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Chapter 332

In the cellphone chatting window.

Zhang Ye asked: “Is this your photograph?”

Beep. Beep. Water Lotus Moon’s message came in: “Please don’t spread it around.”

Upon receiving the answer, he wiped his forehead. “Man, are these really taken of yourself? Sorry, I didn’t know. I still thought you got someone’s photographs and posted it in the group chat. Don’t mind what I just said. Then, I didn’t deliberately look at your pictures. You sent me a bunch, so I subconsciously glanced at it. Actually, I didn’t look at them very carefully. Really.” Thinking about how he had talked about the walls between people and how love should be spread, Zhang Ye felt a bit embarrassed. To think the person in the picture was this Sailor Mo…Water Lotus Moon!

Water Lotus Moon: “It’s fine. Since you have seen it, whatever. Just don’t spread it out.”

So generous? Zhang Ye blinked: “Big Sis, don’t you worry.”

Water Lotus Moon: “If you can delete the pictures I mistakenly sent you, that would be even better.”

Zhang Ye said without any hesitations: “Sure, hold on.”

If it was anyone else, they might not really delete it. After all, the other party would not know even if they didn’t. So although Zhang Ye’s personality was a bit of a troublemaker, what he said was reliable. After agreeing to do so, he immediately deleted all the pictures on his cellphone and took a screenshot before sending it to her. The screenshot showed that all the pictures of Water Lotus Moon had turned into crosses. There was no way to show them anymore.

Zhang Ye said: “All the pictures and records have been deleted. As for the temporary saves, they have been cleared too. Don’t you worry. The spread of the pictures will stop at me.” Saying that, to adequately assuage her, Zhang Ye took another screenshot of the information of his pictures folder. He did not like taking photographs, so there was not a single photograph in it. There were only a few default pictures that came with the phone. After providing a screenshot of the listing of the pictures directory to her, he took a screenshot of his most recent chatting history. The first person on the list was Water Lotus Moon, and the second chat history was three months ago. Zhang Ye was telling her that he did not save her pictures by sending her pictures to anyone. And since it all happened in a flash, only thirty seconds had passed since the pictures arrived, so Zhang Ye did not have the time to wire up his phone or other method to transfer it to his computer or other devices. Hence, those screenshots proved his innocence.

Water Lotus Moon sent a smiling emoticon. “Thanks, young lad.”

Zhang Ye smiled and said: “You are welcome. I shouldn’t have seen it in the first place.”

Water Lotus Moon: “You sure are polite. Hur Hur. It’s no big deal actually. For some reason, my mouse wobbled just now, so it’s all my fault. Since the photographs don’t include my face, it’s alright.”

Man, you should have told me earlier!

If it’s alright, I wouldn’t have deleted them!

Those alluring photographs…What a pity!

However, from the chat message from Water Lotus Moon, Zhang Ye figured out something. The mouse cursor wobbled for some unknown reason? The person she wanted to chat with was incorrectly chosen? Even the photographs sent over were in such a large quantity? Clearly, that was not a coincidence! It was the Cupid Sachet’s effect! The Cupid Sachet was not being ineffective! It was just not cupid luck in real life this time! It had become an interaction on the internet through cupid luck! And from looking at Water Lotus Moon’s figure from the photographs, even if she was not a stunning beauty, she would definitely be not be bad looking. Uh, of course, things were not certainly through. There were people with stunning figures, but very unsightful faces.

Di Di.

Water Lotus Moon: “Are you schooling?”

Zhang Ye: “No, I’ve been working for some time.”

Water Lotus Moon: “When did you join the group? I’ve never seen you.”

Zhang Ye: “Not sure either. A few months ago. I think someone invited me and I just joined. I’ve never spoken in the chat. What about you? You have always been in this group?”

Water Lotus Moon: “I joined yesterday. I wanted to go on vacation over the Lunar New Year, so I searched for a group to join. I seldom go on the internet too.”

Zhang Ye: “There sure is a lot of people during the Lunar New Year.”

Water Lotus Moon: “Hur Hur. Nothing you can do about that. Everyone is on break during the Lunar New Year.”

Zhang Ye: “How old are you?”

Water Lotus Moon: “In my thirties. What about you?”

Zhang Ye: “Then I really need to call you Big Sis. I’m in my twenties.”

Maybe it was because of the photographs pulling their relationship closer, the two carried on chatting.

Zhang Ye thought that after seeing her naked photos, she would be embarrassed, but he had guessed wrongly. Water Lotus Moon did not seem to especially mind.

Suddenly, Water Lotus Moon sent a smiling emoticon: “I recall that you said my figure is good?”

Zhang Ye coughed and typed: “I think so.”

Water Lotus Moon: “Is that the truth or just some flattery?”

Zhang Ye: “Of course it’s the truth. I didn’t even know that it was you in the photos. What’s there for me to flatter? However, your photos really make it look like you are not in your thirties. I would have thought you were in your twenties.”

Water Lotus Moon: “Is it that exaggerated? Well, do you want to see more?”

Upon seeing that, Zhang Ye sat up from his bed. He immediately typed: “Yes, is it alright?”

Water Lotus Moon’s response speed was average. She did not type very fast: “If you want to take a look, it is okay. The pictures were not meant to be seen by people. However, you are Big Sis’ first audience member. Since you were so nice to delete the photos, and aren’t bad, I’ll send you a few more.”

Zhang Ye hurriedly said: “That’s my honor. I’m looking forward to it.” Saying that, he sent a cute picture of a cat sitting on the ground, blinking with its watery eyes.

There was no shame!

If you didn’t know how to grab the opportunity with a golden mountain before you, that was what shame was!

Water Lotus Moon” “Hur Hur, that picture of yours is quite funny.”

Following that, Zhang Ye’s chatting app began buzzing!

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. There were five beeps, and five pictures were sent over! Now with fewer pictures, his internet speed managed to download them with ease. They were almost immediately downloaded!

A new picture came in. It was a close up of her buttocks. In the high resolution photo, not only was there a close up of her buttocks, it was also naked. Unfortunately, it was not taken from the bottom, but from her back downwards. Many of the critical parts could not be seen. He could only see large parts of supple flesh and a pretty angle. To take such a photo by herself, the angle’s position was really quite hard to grasp.

The second picture was even more provocative. There was no clothes on her body. Water Lotus Moon was sitting on the ground across a mirror with her legs tightly crossed together, doing a very alluring pose. Her hand was hold onto her left breast. Her long hair sprawled down onto her shoulders and chest. On the top of the photograph, he could see the trace of her chin. Not much of it was revealed, so there was no way to see her face.

The third picture: Water Lotus Moon was lying on a platform, that looked like a bay window. The sun’s rays were shining in from the outside, lighting up her naked body. If this picture was really taken by a bay window, then the curtains definitely could not be drawn. It was definitely in the day time. She sure was bold, unafraid that her neighbors would see her.

The fourth picture: Lower body. She did not wear underwear, but wore a black pair of stockings.

Fifth picture: In the bathroom. She was lying in a bathtub filled with water. The water was probably moving, and her accentuating figure line was being refracted by the water, but whatever that one wanted to be seen could be basically seen. That seductive pose was beyond words!

He finished looking at all of them.

Zhang Ye’s throat was a bit dry. “I’ve received them!”

Water Lotus Moon: “Have you seen all of them?”

Zhang Ye: “Yes, so beautiful. Your figure is too good!”

Water Lotus Moon: “I’m just a bit fatter.”

Zhang Ye disagreed. “Not at all. That is just nice. Not one bit more or less. I especially like that little tummy of yours. Very beautiful and feels just right. It’s like a piece of art. Your body’s proportions are also extremely good. Well, the only problem is that the angle of the photograph isn’t perfect and a bit tilted.” In the West, people were more open, so these sorts of photos were commonly seen. Zhang Ye also began to use an artistic point of view to chat with her.

Water Lotus Moon: “You seem to know a bit?”

Zhang Ye: “Not really. Just speaking randomly.”

Water Lotus Moon: “You are quite right. These sort of photos can only be taken by myself. I need to stretch out one hand, or place it on a tripod, so there are limitations. The angle and lighting isn’t easy to grasp, so it’s not easy to take them. Hur Hur. I’m also not some professional photographer. Just doing it in an amateurish manner.”

Zhang Ye asked: “You like to take these kinds of…artistic photos?” After pondering for a while did he come up with such a euphemistic term.

Water Lotus Moon: “Kinda. I take them every few days. I record the beautiful times before I grow old, if not there might not be a chance in the future.”

Zhang Ye said boldly: “Do you still have these kind of ‘artistic photos’?”

Water Lotus Moon: “Probably a few thousand.”

Zhang Ye’s nose nearly bled, “A few thousand?”

Water Lotus Moon: “Accumulated bit by bit through time. Year by year, it just passed without me knowing. Why? Hur Hur, you still want to take a look?”

Zhang Ye hurriedly said: “Yes! ! ! !” Four exclamation marks were used to express his feelings!

Asking for the pictures!

Asking for the seeds, Big Sis!

Suddenly, his game ring’s interface lit up!

[ Countdown Complete. Cupid Sachet effects has ended! ]
Following that, the cellphone kept buzzing. Water Lotus Moon sent a message: “Forget it. We’ll chat again. I’m going to sleep. You sleep early too. By the way, remember to delete the photos. Don’t spread them.”

Don’t sleep!

Why would the Cupid Sachet lose effect at this moment!

Sending pictures and chatting. The five minutes had passed too quickly!

However, Zhang Ye could not say anything else but say: “Alright. Go take a rest. Bye bye.”

“Bye bye.” After Water Lotus Moon said that, her avatar turned dim.

Zhang Ye was hardly satisfied, nor could he fall asleep. Although he could think of was the supple flesh of Water Lotus Moon’s photographs. Hence, he clicked on Water Lotus Moon’s personal profile.

Nickname: Water Lotus Moon.

Age: Secret.

Sex: Woman.

Job: None.

City: Beijing.

Introduction: Seldom on the web. Don’t disturb.

As for the other information, such as photos, there was none, if not private. This person’s information was too simple.