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Chapter 317: Senior Sis, You’re Hoodwinking Us Buddies!

Chapter 317: Senior Sis, You’re Hoodwinking Us Buddies!

In the room.

The atmosphere became awkward.

Chen Feng had been raved by Lu Yuhu just a moment ago, and he had even accepted the praises. In the end, a tenant that Rao Aimin casually grabbed had managed to match his couplets perfectly. Not only had he matched it, the second half of the couplet managed to lampoon him on his pretense. His face had turned swollen from the smacking!

You look like who you impersonate?

Whoever impersonates whoever, whoever will become whoever?

To be able to use couplets to scold people, what f**king realm have you already attained?

Chenchen chuckled nefariously and said to Zhang Ye, “I already knew you could do it. I had my bets placed on you.”

“You playful nymph. Speak properly.” Zhang Ye tugged at Chenchen’s head.

Rao Aimin used the corners of her eyes to look at her junior brother and Chen Feng. “Why aren’t you speaking? Are you still competing? My tenant’s standard is not bad, right?”

Lu Yuhu said in a depressed manner, “Senior Sis, what do you mean not bad? Who is this tenant of yours? Although I don’t know much about couplets, even I can tell who’s the better one!”

“He?” Rao Aimin kept him in suspense.

Chen Feng said helplessly, “To be able to utterly convince, this is?”

“Ai, wait!” Lu Yuhu suddenly said, “To be able to use couplets to scold people, and is proficient in this arena. Holy shit, he can’t be Teacher Zhang Ye, right? Right! Chenchen called you Zhang Ye just now!”

Zhang Ye smiled.

Chen Feng was stunned. Zhang Ye? Which Zhang Ye?

“It’s really you!” Lu Yuhu smacked his forehead and looked at Rao Aimin, at a loss whether to laugh or cry. “Senior Sis, you aren’t being nice. How is Zhang Ye your tenant? Why is he staying here? Aih, to think you let my buddy compete with Teacher Zhang Ye in literary standards? Aren’t you bullying him!? I’ve seen the news the past two days. Teacher Zhang Ye joined Peking University and is teaching in the Chinese department! He is a professional lecturer of Literature. What’s there to compete?! Senior Sis, you’re hoodwinking us buddies! Not cool! It’s really not cool!”

Chenchen chuckled.

Lu Yuhu stared. “Chenchen, you hoodwinked your Uncle Lu! You didn’t even let me know!”

Rao Aimin threw her hands and said, “Kid, you were the one who said it yourself. We didn’t want to compete. You were refusing to leave and insisting on being a busybody. Who have you to blame?”

Lu Yuhu: “….”

Chen Feng also managed to find a way to escape the awkward situation. If he lost to anyone else, he would really have lost face. However, losing to a Peking University lecturer like Zhang Ye, then it wasn’t a surprise. It had to be so. There was no use in being indignant. After all, he was just an amateurish hobbyist, while the other person was a professional. With him specializing it in his profession, being defeated by him in this aspect was normal, as there was no way of competing. Even if his teacher came personally, he was also not likely to be Zhang Ye’s match, what more an amateur like him!

Chen Feng magnanimously reached out his hand. “Teacher Zhang Ye, I’ve long heard great things about you. Thank you for the teachings from before.”

Zhang Ye looked over and also shook his hands. “Nice to meet you. Sorry about just now. It was nothing much, and you can’t say those were teachings.” Since the other party’s attitude had changed, Zhang Ye did not mind. It was not a fight. “I didn’t want to compete in couplets.” And indeed, he had previously said that.

Chen Feng laughed. “You wanted to leave me face by not wanting to match the couplets. It was me being rude. However, it’s great that I could learn from you. These couplets of mine have stumped my teacher for a long while. If I return with the matches, he will definitely be very happy. If we ever publish it, we will definitely indicate that the second half came from you.

Zhang Ye said nonchalantly, “No big deal.”

It was still a bit awkward. Chen Feng pretended to look at his watch. “Aiyah, look at the time. Then we won’t intrude on you any further. Old Lu, let us leave.”

Lu Yuhu smacked his lips and said, “But I haven’t eaten the Tremella porridge yet.”

What the heck are you eating? Chen Feng had already lost face and was unwilling to stay any longer. He could also tell that Rao Aimin was in no way interested in him. There was no meaning for him to stay any longer. Furthermore, Old Lu’s Senior Sister was indeed older than him by a few years, so their ages were not that appropriate for one another.

Blind dates were all about merry meeting and merry parting. If it didn’t work, at least they could be friends.

“Senior Sis, then we’ll be leaving. I’ll come by again to scrounge for food.” Lu Yuhu and Chen Feng bade farewell. No one held a grudge and could be said that the matters were smoothed over.


With them gone, there was only the trio left in the house.

Chenchen blinked her eyes. “Zhang Ye, you’re awesome.”

Zhang Ye said proudly, “Of course. Who do you think your Uncle Zhang is?”

“So awesome.” Chenchen flattered.

Zhang Ye turned cocky. “That’s of course. Then, I really was bullying him. Couplets are a form of attainment in literature. If I claim second, no one would dare to claim they are first. Ai, why are you so unusual today? You are so full of praise for me? You have finally recognized your Uncle Zhang’s greatness?”

“Yes, I got to know it.” Chenchen then took out a book while saying, “Zhang Ye, help me do my language homework.”

Zhang Ye nearly fainted. “No wonder you were waiting here for me!”

Rao Aimin tapped on her niece, “Do it yourself. Hurry.”

Chenchen curled her lip like an adult, before reluctantly returning to the small room.

Zhang Ye and Rao Aimin were the only ones left in the living room.

With one man and woman in one room, with no one around them, Zhang Ye’s heart began to thump loudly. His hand began to stretch out in a dishonest manner. He touched Rao Aimin’s waist and then immediately began moving his hands to her buttocks.

All flesh!

It was so bouncy!

Rao Aimin laughed. “Kid, you are getting bolder and bolder, right? I endured you once or twice, but you seem insatiable to do a third and fourth time. Do you need a beating?”

Zhang Ye embolden himself and whispered, “I just missed you.”

“Scram. Take your stinking hands off.” Rao Aimin leered at him.

Zhang Ye put on a brave front and said, “Not taking it off!”

“Are you taking it off?”

“….Not taking if off!”


“Aiyo! Stop! Stop! Stop! Don’t you move! My arm is breaking!”

“Hur Hur, are you taking it off?”

“Off! Off! Off! Just talk, don’t get rough!”

Zhang Ye’s shoulder was pinched by Rao Aimin at his acupuncture points. His entire shoulder and arm went limp. He was not left with any strength. He could no longer boast as it was so painful that he ground his teeth!

Rao Aimin released his arm and glanced at him sideways. She said softly, “Don’t you go groping on me in the future. If Chenchen sees it, I’ll destroy you!”

Zhang Ye said without any sense of shame, “The child is doing her homework. She won’t see it.”

Rao Aimin ignored him and then slowly sat down on the sofa. Crossing her legs, she said, “Didn’t you say you would be washing the dishes today? After the meal, you went to have fun on the internet. The dishes are still sitting there waiting for you. Go, do some work.”

Zhang Ye said in confusion, “Did I say I would wash the dishes?”

Rao Aimin looked at him with an unfriendly look, “Really?”

“Alright, alright, alright. I said it.” Zhang Ye could only go to the kitchen.

Rao Aimin broke her composure and scolded him with a laugh, “Darn little bastard.” Then she said loudly, “Don’t you do it improperly. Wash them clean. I will check in a while!”

“Got it.” Zhang Ye felt like he had been exploited to do labor. Hai, but he had taken advantage of her, and it was not that easy to take advantage of the landlady.

Washing the dishes.

Washing the pot.

Wiping the table, sweeping the floor.

With this, slightly more than half an hour passed.

“Little Zhang.” Rao Aimin commanded, “Go make a kettle of hot water.”

Zhang Ye stared. “I’m at least a teacher of the people. Are you really commanding me as you wish?”

Rao Aimin stared at him. “Then who do you think cleaned your room in the month you were away? Ah? Who washed your bed sheets? Ah? Who placed cockroach insecticide on your ground? Who swept away the dead cockroaches? Hurry up and do the work. Cut the crap. Even a rabbit is more diligent than you!”

Zhang Ye was stumped and did not say another word. Fine, work it is. His house had indeed been cleaned up by the landlady nicely. He could not refute that.

He finally finished busying himself.

It was already past 8.

Chenchen came out while rubbing her eyes. “Aunt, I’ve finished my homework. I’m sleepy.”

“Okay. Go to bed.” Rao Aimin said.

Zhang Ye also said, “I’m sleepy too.”

Rao Aimin acknowledged and said, “Scram then.”

Zhang Ye blinked. “I’ll stay here. I’ll tell bedtime stories to Chenchen. I recently created a few childrens’ fairytales. They are extremely interesting.”

Rao Aimin said with an ambiguous smile, “Do you want to leave yourself, or get thrown out by me?”

Zhang Ye said to Chenchen, “Uncle will tell you a bedtime story, do you want to listen?”

Chenchen gave a long yawn. “No, I’m tired. I’m sleeping now.” Saying that, she clumsily climbed upstairs.

A drop of sweat flowed down Zhang Ye’s head. This wicked child sure doesn’t give Brother Zhang any face. If you don’t listen to a story, how will this bro sneak into your aunt’s bed!?

“Are you leaving or not?” Rao Aimin looked at him.

Zhang Ye said in a thick-skinned manner. “Aiyah, I suddenly don’t feel tired. Let me stay here for a while.”

“You might not be tired, but I am!” Rao Aimin raised her chin and stood up with a leg supporting her. “Hurry and scram. Go teach your class properly tomorrow and stop trying to stay here.” With a pause, she smiled. “Kid, you’re sure without worry. I already saw that many industry insiders are going to Peking University to listen in on your public lecture? There will be people from the educational and literary world. Who knows what serious situations will arise tomorrow, yet you still have the mood to blabber here with me? Think about how you are going to lecture your ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’. If you don’t do a good job, your reputation will become bad. You won’t be able to run away from the title of leading people astray. Remember to save up some money. Don’t get fired from Peking University and not be able to pay the rent.”

Zhang Ye said leisurely, “Don’t you worry. Since I dared to lecture ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’, I definitely have the confidence. I’m not worried about that, what I’m worried most is…where to stay tonight. I feel like my house has a dark and gloomy aura, and isn’t suitable for staying in. I’ve calculated that the place with the best Fengshui is a maisonette-style apartment…Ai! Ai! Ai! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! I’ll leave myself! Leaving myself!”


The door closed!

With a depressed face, Zhang Ye was sent out of the landlady’s house. Hai! Life can be described by the phrase loneliness is where the shoe pinches!

He could only honestly return to his house and prepare the information needed for tomorrow. Then he laid out his bed before snuggling into it.

Tomorrow was an important day. Zhang Ye was done preparing!