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Chapter 340: National Primary and Secondary School New Year Gala!

Chapter 340: National Primary and Secondary School New Year Gala!


Peking University's campus was filled with the whispers of gossip.

"Chinese department's Professor Yan fought with Teacher Zhang!"

"What? The Professor Yan who previously received a literature award? Which Teacher Zhang?"

"What do you mean? The only person who dares challenge Professor Yan has to be Zhang Ye!"

"Why did the two fight? Is this a succession battle in the field of literature?"

"Who knows? Anyway, the news came from the Chinese department, so it can't be fake."

"Hai, if the two of them start battling in literature, who do you think has the edge?"

"I think it would be Professor Yan. He had received a literature award before and is a veteran in the educational world. How can he be worse than Teacher Zhang?"

"I also have my bet placed on Professor Yan. Although he likes to take advantage of his seniority, and is a bit old-fashioned in his words, he has true ability after all."

"I don't think so. What sort of knowledge does Teacher Zhang have? If the two really battled it out, it's not easy to say who would win. This would be interesting!"

"Teacher Zhang is not someone to be thought of lightly."

"I think Professor Yan is better!"

The teachers from various faculties began to discuss in murmurs!

Actually, Yan Jiantao and Zhang Ye just had a tiny verbal conflict, with neither party cursing. However, the more the news spread, the more ridiculous it became. It later transformed into a clash between new and old figures in literature. Things like two tigers cannot share one mountain, or that there was bound to be a showdown. It was quite sinister sounding, so with a change of topics, it became a debate of who was better in the field of literature.

By the lake.

In a small garden.

A few students were discussing the matter!

Li Li said with shifty eyes and whispered, "I heard that Professor Yan doesn’t like Teacher Zhang passing all of us on the exam and made things difficult. Professor Yan's intent was that such an exam cannot allow everyone to pass, with the need of making an example of people to warn others, so as to express Peking University's strictness and rigor. Through this, everyone would feel a sense of danger and put more effort into their studies. However, Teacher Zhang believes in encouraging the students. If an eye could be closed, he would close it, so he began arguing with Professor Yan for us!"

Li Ying hurried said, "Little Mi, you got called over by Teacher Zhang because of the exam, right?"

Yao Mi said with a puff, "That's right. Uncle Zhang had given an additional verbal exam before passing us. This matter was clearly because of us. That Professor Yan is too infuriating! How can he do that!?"

"That's right." Yao Mi's roommate added on, "Our Teacher Zhang sure is good. His teaching is good, his standards are high. There's really nothing to fault him on when it comes to his attitude towards his students. This is what a good teacher does. He's not like that Professor Yan, who must make an example of others as a warning. Must he deliberately fail students? What kind of person is he!"

Senior Song, who also walked past, was called over. At this moment, she said, "This matter is not something we as students should comment about. However, Teacher Zhang is, after all the teacher of 'Appreciation of the Classics'. Teacher Zhang has full authority over it. Professor Yan isn't teaching the class, so for him to point fingers at how Teacher Zhang teaches his class is a bit... Alright, we shouldn't talk about this further. Today's exams have ended, so let us return for tomorrow's exams."

Yao Mi said angrily, "What mood do I have to prepare for my exams? Do you think Teacher Zhang will be fired? After all Professor Yan is quite established in Peking University!"

Senior Zhou seemed to have been chasing after Senior Song all this while, so he came with her. When he heard this, he smiled and said, "Fired? You must be underestimating Teacher Zhang. That definitely won't happen."

As Zhang Ye's students, they were naturally aligned with Zhang Ye.



Professor Zeng and Zhang Ye came here to smoke.

"You and your bad temper. If you can let it pass, then let it pass. There were so many colleagues around. The effects won't be good, right?" Professor Zeng blew out smoke through the window. "However Old Yan sure is too much. He has targeted you a few times now, so I can't blame you for losing control of your anger. If it were anyone else, they wouldn't feel good either."

Zhang Ye threw up his hands, "You also heard it. I did not challenge him for no reason. No one can endure this type of treatment. I didn't offend anyone, and was just grading my papers, but here he came pointing fingers at me. You also saw it yesterday, right? That Yan stirred up the colleagues to ostracize me. Tell me, what did I do? I didn't do a thing. I was properly having my classes, properly teaching my students. Was I at fault? And this was problematic? If this bro offended someone because I did not do something well, I would admit it and we can talk about it. But now? He just doesn't like me and had nothing better to do, so he decided to come trample on me? He came trampling on me after I ignored him once? Ha!"

Professor Zeng acknowledged. "You aren't wrong on this matter."

"That's it, so don't blame me for breaking decorum!" Zhang Ye began to laugh. "I'm afraid of everything but a provocation. I can handle anything!"

Professor Zeng persuaded him. "Don't be so angry. Actually it's not that big a deal. It's nothing that violates your principles, so just let it pass."

"No, to me, this is a matter of principle." Zhang Ye said, "My principle is don't provoke me, and if you provoke me? Don't dare think of having a good time!"

"Alright, let's not talk about this further." Professor Zeng looked at his watch and changed the subject. "Hur Hur, it's already this late. The auditorium is the venue of the National Primary and Secondary New Year's Gala held in Peking University. You should know about that, right? Let us go take a look at the gala. It can soothe your mind. Don't keep thinking of this infuriating matter." Whether Zhang Ye agreed to or not, Professor Zeng pulled him out of the bathroom, and towards the auditorium.


Outside the auditorium.

Many primary and secondary school students were dressed in their school uniforms and lined up to enter the venue.

There were schools from Beijing, as well as schools from other provinces. The square was filled with teachers and students. There were fewer primary school students. A majority of them were secondary school students. Some of the older children were dressed in a multitude of colors. They wore head accessories and held Hula Hoops in hand. It was as if they were here to put on acrobatic performances.

"This is Peking University?"

"I must attend this school in the future!"

"Me too. This is my goal!"

"There will be college entrance examinations in a few more months. I need to work hard too. This place sure is huge. It's really worthy of being the number one institute of higher learning in the country. It really lives up to its reputation."

"I really envy those elder brothers and sisters who study here."

"Ah! Look, look!That's Zhang Ye!"

"Who is Zhang Ye?"

"You are such a turtle! You don't even know Zhang Ye?"

"I know, Zhang Ye is that guy who does Talk Shows. He's quite a famous host, and now, it seems he's teaching in Peking University. He proposed many unprecedented and amazing points of view regarding 'Dream of the Red Chamber'. Our language teacher even mentioned Zhang Ye a few days ago during our lessons. He said Zhang Ye's lectures on 'Dream of the Red Chamber' were excellent!"

A few students pointed at Zhang Ye, but they did not go over. They just looked at him from a distance.

Professor Zeng patted Zhang Ye, "You are quite popular."

Zhang Ye could not help but laugh. "Don't say that. My popularity is just notoriety. It's well known in the industry."

"Oh, you are aware of that?" Professor Zeng was also amused. "Then, why do you keep causing trouble? Everything would be fine if you take a step back. Try to have patience and endure it if possible."

Zhang Ye smiled. It was unknown if it got to him.

Suddenly, a girl's voice sounded, "Bro!"

Looking towards the origin of the sound, Zhang Ye saw his third cousin in the crowd. He waved his hand and saw Cao Mengmeng pull her form teacher, Teacher Leng, over.

Zhang Ye said, "Teacher Leng."

"Teacher Zhang, we meet again." Teacher Leng smiled and then looked at Professor Zeng. She hurriedly stretched out her hand, "You are Professor Zeng, right? I've seen your papers before."

Professor Zeng shook hands with her. "Nice to meet you."

Zhang Ye introduced, "This is my cousin, and this is her form teacher, Teacher Leng." Then patted Cao Mengmeng on the head, "Call him Grandpa Zeng."

Cao Mengmeng said cutely, "Grandpa Zeng, how do you do?!"

"Hi, hello." Professor Zeng beamed and said, "This young lady is really beautiful."

Zhang Ye trampled on her. "What do you mean beautiful? She's just mischievous and causes trouble all the time."

Cao Mengmeng stared. "Bro, why are you speaking bad about me. I will ignore you in the future. No, I'm mentally scarred now. You have to compensate me. My cellphone needs an upgrade!"

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. "You only know to rob me every day or two, and you still want to upgrade your cellphone? Your bro hasn't even changed his own and he’s so poor now."

From somewhere else, a few Peking University students walked over.

Yao Mi waved. "Teacher Zhang."

Senior Song and Senior Zhou also greeted them.

Zhang Ye nodded. "You guys came too? Does our Peking University have a show to put on?"

Senior Song said, "Nothing to do with us. We are just here as spectators. A few people from every class are given this opportunity."

Yao Mi hurried said, "Teacher Zhang, you and Professor Y..."

"Teacher Zhang, go about your business. We will be entering first." Senior Zhou tugged at Yao Mi to prevent her from speaking blindly. The few of them began lining up to enter the venue with tickets in hand.

"What are you doing!?" Yao Mi stared.

Senior Zhou gave a wry smile. "There are so many people around. Don't speak without thinking."

However, even if it was not asked, many people had already heard about the conflict between Zhang Ye and Yan Jiantao that afternoon. A few teachers and students, who came to Peking University, also glanced at Zhang Ye as they whispered amongst themselves.

After sending his cousin off, Zhang Ye and Professor Zeng entered the Grand Auditorium. They were the hosts and the organizers, so the seats that were reserved for them were better. They were all seated the front row.

President Wu was already there.

There were a few people surrounding her that Zhang Ye had never seen before. They were likely the leaders of Peking University.

With another glance, he saw Yan Jiantao sitting in the second row. He was chatting with an elderly professor from another department he was familiar with. With that, the few of them stared over at Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye ignored Yan Jiantao and went to the third row with Professor Zeng.

Su Na stroked her chin, "Professor Zeng and Teacher Zhang, you came too? I thought both of you would be busy. Sorry for not getting you when I came over."

Professor Zeng said with a chuckle, "How can we not attend such a good gala?"

People began to enter in droves. The auditorium, that could hold a few thousand people, was quickly filled up. It was quite lively. There were a large number of reporters and cameras. Although it was not broadcasted on television, it would still be recorded and released on the internet.