!”

“Who knows what the Peking University people are thinking.”

“Such a hooligan like him and Peking University dares to take him in? They’re really good!”

“Hur, recruiting a person like that, there’s definitely trouble brewing. Just wait and see.”

“Eh, but this Zhang Ye’s luck is really good. The headquarters’ intention was to knock him off his perch with the ban, but who knew this person did not even get affected and instead went to Peking University to teach? He’s doing even better than before? What the hell is this development?!”

“You don’t say. This Zhang Ye really has 1 or 2 tricks up his sleeve. Otherwise an institution like Peking University, not just any person could freely enter.”

Li Tao, who was in the room, heard this and his expression changed. The person who had caused him to be in this state was Zhang Ye, but Zhang Ye had gone to teach at Peking University? Your grandmother! I’m in this state because of you! I even lost my job as an official, my wife is contemplating divorce, and they are checking on my financial situation, I might even go to jail, but you f**king Zhang are doing just fine? After scolding the SARFT, not only did you not get into trouble, but you even went to the country’s number one institution to teach? This is unfair! So unfair! Li Tao wanted to thrash everything in the room. He was so angry that he nearly exploded!



Jishuitan Hospital.

Beijing Radio Station’s Deputy Station Head Jia was lying down in his bed at the Orthopedic ward. He had fallen and broken some bones the last time he was out for a meal with colleagues when he heard some news regarding Zhang Ye. He had already been in the hospital for many days. At this moment, he had just switched on the TV and news regarding Zhang Ye was being reported. The news footage, which was being shown on a Beijing locality channel, was probably also being shown on a few other local channels.

A 30 plus year old female news anchor reported, “Peking University has invited Zhang Ye to teach at their institution. The news has already been verified, and as a 23 year old lecturer, Zhang Ye has broken the record for being the youngest lecturer at Peking University. Even after taking private colleges into account, Zhang Ye would still be considered the youngest lecturer. Our reporter was unable to get an interview with the Dean of the Chinese department, but was lucky enough to secure one with the Chinese department’s history professor, Professor Zeng. According to him, this could be considered as an attempt by Peking University, a breaking of new ground. Peking University believes that Teacher Zhang Ye has the ability to take up and fulfill his duty!”

There was only one history professor in the Chinese department and it was Professor Zeng. This was not the same as the history in the History department. It was also a field of study called “Historical Linguistic Studies”. This subject was more inclined towards the Chinese department in terms of the subject matter, and as such fell under the jurisdiction of the Chinese department, but the achievements of the subject actually fell under history, and if we go further into the details, a part of it also fell under the Archaeological department. Professor Zeng was also a joint appointment under the History and Archaeological departments.

An authoritative voice in the field!

A professor of high prestige in Peking University!

Professor Zeng had a high opinion of Zhang Ye in the media. After going on about it for a whole day, he still reiterated his admiration for Zhang Ye’s “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”. He had helped to bring down the opposition against Zhang Ye’s appointment. After all, Zhang Ye was really still too young and had a rather infamous reputation in the industry. As such, there were also many doubts about him.

Deputy Station Head Jia watched the news in bed and lay there stunned. He was shocked for a whole day, his expression showed disbelief!

“Station Head Jia!”

“Station Head Jia, we’ve come to visit you.”

“Are you feeling better yet?”

A few radio station staff members had come to visit. Zhāng Yě and Jia Yan were also here.

However, despite them greeting him, Deputy Station Head Jia still did not say a word. Instead, he kept staring at the TV as his expression became darker and darker. Only then did they realize and then they turned their heads to see what was being reported. Then, they were also stunned!

“Zhang Ye?”

“Peking University invited him to teach at their institution?”

“What does that Zhang guy have that qualifies him for that?! It can’t be!”

Zhāng Yě and Jia Yan were also bewildered and looked at each other. Zhang Ye had once said when he resigned and left Beijing Radio Station. He said that one day, they were going to regret it. Right now, whether it was Deputy Station Head Jia, or any top level management leader of Beijing Radio Station, they were already experiencing this regret. Zhang Ye was really too talented. Back then, by not treating Zhang Ye with any respect, they now realized that they were in the wrong. If they had treated him well at that time, Zhang Ye might not have left. Then Beijing Radio Station would have created multiple record breaking legendary programs by now, but it was now too late to talk about what ifs. Zhang Ye had already left and did well wherever he went, whether it was at a television station, online television station, or a university. However, their Beijing Radio Station was going from bad to worse by the day!

Suddenly, a phone call came.

“Station Head Jia, your cellphone…..” His secretary reminded him.

Deputy Station Head Jia then came to his senses and checked his phone. He answered the call immediately. “Station Head.”

At the other end came the voice of Beijing Radio Station’s Station Head. “Old Jia, how are your injuries?”

“I’m OK. I will be discharged in a few more days.” Deputy Station Head Jia replied.

The Station Head acknowledged. “Rest well and don’t be in a hurry to leave the hospital. I’ve already arranged for someone over here to cover your duties. As for your duties, we will talk about it after you get better.”

“Station Head! This…..” Deputy Station Head Jia was surprised for a moment.

The Station Head said, “That’s it then.” And then he hung up.

Station Head Jia’s face turned white. He knew that he had been sidelined. Wait for him to get better before discussing? When he gets discharged, there would only be a side job for him to take over! He might even have to opt for early retirement! Deputy Station Head Jia understood it very well. The station has chosen to sacrifice him!

In the ward, many of the visitors were feeling shocked. They had guessed from Deputy Station Head Jia’s expression that something bad had happened. Zhang Ye was now reaching to even greater heights, and the facts had proven that Zhang Ye was indeed a person with a lot of ability, and the chief offender was Deputy Station Head Jia. In the past, no one saying anything about it didn’t matter. After all Deputy Station Head Jia was from higher management, and Zhang Ye was just a tiny figure. Now, with Zhang Ye’s reputation increasing and his prestige growing, to the point of him entering one of the best schools in the academic world, and how people were using “Dead Water” Zhang Ye recited at the Silver Microphone Awards again and again to smack their faces with incessant questioning of their actions, to which even many people in the industry mocked the Beijing Radio Station for lacking the foresight to chase away such a talent, the only way to rectify all these was to let Deputy Station Head Jia go towards the sidelines. This also demonstrated the Beijing Radio Station’s attitude. Someone had to be responsible for this matter!

“Station Head Jia.”

“About this….”

The people around him started feeling awkward. They couldn’t stay, but yet they couldn’t just go either.

Deputy Station Head Jia seemed to instantly age by a few more years. Once upon a time, Zhang Ye was like a speck-like figure that did not matter. He believed he could summon and use him as and when he wished. He thought he could get rid of him at any moment, but the outcome was that he had belittled him. He had been smacked in the face time and time again. Furthermore, all the methods and tricks Deputy Station Head Jia used had been useless against Zhang Ye. Now that speck-like figure had climbed up to today’s position, a spot even higher than him. The scores that Deputy Station Head Jia previously thought little of had finally caught up to him!

“Get out!” Deputy Station Head Jia finally said.

Jia Yan and Zhāng Yě looked at each other again. “Station Head Jia…..”

“I need to rest!” Deputy Station Head Jia was getting angry. He had given the order for them to leave!

Jia Yan was his relative, so he naturally felt depressed. The others were all Deputy Station Head Jia’s subordinates, so realizing that he was doomed, they also did not plan on staying. Some of them didn’t even bother with niceties and just left. Deputy Station Head Jia finally got a taste of the fickleness of human nature!


Jiao Zi Hu Tong.

Xuanwu District Library.

It was only a few minutes drive away from Zhang Ye’s home at Caishikou.

In this world, Xuanwu district still remained as Xuanwu district, but back in his previous world, Xuanwu district had already come under Xicheng district’s jurisdiction. There were not many people. As the library was not very large, and was a bit old, along with the fact that a library card was needed before they could browse, many people did not like coming here. However, because this library was older, there was a lot of information that other places lacked. Zhang Ye had managed to find a lot of information regarding “Dream of the Red Chamber”.

As he was going through the information, a flood of calls began coming in!

Yao Jiancai was the first, “Little Zhang, you’re going against the heavens, aren’t you!? Hahaha!”

Zhang Ye laughed and replied, “Old Yao, I have not asked you. Your daughter is also from Peking University?”

“Yes, I didn’t tell you? Eh, how did you know then?” Yao Jiancai asked.

Zhang Ye said, “I’ve already met her, she’s one of my students. It’s Yao Mi, right? She looks just like you. She has recognizable features. I think her future might lie in being a comedic talent, why is she studying Chinese?”

Yao Jiancai said helplessly, “I, too, wanted her to join the acting department, but her looks did not qualify.”

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “They didn’t give you face?”

“Enough of that. I’m just a C or D-list actor. I don’t have much say about this when it comes to school. By the way, you must take care of my daughter.” Yao Jiancai said.

“Don’t worry. This doesn’t even need to be mentioned.” Zhang Ye said.

Following that, Hu Fei also called. “Little Zhang, you sure are capable. Peking University lecturer. I can’t even mention how envious I am of you. In the future, when my child does university applications, I’m going to look for your assistance.”

Zhang Ye said in an exasperatedly, “I don’t even know if I can keep this job. The contract isn’t even long term. I’m just considered a hired guest lecturer. If I don’t do well, they will definitely not want me next semester.”

Hu Fei laughed. “Enough of that. With your ability at lecturing about the Three Kingdoms, could it not be good?”

The call ended.

The next phone call came. It was his old classmate, Dong Shanshan. “Zhang Ye, congratulations. I saw the news!”

“Thank you. Hur Hur. There’s nothing to congratulate me about. I’m feeling the stress too.” Zhang Ye said honestly.

Suddenly, the voices of many people blared through the phone.

“Teacher Zhang, congratulations!”

“You have made us web hosts proud!”

“That’s right. Haha, I never expected that our web host would be able to enter Peking University as a lecturer. Teacher Little Zhang, do well. Maybe we will also gain some of that glow of yours!”

“Right, I’m anticipating the continuation of your ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’.”

Suddenly, the WebTV department’s Deputy Director Wang Xiong’s voice transmitted over. He had apparently taken the cellphone from Dong Shanshan. “Teacher Little Zhang, your teaching won’t affect your work here, right?”

Zhang Ye said, “Leader, it won’t affect it at all. I’m just teaching for slightly more than ten days. Once the school goes on break, I’ll be heading back to Shanghai as well. If Peking University still wants me to teach next semester, it would also not affect my main job. I’ll have lectures whenever I’m free. I’ll have the freedom of choosing my own time since it’s just an elective class.”

Wang Xiong laughed. “That’s good. Do well! President Feng and the company are very supportive of you. With your reputation growing, it will also benefit our program.”

“Thank you for your support.” Zhang Ye said in a placating manner, “Actually I had just been confirmed to be teaching at Peking University. I was about to give you a call to inform you. The previous Professor Wang was hospitalized resulting in me filling in his spot. Hence, it was a bit of a rush, so I didn’t have the opportunity to report it to you.”

Wang Xiong comforted him, “You don’t have to think too much. It’s no problem at all. This is a good thing. I’m not being courteous when I said that I support your decision. The company is really supporting you!”

Following that.

Zhang Ye’s former colleague from Beijing Radio Station, and also one of the pillars of the radio station, Wang Xiaomei called. She told him something. “Deputy Station Head Jia’s position has been changed by the Station Head.”

Zhang Ye was surprised, “Why?”

Wang Xiaomei said, “Of course it’s because of you. They are settling old scores. Actually, the radio station’s head was also responsible for forcing you out, however there was a need for a scapegoat. Deputy Station Head Jia was the ‘main contributor’ who forced you away, so it’s natural for him to be put aside. Who else would be able to stand that bunch of fans of yours who post “Dead Water” on our Beijing Radio Station’s official website every day or two .”

When Zhang Ye heard this, he also gave a slight chuckle. Actually, if Teacher Xiaomei had not told him this, he had almost forgotten Deputy Station Head Jia existed. However, he was pleased to hear that such a person had finally received his retribution. “Thank you, Teacher Xiaomei. Is everyone still doing well? How’s Director Zhao? Xiaofang? How’s Big Sis Zhou and Auntie Sun?”

Wang Xiaomei smiled and said, “Everyone is fine. Now that you are back in Beijing, let’s find an opportunity to catch up. Oh, I forgot you will be busy during this time. Let’s see when there is an opportunity. Congratulations. You are no ordinary person now. Looking at the introduction on Peking University’s official website, there are probably like seven or eight items in that list of accolades, right? Each one of them has the words famous something. This word famous isn’t added on to anybody!”

Zhang Ye was amused as he said, “Teacher Xiaomei, there’s no need to flatter me. How would I not know how much I’m worth? Let’s meet up when I’m free.”

Wang Xiaomei said, “Alright. Let’s have a gathering then.”

Zhang Ye said, “Very well, also pass my greetings to Director Zhao, Big Sis Zhou, and the others.”

Wang Xiaomei said, “Got it. I’ll pass it on. I’m looking forward to you lecturing on the ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’ to the Peking University students. If there is a video posted online, I’ll definitely watch it.”

There were phone calls one after another.

They were all from old friends and former colleagues. They all said they were anticipating his new ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’!

Three Kingdoms?

Everyone thought it would be Three Kingdoms?

Zhang Ye shrugged his shoulders. Even after hanging up the phone, he did not tell them that he wasn’t planning on doing “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. He already had a better topic to teach. Also as a cultural hipster who dabbled in literature, Zhang Ye naturally could not sit idle while the world misunderstood “Dream of the Red Chamber”. Neither could he stand seeing them misunderstand Cao Xueqin. He had to publicly rectify it. As the only person on this planet who knew the truth about “Dream of the Red Chamber”, Zhang Ye had a responsibility to tell the truth to everyone!

It was like how Zhang Ye used the poems and songs from his world. He was not plagiarising. He did not only want to use it to become famous. He was not trying to use the wisdom of the giants without using his brain. That really wasn’t the case. In fact, Zhang Ye did not want the classic works from his world to be buried. As a bridge that connected these two worlds, as an ambassador of these two planets, Zhang Ye was shouldered with the mission to proliferate the arts!

It was an important mission!

Was it tiring? It really was!

However, he was not afraid. He could bear all the hardships that came with this responsibility!

Hai, it’s to serve the people after all. There’s no need to thank me, just call me Red-scarf Scout*!

*It’s an online slang for being a person who does things without wanting recognition for it.