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Chapter 337: Lu Xun and Bingxin’s quotes were used!

Chapter 337: Lu Xun and Bingxin’s quotes were used!

In the Chinese department office, the teachers were about to get off work.

Many of them were still hesitant to leave, dragging it out past 8 at night. One reason was that many teachers wanted to listen to Zhang Ye’s last lecture. Zhang Ye’s lecturing of ‘Dream of the Red Chamber had hooked the interest of many teachers and colleagues. They were quite addicted to listening to him. The second reason was that they knew the university department rankings were announced that night, hence they all stayed behind to wait for it. With surprisingly good results, it was also time for them to leave.

“I’m leaving.”

“I’m going to Lishuiqiao. Anyone need a lift?”

“You are returning to your mother’s place? Then I’ll get a ride from you.”

A few Chinese department teachers paired up to leave as they walked out.

Su Na walked up to Zhang Ye’s side as she smiled and said, “You were great.”

Zhang Ye shook his head with a smile, saying, “What do you mean by great? It was all thanks to everyone’s work. My coming here has allowed me to rub off some of the greatness of everyone else.”

A male lecturer said with a laugh, “Teacher Little Zhang, don’t be so modest.”

A female teacher said, “Your contributions are apparent in everyone’s eyes. It has been tough on you these past few days.”

Professor Zeng also patted Zhang Ye on the shoulder, saying, “If not for you coming to take over the elective class, the results would be difficult to tell. You have really made the Peking University’s Chinese department elated.”

Yan Jiantao could not bear listening to this any longer. “All of you should stop saying that. Us getting first place again is through the collective efforts of everyone. It is also based on the foundations of our Chinese department. Everyone worked together to improve the quality of our classes and material’s depth, so it is only right for us to win first place. How can it all be attributed to one person? How would the other teachers think of that?”

Everyone did not have such thoughts. With Yan Jiantao saying that, it led to others thinking of other thoughts. Some glanced at Zhang Ye while others looked indifferent.

Su Na was pondering over his intents. However, Professor Yan was the most established professor in the department, so it was not appropriate for her to say anything.

Professor Zeng looked at him with a frown, “Professor Yan, why do your words seem…”

Chang Kaige tried to smooth things over. “Alright, everyone go home. It’s not early anymore. Hur Hur. Tomorrow there are still exams and various activities. Go home and take a rest.”

Zhen Shuquan interjected, “By the way, Little Zhang. President Wu called just now to ask you to go over.”

Zhang Ye said, “Alright, I’ll be there immediately.”

Yan Jiantao also did not say anymore. He grabbed his bag and left.

Two lecturers and professors who were more familiar with him also left together.

Zhang Ye scanned Yan Jiantao’s back and was not too happy. Whether this matter was because of his contributions or not, he had not tried to gain credit for it, nor would he or did he acknowledge it. This bro kept saying it was a collective effort and kept deflecting the honor, but what’s the meaning of this? That can’t do? You have to step on me with your statement? And your tone sounded provocative? You couldn’t standing seeing me, as a new lecturer, in the limelight, and even tried to convince the other colleagues to ostracize me? What sort of person are you!? You are a professor with great authority in the educational world?

In the past when he came to Peking University, Zhang Ye did not mind too much since he had never been a lecturer, nor did he have the qualifications. Hence, it was no wonder he was doubted by everyone, but through his hard work, his class had gone smoothly, and he had proven his teaching level using his results. Be it his students or his colleagues, they had all changed their attitudes and impression of him. They had acknowledged him, but then? Even so, Yan Jiantao, you still insist on finding fault with me? When I didn’t have results, you said as a layman, I was no good, but now with results, you keep using your qualifications to suppress me?

Whatever I do isn’t right?

Then what the heck do you want?

You are a professor, with great qualifications, but just because of that, you can trample on anyone you dislike?

A few teachers had really been stirred up. Maybe they were lecturers who were quite friendly with Professor Yan. After noticing that Yan Jiantao did not like Zhang Ye, they too also subconsciously changed their attitudes towards Zhang Ye. They did not show it on the surface, but their hearts might have distanced themselves from Zhang Ye. Professor Yan was amongst the most established professors in Peking University, and even one of the most authoritative figures in this field in the country. Not only Chang Kaige, even the Peking University leaders respected him. Compared to Yan Jiantao, Zhang Ye was really nothing.

“Teacher Zhang.” Su Na whispered, “Don’t mind him. Professor Yan likes to take advantage of his seniority. We are already used to it, so don’t take it to heart.”

Zhang Ye smiled. “It’s fine.” However, his heart wasn’t fine.

Professor Zeng said, “Little Zhang, shall we go together?”

“Next time, Professor Zeng. President Wu is looking for me.” Zhang Ye said.

“Oh right. I nearly forgot. Then I’ll be leaving.” Professor Zeng left. Since there were so many people, it wasn’t the time for him to say anything to Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye also went downstairs and headed towards President Wu’s office. On the way, he noticed Yan Jiantao hitching a ride with an old professor. A nice day and quite a happy matter had been ruined by Yan Jiantao. Zhang Ye was thinking: “I’ll forget it this time. Don’t you dare do it again. If you corner me, I don’t care who you are!”


In another building.

President Wu’s office.

Knock. Knock. Zhang Ye knocked gently on the door. “President Wu.”

“Come on in. The door isn’t locked.” The voice was quite faint and sounded like it came from far away.

When he walked in through the door, he did not see anyone. The exterior office was empty. Then, he heard a voice coming from the interior office, “Over here.”

The office was a suite, as the treatment received by a Vice President was definitely better than others.

Zhang Ye went inside. He was stunned for a moment when he saw Wu Zeqing in an elegant long dress. She was standing behind a long desk and held a brush, writing something. The Four Treasures of the Study laid on the desk. A trace scent of ink floated in the office mixed with the smell of a mature woman like Wu Zeqing, making it smell rather pleasant. This fellow was really weak-willed. Just a minute ago, he was still upset by Yan Jiantao’s treatment of him, but now, seeing a beautiful woman in front of him, his mood immediately turned better. The ancients said it well, a beautiful lady is desired by all gentlemen.

She was dressed in plain colors.

With a dignified look.

One with the brush, like the floating clouds and the flowing river.

This image was so beautiful that it was indescribable!

“This is?”

“Wait a moment.”


“It’s done.”

She had finished writing.

Wu Zeqing set aside her brush and smiled, “You came at the right time. Help me take a look at which of these writings are better.” There were three scrolls of writing by the side that she had taken out, “Tomorrow afternoon in the auditorium, we will be organizing a New Year Gala for all the primary and secondary schools in Peking University’s auditorium. The President hasn’t been well these days, so the job of writing something has fallen onto me. You are one of the few in the Chinese department who have more achievements and results in the field of literature, so I got you to come help me. One to take a look at the calligraphy, and second to help in the meaning. If you are up to it, we will decide on it.”

No wonder Zhang Ye’s use of the Peking University’s Grand Auditorium for his public lecture today had not been approved. He had heard of some event before the Lunar New Year, so this was it. For such a gala, other than setting up the decorations, there were dress rehearsals, so clearly there was no time left for Zhang Ye’s class to squeeze in.

Zhang Ye was overwhelmed by this. “President Wu, the other teachers and professors are much better than me. My standards are limited, I don’t want to screw it up for you.”

Wu Zeqing smiled as she sat down. She said, “The other teachers might be more experienced than you in teaching, but when it comes to composing poems or writing essays, how many are better than you? Professor Yan is no slouch in this area, and he has attained a very high level. However, Professor Yan is quite old, and since this is a gala for primary and secondary school students, I think I trust you more on this. After all, you are still young too. Don’t decline it. Hur Hur, take a look at it.”

Zhang Ye did not dare to put on airs, “In front of you, I really don’t dare to say I know much. Then I’ll take a look.” Following that he looked at the calligraphy.

When he saw it, he was stunned!

The words were written very gracefully!

These were not just well-written words, but words produced through top calligraphy skills!

Zhang Ye was a bit dumbfounded. He had never really seen Wu Zeqing’s calligraphy before. He had only heard it mentioned before. It was said that although Wu Zeqing was from the Education Bureau, and was considered a political administrator, and was not in academia or teaching, her cultural foundation was very high. Zhang Ye thought that others were just flattering her, or mere pleasantries, but only today did he realize that those statements were far from flattery. These calligraphy pieces could be said to be pieces of art!

Zhang Ye had eaten a few calligraphy Experience Books. To the average person, his handwriting was not bad, but he knew that his skills were far from perfect. He could only be considered a layman. Zhang Ye did not dare tout that he knew calligraphy in front of the real experts, or he would incur ridicule on himself. Not only were President Wu’s words written skillfully, it had her own style and artistry. There was Songti fonts, Zhuanti fonts, or cursive script, but Wu Zeqing’s wasn’t any of those. The style of her words were somewhat like Xingshu, yet a bit different. Many of her strokes had an inkling of cursive writing, so clearly she had formed her own style. Only a true calligraphy master would dare to do it this way!

Zhang Ye did not really know much about true calligraphy techniques. He only knew a bit from interest. As for how artistic Wu Zeqing’s calligraphy was, it was beyond Zhang Ye’s ability to deduce. It had exceeded his level of appreciation for calligraphy.

As for the content, they were all things like “classic inheritance” or “blooming youth”. There was one that sounded like a word of caution. They were nothing surprising.

He exclaimed, “Your calligraphy is really flawless. No matter what is written, it can hold itself. I think all of these can be used. Any phrase would be no problem!”

Wu Zeqing gave him a gentle look, “Any would do? Then that means none of them are suitable.”

Zhang Ye broke out in a sweat. How did you take it in that way? He said, “No, it’s really too good. It’s hard to pick!”

Wu Zeqing said with a light laugh, “Let’s not talk about the calligraphy. I keep feeling like the content is a bit off. If it were you, what would you write?”

Zhang Ye said modestly, “What I would have written definitely wouldn’t be better than yours.”

Wu Zeqing ignored his words, “Say a few, relating to youths.”

Seeing that he had no way out, Zhang Ye could only say, “Youth is to develop the habit, a time of hope and faith?” This was from his world’s Ruskin.

Wu Zeqing smiled gently. “Are there anymore?”

“This won’t do?” Zhang Ye said, “What you plant now, you will harvest later.” This was from his world’s Og Mandino.

“Are there anymore?” Wu Zeqing asked.

Zhang Ye said again, “O young ones! For your future memories, deliberately sketch that picture of yours in the present?” This was a quote from Bingxin.

“Anymore?” Wu Zeqing asked once again.

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “Young people can be the first to turn China into a vocal China. Boldly speaking, courageously forging forward, forgetting all the stakeholders, pushing away the ancients, speaking truth from one’s heart?” These were the words of Lu Xun.

Wu Zeqing: “…”

Then Zhang Ye said, “This won’t do either?”

Wu Zeqing leered at him, “You call this not knowing? Every sentence of yours is much better than the ones I had previously written. If you don’t know anything, then others are just illiterate. Hur Hur. Looks like I made the right choice asking you to come.” After some thought, Wu Zeqing picked the words of Lu Xun. She did not delay, and had gained some inspiration. Dipping it in ink, President Wu began to write on the piece of paper!

Half a minute later.

A piece of calligraphy was completed!

Wu Zeqing gave a slight smile and nodded.

Zhang Ye stood off to the side and heaped praises. “Your words are really too beautiful.”

“I’ll use your sentences then. It’s settled.” Wu Zeqing seemed very pleased as she placed the piece of calligraphy properly, waiting for it to dry.

Zhang Ye blinked. “President Wu, the other pieces of calligraphy that you wrote are not going to be used? Then can I ask for one of them?”

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, “Sure, go ahead and choose.”

“Alright.” Zhang Ye did not stand on ceremony and picked one up and rolled it for keeping.

Firstly, Zhang Ye was really fond of her calligraphy. Secondly, with his leader producing so many works and had gone through all the trouble, wouldn’t he feel bad if he didn’t request one from his leader? Hence, from this, one could see that this fellow Zhang Ye was not someone who did not know interpersonal relations. He mainly did so depending on the person.