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Chapter 315: The Landlady Auntie on a Blind date?

Chapter 315: The Landlady Auntie on a Blind date?

The sky was getting dark.

It was around 6 PM.

After having a kick from his scolding, Zhang Ye got off the internet in a content manner. He did not look at it anymore. Since he had lost all decorum with the world of literature, there was nothing better to be said. It was easy to tell who was the donkey or the horse by drawing it out to run. We shall have the real fight tomorrow at Peking University. This bro will let you know why the flowers are so red!

Rao Aimin leered at him. “The number of people you have offended is really increasing.”

“Once you have too many lice, it doesn’t itch.” Zhang Ye said in a ruffian-like manner, “There’s nothing to worry about when there are too many debts.”

Rao Aimin suddenly stretched out her hand. “Oh right. Kid, shouldn’t you be paying rent? You earned quite a bit of money in Shanghai. Pay up the entire year’s rent.”

Zhang Ye said nervously. “Don’t talk about money. It hurts my feelings.”

Rao Aimin looked at him with squinted eyes, “Talking about money hurts feelings, but not talking about money might harm you physically. Your Sister Rao has been practicing a mystical powered fist, and was worrying about not having someone to practice it on.”

Zhang Ye immediately said happily, “Fine, fine. It’s just rent. I’ll transfer it to you tomorrow.” After the hijacking, Zhang Ye had eaten another ten books of Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books, but he knew himself. Even so, he was probably still no match for Rao Aimin. Chenchen had previously mentioned that when Rao Aimin brought her to the rural mountains, a few wolves ran helter-skelter after seeing the landlady. Even f**king wild wolves avoided her, so even if there were a hundred Zhang Ye’s, they were still probably not her match in a direct head-on fight.

“Are you still practicing your Taekwondo?” Rao Aimin asked.

“Hai, it’s the same old.” Zhang Ye said.

Rao Aimin curled her lips, saying, “Lessen your practice on that. Foreign techniques are just for show. If you really want to strengthen your body, you might as well do some jogging. It’s more useful.”

Zhang Ye acknowledged and did not tell anyone that he knew Taiji Fist. “I’m exercising everyday now. Running, push-ups, etc. Right, when are you going to teach me the Eight Trigram Palms?” Back then, Rao Aimin had easily bent a pair of pure iron scissors with her bare hands had taken Zhang Ye aback too greatly. It was said to be called hidden force? As for the details, Zhang Ye was not very sure. He always wanted to learn it.

Rao Aimin did not even look at him and poured some tea for herself. “You lack the talent and are too old. You won’t be able to learn it even if I teach you. Do your running instead.”

Zhang Ye smacked his lips. “How do you know I won’t be able to learn it without teaching me?”

Chenchen interrupted. “Zhang Ye, I’ll teach you, but you need to do my homework for me.”

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. “Your Uncle Zhang is a famous writer. You want me to do your homework? I can’t afford to lose such face. Even if I do it for you, will your teacher even dare face it?”

Chenchen noticed that he was boasting again, and let out a laugh. “Hur Hur.”

Ding Dong.

The doorbell rang.

“Who is it?” Rao Aimin shouted.

It was a young man’s voice. “Senior Sister, it’s me!”

Chenchen blinked her eyes. “It’s Little Lu (Xiǎo Lǚzi).”

Rao Aimin smacked Chenchen on the head. “She’s your aunt’s junior brother. You must call him Uncle Lu. Show some respect.” As she said, she opened the door, “Little Donkey (Xiǎo lǘzi).”

Zhang Ye nearly fainted. Why is your addressing even more derisive!?

Two people were standing outside. One of them looked like he wasn’t even in his thirties. He was probably the landlady’s junior brother. The other person looked like he was in his early thirties. He looked quite handsome.

Lu Yuhu smiled and said, “Senior Sis, I came uninvited. Am I welcome?”

“You aren’t.” Rao Aimin was not polite to anyone. After sizing him up, she said, “I haven’t seen you for a few months, and you’ve already fattened to become a pig.”

Lu Yuhu said embarrassingly, “No, I only gained about four or five pounds.”

Rao Aimin frowned. “Have you given up kung fu?”

“No, I just haven’t been practicing that much recently.” Lu Yuhu entered the house. “I’m now at the police academy, so I have more opportunities to practice with guns. After all, it’s a new era.”

Chenchen waved listlessly at him. “Little Lu.”

Lu Yuhu was not upset and was probably accustomed to it. “Haha, Chenchen, you’ve grown taller again. Not bad. Eh?” Looking at Zhang Ye, he asked, “This is?”

Rao Aimin said, “My tenant.”

“He rents?” Lu Yuhu nodded.

Zhang Ye also looked at him. He had never seen the landlady have any friends, nor had he ever seen her interact with others, so he was quite curious. Since this person was the landlady’s junior brother, then he too practiced the Eight Trigram Palms? And from their conversation, he was also a policeman?

The two men entered the house.

“Miss Rao. Nice to meet you.” Chen Feng stretched out his hand to shake hers.

Rao Aimin gave him a casual glance before ignoring him. “Find a seat.”

Chen Feng’s hand dangled in midair, and became a bit embarrassed. He then turned towards Chenchen, hoping to get out of the predicament. He said, “You must be Chenchen. Nice to meet you.”

Chenchen leered at him, “Who are you?”

Zhang Ye pinched the little rascal’s head. “Speak properly.”

Chenchen pouted and said reluctantly to Chen Feng, “Nice to meet you too.”

When Lu Yuhu heard this, he stared at Zhang Ye in disbelief. Holy sh*t, who was this person? Little Chenchen actually listened to him? It can’t be! However, it was not time for him to bother about this. After easing the situation, Lu Yuhu said with a smile while putting his arm around Chen Feng’s shoulder. “Haha, don’t mind her. My Senior Sis has quite a temper. She’s cold on the outside, but hot on the inside. Let me tell you. My Senior Sis is such a homely person. You have not tasted her cooking, but it’s delicious.” After saying that, he said to Rao Aimin, “Senior Sis, this is my good buddy, Chen Feng. He’s younger than you by a few years. However, it’s not much different. His family runs a business and he is not starting his own business and doing quite well. As for him as a person, he’s also quite handsome.”

Chenchen pouted her little mouth. “Hur Hur.”

When Zhang Ye heard this, he also realized what was going on. It was a blind date!

Rao Aimin did not seem interested. “Hey, Little Donkey. Do you have nothing better to do? You dare to come care about your Senior Sister’s matters?”

Lu Yuhu played the fool. “What? Why don’t I understand what you are saying? Senior Sis, I only mentioned you to my buddy. He heard that you like ancient classical culture and like to read things like ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’, making him wish to have a cultural exchange with you. He’s in the cultural business and also likes traditional culture. I think you have things in common, so I brought my friend to get to know you. Nothing else.”

Rao Aimin leered at him and smiled. “I’ll leave some face for you in front of outsiders. We’ll talk later.”

Lu Yuhu cringed and began sweating. “Don’t. I can’t talk to you again. I was injured after my last mission. I haven’t even recovered yet.”

Rao Aimin said to Zhang Ye, “Little Zhang, bring Chenchen inside to do her homework.”

“Okay.” Zhang Ye dragged Chenchen to a small room off to the side. He opened the door and entered. As he closed the door, he looked at Chen Feng. He did not feel good. He had been admiring the landlady for so long, but this grandson dares to come for a blind date? It would be strange if Zhang Ye liked him. However, just thinking of the impatient attitude of the landlady, Zhang Ye was relieved. He knew Rao Aimin was not interested.

In the room.

“Zhang Ye.”


“Help me do my homework.”

“Nope. Your aunt doesn’t allow me.”

“My aunt isn’t around.”

“I can’t do that even if she’s not around. Do it yourself!”

Zhang Ye’s mind was not here as he pricked his ears to listen to what they were talking outside.


Outside the room.

After Chen Feng took his first look at Rao Aimin, his eyes had stared straight.

With the heating turned on, the temperature was just right. Rao Aimin also did not wear too much, so she was wearing a long gray skirt that reached her ankles. Her top was a tight knitted sweater. The color looked quite old-fashioned and wasn’t very bright. However, there was no way to hide her extreme beauty. Chen Feng was very surprised. Such beauty was difficult to find even in the entertainment industry. Especially Lu Yuhu’s Senior Sister’s figure. With the knitted sweater by her waist, it was evident that there was not a bit of flab on her tummy. Her arms were also not muscular like those who usually practiced martial arts. They were in fact very slender and slim. Well, she probably wasn’t up to mark in her kung fu.

From Chen Feng’s point of view, Rao Aimin probably did not know much kung fu or how could she not have any muscles? He was pretty familiar with Lu Yuhu, but he did not learn too much about his Senior Sister from him. He only knew Lu Yuhu had a very beautiful Senior Sister, who practiced martial arts. She was in her thirties and unmarried. She did not work, but survived on the rent from quite a number of properties. That was the limit to his knowledge.

Lu Yuhu laughed and said, “I’ll go boil some water. Have a chat.” He then went into the kitchen.

Chen Feng repressed his restlessness and said to Rao Aimin, “It’s our first time meeting, so I’m sorry for my sudden intrusion. I brought some fruits and a toy for the child. I’m also not sure if she will like it.”

Rao Aimin directly said to him, “She doesn’t play with toys.”

Chen Feng acknowledged and quickly changed the subject. He too had heard from Lu Yuhu that Old Lu’s Senior Sister’s mouth was quite disparaging. He had finally gotten a taste of it. Your sister. How bad are you at chatting? Can’t you say something to go along, or else how are we to carry on chatting?

But he did not know Rao Aimin was always like that.

Noticing it didn’t work, Chen Feng immediately tried to show his good points. He was actually fond of Rao Aimin, and despite that mouth of hers being so venomous, he felt that it was very characteristic. “What books do you usually read? Just the ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’? My company deals with culture. so I have quite a collection of ancient books at home. If you are interested, I can bring them with me next time. If you want any other ancient books that I do not have, I can let my Dad know. He can help me find it since he has quite the influence in the cultural circles. It would be easy for him to find ancient books.”

“I don’t like the ancient books.”

“Do you have Weibo?”


“Shall we exchange chatting IDs?”

“I don’t go online. Don’t have one.”

Lu Yuhu was done with the water and came out. He eased the situation. “My Senior Sis isn’t interested in technology. Her cellphone is also bought from a long time ago. She prefers the traditional arts. Right, Old Chen, didn’t you bring a couplet, hoping to find someone to match the second half? Get my Senior Sist to do it!”

“Right.” Chen Feng immediately got his bag and spread out the couplet he had written on the table. “Miss Rao. Please take a look. I haven’t been able to match the first half of this couplet in a while.”

For once, Rao Aimin lowered her head to take a few glances with interest.

Lu Yuhu said with a smile, “It’s not bad right, Senior Sis? This couplet is very interesting. It was figured out by Old Chen himself. However, he does not have a second half. The couplet might look simple, and it’s possible to match it, but it’s not easy to match it nicely. Don’t you like studying such things? Give it a try.”