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Chapter 354: It“s you?

Chapter 354: It's you?


It was really happening!

It's done!

At this moment, Zhang Ye, who was taking shelter behind the bank building, was overcome with emotion. He had invested so heavily into this, if he did not manage to meetup, then he would have suffered heavy losses. It's a good thing his hard work did was not for naught! He was extremely excited. If it were just a normal meetup, Zhang Ye would not be this worried, but as Water Lotus Moon did not have any intentions to meet up in the first place and did not even give him a chance, Zhang Ye had thrown out all his tricks that he had by using "Save" to break through the impossible. He had resorted to a very practical method to create this chance. The fact that it worked had left him with utmost satisfaction.

His legs felt numb? It seemed like it felt better now?

Yes, maybe because the weather was a little too cold.

Water Lotus Moon: "Are you there?"

Zhang Ye finally reacted, "I'm here, I'm here!"

Water Lotus Moon: "Hur Hur, so are we meeting or not?"

Zhang Ye replied quickly: "Meeting, of course we are meeting. I was just taking shelter from the wind and did not have the time to reply. It's rather cold outside and my legs became numb. Yea, why don't I go back and get a change of clothes first?"

Water Lotus Moon: "There's no need to go through such trouble, right?"

Zhang Ye: "I live nearby, it wouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Besides, I did not bring my wallet out."

He had wanted to go back home to change and get his wallet. It was always better to be prepared to leave a good impression on the other party.

Water Lotus Moon: "There's no need for that. It's not early anymore, Big Sis is waiting to go home too."

Zhang Ye replied: "Then alright, where shall we meet?"

Water Lotus Moon: "There are a lot of alleys around here, so I'm not too familiar."

Zhang Ye smiled, "It's OK, I'm familiar with this area. Tell me where you are and I will go look for you."

Water Lotus Moon: "I'm in the middle of East and West Liulichang, at Nanxinhua Street where there is a bridge. I'm waiting underneath the bridge here."

Zhang Ye replied: "Where the old bridge of white marble was? OK, I know where that is. Wait for me, I'm running over there to look for you."

Water Lotus Moon: "OK, no rush."

Zhang Ye had already ran quite a distance, not including the amount before he reloaded the save data, but when he knew that he would be meeting the beauty with a large bosom from the photo, his spirits lifted and he felt full of strength again. He continued running past the eastern alleys towards Liulichang. To ensure he did not look too tired when he reached there, Zhang Ye maintained a slow jogging pace. The more he ran, the better he felt.

He sent her a message while he was running: "How do I find you? What do you look like? Otherwise, I will go and ask if it is you whenever I see any pretty lady?

Water Lotus Moon: "Big Sis is not a pretty lady."

Not pretty?

But she can't look bad either!

Zhang Ye was full of confidence, knowing that she was just being modest. So he replied: "So how do I look for you? Which road are you on? There should be a lot of people around, right? Do you have any special features? Otherwise, we could have a secret signal?"

Water Lotus Moon: "Hur Hur, this is not some secret agent mission. There's no need for that, I drove here. When you arrive, you should see a white BMW 7 series parked on the roadside of Luxi Pavillion. You can just get in the car directly."

Zhang Ye was stunned, "BMW? 7 series? Didn't you say that you work in the purchasing department of a bank?"

Water Lotus Moon: "Even if that is so, can't I buy a nice car?"

Zhang Ye agreed. She might be the leader of the purchasing department of the bank. That position would have enabled her to earn loads. "Sure, then I will just get in directly."

Water Lotus Moon: "OK, Big Sis will be waiting."

Zhang Ye was running faster by now. He could no longer wait to meet this sultry lady. He had already been fantasizing about her for many days now!

After about 10 minutes.

Along the roadside of Liulichang.

Zhang Ye had jogged over from West Liulichang. When he got here, he could immediately see the bridge of white marble. In Zhang Ye's previous world, the white marble bridge had already been torn down some years ago to make way for a new steel bridge. It even had an elevator access, but in this world, Liulichang was a little different. The white marble bridge was still there though the shape was slightly differently. Around it, the architecture and buildings also looked different. Like the famous "Yidege" was non-existant here. It was replaced by a shop selling precious stone bracelets. The building itself looked different too.

Where was the car?

Where was it?

Zhang Ye was dizzy from the running, his mask was restraining his breathing, so he decided to take if off since it was already dark and there weren't many people around and no one should be able to recognize him.


It's there!

The car was parked at the side of the road!

Zhang Ye's eyes shone with excitement when he saw the white BMW beside Luxi Pavillion. The car was parked directly below a street lamp and a figure could be seen in the car under the illumination. A long black haired woman was seated in the driver's seat. It looked like she was wearing a shirt with a white collar. The rest couldn't be seen clearly from where he was. Zhang Ye quickly straightened his clothes and made himself look more presentable. Then he brushed his hair a little and walked over. Oh yea, he was a celebrity after all, what if the other person recognized him? Hai, if she does recognize him, so be it. It wouldn't matter. So what if he was a celebrity, couldn't he meet an online friend? To help someone in need of a photographer was a good thing, isn't it?

40 meters.....

30 meters......

20 meters.......

He walked closer and saw everything much more clearer.

Water Lotus Moon's head was lowered like she was looking at something, either her cellphone or a book. From this, their age difference could be seen very clearly. Zhang Ye had gotten nervous and worried a lot from the thought of this meetup. His mind was always finding something to focus on, but Water Lotus Moon was not like him, she was after all an elder sister in her thirties. She was calm and collected, and was not even looking around in her car. She just sat there looking at something on her lap, as if she did not think too much about this meetup.

A white BMW, it was impressive!

Zhang Ye sent a message hoping to get a confirmation, "I'm here."

Then he only saw the woman in the car lowering her head once more and picking up a phone. Then, Zhang Ye got a reply: "OK, get on." The beauty inside did not even turn back or look around.

Perhaps this was what you called self-restraint.

Yes, this was also a kind of demeanor.

Zhang Ye was even more attracted to her now. He took a deep breath and strode towards the car door. He pulled on the door handle and got on. Then he closed the door as he said, "Hi, I am.....Ah?" When he saw her, he was confused for a moment. The words that were coming out from his mouth got stuck!


What was the situation?

Zhang Ye was shockingly surprised until he was about to curse!

The beauty also looked at him stunned, "It's you?"

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded, "It's...it's you?"

"Little Zhang?" The beauty called him by his surname.

Zhang Ye was breaking out in a full sweat now, "President....Wu?"

The person in the car was in fact Wu Zeqing, who was dressed in her qipao.

Wu Zeqing looked at him in the eye, "You are 'I am your father'?"

"And you are 'Water Lotus Moon'?" Zhang Ye felt as if he was going to faint the moment he finished saying those words. He nearly coughed out blood too. "Didn't you say you were working as a purchaser in the bank?"

Wu Zeqing retorted, "Didn't you say that you were dealing with stocks and investments in the finance industry?"

Zhang Ye nearly cried, "I, I was just bullsh*tting!"

Wu Zeqing simply acknowledged and said gracefully, "I was also just saying for the sake of saying." Her expression did not change much, but at this moment she also took a deep breath. Clearly, she was not as calm as she looked on the surface!

Two people bullsh*tting with each other!

Neither had expected to bump into someone they knew!

What's more, they had only met each other in the day, they didn't even have a change of clothes yet!

And so, there was silence in the car. The atmosphere in the car had turned as awkward as it could get. It was so awkward that no words could describe it!

Wu Zeqing!

Water Lotus Moon was actually Wu Zeqing!

Go to hell! How could there be such a coincidence!

After chatting for so many days with this beauty and even seeing the naked photos of hers, it turned out to be his leader? It turned out to be the goddess that everyone was admiring? President Wu?

Wait, a coincidence? Zhang Ye lowered his head to look at the Red String of Fate that was tied to his ankle. Then he looked to the other end of it that was still tied onto Wu Zeqing's ankle. At this moment, he understood that this was no coincidence, but was an effect from tying the Red String of Fate around President Wu's ankle that afternoon. It had brought together their fates in a short period of time. This Red String of Fate had created seemingly coincidental chances for the two to meet It was no wonder nothing had happened that afternoon. This was because everything was delayed to nighttime instead. Even an evening run would enable him to be found by Wu Zeqing? This was definitely the work of the Red String of Fate. This Red String of Fate had created Marriage Affinity for them! Zhang Ye was still wondering earlier why he had fate with Water Lotus Moon even though the Red String of Fate was tied to Wu Zeqing. That was because the two were actually the same person! The Cupid Sachet had attracted Wu Zeqing, while the Red String of Fate was tied to Wu Zeqing. These two incidents were actually linked!

Everything had been explained!

Zhang Ye finally understood everything!

Wu Zeqing came to Liulichang to buy Xuan paper? She was a calligraphy lover after all and the Peking University auditorium was about to undergo renovations. She was probably going to write a piece for it as every Peking University auditorium had a calligraphy piece exhibited in them! Then Zhang Ye remembered about ten minutes ago, when Wu Zeqing was asking him her questions, his ankle felt a numbness. He initially thought that it was because of the cold, but then thinking about it again, it probably was because the Red String of Fate was about to break. This was similar to the feeling when the Red String of Fate between him and Dong Shanshan broke. It clearly showed that the distance between Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing was too far apart and their Marriage Affinity was barely there. Thus, even before their Marriage Affinity had started, before they even met, the Red String of Fate was already about to break. It was due to Zhang Ye's use of "Save" that had turned everything around and allowed the Red String of Fate to strengthen between the two of them. Otherwise, it would have already broken off as the Marriage Affinity between them was too difficult! He and Wu Zeqing would not have met either!

But at this moment, Zhang Ye was in no mood to be happy. Instead, he had horror written all over his face!

It's over!

This time, it's really over!

He nearly wanted to act like he was crazy. He had wanted to express to Wu Zeqing that he actually did not know anything nor seen anything at all!