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Chapter 313: Losing all decorum with the Literary world!

Chapter 313: Losing all decorum with the Literary world!


On the way home.

There was a major intersection up ahead, and there, the traffic light lasted very long. As he waited, he hesitated while holding his cellphone before sending Zhang Yuanqi a short message.

Zhang Ye: Sister Zhang, I’m back in Beijing.

Slightly more than ten seconds later, a response came back: You just arrived?

Zhang Ye smiled and typed: I got back a while ago. You must not have been following the news.

Zhang Yuanqi: I’m out of the country.

Zhang Ye: Out of the country? Alright, when you return, we can have a meal together. We haven’t seen each other in such a long time. I expect myself to be in Beijing until the Lunar New Year.

Zhang Yuanqi: We’ll see.

Zhang Ye: Alright. Go busy yourself.

Zhang Yuanqi: OK.

With the traffic light turning green, Zhang Ye stepped on the accelerator.

However, he did not keep his cellphone. He gave Rao Aimin a call. After leaving Beijing for a month, he missed Rao Aimin somewhat.

Du, du, du, the call connected.

Zhang Ye said with a chuckle, “Hello, Landlady auntie. It’s me.”

Rao Aimin’s familiar voice sounded, “Oh it’s you. I’m carrying groceries on the way up. My hands aren’t free, so quickly speak like you are letting out a fart.” The sound of plastic bags rubbing against each other could be heard.

“You bought groceries?” Zhang Ye said, “Perfect. I’ll be there in a while. Set aside some food for me. I haven’t tasted your cooking in a while. I miss your food so much when I’m in Shanghai. Then, let me look at the time. Eh, 4 PM. I’ll be there at 4PM punctually. Alright?”

Rao Aimin curled her lips. “Other than scrounging for food, what else can you do?”

Zhang Ye flattered her, “It’s because your food is too delicious.”

“Alright, alright. Come on over. I won’t be going out then. Help me pick Chenchen up while you’re at it. She will be ending school in a while.” Rao Aimin told him.

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “I just finished classes, and had a tiring day.”

Rao Aimin gave a light laugh. “You want to eat without doing any work? Dream on. Do as I say and stop spouting nonsense with me.”

Zhang Ye began to negotiate. “Alright then. I’ll just pick her up, but I want Red Braised Pork tonight. I’m not doing anything if there’s no Red Braised Pork!”

“Take it or leave it. Hurry!” She hung up.

Just thinking of the food made Zhang Ye salivate. After sending Mom a short message informing her that he was not returning home, he drove over to Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School.

When his car arrived, school was not over yet. With nothing to do, Zhang Ye smoked in his car while waiting. After a while, there were more and more cars. The parents had arrived. Following that, the school gates opened, and the children began coming out. Zhang Ye threw the cigarette butt and alighted from the car, waiting by the entrance.

“Eh, Teacher Zhang!”

“Isn’t this Teacher Zhang?”

“You came to fetch the child?”

“Teacher Zhang, I heard you’ve become a Peking University lecturer?”

Although Zhang Ye wore sunglasses, he had previously brought Chenchen to a Parent-Teacher Meeting. A few parents of Chenchen’s classmates recognized him. They greeted him. As they were all considered parents or guardians, they did not treat Zhang Ye as a celebrity, and began chatting with him casually.

Zhang Ye also smiled and began to casually chat with them. “Hai, I was just fooling around. With my standards, Peking University will probably fire me before next semester. Hur Hur.”

A pretty figure suddenly appeared.

Zhang Ye had sharp eyes and immediately waved his hand. “Chenchen, over here!”

Chenchen turned her head to look in the direction of the voice. “Zhang Ye?”

“Your aunt is at home cooking. She asked me to come pick you up.” Zhang Ye stretched out his hand.

Chenchen acknowledged before bidding farewell to two of her classmates. She then walked slowly over to Zhang Ye. Seeing his stretched out hand, she curled her mouth and very reluctantly put her little hand into Zhang Ye’s. “Zhang Ye, can you not keep holding my hand? I really lose face from this.”

Zhang Ye smiled while rubbing her head, “Little thing. How old are you to know what face is?”

Chenchen rolled her eyes and smirked. “…Hur Hur.”

“What kind of expression is that? Smile nicely.” Zhang Ye brought her into the car before entering from the other side. Then, he buckled up Chenchen’s seatbelt before driving off.



“Don’t you miss Uncle?”

“Hur Hur..”

“You miss me? Nice, I didn’t pamper you for nothing.”


In the district.

The duo held hands before riding an elevator upstairs.

“Hold on.” When he came by his rented apartment, Zhang Ye stopped and looked for his keys before opening the door. “It’s been awhile since I’ve stayed in here. I should open the door to air the room.” However, when he opened the door, the moist air he expected was lacking. The tables and chairs were all clean, with not a speck of dust. “Eh, what’s the matter?”

Chenchen said while carrying her little schoolbag. “My aunt cleaned it.”

Zhang Ye smacked his lips. “Hehe, Landlady auntie sure is nice. Just perfect!”

The landlady’s door was open. The fragrance of the dishes that were being cooked emanated out. He heard Rao Aimin’s voice say, “Who’s speaking behind my back?”

Zhang Ye brought Chenchen into her house. “Thank you Landlady auntie. You even cleaned my house. Alright, I’ll wash the dishes after we finish dinner today. I need to reciprocate your kindness.”

The crackling of flames could be heard from the kitchen.

Rao Aimin was serving the dishes in the living room. She heard him, but did not look at him. She said, “Kid, when have you ever taken the initiative to wash the dishes. I might as well depend on Chenchen rather than you.” Saying that, she gestured with her chin to the bathroom. “Go, go wash your hands. It’s time to eat. Wash your hands clean with soap. Don’t mess around. Nowadays, there is so much bacteria and disease floating around. No one is to eat unless their hands are washed clean first.” After saying this, she went into the kitchen to check on the fire of the braised pork.

“Got it.”

“Got it.”

Zhang Ye and Chenchen said at the same moment.

In the bathroom, Zhang Ye skillfully lifted Chenchen up. Chenchen lowered her body to turn on the tap to wash her hands with soap. After she was done washing, Zhang Ye put her down and began to wash his hands. After that, he got a dry towel and wiped his hand dry, while Chenchen used the lower end of the towel to wipe her hands. They had great synergy.

After they came out, the duo sat by the dining table.

Chenchen banged on the table. “I’m hungry!”

Zhang Ye rubbed his stomach. “Hungry.”

Chenchen smacked her lips. “When can we eat?”

“Why don’t we eat a bit first?” Zhang Ye urged.

Rao Aimin finally carried out the last dish and said in an exasperated manner, “What torture! I worked so hard all afternoon to cook these dishes and have not even tasted them. As freeloaders, you even want to eat first? Go, do some work. Little Ye. You go scoop the rice. Three bowls. Chenchen, go get the chopsticks!”

This scene had happened before. Zhang Ye liked this warm feeling. It felt like a family, and the bickering was also quite interesting.

It was mealtime.

Zhang Ye devoured the food.

Every time he was around, Chenchen would also have a good appetite. It was as if she was competing with Zhang Ye. She did not use chopsticks to eat the chicken wings, and instead used her hands to directly grab it.

Rao Aimin leered at the two of them. “Chenchen, don’t use your hands. Use your chopsticks and eat properly. And you, how can you become a Peking University lecturer with such table manners? What are you teaching? Physical education!?”

Zhang Ye said, “It’s delicious! Landlady auntie, you saw me on the news?”

“Who wouldn’t know the commotion you’ve stirred up.” Rao Aimin did not eat at a very fast speed but in fact, during every meal, she usually ate a bit more than what Zhang Ye and Chenchen ate combined. There was no other way about it. As a martial arts practitioner, she was particular about nutrition and her food intake.

Chenchen suddenly raised her head. “Zhang Ye, does ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ really only have 80 chapters?”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “How do you know about this? You watched my lecture?”

Chenchen said in an adultly manner, “I overheard the teachers at my school mention it in the afternoon. My form teacher is your fan. Others did not believe, but she said you must be right.” With a shake of her head, the little rascal said with a sigh, “Hai, brainless fans sure are scary.”

Rao Aimin stared at her. “Stop speaking like an adult.”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “Help me thank your form teacher. The truth is usually in the hands of the minority. As to the matters of ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’, I’ll explain it bit by bit in my future lectures. Chenchen, Landlady auntie. When the time comes, you must punctually watch Teacher Zhang Ye’s lecture. See Teacher Zhang’s prowess!” With him back home, he did not need to pretend to hold back. He was also not as particular with his words compared to what he said in the office, school, or in public. Here, Zhang Ye was completely relaxed. It did not matter what he said. This was his true state of mind. Besides, the landlady knew his true persona, so it was pointless to act in front of her.

Rao Aimin said in amusement, “You still have the mood to brag? Haven’t you gone on the web? Kid, you’ve been labeled as stinking dog sh*t. The entire literary world is denouncing you.”

Zhang Ye said magnanimously, “It’s alright. I won’t pick on them. Time will prove everything.”

Rao Aimin exclaimed and said sarcastically, “You sure are magnanimous.”

“Of course, this bro is now a teacher of the people. I’m a person with stature, so I can’t be bothered with arguing with the likes of them.” Zhang Ye said with a person of exemplary conduct.

But after the meal.

When Zhang Ye first went on the net for the first time today and saw the assessment of the outside world, he could not help but jump up and curse. “F**k! I thought you guys were just fanning the flames! You bunch of grandsons really dared to scold me!? Meng Dongguo? Ma Hengyuan? And who were the rest? Redologists? Even vulgarities were used? I f**king ignored all of you, but you came challenging me!? Just because I’m f**king trying to be a person of exemplary conduct, you really think I’m easily bullied!?”

Initially, he did not read the comments.

But after reading them, Zhang Ye found it unbearable!

The educational world was better and was of higher quality. They criticized Zhang Ye’s teaching from an objective point of view. The historical world was fine too. These academics were particular about evidence. With Zhang Ye listing the documents, some historians were even supportive of his view.

Only the literary world!

This bunch of people who loved to curse!

With a few Redologists leading the way, and Meng Dongguo and the Beijing Writer’s Association aiding them, and Literature Professor Ma Hengyuan chiming in, a bunch of people were trying to grill Zhang Ye. It was as if they hated him to the bone. A literary author even swore at Zhang Ye directly!

In just a short span of a few hours, Zhang Ye had experienced increasing amounts of attacks!

It was as if anyone who dabbled in literature needed to curse at Zhang Ye or they would not be able to face others on the street!

“An insult to the classics! Death is not sufficient for such a crime!”

“Zhang Ye is a black sheep!”

“Strongly suggesting the literary world to begin banning Zhang Ye!”

“Right, this kind of demagogue is an insult to the literary world. As a Chinese national, he dares to touch the Four Great Classical Novels? What state of mind do you have!?”

There were more and more people from the literary circles who were denouncing Zhang Ye!

On the web, many people could not longer sit idle seeing Zhang Ye being condemned so badly.

The Shanghai childrens’ program host, Teacher Chen posted on Weibo: “I’m curious, how did Teacher Little Zhang offend you? He just offered a different viewpoint and has sound reasonings behind it. Whether it’s true or false, Zhang Ye has provided the necessary evidence. What about all of you? A bunch of people who deal with literature aren’t even looking at the evidence, but shooting their mouths off? You just want Zhang Ye dead? And even asked what state of mind Zhang Ye has? I want to ask you what states of mind you people have!”

Another Hong Kong station host spoke, “Hur Hur, since ancient times, cultured people tend to scorn each other. As a host, Zhang Ye has stole the thunder of the literary world ever since he debuted. Who wouldn’t envy him?”

A middle-aged man, whose Weibo verification was that of National Taiwan Normal University lecturer, said, “Having an academic discussion is fine, but don’t resort to personal attacks. I do not know people like you who dabble in literature, but we research on History. The most important thing is the evidence and the documents. The rigor in academia is what supports an argument. I personally think Zhang Ye’s theory is very reasonable. I do not understand why the spears are pointing at him? And it is an attack with no reason?”

People tended to sympathize with the weak.

Many netizens also saw this and began to question their methods!

“Take out your evidence before speaking!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye has cited relevant evidence. What about you?”

“The literary circle sure is a mess.”

“Teacher Zhang Ye is too good at pulling aggro!”

“That’s right. I have never seen the literary world hate a person that much. It’s almost unanimous. This must be because Zhang Ye had offended too many people in the past.”

“What sort of state of mind does the literary world have?”

Finally, Zhang Ye logged onto Weibo in Rao Aimin’s house. He did not say any superfluous words and immediately began typing a limerick. This was a line in Guo Degang’s crosstalk, but had been slightly amended by Zhang Ye!

Rao Aimin sat over. “Let me see what you wrote.”

Chenchen stood behind Zhang Ye with blinking eyes. “Zhang Ye, are you scolding people again?”

“If I don’t scold them, they might really not know what their surname is!” Zhang Ye grunted, “Here, look at this bro’s limerick!”

He typed extremely fast!

Tap Tap Tap!

Very quickly, Zhang Ye’s Weibo posted something!

“‘Eight Things to Look Forward To’.”

“The frosty Winter looks forward to Spring.”

“The dead of the night looks forward to the morning Sun;”

“The beautiful looks forward to sugar daddies.”

“The leisurely mistress looks forward to hooligans;”

“The scholar studying at night looks forward to a female ghost.”

“A single old man looks forward to an aunt.”

“A person in acting looks forward to awards.”

“A person in literature looks forward to the death of his peers!”

Rao Aimin: “……”

Chenchen: “…………”

In Zhang Ye’s world, Guo Degang had offended the entire crosstalk world, and had thrown out such a limerick! In this world, Zhang Ye, who was still mindful of influence and face, could no longer endure it. He finally lost all decorum with the entire literary world!

Thinking of the past and thinking of now.

When I wrote a poem, you said that poem was bad!

When I talked about a matter, you said it was wrong!

They were completely concerning themselves with the individual and not the facts. Almost the entire literary world despised me?

Go f**k yourself! This bro shall fight it out with all of you from today!