Wuxiaworld > I am Really a Superstar > Chapter 344: “Ode to Young China“ stuns the Four Seas!

Chapter 344: “Ode to Young China“ stuns the Four Seas!

Chapter 344: "Ode to Young China" stuns the Four Seas!

The auditorium turned into chaos!

The way Zhang Ye delivered his punches, in such an unpredictable way, alarmed everyone!

An old professor from the Mathematics department shouted, "Little Zhang! Get down!

Yan Jiantao also said, "What nonsense. He just wants to mess things up!

Another old lecturer in his sixties also said, "Young people these days behave like there are no rules! How can you say something like that in a closing speech!?"

Wu Zeqing cut them off and said gently, "Listen to what Teacher Little Zhang has to say first. That was just the beginning. The closing speech's significance comes in the concluding sentences. It's still okay."

Then, Zhang Ye spoke again. "I see many people are giving me looks of puzzlement and shock. Maybe everyone feels what Professor Yan previously talked about is common knowledge, and is already fact, so why would I say I oppose it? Because in my heart, there is the existence of a Young China!"

Young China?

What Young China?

Everyone failed to understand him!

Zhang Ye was too ruthless. He used the famous Liang Qichao's "Ode to Young China" as his closing remark, or to put it precisely, a speech. This masterpiece had many years of history and was very old, but it was never behind the times. Using it now and today, "Ode to Young China" was still glorious in this present world!

The only problem was that this speech had its "dangers".

But so what? Zhang Ye smiled. He felt duty-bound to proceed without hesitation!

"Is a country old or young?

Let us talk about young and old.

The old often reminisce about the past, while the young often anticipate the future.

Thinking of the past leads to sentimentalism; thinking of the future leads to hope.

Sentimentalism leads to conservativeness; Hope leads to progress.

Conservativeness leads to eternal oldness; progress leads to daily freshness.

Thinking of the past are people of derelict, only knowing the rules; Thinking of the future are people of inexperience, only they dare to break the rules."

After he finished speaking, everyone was stunned!

The words he said were not difficult to understand, but the words were not common vernacular either!

Su Na was a bit surprised. Many people found it amazing, not because of the meaning behind the words, but because they found it unbelievable that Zhang Ye could come up with something like that without a script!

No script?

You really f**king came out with an impromptu speech!?

How could that be? You can come up with such things on the spot?

After they tried appreciating it, many people were infuriated!

For example, an "old person" like Yan Jiantao. The old professors surrounding him were already fuming with anger!

Who's f**king conservative? Who's f**king always reminiscing about the past? Who f**king doesn't forge ahead without thinking? Zhang Ye, you are too much a grandson! You scold people even while giving a closing speech!?

Zhang Ye spoke with fervor and assurance.

"The old tend to worry, the young tend to enjoy pleasure.

The more worry, the more discouragement; the more pleasure, the more confidence.

The more discouragement, the more cowardice; the more confidence, the more heroism.

The more cowardice, the more carelessness; the more heroism, the more adventure.

The more carelessness, the more annihilation; the more adventure, the more creation.

The old people easily tire of things, while the young often find pleasure in things.

Tiredness results in people who think nothing is possible; Pleasure results in people who think everything is possible.

If the old are like the setting sun, the young a rising sun.

The old are like a lean ox, the young a tiger cub.

The old are like a monk, the young a heroic knight.

The old are like a dictionary, the young a play script.

The old are like opium, the young, brandy.

The old are like a falling meteorite, the young a coral island in the ocean.

The old are like a willow, the young the grass in spring.

The old man is a dead sea that retains, the young the source of the Yangtze River.

From this, we know that the aged and the young both have their own merits and uses."

With that, Zhang Ye summarized.

"If they cast away their prejudices and work together for the country, their services to the people shall be immense!"

Old people are cowards?

Old people hate the world?

Old people did not dare take risks?

Old people are like old oxen? They are like people taking in opium? They are like crashing celestial bodies?

There were many old professors and lecturers from Peking University present. The moment they heard this, they were all glaring with anger. No one liked hearing that!

Yan Jiantao was erupting with anger. The other elderly people were still fine, as they knew Zhang Ye's words were not directed at them, but these words were definitely scolding him, Yan Jiantao!

Su Na exclaimed in a daze, "Teacher Zhang is mad! Why is he scolding people?"

Professor Zeng excitedly slapped his thigh, "He isn't mad! He is also not scolding people!"

"But, but...there are words of contempt!" Su Na could not understand.

Professor Zeng chuckled and said, "If 'old people' like us can't even endure the words of contempt for the children, then we would truly be the type of people mentioned by Little Zhang! Nicely said, Little Zhang! This kid always broadens everyone's horizons every time he speaks!"

All the youths felt their blood boiling with excitement!

Zhang Ye ignored all the angry stares of those old professors.

"The cause of a geronto China of the present were the results of the Chinese old.

The responsibility of a young China of the future lies with the Chinese youth.

What can the old provide in ideas, not much time is left for them in this world, while our youths are the future that will create ties with the world.

Like a renter where a place of residence shifts tomorrow, I'll be moving into this place today.

The renter, does not show care for the windows, the corridors aren't swept, it is understandable, so what's strange about it!

As for the young, my future is vast, but my past, in retrospect, is far-reaching.

If China is enslaved, enduring the cruel torture of the whip, only the youth will bear it.

If we’re to dominate, being a leader of Earth, the glory of this command, rests on our youths.

What has this got to do with those decrepit on death's door who have become neighbors with the deadly ghosts?

If they remain indifferent, still alright it would be.

If we remain indifferent, alright it would not be.

If the entire country's youth are filled with vigor, China would be a country of the future, having limitless possibilities.

If the entire country's youth are gentrified, China would return to becoming a country of the past, succumbing soon to its end!"

Up to here, there were more and more people looking at Zhang Ye with shock!

Wu Zeqing gave a faint smile.

The Old Vice President gasped!

Another Vice President was also stunned for a moment and did not say a word. He looked deeply at Wu Zeqing. Where did this Old Wu get such a person!?

A few elderly people were still reminiscing his words. The goal of Zhang Ye's lecture was not to scold them. Although his words were somewhat disrespectful, if one thought it through, there was no such meaning. Zhang Ye was guiding and educating the "Young" present!

Yan Jiantao could not accept it as he grit his teeth!

Cao Mengmeng looked around in puzzlement. "What is my bro saying? Why can't I understand a thing?"

Teacher Leng passionately clenched her fists. "Your brother...is now doing an important speech that will subvert the current understanding of education! Students! Everyone, listen up! You must listen carefully and not miss a single word, or you will regret this for life! If you do not understand, no worries. You will slowly understand in the future! You just need to remember one point. The talent of one Teacher Zhang Ye surpasses a billion people!"

Cao Mengmeng said happily, "Really?"

A language class representative sitting beside Cao Mengmeng understood the speech. "Mengmeng, your bro is really too good! He will be my idol from now on!"

Another Shanghai secondary school teacher also hung a look of disbelief from his face. "This is what's considered a truly great speech!" Following that, he looked at his students. "All of you listen to it carefully! Teacher Zhang Ye is risking condemnation, and is willing to sacrifice his own future...to teach you! You...must not betray Teacher Zhang Ye's well intentions!" Upon saying this, the teacher's hands began to tremble. He never expected Zhang Ye to do so much for the children. If he asked himself honestly, he would not have done so. He could not take such a risk to teach the children, nor did he have such literary talent!

Many students solemnly nodded their heads. "Teacher, we understand!" From their teacher's expression, they knew how important this was.

Yao Mi was already dumbfounded!

Senior Song gasped. "Teacher Zhang is..."

Senior Zhou also stood up in impulse. "Stop talking! All of you stop talking! Listen to what Teacher Zhang still has to say!"

Zhang Ye looked at the students in their seats. He was pleased. From the looks on their faces, he knew that his words had gotten to them. Those who could participate in the gala were not mediocre. They were all the straight A students or top students of their schools. This bit of textual difficulty would not stump them.

Very happy.

Zhang Ye was very satisfied.

Since you all understand, since you enjoy listening to it, then there's nothing I cannot say. So what if I offend others? As long as you take in what you hear, as long as you gain something for it, then even I were to offend ten thousand people, a hundred thousand people, or even a million people, I will also not blink an eye!

The world may criticize me, but I do so without regrets!

"Today's responsibility is not taken by others, but taken by young people." Zhang Ye breathed out and held onto the microphone while saying the famous words from 'Ode to Young China' that everyone knew.

"If the young people are wise, the country will be wise;

if the young people are rich, the country will be rich;

if the young people are strong, the country will be strong;

if the young people are independent, the country will be independent;

if the young people are free, the country will be free;

if the young people make progress, the country will make progress;

if the young people can get ahead of Europe, the country will get ahead of Europe;

if the young people are on top of the world, the country will be on top of the world!"

If the young people are strong, the country will be strong?

If the young people are wise, the country will be wise?

When he said this, there were already more and more middle school students and teachers standing up from their seats!

Zhang Ye looked at everyone.

"The nascent red light, shines the great light.

An underground streaming river, a swift surging sea.

Latent dragons leaping chasms, scaled claws flying.

Tiger cubs roaring in the valleys, shocking all beasts.

The eagle tests its wings, sucking up dust storms.

The exquisite first bloom, propitious and majestic.

The strike of the weapon, the beam shows its effects.

Standing in the world, shouldering the sky.

Backed by splendid history and culture.

A promising, far-reaching future!"

Upon saying this, Zhang Ye's voice suddenly rose, as he pointed with great aplomb at the skies.

"My beautiful young China that is as eternal as heaven!"

Then, Zhang Ye pointed to the ground forcefully.

"My magnificent Chinese youth who are as bountiful as the land!"

At this instant, all the young students that had come to participate in the gala, and even Peking University's students, all could not help but stand up!