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Chapter 352: The difficult questions from Water Lotus Moon!

Chapter 352: The difficult questions from Water Lotus Moon!

Under the moonlight.

Xuanwumen, or more accurately speaking, it was near the school yard entrance.

Zhang Ye found a spot on the staircase in front of a bank. He did not carry a look that suited a teacher as he sat down heavily on the steps. He was already tired from his run and his momentum had all but stopped since he received the message through the chatting app. Without that momentum, he no longer had the strength to carry on running as he started panting heavily.

He was tired.

But his heart was alive because a beauty was chatting with him.

Zhang Ye typed: "Today's weather is really nice and the moon looks beautiful too."

Water Lotus Moon replied quickly, "Yes, that's why I was not in a rush to get home."

Zhang Ye tested her by typing: "Do you stay nearby?"

Water Lotus Moon: "Not around here. It's rather far. Have you finished running?"

Zhang Ye replied: "I'm tired from running, so I've stopped. There's nothing to do at home anyway, so I found a place to sit down to chat with you. It's rare to share such fate. Amongst the sea of people on the internet, the two of us nearly bumped into each other." The first time, it was the Cupid Satchel’s effect, while this time, it was a coincidence. Zhang Ye did not expect Water Lotus Moon to be in Beijing. It was already this late at night too and yet he had run to a place near here. If this wasn't coincidence, what could it be? Zhang Ye had been busy with work the past few days and did not have the time to exercise. Even the reason for him to come out today was because of his mother's incessant nagging.

Water Lotus Moon: "That's true."

Zhang Ye replied with some emotionally deep words, "We travelled a thousand miles and met due to fate."

Water Lotus Moon: "Hur Hur, we still have not met."

Zhang Ye definitely wished to meet Water Lotus Moon once. This Big Sis who worked at the bank had too alluring of a figure. Zhang Ye had been dreaming of Water Lotus Moon's naked body every night for the past few days. He could not take his mind of her body. When he tried probing, she did not follow up on it, so Zhang Ye did not find it appropriate to carry on mentioning it. If he directly said to meet up out of the blue, he might end up putting her off. The crux of the issue was the timing wasn't right. This was the internet after all. Everything was quite unreal. It was very difficult for people to trust each other with a screen separating them.

Di Di. The message came.

Water Lotus Moon: "Did you delete the pictures from before?"

Zhang Ye immediately sent a screenshot. "My camera basically doesn't have pictures. It's empty. The internal memory is also cleared. Even my chat history is clean, so rest assured Big Sis. No one can force me to do things I don't agree to, but anything that I agree to, I would definitely do. I have that level of integrity. If you don't believe me, I can use my character to assure you that I have not stored a single one of your pictures, nor would it leak out from me."

Water Lotus Moon: "Okay. If I didn't believe you, Big Sis would not have sent you more pictures previously. Hur Hur. Just look at it as if they are artistic pictures."

Zhang Ye said with pretense. "Definitely. Those are artistic pictures." After he sent the message, he found it lacking and began flattering: "Your body is really a work of art from the heavens. It's really too perfect." Be it in Zhang Ye's previous world or in this new world, there were body art pictures. However, this fellow, Zhang Ye, was just saying empty words. How could he know anything about such artistry? He did not have any artistic foundations or understandings. All he looked at were the thighs and breasts. That was all this fellow was interested in.

Water Lotus Moon: "How can these kinds of pictures be seen by others. It was only seen by you because I made a mistake. Hur Hur. There's no need to even mention letting others take pictures of me."

Zhang Ye gulped a mouthful of saliva. He knew it was inappropriate but could not help but ask: "Then, if you don't mind, I am willing to belabor myself. Since I'm your only audience member, and have seen it before. *cough*, although I never studied photography, I still know how to take photos. It will at least be better than the angles of your self-photography." Hey, it was a pleasure to help others. As an excellent Young Pioneer member, he naturally would never reject doing such things, or else how could he be called a Red Scarved Scout?

The other party immediately turned silent.

Zhang Ye waited helplessly for her reply.

After tens of seconds, the cellphone beeped. Water Lotus Moon: "Hur Hur, we only got to know each other for a few days, and furthermore, it was through the internet. That wouldn't be appropriate, right?"

Was this a rejection?

However, Zhang Ye said, "But we are fated. There is a good saying..." Just as he was about to throw out the poem, he suddenly recalled that this poem did not exist in this world. He was currently a person "in finance", so how could he have such talent? It might even reveal his identity, hence he did not dare send a poem. "There is a good saying, it does not matter how long we know each other. We are soulmates and confidants. It all depends on feelings and not time. You might know someone for decades, but that does not make him a soulmate. Someone you met in one day might gain your trust, allowing to speak your woes and joys. For example, I'm a classic weakling, and someone without any guts. You can completely trust me." To meet Water Lotus Moon, Zhang Ye was willing to even say he was impotent, much less that he was a weakling.

Water Lotus Moon: "You sure are humorous."

Zhang Ye: "If it's your camera, I won't be able to keep the content either."

After another pause, Water Lotus Moon sent: "Let me consider it."

Upon realizing he had a chance, Zhang Ye's eyes lit up. He began typing: "Didn't you want to keep memories of your youth? Those pictures of yours are all self-taken, and the angles aren't good. Some are too low, and others are too high. The main issue is that it's too near. If another person took the pictures for you, the effects would definitely be especially good. Furthermore, we are so fated, so..."

Water Lotus Moon cut him off: "Truthfully, I have always wanted to get someone to take the pictures for me, but for such explicit stuff... Hur Hur, it's not easy to find such a person."

Zhang Ye once again volunteered himself bravely, "We don't know each other. We don't even know each other's work place or address, so you can definitely feel assured with me."

Water Lotus Moon: "If you really knew me, I wouldn't have sent you my pictures. Alright, it's not early. It's time for me to return home."

Zhang Ye said unwillingly: "Don't."

Water Lotus Moon: "We can talk about this in the future."

Zhang Ye replied, knowing that the other party was still a little uncertain about him. "Why don't we skip the talk about photography and just meet up first? Shall we meet over coffee or something?"

Water Lotus Moon: "Our fate is still not fully there yet. Otherwise, we would have met already. Hur Hur."

Zhang Ye replied nervously, "Isn't this considered fate already?"

Water Lotus Moon, "Sure then, you were mentioning earlier about soulmates? Then I have a few questions. They are very simple questions involving colors and numbers. If you can tell me what I am thinking about, then Big Sis will believe that you are my soulmate and meetup with you, how's that?"

Zhang Ye was a little stunned but replied, "Ah? Guess something like that?"

Water Lotus Moon sent a smiling emoticon over, "Didn't you say soulmates?"

Damn, how can that even be guessed. Guessing a color might still be OK, but numbers? He did not know even know what the range of numbers might be, so how could he guess?

"That....." Zhang Ye understood that the other party probably did not wish to meetup, so she had set it up with high levels of difficulty.

Water Lotus Moon: "Hur Hur, we should not meet if we aren't soulmates. Let's talk about it again when our fate allows for it. Big Sis will be returning home now."

Suddenly, Zhang Ye had a stroke of genius. Eureka!

Wait a moment! Who said that he did not have a way?

Zhang Ye suddenly came up with a wicked trick and had his heart set on answering. He happily agreed: "Sure! Let's give it a try!"

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