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Chapter 378: Staying over at Sis Wu“s house!

Chapter 378: Staying over at Sis Wu's house!

An episode finished playing.

Another episode finished playing.

More than an hour had already passed.

"Little Zhang, this program of yours is rather good."

"Thank you for President Wu's praise. I'll carry on working hard."

"Stop calling me President Wu. This isn't the school, and I'm not that much older than you. Call me Sis Wu. Since you lowered yourself to help my nephew with his endorsement, I won't be able to treat you as an outsider."

"Alright, Sis Wu."

"Are there anymore? Let's watch another episode."

"Sure, there are still two more episodes."

"Eh, what time is it? I haven't looked at the time."

"Oh, it's almost ten."

"Then let's stop watching. Go home early and get some rest. Hur Hur, but before you leave, help me move some stuff things from downstairs. Move that 'Ode of Mulan' to my bedroom. It's quite tough for me to carry alone as it's quite heavy."

"No problem, leave it to me!"

"Then, thanks a lot."

"Heh, why are you being so courteous to me. Don't go downstairs, I'll bring it up."

Zhang Ye stood up and went out of the room with his slippers on. He walked downstairs. He was not very accustomed to sitting cross-legged. His legs had gone numb after more than an hour. As he walked down the stairs, he massaged his legs. Finally, he took the framed 'Ode of Mulan' down from the wall and brought it back up. In the room, Wu Zeqing was tiptoeing, removing a frame to create space on the wall.

Hanging up the calligraphy piece.

"Is this alright, Sis Wu?"

"A little more to this side."

"Left? Now?"

"Alright, it's very straight. It's good now."

With a glance, with the addition of this calligraphy piece in the room, the entire feeling felt upgraded. It was pretty good. The scale and feeling made it extremely comfortable.

Wu Zeqing was very satisfied. "Alright, then I'll leave it hanging here."

At this moment, Zhang Ye's phone rang. It was Mom. He turned his head sidewards and said, "I need to answer my mother's call." Then he pressed a button, "Hello, Mom."

Mom angrily said, "Didn't I tell you to come back early!?"

Zhang Ye exclaimed, "I had something going on here. I'll be back."

"What time is it for you to have things going on!?" Mom gritted her teeth and said, "Your Dad and I have been waiting for you all night! After all this waiting, we can't wait any longer. Are you going to let us sleep? If you aren't coming home, then don't come back. We are going to sleep and no one will open the door for you! Go wherever you want to go!"

Zhang Ye said in exasperation, "Don't! I didn't bring my key!"

Mom harrumphed, "Who told you not to bring it!?"

"I didn’t grab the house key when I left this afternoon. I only took my car's key." Zhang Ye said.

Mom said very unhappily, "Your Dad and I can't stay awake any longer. We still have work tomorrow!" Saying that, she hung up.

Wu Zeqing asked with a smile, "What's the matter?"

Zhang Ye gave a wry smile, "I’ve angered my Mom. She's unhappy that I'm coming back so late. I also didn’t bring my house keys. Hai, if I were to go home and knock on the door, I'd get another round of scolding." If he had not lost his sense of time while watching the talk shows, he would have returned home earlier.

Wu Zeqing crouched down to put away the tea utensils. As she picked them up and was about to wash them, she said, "If you are afraid of disturbing your parents' sleep, you can stay here for the night. I have many rooms here anyway. You can sleep in that bedroom. It's not inconvenient in any way."

Zhang Ye's eyelids twitched as he blinked his eyes, saying, "That's not appropriate, right?"

As there was a bathroom in the bedroom, Wu Zeqing washed the cups there. As the rush of water from the tap was heard, she said while washing the cups, "It's alright. What's the big deal?" Some errant drops of water splashed onto her tracksuit.

Zhang Ye coughed and said, "That..."

Wu Zeqing looked over nonchalantly. "If you are staying, I also have new toothbrushes and towels for you. They are in the tiny drawer just below the sink. Take them yourself."


Should he?

He used 0.01 second to decide!

Zhang Ye touched his nose and said, "Alright, then I'll be intruding for the night. My parents have been suffering from insomnia, if I were to awake them, it would also affect their work tomorrow."

"Then go ahead and take the towel and toothbrush."

Zhang Ye walked over as Wu Zeqing's body slightly shifted out of the way.

Sis Wu's feminine smell assaulted his olfactory senses. It was unknown if it was the smell of perfume or the lingering fragrance from laundry, but it was very mild and fragrant. Zhang Ye bent his back to search for it. He was nearly stuck to Wu Zeqing, who was washing the cups. Their clothes also came into contact.

"Is it this drawer?"

"The lower one. Yes."

"Found it."

Just as he took the things out, his arm jerked and accidentally touched Wu Zeqing's body. His elbow pressed into Sis Wu's meaty thigh. It was extremely soft, giving his heart trepidations.

So ample!

The touch felt great!

"Sorry, sorry." Zhang Ye hurriedly apologized.

Wu Zeqing smiled and turned off the water. She was done washing. "It's alright."

"Then...I'll be going out." Zhang Ye got up.

Wu Zeqing nodded. "OK. I'll be sleeping after taking a shower. Good night."

"Good night Sis Wu." Zhang Ye bade farewell and left the master bedroom.


In one of the auxiliary bedrooms.

He had returned to the room. Closing the door, he sat on the bed and touched his elbow that had come into contact with Wu Zeqing's thigh. The soft feeling seemed to still linger there. As he lay on the bed, he took out his cellphone to check the news. He looked at the evaluation the public had towards the re-airing of his talk show. After exchanging a few words with his fans, he sent a text message to Mom saying he would be staying at a friend's place. In the following half an hour, Zhang Ye had nothing to do. He had been sleeping from noon til evening, so he could not fall asleep either.

He idled for a long period of time.

Zhang Ye finally decided to take a bath.

After taking off his clothes, he entered the bathroom. There was a bathtub here and it was pretty big. He turned on the water, planning to take a warm bath before going to bed.

However, the water was cold.

Why was the water cold?

Zhang Ye did not know if the water heater was broken, or if he did not know how to use such an upscale product. After messing with it for some time, he still could not figure it out. This fellow was so cold that his teeth began chattering. As he breathed in the cold air, he had been wetted by the water. It was cold. He rummaged through the drawers and found a new bathrobe inside the bathroom. It was still sealed, but he tore it open and wore it before rushing out of his room. If it had been summertime, Zhang Ye could have made do with it. After all, it was someone else's house. A cold shower was not something unbearable, but this was Beijing's winter. It was not just any ordinary cold. His body was now damp with cold water, and he needed to warm his body quickly with hot water or he would definitely catch a cold.

Was Old Wu sleeping?

She shouldn't be sleeping. In the past, when Zhang Ye chatted with Water Lotus Moon on the internet, they usually happened late at night. President Wu probably did not sleep too early.

Dong dong.

He went to the master bedroom and knocked on the door.

A female's voice came from inside. "Little Zhang?"

"Sis Wu, yeah, it's me." Zhang Ye held onto his bathrobe and trembled.

The woman's fine voice said, "What's the matter? Is something wrong?"

Zhang Ye said, "I don't know how to work your water heater in the auxiliary bathroom. It's all cold water, and it's really too cold. Could you tell me how to control the temperature?"

"Is that so? Alright, let me take a look."

Moments after she said that, the bedroom's door opened.

However, when Zhang Ye saw Wu Zeqing who walked out, he was completely dumbfounded. This was because Old Wu was no longer wearing the tracksuit from before. Nor was she in pajamas or bathrobes after taking a bath. She was wearing a qipao late at night. It was pure black in color. There were bright red flowers embroidered on it. They resembled peonies, and she wore a pair of flesh-colored stockings. Her footwear was black heels that were about 8 or 9 centimeters high. Her hair had clearly been blown dry and had the faint fragrance of shampoo, but they were now bundled up behind her head. It made great contrast with the black qipao. There was no need to mention about her entire look, it was absolutely stunning!

What was this!?

Was she going out so late at night?

Zhang Ye's head was befuddled with questions. "You are..."

Then he suddenly thought of Wu Zeqing's hobby and immediately understood. For her to wear this full getup, then Old Wu was probably taking selfies. No wonder!

Wu Zeqing did not respond. "Let's go."

"Hai, sorry for troubling you." Zhang Ye did not carry on probing.

After entering the auxiliary bedroom, Wu Zeqing went to the bathroom to turn on the water. As she tested it with her hand, she said, "Oh, it's really cold."

Her qipao was the short kind. The ends of her skirt did not even reach her knees. With her bending over, the fabric around her ample buttocks stretched upwards. It did not reveal anything, but it was pretty close. Two legs in flesh-colored stockings that stretched out entered Zhang Ye's vision while he stood at the entrance to the bathroom. Wu Zeqing's figure was very good to begin with. Her legs were long, and now with a pair of high heels, it made her even taller. She was even taller than Zhang Ye by a little bit. The proportion between her thighs and upper body was exaggerating as it was extremely attractive!

Wu Zeqing turned around and fiddled with the water heater. In a while, she too seemed out of options. "Ever since I bought this villa, this bedroom has never been used. At best, a few of my family members have stayed here for a few days. The water heater hasn't been used for a long while. It's all individual water heaters, so it might be spoilt."

Zhang Ye shrugged his shoulders. "Then forget it, I'll not bathe."

Wu Zeqing looked at him and smiled. "Enough of that. Look at how cold you are. You just touched cold water, so how can you not have a hot bath? The cold would get to your bones." Then, she walked out and patted Zhang Ye on the shoulder. "Let's go. Go use my bathroom. It's working there. As for the water heater here, I'll get someone to fix it next time."

Zhang Ye dryly smiled and said, "There's really no need."

"Heed my advice. Don't catch a cold." Wu Zeqing brought him into the master bedroom and pointed to the bathroom. "I was just done bathing. The water hasn't been emptied, so drain it before filling it again. Then, I'll leave it to you."

Zhang Ye could only say, "Alright, then enjoy your rest."

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, "There's no work tomorrow, so I won't be sleeping too early."

"Alright, then I'll take my bath first. It will be quick." Zhang Ye then entered the bathroom and closed the door. He saw a tub of hot water with rose petals scattered on the surface. The tub was still full and when he tested the water temperature with his hand, it was not very hot, but it was acceptable. Wu Zeqing had apparently finished bathing at least ten minutes ago. There was still some shampoo and bath foam floating on the water surface. It was quite weird seeing this.