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Chapter 331

Time to do the lottery.

It had been a while since he had last drawn from the lottery. He decided to try his luck.

Zhang Ye leaned against the heater in the small room. He had moved a chair to sit next to it, as he rubbed his hands before opening the game interface. He spent 100,000 Reputation points to buy a chance at the lottery. He was not planning on buying Additional Stakes on his first draw. He was just trying his luck, so he wanted to see what would happen first.

The lottery began. The needle began spinning!

Consumption Category…

Skills Category…

Stats Category…

Special Category…

Slowly, the needle stopped at the Consumption Category!

A Treasure Chest (Small) appeared. He placed it on the floor and opened the lid!

[ Cupid Sachet ] : Effective once it is worn. Increases the player's luck with the opposite sex for five minutes!

Upon seeing the item had had drawn, Zhang Ye let out a snicker. He had drawn this item before. He had come to know the Heavenly Queen through this item. If not for this item, Zhang Yuanqi would probably not have drunkenly come to his rented apartment in Jiaomen East and knocked on his door. He managed to obtain it again? Without needing to talk further, this was a good thing. Zhang Ye scanned at the remaining items in his Inventory.

[ Save ] x 1

[ Red String of Fate ] x 1

[ Difficulty Adjustment Dice ] x 2

There was only that much. It was quite empty.

Taking out the sachet from the Treasure Chest, Zhang Ye thought about it and did not put it into his Inventory. He blinked his eyes and decided to use the sachet. Since he had nothing to do, he wanted to see what miraculous effect the sachet would create this time. Would it make another beauty appear again?

Cupid Sachet's in Effect!

Countdown, 5:00...4:59...

Zhang Ye could not help but be excited. He looked around and pricked up his ears to see if anything happened outside his door. Oh? There were no sounds? This time she isn’t coming in from the main door? Would a babe come in from the windows? Zhang Ye pulled the curtains to take a look. Still there was nothing. Could there be a living person underneath his bed? Zhang Ye squatted down and pulled the bedsheets apart. Still nothing. What’s going on? Where did my cupid luck go to? Uh, it can’t be that because there’s someone home, the Cupid Sachet became ineffective? If a beauty really came knocking on the door, Zhang Ye believed his parents would be the first to be at the door. Then what sort of cupid luck was that? He needed to be alone with a girl.

Zhang Ye smacked his forehead, “Zou le!”

This was a Beijing dialect. It meant being wrong.

Just as Zhang Ye was thinking his Cupid Sachet had been wasted, his cellphone vibrated suddenly. Beep. Beep. It seemed like there was a notification sound. It was an unfamiliar sound to Zhang Ye. It was not a text message from his phone. Hence, he unlocked his phone after picking it from the bed. Oh, it was this world’s chatting app. It was similar to his world’s QQ or WeChat. Zhang Ye was accustomed to using it on a desktop, and seldom chatted from his cellphone, so he had never heard the notification sound before. He didn’t even use this account more than a few times.

Ever since he became a public figure, Zhang Ye had registered a lot of new accounts and obtained verified status on them. He used his actual name, as it was more convenient. And after all, he wasn’t that famous yet. If he used a nickname like “Little Face-smacking Expert” on Weibo or Tieba, most people wouldn’t get to know him, nor would they be able to recognize him. Hence, he decided it was better to use his real name. As for the account logged into this cellphone, it was still Zhang Ye’s old account. As after changing cellphones, he had never really used it, so his old account had always been logged in. The Friends list was full of mostly random people and he did not even remember when he joined some of the group chats. Since he no longer used the chatting account, most people on it did not know him.

Who was that?

People actually still look for me on this account?

This bro’s account nickname was “I’m Your Daddy”. Who was so bold as to chat with this bro? Ah, and it was a private chat?

The avatar blinked and wobbled.

Zhang Ye clicked on it out of curiosity.



And more pictures!

And they were all being downloaded. They had not been opened yet.

Zhang Ye noticed that this person was not a Friend of his, but a member of the casual chatting group “Blossoms in Beijing”. The chat window was a temporary chat amongst the group’s members. This person was probably a girl. Her name was “Water Lotus Moon”.

Water Lotus Moon?

Sailor Moon’s (Water Ice Moon) sister?

What pictures are you sending to me? And so many at one go?

Zhang Ye counted. There were a total of 26 pictures. The pictures were quite large and they were still being downloaded. His cellphone’s internet speed was quite poor. After about 8-9 seconds, the pictures appeared one by one. Zhang Ye originally thought it was would be similar to those emoticon packs in his world’s QQ that were being sent over. However, when the first picture appeared on his screen, Zhang Ye’s eyes nearly popped out. He was momentarily dumbfounded!

They were all photographs!

And sexy photographs of a real person!

Pictures that could make one foam in the mouth. Zhang Ye was wondering what the situation was. Who was this person? Why did she send me these pictures? Good things should be shared!


Such generosity!

Society is still filled with good people!

Zhang Ye chuckled. Since he did not recognize this nickname, and his account was effectively anonymous, he sent a message: “Friend, nice!”

Water Lotus Moon quickly responded: “…”

Zhang Ye typed: “Are there anymore? Keep them coming.”

Water Lotus Moon said: “Who are you?”

Zhang Ye said with a sweat drop flowing down his face: “You sent me pictures without knowing me, but it’s fine. We are all friends. Who is this woman? Her body is fabulous. Is there a photograph with her face?

The other party was silent for several seconds before replying: “You are also from the ‘Blossoms in Beijing’ chat group?”

Zhang Ye wondered out loud: “That’s right. When you clicked on me to have a private chat, wasn’t it done through the group? Did you send a group message? Sending it to everyone in the group? You are too generous! These sorts of benefits should be shared with everyone! I’ll give you a Like! Now on the internet, everyone is separated by a computer. People have begun to lack trust. It is helpless and tragic. Now, we need people like you to break down the walls between people, letting our hearts be enjoined together. Spread the Love!” Having not chatted in a while, Zhang Ye unknowingly began babbling on. He found it difficult to stop once he got into the mood.

The other party did not reply.

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, “Come on friend. Send me a few more. The people need you! If not, tell me where you found those pictures. I will download them myself!”

This fellow never thought of any other possibilities.

Then he saw Water Lotus Moon send a message. “Friend, this Big Sis sent them to the wrong person. A friend asked me to send a few scenery pictures of when I was on vacation. I chose the wrong picture folder and sent you all the pictures in it!”


Holy sh*t!

Those were all pictures of you?