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Chapter 364: One person is Enough!

Chapter 364: One person is Enough!

A commotion stirred in the backyard.

Master Wei was bent on having it, while Wu Zeqing did not back down. Although some people were beginning to feel hungry, no one said anything about eating, as they knew something interesting was about to happen. Master Wei was a respectful person of distinction in the world of calligraphy. Although most of his contribution came from the development and expansion of the Calligraphy Association, which meant he was on the administration side, his calligraphy skills were still exceptional, and not poor in any way. Everyone knew Wu Zeqing was an amateur calligrapher. She was one of the most outstanding ones, and was not inferior to professionals. However, the chances for Master Wei's victory was higher. However, it was not like Wu Zeqing did not have any chance. It depended on what experts were in her team.

"Then, has everyone agreed?" Master Zhou smiled and asked.

Master Wei said without any pressure, "I'm fine with it."

Wu Zeqing smiled gracefully, "I'm fine with it too." Then she said to Master Wei, "Old Master Wei, don't blame me if I bully you as a junior."

Master Wei did not remain perfunctory, "Of course not. As for me, I'm afraid you will blame me for stealing a beloved item of yours after I win the auspicious item."

Many people booed and hissed upon hearing this.

Actually, all the harshness was just lip service. Everyone was just joining in on the fun. What status did Master Wei have? What status did Wu Zeqing have? How could they bear grudges? That would be too petty, so whatever said was just to make the atmosphere be more lively. If there was no sense of competition, the atmosphere would remain cold.

A few family members went upstairs and did not enter the backyard. There were so many people in the backyard that there was no space, so the family members leaned against the windows to watch in interest.

"Come on!"

"They are going to begin!"

"This will be fun!"

Instantly, everyone's gazes gathered at the backyard.

The splitting of teams began. Everyone choose their own teams.

Master Wei was authoritative in the world of calligraphy and had numerous disciples. He had a wide social circle, so people who had enjoyed his grace naturally chose Master Wei's team. The other older calligraphers were also Master Wei's friends, so there was no other need to mention them. Since Master Wei wanted a gift for his birthday, they would naturally help, so more and more people gathered on Master Wei's side. In contrast, Wu Zeqing's side was quite neglected. She ended up standing there alone without anyone behind her. No one had expected this situation to occur, but it was not a surprise after some careful thinking. Although it was a competition where friendship came first, everyone could tell Master Zhou truly wanted Master Zhou's calligraphy piece. He was elderly and of high stature. He was also the birthday boy, so who wouldn't give him face? Although Wu Zeqing held a high position, it was in the world of education. Wu Zeqing was not in the forefront in the field of calligraphy, so everyone knew who mattered the most. It was reasonable for them to stand on Master Wei's side. This was the mischief caused by the People's Republic's traditional beliefs. They were in calligraphy and the arts, so what they researched was classical culture, so such beliefs were entrenched.

Wu Zeqing did not have any other expression on her face except a faint smile.

A few female family members could not stand idly watching this.

"Hey, what's going on?"

"Why is everyone helping Master Wei?"

"Not even one went to President Wu's team?"

"What's the matter? Isn't this bullying a woman!?"

"President Wu's calligraphy skills are weaker to begin with. Now, with her alone, what's the point of competing. You might as well just gift the auspicious gift to Master Wei."

"If I knew calligraphy, I would definitely help President Wu!"

"Man, this really isn't appropriate. At least someone should help Big Sis Wu, right? If not, it wouldn't look good. It's just not right!"

People below and above began to murmur.

No one expected Wu Zeqing to definitely win. After all, there was a gap in ability between President Wu and Master Wei, but even if she lost, she shouldn't lose too badly. It had not even begun, and everyone already subconsciously went to Master Wei's team? How could Wu Zeqing compete alone?

Su Na was also fuming. What's the matter. She immediately stared at her father, "Dad!" She was a member of Peking University, so she naturally sided with Wu Zeqing.

Father Su pretended not to see it and carried on chatting with a friend.

Su Na turned anxious. Heh, with her bad temper, she immediately wanted to stand by President Wu side to show her stance. At least having a bit more strength would not make it look bad. However, after some thought, Su Na stamped her feet angrily and did not go over. There was no other reason. Her attainment in calligraphy was not deep enough. Besides, calligraphy was not just competing in one's writing. Calligraphy was closely intertwined with ancient classic culture. They would definitely be drawing lots to get a question like they had in past years. They had to produce a piece of calligraphy according to the topic. This tested their ancient literary knowledge. If one lacked literary knowledge or calligraphy skills, it would just be a loss of face going up. Thinking of how she would not even be able to write anything when facing the question, she would end up screwing things up for Wu Zeqing, so she might as well stay off to the side!

Master Zhou, who had suggested this competition, wanted to have some novelty in the competition and not like what it was in the past. However, he also never expected to see the current situation. He was momentarily speechless. He gave Wu Zeqing an apologetic glance and helped speak for her, "I say, everyone here is famous in the calligraphy world. Do you think such a competition would be interesting? Are you not going to show your faces even if you win?"

The dozens of calligraphers behind Master Zhou also turned red with embarrassment. Indeed as Master Zhou said, they really did not dare show their faces. Dozens of teachers from the world of calligraphy were going to bully a lone woman, Wu Zeqing? It did not sound good if this was made known. Even if President Wu was not deeply involved in the calligraphy world, she was at least someone famous from the world of education. According to a systematic rank and position of society, Master Zhou and Master Wei were inferior to Wu Zeqing.

However, Master Wei ended up chuckling as he said, "Little Wu's talent in calligraphy is one of the best I have ever seen. If a bunch of people joined her team, I might not even win. Now this is good. Little Wu, shall I accept the auspicious item? I think let's not compete. Let's go eat."

Master Zhou rolled his eyes. "Old Wei, aren't you embarrassed?"

"Haha, since it's a competition, what's there to be embarrassed about?" Master Zhou did not mind and carried on laughing while stroking his beard. As he looked as Master Zhou's piece of work, his eyes seemed to treat it as his very own. As an elder, his skin was thicker, so he did not feel embarrassed at all.

What are you guys doing?

Zhang Ye, who was eating melon seeds on the side, could not sit idle any longer. He had heard all that had been previously said. However, he did not say a word. He had previously not planned on joining as he was not someone from this circle. He was also not interested in such stuff. You guys can turn rowdy having fun or competing for the auspicious item, but what has that got to do with me? When he saw the competition line up, Zhang Ye could not continue spectating. F**k, you bunch of calligraphers! Are bullying my Old Wu? How can you feel justified and assured? Do you even want any face!?

President Wu doesn't have anyone?

Go f**k yourself! There's this bro!

Zhang Ye immediately stood up and walked leisurely to stand behind Wu Zeqing. While doing so, he held the melon seeds in his left hand, while he munched on them with his right hand. He then sat on the chair behind her and continued to munch on his melon seeds. He did not say a word, but his attitude was very clear.

Wu Zeqing smiled as she looked at him, "Can you?"

Zhang Ye said confidently, "Please take away the 'you'."

"Hur Hur." Wu Zeqing smiled faintly and said, "Alright!" Saying that, she also sat down and drank a cup of tea.

Su Na was flabbergasted. Teacher Zhang was up? Didn't he not know calligraphy? She had an impression of Zhang Ye's calligraphy. In the Beijing Couplet Competition video, the calligraphy Zhang Ye wrote to match the couplets did not look ugly, but that was all to it. It could not be said to be artistic. It was not even considered calligraphy. Only average people would think his words were up to standard, so what could he do?

Wu Zeqing finally had a teammate.

Everyone looked curiously at this sunglasses-wearing young man.

"Who is he?"

"What's he doing there?"

"Why is he joining in the bustle? Does he even know calligraphy?"

"I've never seen him. The Calligraphy Association doesn't have such a member, right?"

"Definitely not. I've met all the members before. I know even those calligraphers who have a bit of fame. Not only that, there's no calligrapher this young!"

"But at least there's someone."

"That's true. At least it wouldn't cause anyone to lose face."

Master Zhou looked at everyone and frowned. "No one else?"

There were many calligraphers in the backyard that had just joined the trade. They may be called calligraphers, but that was just an official title. They were actually just apprentices. They were disciples or nephews of these famous masters. Compared to normal people, their calligraphy was an epitome that made people envious, but compared to true masters, it was not nothing. Hence, they themselves knew and did not plan on joining the competition. They stood on the sidelines to watch the bustle. Many of them were youths below the age of thirty. They were here hoping to learn through spectating.

Master Zhou smacked his lips and felt sorry for Wu Zeqing. Hence, he asked, "If this goes on, there's no way to hold a competition as it is not fair at all."

The dozens of people in Master Wei's team looked at each other.

Someone stepped forward, "Why don't I go over?"

A man also said, "Hur Hur, then I'll help Sis Wu."

Master Zhou then give a satisfied nod. This was the bearing of people who dabbled in arts should have.

However, no one expected Wu Zeqing to say with a gently smile, "Thank you for your kind thoughts, but since the teams have already been chosen, let's begin."


Wu Zeqing did not want the assistance of any others?

Everyone was baffled. They did not know what Wu Zeqing meant.

The birthday boy, Master Wei, also narrowed his eyes. "Little Wu, you only have one person on your team? We can't have a competition like that. It will be a lot less exciting."

Wu Zeqing tugged at the qipao on her leg, straightening a bit before saying calmly, "It's alright, Master Wei." Saying that, Wu Zeqing sipped her tea and then placed the teacup down gently. "Just one person is enough!"