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Chapter 314: Curse Him Curse Him Curse Him Curse Him!

Chapter 314: Curse Him Curse Him Curse Him Curse Him!

Rao’s house.

The two girls were stunned seeing what had happened.

Rao Aimin said in an amused fashion, “Kid, you are stirring up trouble again?”

“They were going to far. Hur. They really think that I’m afraid to mess with them?” Zhang Ye said in a gallant manner, “I even dare to curse the SARFT, would I be afraid of offending them?”

Chenchen said, “Zhang Ye, you are a Peking University lecturer.”

Zhang Ye tsked, “So what if I’m a Peking University teacher. Even a rabbit will bite when things turn nasty!”

Rao Aimin chuckled and said, “But at least he didn’t have any vulgarities in it.”

Zhang Ye had already made his preparations as if he were staking everything on it when he decided to lecture on “Dream of the Red Chamber”. He knew there would be a lot of objections, but he never expected it to be so huge. Furthermore, the objections did not come from the education or history world. It still came from the literature circles that had a prolonged grudge with Zhang Ye. It was again them, still them, and always them. They did not even look for a reason to rebut Zhang Ye and did not provide any evidence or logic. They just used so-called morals or stood on ethical high grounds to attack Zhang Ye, while deliberately misinterpreting the context. How could he endure this?

Indeed, Zhang Ye wanted to contribute to this world, but you can’t do this to this bro! You aren’t making me feel good? Then don’t think I’ll make you feel good!

This time let us drop all decorum!

Since all of you are so shameless, then I shall be also!

Ha, anyway, this bro is already so notorious, and has always been shameless anyways!

After being magnanimous for slightly more than an hour, Zhang Ye immediately returned back to his ruffian ways. In the end, it was this fellow’s natural behavior!


On Weibo.

Zhang Ye’s Weibo post did not immediately appear. There was a new regulation from the relevant authorities. As the limerick had words like “mistress” and “hooligans”, this world’s Weibo and discussion forums would not censor the words, but would be sent to the backend for review by a specialized auditor. Now, with the new governmental policy, things were stricter. However, there was no need to wait too long. A public figure like Zhang Ye would naturally have priority in reviewing his Weibo posts. Although the Weibo post was not released, as there were no words temporarily, the update notification still existed.

People noticed it.

“Heyo, Zhang Ye posted on Weibo!”

“Let me see, let me see. Eh? Why is it blank?”

“Are there banned words? Hahaha! I’m slightly looking forward to it!”

“It definitely has to be something important. Everyone, hurry and prop it up!”

Immediately, a Weibo post from Zhang Ye, which had no words displayed, was forwarded more than 900 times in a short time span of five minutes by his fans and busybodies! There were already more than 2000 comments!

Upon seeing this number, many people were alarmed.

“Holy sh*t! A blank Weibo post is so fierce?”

“Well it’s Teacher Zhang Ye’s Weibo after all!”

“That’s right, Zhang Ye does not shoot his mouth off easily. Every time he speaks, it’s f**king earth-shattering. I wonder what he is going to say this time!”

“Didn’t Zhang Ye recite a gatha in the afternoon to reporters? It was quite magnanimous.”

“I also saw that gatha. It was really classic. It has already become my signature. I’m really convinced of Zhang Ye. Everything he says is classic!”

“I have no idea why that bunch of literary people looks down on Zhang Ye so much. What sort of qualifications do they have to do that to Teacher Zhang? If they have the ability, come out and compete with Teacher Zhang!”

“That’s right, the literary world is going too far this time!

“You can criticize Zhang Ye, but you can’t criticize everything about him!”

“That’s right. Even though Zhang Ye has a bad temper, he has never committed a heinous crime!”

Many people from the literary circles and Weibo certified VIPs also paid attention to the post. They did not comment and were waiting to see what Zhang Ye had to say.

At the sixth minute.

Zhang Ye’s Weibo post finally appeared!

Everyone felt it was quite ordinary when they saw the first two lines. They did not understand the meaning behind it. However, in the middle, when the words “looking forward to sugar daddies” or “looking forward to hooligans”, many people were tickled. They could tell this was another limerick and carried on reading. Everyone already knew Zhang Ye’s limerick style. The front was usually not important, but the key was the very last line. And indeed, when the final line reflected in their eyes,they were not disappointed!

“A person in acting looks forward to awards.”

“A person in literature looks forward to.. the death of his peers!”

When this line was seen, the blank Weibo post, which was already soaring in popularity, ushered in an explosion once more after a pause!

1500 forwards!



“Teacher Zhang Ye’s limerick is still so f**king brilliant!”

“A person in literature looks forward to the death of his peers? That’s so funny! I’m dying of laughter! This sarcasm is peerless!”

“I laughed too. To think those bunch of people are from the literature world. Compared to Teacher Zhang Ye, their standards of scolding others are so low. Look at how Teacher Zhang Ye scolds others! Learn from him!”

“As expected of Zhang Ye! Awesome!”

“He can scold people with new tricks all the time! And it’s so artistic and characteristic! You can’t find another person like him in China!”

Many netizens were rolling around with laughter!

Many public figures, who had grudges with the world of literature, chuckled and appeared to support Zhang Ye when they saw someone standing up front to challenge the entire world of literature. For example, there was an author who was marginalized by the literature world, forcing him to develop himself in Hong Kong and Taiwan. There was also another literary author who was unrecognized by the world of literature. It was as if they were injected with stimulants!

“Teacher Zhang Ye, well done!”

“The world of literature is fraught with problems these days. They are too conceited. It is time for someone to make a stand!”

These side figures, who had been cast aside by the mainland’s literary world, were not that famous. They also lacked the strength. Despite resisting when they were ostracized, they did not manage to succeed, but today, Zhang Ye stood forward. What was Zhang Ye’s standing in the literary world? Although there were others who acknowledged him, the literary world never gave him a proper place, but even so, the literary circles still had to admit Zhang Ye’s influence. Giving him the title of an uncrowned king was not too much. With a top celebrity like him standing forward to lose all decorum with the literary world, it was extremely meaningful! Because this was no other person! But Zhang Ye! Zhang Ye, whose poems could even shock ghosts and gods!

Some people were joyous, while others were infuriated!

When many people from the literary world saw Zhang Ye’s “Eight Things to Look Forward To” limerick, they were enraged by Zhang Ye’s last sentence!

We look forward to the death of our peers?

Your sister, Zhang!

How could you speak in that manner!? Are you never willing to stand down!?

These people began to attack Zhang Ye because of his poem. Things such as what sort of literary scum! What sort of breeder of chaos! How Zhang Ye doesn’t know anything about literature! They all appeared!

However, Zhang Ye’s fans and many onlookers did not sit idle. With Zhang Ye leading the way, everyone’s forceful stance increased. Immediately, they “besieged” those people from the world of literature, who led the way in scolding Zhang Ye. What sort of standards did Zhang Ye’s fans have? They were all…They were all of extremely low moral standards! Don’t forget what Zhang Ye’s fanclub was in its former state. They were actually a bunch of ultra-nationalists who cursed people on Weibo all day. This troll army was like a group of bandits. They had no standards to mention of. The moment they went over, they just shot off their mouths. As the saying goes, what sort of general leads what sort of army. Fans of a darn hooligan like Zhang Ye were rarely gentlemen. They were all extremely fierce!

The war of words could be described as utter chaos!

People like Meng Dongguo and Ma Hengyuan, were no match for Zhang Ye’s troll army. Due to their identity, they could not use vulgarities. They began to lose their ground repeatedly as their Weibo private message inbox began overflowing from curses!

Many neutral spectators did not show any sympathy for them. This was because back when Meng Dongguo, Ma Hengyuan, and company scolded Zhang Ye, they did so without reason. They never mentioned any of the evidence Zhang Ye provided in class. They just used other stuff to criticize him. They did not talk about things when Zhang Ye used facts to reason with them. Now, Zhang Ye’s fans also began to scold them without any reason. They deserved it. The bunch of people from the world of literature asked for it!

After the war of words, the internet briefly calmed down.

Someone suddenly pondered aloud, “Brothers. I remember there was an article on the evening newspapers. Teacher Zhang Ye recited a gatha, saying let the world slander him, cheat him, humiliate him, he would let them have their ways and avoid it?”

“Hahaha, you really believed that?”

“In the midst of laughing. OP, you are too naive!”

“What sort of rotten temper does Zhang Ye have? Just one glance at that gatha, and you know he’s just doing so in pretense! If he could let them have their ways and avoid them for a few years? Then I won’t be eating mutton for the rest of my life!”

“Balls to letting him avoid them! He will curse if he’s unhappy! This is Teacher Zhang Ye!”

In the afternoon, numerous people had seen Zhang Ye’s gatha. Many people, who did not think nicely of Zhang Ye, immediately looked at him in a different light when they saw the gatha. A few of Zhang Ye’s old friends like Hu Fei, Zhao Guozhou, Wang Xiaomei, Xiao Lu, Hou Ge, and Hou Di all nodded their heads slightly. They felt that Zhang Ye had matured. He had matured after becoming Peking University’s lecturer!

What magnanimity!

But now, everyone nearly vomited blood!

Endure it, let it be, let it have its way, avoid it, beat it, be reverent towards it, and not care for it! Were all those words just a bluff? They were all nonsense!

Those reporters who heard Zhang Ye’s gatha in the afternoon when they interviewed him were all stunned. They never expected that Zhang Ye was still such a hooligan after becoming a honorable teacher of the people!



Zhang Ye posted another message on Weibo.

“Let the world slander me, cheat me, humiliate me, laugh about me, belittle, despise me, dislike me and swindle me.”

“Only to..Curse him, curse him, curse him, curse him, curse him, curse him, curse him, curse him, curse him, curse him. Wait for a few days and then have a look at him again!”

Zhang Ye chuckled. What do you mean endure it, let it be, let it have its way? That was the original words from his world, but this line represented Zhang Ye’s true thoughts!

Weibo blew up again!

“Teacher Zhang, can you not be so amusing!? Hahahaha!”

“Teacher Zhang, the way you curse others is so cool!”

“Hahaha, endure my ass. Teacher Zhang, nicely done. Keep your personal style. No matter how others evaluate him, I still like such a Zhang Ye!”