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Chapter 338: Water Lotus Moon’s appearance once again!

Chapter 338: Water Lotus Moon’s appearance once again!

It was pretty late.

Peking University was enveloped in darkness.

It was quiet all around the campus. The teaching block was dark. The teacher’s office building’s lights were mostly out. Only student dormitories in the distance had a hint of light. Some students were busy preparing for their exams, some of them were busy writing essays, and some others were probably celebrating early for the upcoming winter holidays.


Wu Zeqing asked, “Little Zhang, where do you live?”

“My home?” Zhang Ye said, “I’m going back to Caishikou tonight, my parent’s place.”

Wu Zeqing nodded, “Then it should be on the way. I stay at Taoran Pavilion. The school’s driver is on leave and my car’s not permitted to be used today. Could you give me a lift?”

Zhang Ye happily said, “That would be my pleasure and honor. Where in Taoran Pavilion?”

“East Gate.” Wu Zeqing said before boarding Zhang Ye’s BMW.

Zhang Ye boarded from the other side. As he closed the door and switched on the lights inside, he saw President Wu putting on her seatbelt. The seat belt tightened around her and pressed down across her chest, clearly separating her left and right breast. It presented a very clear scene. The right breast was big and displaced a little. In addition, maybe her bra was a little soft today, probably without an underwire, thus the seatbelt had gotten lodged under the right bra cup. Under the vibrations of the car, that lump of flesh was jiggling along with Wu Zeqing’s body swaying. Even the seatbelt trembled along with it.

They were too big!

Her breasts were too ample!

Seeing such a scene, Zhang Ye was momentarily unable to hold back.

Wu Zeqing was probably aware of the discomfort, so she undid the seatbelt and then put on a blue woolen coat over before putting on her seatbelt again. That covered up everything.

The car moved off and gradually made its way out of the campus.

On the way, Zhang Ye tried to strike up a conversation, “Why don’t I drive faster? Your husband is probably at home waiting for you?”

“It’s OK. This speed is fine. If you go too fast, it will be dangerous.” Wu Zeqing quietly smiled. She took out a book from her bag and opened it, “No one’s waiting for me, I’m not married.”


Not married?

How old are you already and you’re not married?

Zhang Ye was surprised, but did not ask further. After all, their relationship was not that close and she was his leader. There was no need to be so inquisitive.

Wu Zeqing read her book leisurely, occasionally breaking out into a smile, while at times reading it with a serious face.

Zhang Ye didn’t want to disturb her, so he kept the lights on. He drove straight to their destination.

During that time, Zhang Ye had thought of a few topics, but did not manage to communicate much with Wu Zeqing. The two of them had quite an age difference after all and a generation gap. Other than school, Zhang Ye thought that he and President Wu did not have much in common to talk about. In the end, he gave up and did not try to create conversation anymore. President Wu had a more magnanimous and gentle character, seeming to be a very classical, traditional type of woman. She did not look like the type who enjoyed chatting.

After about half an hour, they arrived.

Zhang Ye quickly said, “President Wu, is it here?”

Only then did Wu Zeqing close her book and raise her head, “Yes, just go a little bit farther down and stop by the roadside. Thanks, Little Zhang, I even made you my driver for the day.”

Zhang Ye smiled, “In the future if your driver is ever on leave again, feel free to give me a call. It’s OK for me, since it’s so near anyway. I just need to drive back for about 7-8 minutes and I will be home too.”

The car stopped.

Wu Zeqing thanked him. “I’m going, drive carefully.”

“OK, take care.” Zhang Ye did not leave, but stayed behind and watched her walk into an upscale residential area before driving off back in the opposite direction.


At home.

His parents were asleep.

Zhang Ye did not dare make too much noise. He quietly went to wash up before going back to his room to change into his pajamas. He was totally comfortable now.

Ring, ring, ring.

His cellphone rang.

The caller ID showed that it was from his third cousin, Cao Mengmeng.

Zhang Ye picked up with a smile, “Hello, what’s the matter?”

Cao Mengmeng said angrily, “Brother, why didn’t you pick up the phone an hour ago?”

“An hour ago? Hai, it was because I had a meeting with the Vice President from school. My phone was switched to silent and I didn’t notice.” Zhang Ye usually switched his cellphone to silent before a meeting or whenever he was meeting a leader, if he remembered, because it would be inconvenient to pick up the phone and also to show respect to his leaders, “Why were you looking for me?”

“Hmmph.” Cao Mengmeng was less angry now, “Tomorrow, my school will be attending the New Year Gala at Peking University. Come over and fetch me.”

Zhang Ye said, “Are you participating in the performance too?”

Cao Mengmeng giggled, “I’m not performing, but our school does have something lined up. So I went over to our form teacher, Teacher Leng, and asked her to bring me along. So many teachers in our school know that you are my bro, so they specially gave me a ticket for a seat!”

Zhang Ye was angered and tickled at the same moment. “Hey, you little girl. Don’t keep taking favors from others under my guise. If you are coming, then come. Follow your school’s group and come. I have no time to go and fetch you. I have an exam tomorrow and I also have to grade the papers.”

Cao Mengmeng pouted, “You don’t care for your sister! I will complain to First Aunt!”

Zhang Ye happily replied, “You can tell anyone and it wouldn’t affect me. I will definitely be busy tomorrow afternoon. That’s all then. It’s already so late, so go to bed early.”

“OK. You petty man.” Cao Mengmeng reluctantly hung up the call.

Zhang Ye smiled a little inside. He browsed through his cellphone casually to see if there were any other missed calls before suddenly realizing that he was still logged into his chat app. With a shift in focus, Zhang Ye quickly opened the app and looked at his ‘Friends List’. Oh right, he had not added her yet. So he went over into the “Blossoms in Beijing” group chat, searched through the members, and finally found “Water Lotus Moon”‘s avatar.

He clicked.

Add Friend.

Du du, a response came quickly.

Zhang Ye had been used to his previous world’s QQ app tone — the one that resembled a coughing sound. He was still not used to this world’s chatting app’s ‘Du Du’ tone yet. The interface was unfamiliar to him as well and the design of it looked a bit off compared to what he was used to. Only after he clicked on the notification did he realize that his friend request was accepted.


She’s online!

Zhang Ye sent a message over, “Big Sis, what are you doing?”

The reply was a little slow. After about a minute, a message came in: “Taking a bath.”

Zhang Ye: “Bathing and still on your phone?”

Water Lotus Moon: “In a bathtub, the phone won’t get wet.”

Zhang Ye: “Oic, are you going to rest soon?”

Water Lotus Moon: “Yeah, and you?”

Zhang Ye: “I’m already lying in bed, preparing to sleep, but I can’t sleep. I’ve been having insomnia lately. How are you? Are you tired after a day of work?”

Water Lotus Moon: “Not bad. The photos I sent to you the last time, did you delete them after?”

Zhang Ye: “The ones you sent at the end? It’s all been deleted. Hur hur, let me send you a screenshot.”

Water Lotus Moon sent a smiling emoticon over: “It’s alright, Big Sis trusts you.” After this message was sent, another one came in two seconds later, “Well, do you still want to see?”

Zhang Ye nose turned hot as he aggressively typed in: “Definitely.”

Water Lotus Moon: “Then wait a bit. Let me take some.”

Zhang Ye cried out loud under his covers: “Are you taking them now?”

Water Lotus Moon: “Yes, I’m on the phone now and the photos are on my computer. Big Sis is having a bath now, how else would I send them to you? Wait a bit.”

Zhang Ye was excited: “OK, I am waiting right here” followed by 3 exclamation marks.

1 minute.

2 minutes….

Finally, the chat window made a sound and the first picture was being sent over.

Zhang Ye pressed on the picture and had a look. He suddenly felt a rush of blood from his upper half to his low half. He first saw those beautiful breasts. Water Lotus Moon was not wearing any clothes at all, her navel was submerged under the water in the bath tub. It looked like she had been in the bath for some time as he could see some beads of sweat forming on her skin. The water was clear, with no shampoo or shower foam on top. All that was in the water was visible clearly. Water Lotus Moon ample and full legs were stacked on top of each other with her heels resting on the edge of the bathtub. Even her right foot’s big toe was pointed outwards. The photo’s composition was very well done.

Zhang Ye replied: “Giving a Like for beauty.”

Water Lotus Moon: “Thank you.”

And then, the chat window rang again, it was yet another photo.

In this photo, Water Lotus Moon’s body was already covered in quite a lot of shower foam. It was all white bubbles and one of her hands was covering her abdomen. Her legs were curved as she did a very special pose. Her other hand then held the camera and took the picture from top down. What a seductive pose!

Zhang Ye immediately replied: “That’s so beautiful.”

Water Lotus Moon: “I’m more satisfied with these 2 photos only. The others didn’t turn out too well, so I won’t send them. Same rules, delete them after you’ve seen them. Alright, Big Sis is done with her bath. It’s time to sleep.”

Zhang Ye replied: “Good night.”

Water Lotus Moon: “Good night.”

Zhang Ye stared at the 2 photos for a long time before reluctantly deleting them. After a few days, he had once again seen Water Lotus Moon’s grace. Zhang Ye felt that it was totally worth losing a night’s sleep over.