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Chapter 345: Face-smacking Zhang shows his powers yet again!

Chapter 345: Face-smacking Zhang shows his powers yet again!

Zhang Ye finished his speech!

The whole auditorium was silent.

Ka la, shua la, only the sound of the seats rocked back one by one, as person after person stood up within a short 3 seconds. Almost everyone stood up and no one spoke a word. All they did was stare at Zhang Ye, who stood on stage, in shock. Thousands of students, thousands of gazes. A sea of black heads stood within the auditorium. The scene at this moment was very stunning!

What a good 'My beautiful young China that is as eternal as heaven'!

What a good 'My magnificent Chinese youth who are as bountiful as the land'!

What sort of speech was this!?

What sort of feelings were these!?

Some students still might not understand some of the vernacular language used earlier, but the last few paragraphs were fully understood by them. Their blood surged and Zhang Ye closing speech had acted like an igniter that lit up every student’s hearts!

Young China!

This is our China!

When some of the students heard the last bit, they couldn't control themselves as their eyes turned red. It was excitement! It was touching! There was an impulse and their tears could no longer be held back and started streaming down!

I'm crying?

How can it be?

Why am I crying?

Some students reached for their eyes, not believing that they were tearing up. Since when had they not involuntarily felt sleepy whenever they listened to a teacher's speech. The words would always go in through one ear and out the other. Although they would act like they were listening, in fact nothing was even processed, but now, today, Zhang Ye's speech had managed to move them to tears. They did not know why, no one did, but many of them just couldn't control themselves!

A few secondary school teachers couldn't help but tear up too. Today, they understood why whenever they went into a tirade of enlightening them with reason and touching their hearts, the students would oppose them. It would not get through to most of them. The teachers had discussed this in private before and even took courses at Beijing Normal University, going as far as organizing discussions regarding this issue. In the end, they could only conclude that the biggest problem was the rebellious nature of youngsters, a psychological issue that was natural and not something they could change. They could only wait it out for the kids to grow up and get past the rebellious stages of life before they would be able to understand the reasonings behind their pleas, before they would be able to understand their teachers’ hard work and care!

But today, all of these teachers knew they were wrong. They were wrong as hell!

It wasn't that the students did not want to listen!

They did not rebel because they had to listen to long explanations!

It wasn't the fault of the students, nor was it the issue of rebellious natures!

It was because the root of the problem was in the things that the educator talked about!

What they had tried to get across did not get into the minds of these children!

This fact was not accepted by many of them and it was very difficult to accept as well, but the truth was right before their eyes and they could say nothing about it!

Zhang Ye did it!

"Ode to Young China" had done it!

Seeing all those passionate and enthusiastic children, everything had an answer!

The youths had a rebellious nature?


This was just an excuse they used!

The children's rebellious nature was really down to...... these educators, because none of them had the literary talents of Zhang Ye!

Many of them thought to themselves, if only they had 10% of Zhang Ye's level of teaching or 10% if his literary quality, their relationship with their students would definitely not be as it was now. The students would definitely listen to their class attentively!

But there could only be one Zhang Ye!

This sort of speech, this kind of essay, only a person like him could say something like that!

Many of these secondary school teachers felt a sense of powerlessness, because what could they do even if they knew?

None of them could emulate Zhang Ye!

No one could compare to Teacher Zhang Ye's literary talent!


On stage.

Zhang Ye nodded, "My closing speech is as such. This is what I wanted to say and is all that I will say. Thank you everyone." Then he looked over to the two hosts.

Yan Jin did not walk over.

Her husband, Zhao Xuan, did not move either.

The couple could only stare at Zhang Ye in shock, dumbfounded by his speech.

Then when they reacted, the gala was already at an end. Yan Jin hesitated, but immediately gave a sign to Zhang Ye, making some motions and then pointing to Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye understood that they wanted him to do the announcement, so he did not reject after hesitating for a short moment. He picked up the microphone and said, "Leaders, distinguished guests, students, and fellow teachers. Then let me announce, the 7th National Primary and Secondary School New Year Gala has successfully come to an end!"

Hua la!

The applause instantly thundered out!

"Teacher Zhang!" someone unknown shouted!

Then, the audience gradually started chanting together!

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

The chants became more and more in order!

Then it unified as one voice!

A few thousand students had actually managed to shout "Teacher Zhang" in unison. There was a mixture of boys and girls voices!

The scene was even more emotionally touching than earlier. If this was a concert, then it wouldn't be that strange. It was normal for everyone to shout out a singer’s name, but this wasn't the case here. This was a gala event, an event that consisted of primary and secondary students in which Zhang Ye had done a last minute closing speech, yet he had received such a response from the children!

Many of the Peking University teachers looked at each other!

Cao Mengmeng was extremely pleased as she joined in the applause too!

Yao Mi raised her hands and shouted, "Teacher Zhang!

“Teacher Zhang!"

Senior Zhou was also very excited at this moment. He followed along with the students in shouting out Zhang Ye's name!

The scene was chaotic. The students were too passionate. The situation was a little hard to handle now and even those teachers, who were trying to lead their classes out of the auditorium, found it difficult to do so. Some of them tried to lead the students away, but they refused to leave. They kept on chanting!

Regarding this speech, the children had different views about it than those teachers with an educational perspective. The children had their own perspectives too. How many years had it been, how many generations had passed, but the textbooks were always the same. Their teachers’ teaching methods were also the same, just like how Yan Jiantao had put it in his speech earlier. Everyone was at the top looking down to them. All the teachers and adults used the same attitudes and educational methods on them, thinking that they did not know a thing, that they were still only children. The adults only wanted them to listen to their words and follow in their footsteps. Generation after generation of brainwashing, generation after generation of instilling, to let the children believe in all these things, slowly grinding down their spirits, slowly pulling them into the values that an adult should have and then finally becoming parents themselves and using the exact same methods to educate their own children!

But Teacher Zhang was not the same!

Zhang Ye did not look at them like children or people who didn't know a thing!

Zhang Ye had told them loudly today — That China belongs to the youths!

China belonged to them!

They were not weak!

They were the pillars of the country!

To the children, this was not a talk. It was a bellow. It was a kind of trust that let them want to stand up and raise their heads. To let them present their proudest side to everyone. That sort of passion was something they could not describe with words!

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

Zhang Ye had already walked off the stage and was returning to his seat.

Su Na looked at him from afar and gave him a thumbs up high in the air to him!

Professor Zeng and a lot of the Chinese department teachers also nodded to Zhang Ye. Most of them did not teach literature, but were also from the Chinese department. At least their literary levels were considered to be high. In the past, some of these Chinese department teachers had already admitted that Zhang Ye's level was definitely higher than theirs, but even that had a limit. They probably felt that it was only higher than their own by a little, but when they heard Zhang Ye's speech today, they finally realized how childish their thoughts were. It was even laughable. To be able to give such a speech, his literary level was definitely on a different scale than theirs. It was the type that had no way to be compared at all!

The difference was too wide!

There was no way to even compare!

As for Professor Yan?

Zhang Ye and Yan Jiantao, who was better?

After Zhang Ye came back, the teachers and students who were there and knew about the conflict between the two of them all secretly looked towards Professor Yan. They were very clear that there was no need for comparison anymore!

Who was better?

Everyone knew the answer!

Who said that Zhang Ye didn't understand educational literature?

If he didn’t know, then no one in this world knows!

It wasn't that Zhang Ye did not know about this field, but just that he did not show it!

This "Ode to Young China" prose had literally shocked countless numbers of people!

Speaking of its content, Yan Jiantao's earlier speech of encouragement was comparatively lousier. It was basically a pile of dog sh*t!

One would fear having something for reference. Now that they looked back on it, Professor Yan's crappy speech was something that should not even have been presented!

In terms of education, literature, and even the interest and thought provoking nature to the students, Zhang Ye's speech had totally left Professor Yan's speech in the dust!

What's more, Zhang Ye's most fatal blow was his sarcastic scolding!

In most cases, in an educational speech, there was definitely no way to have words that scolded anyone, but to everyone's astonishment, Zhang Ye was indeed the country's most sarcastic literary person!

His style of scolding was already ingrained into his bones. He could place his scolding anywhere in them!

In the speech, there were countless parallelism usage of insulting words, which were directed at the 'old people', Yan Jiantao!

Vividly portraying Zhang Ye's sarcasm to its best, it could even be placed within an educational speech to scold people!

And it was even done so naturally. Scolding someone until they were rendered speechless, there had never been a case like this before!


Yan Jiantao's script for the speech had been prepared many days in advance!

Zhang Ye had been summoned to save the situation at the very last minute. It was an impromptu speech and it was even in vernacular form!

The cadence of giving a speech was also not something that Yan Jiantao could compete with him on. From this, it could be said that Zhang Ye was on a completely different level to Yan Jiantao!


Where's Old Yan?

Everyone, looked for him. Professor Yan, who had still been around a while earlier, had now disappeared. He must have quietly left after suffering from such a great loss of face!

In the afternoon, Professor Yan was still high and mighty, repressing down on others with his qualifications. Educating Zhang Ye, criticizing Zhang Ye, speaking to Zhang Ye like he didn't know anything, but right now, Zhang Ye's short speech had turned the tables around. He had scolded him and smacked his face!

Alas, Professor Yan's face had been thrown all the way to his grandmother's house this time!