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Chapter 355: Too Awkward!

Chapter 355: Too Awkward!

Di di!

The sound of a car honking sounded!

There was a large public bus and a van behind. The van might have wanted to park and could not find a spot. The public bus was stuck there, sealing off the road. Since the van could not reverse nor move forward, it could only honk at the white BMW 7 Series in front of it. The public bus, that wanted to enter the bus stop and two sedan cars that were stuck, began honking. It was very noisy.

"President Wu?" Zhang Ye coughed and said.

Wu Zeqing stepped on the accelerator and started driving the BMW.

Once the van steered to the side, the traffic behind immediately became smooth.

Wu Zeqing did not stop either. She just drove quietly, with her eyes looking forward.

Zhang Ye naturally could not guess what she was thinking. He could only explain, "Let me tell you first that I really did not know it was you. If I knew that earlier, I would never have dared to look at your pictures. This was all a string of incidents piling onto each other. It was a complete coincidence."

Wu Zeqing said gently, "I know."

However, the more gentle she was and the more she spoke, Zhang Ye felt apprehensive!

He quickly took out his cellphone. "I really did not keep any of the pictures you sent me. I wasn't just being perfunctory. You can look at my cellphone if you wish. If there is really any picture in there, I'll eat the cellphone. Besides, besides, about that. Cough Cough. My memory is bad, and is especially terrible. I will forget whatever I see after a few minutes. I really can't remember anything now. My lips are sealed too. You should know that, right? So rest assured. I will never mention this to anyone."

If she was someone he did not know, this would have been nothing of importance. Everyone was a willing party. You were willing to send it, while I was willing to look at it. It was completely fine. However, it had to be the case of them knowing each other, and were even in a superior-subordinate relationship, which made matters extremely serious. Zhang Ye rushed to explain himself!

Wu Zeqing did not speak a word.

Zhang Ye was feeling an upheaval of emotions!

What was he to do!? This was bad!

The car was still driving on, nor did he know where he was heading. Zhang Ye did not dare ask. He was no longer thinking of things like beautiful legs. He was only thinking of a way to get out of this situation. Lust was always accompanied with violence. Those ancient sayings were so f**king well said. If not for him being bewitched by Water Lotus Moon's beauty, how would he so foolishly wanted to meet her? This was just him causing trouble for himself!

The car drove on in silence.

Zhang Ye could not help but glance at Wu Zeqing's body. She was wearing a white qipao, with green flowers and some red petals on it. He had seen her wearing it at Peking University in the afternoon, however, when he recalled the picture Wu Zeqing sent him, it was her taken upskirt in the car, so he could not tell what the skirt was like. Now when he thought about it, wasn't that a qipao? Only a qipao's opening could be pulled up so much. The beautiful legs under nude-colored stockings and the green panties made Zhang Ye's nostrils turn warm. It was alright just looking at pictures, but now, he was looking at her in person. Furthermore, it was the gentle classic beauty he knew in his heart. Just recalling those pictures from before, Zhang Ye really could not endure it any further. The visual and psychological impact was just too intense!

Was it really Wu Zeqing?

Zhang Ye still was in disbelief!

Who was President Wu? She held a high post and was extremely beautiful with a great body. Her gentleness and gracefulness was known by everyone in Peking University. How could she have such hobbies? She had nothing better to do when alone at home that she stripped her clothes to take photos? She carried on sending him pictures after the first accidental ones? Wanted him to evaluate it? Zhang Ye rubbed his eyes as he was speechless. My classic goddess can't be so sultry!

You really can't judge a book by its cover!

Everyone had their different sides. When Zhang Ye thought of himself, wasn't that the case too?

However, the problem was, how was he to mediate this situation? Laugh and act the fool? That was already impossible! Could Old Wu want to silence him?

Ten minutes passed.

Zhang Ye was feeling extremely anxious.

Suddenly, the car slowed down and turned at a corner, into a high-end residential area.

Zhang Ye was stunned. He knew this place! The last time he sent Wu Zeqing home, he had sent her to this area. This was President Wu's house? Why did she bring him to her house?

The security guard let them through.

The safety barrier was slowly raised.

The car started moving again, and shortly after that, it stopped at the entrance of a villa. The garage door was opened and Wu Zeqing drove the car in. After she stopped, she alighted.


Taoran Pavilion's villa?

In this world, the price per square feet in Beijing did not change. How was President Wu so rich?

When Zhang Ye saw her alight, he could not say a word but alight along with her. After entering the villa, he entered a large living room. Zhang Ye was stunned by the opulence in front of him. It was not because the renovations were very well done, but the style was very ancient and classic. She used rosewood furniture and sandalwood chairs. Those sure were expensive. The house was infused with the beauty of ancient times, but it was not old. There were plenty of modern elements inside too.

The villa was two storeys tall. There was a garden outside, and it was not a terrace house, but one that stood alone. The garden and the villa were surrounded by a wall that wasn't too high, but it prevented others from looking in. There were a few stone tables and benches in the small garden. It was unknown if it came with the house or bought during the renovations. There were also tea sets on them. There was a stone pavement and carpet grass, as well as all sorts of flowering plants and trees. The perimeter of the first floor was lined with transparent glass that allowed one to see the scenery outside. The garden was even larger than the area the villa was built on.

"Sit anywhere you want." Wu Zeqing said to him.

Zhang Ye flattered her. "Your house is a high-end villa."

Wu Zeqing said modestly, "It's not bad. What type of tea do you want? Well, I only have Tie Guanyin and Longjing. I seldom have guests, so I’m not very prepared .

Zhang Ye hurried said, "You are being too polite. I'm fine with plain water."

The heater in the house worked well. It was very warm, allowing Zhang Ye's tense body to finally warm up.

Wu Zeqing placed her outerwear on the sofa before entering the kitchen to boil some water. After a while, she took out an electric kettle. She then made a cup of Tie Guanyin for herself, before smiling and say, "Little Zhang, I've already taken out the tea leaves, so feel free to help yourself."

"Alright, thank you." Zhang Ye poured a cup of plain water for himself in a restrained manner. He then sat very politely on the sofa, like his body was clammed up. If it was normal day interactions, such as him sending Wu Zeqing home, Zhang Ye would definitely not behave like this. As that would be normal interactions, but the crux of the issue was that the current situation wasn't normal. Worst of all, Zhang Ye had seen Wu Zeqing's unglamorous pictures, so how could he face her normally?

Wu Zeqing held a teacup and then sat across Zhang Ye gracefully. "If you want to smoke, go ahead. I don't have many restrictions in my house."

"Is it appropriate?"

"Go ahead, I'm not afraid of the smell of smoke."

"Alright, then I'll have one."

Zhang Ye had been yearning for a smoke since a while ago. It was not because he was addicted to smoking, but because the situation was too awkward. He needed to have a smoke to calm himself down, and allow himself to think of what to do next.

Ba da.

After lighting the cigarette, he blew a mouthful of smoke.

As he looked at the time, it was already 9:30. It was also not appropriate for him to bid his farewells. President Wu had just brought him home, so how could he leave after sitting there for a few minutes? There was no way to open his mouth!

Silence him?

Dicing him into pieces?

Burying him in the garden?

All Zhang Ye could think of were these possibilities. Suddenly, he thought of the possibility of poison in the water! This fellow's mind was already in disarray. He treated everything as a threat! Now, he really wished Wu Zeqing wasn't that gentle. He wished President Wu would mention the matter for them to communicate about it. If that were the case, things would be fine. It was an accident to begin with, but of all things, Wu Zeqing did not mention it at all. She did not say a single word to him on the way home. This resulted in Zhang Ye being fidgety, like a blade was hanging above his neck!

Wu Zeqing sipped her tea. "You left work early today?"

Zhang Ye acknowledged. "I returned home in the afternoon, since I had nothing to do at school."

"It's almost the lunar new year, so do you have any plans on bringing your parents somewhere?" Wu Zeqing crossed the full legs beneath her qipao.

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "No, there is just too many people during this time of year. It's also the Spring Festival travel season, so I don't want to suffer through that. There's nowhere to go, as there's people everywhere."

Wu Zeqing smiled faintly as her hands slid across the tea cup's rim. "That's true. I also wanted to travel, but it has to be after the lunar new year. There's too many people during this season, so it's impossible to travel."

Zhang Ye was done smoking as he snubbed the cigarette and pretended to look around the house.

Wu Zeqing leered at him and said gently, "The lower level has been converted into a living room and kitchen. Do you want to take a look upstairs?"

"Sure." Zhang Ye said subconsciously.

"Let's go. It's rare for me to have a guest, so let me bring you around." Wu Zeqing put down her tea cup and got up and headed up the staircase. She then lightly stepped up the stairs.

Zhang Ye followed her from behind.

The area upstairs was not small either. There were quite a number of doors. It was unknown how many bedrooms there were.

Zhang Ye began praising. "Your renovations are really nice. It's so classic. I believe the palaces of ancient princesses are somewhat like this? Aiyah, right, I forgot to change shoes! Look at me being impetuous. I've dirtied your floors!" He quickly tip-toed.

Wu Zeqing, who was wearing white high heels, said, "Don't worry. I usually don't take off my shoes, so you don't have to feel so restrained."

What was Old Wu thinking?

Was she not planning on pursuing the manner?

Or was she trying to let me lower my guard and kill me while I was unaware?

Zhang Ye became more tense the more he thought about it. After viewing the house, he followed her downstairs.

Suddenly, his leg went numb as the Red String of Fate wobbled and then broke off!

The Red String of Fate had lost its effect!

At the same moment, Wu Zeqing's cellphone rang. "Hello...Alright, I got it...Okay. Send the Workers' Union's report template to my e-mail...Right..." After hanging up, she said to Zhang Ye, "I have some work to do. Since your house is nearby, I won't be keeping you."

Zhang Ye felt saved. "Alright, alright, then I’ll be going home!"

After Wu Zeqing acknowledged, she looked at him and said, "About the pictures, just you and I knowing it would be enough."

She finally talked about it!

This bro has been waiting for so long!

Zhang Ye immediately guaranteed her. "Don't you worry. I understand!"

Wu Zeqing said with a slow and gentle manner, "Go back. Be careful on the way home. There is a stretch of road without street lamps in this district, so watch your step."

Zhang Ye said, "Alright, then have an early rest. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Wu Zeqing sent him to the villa's doorstep.