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Chapter 379: Taking photos for Old Wu!

Chapter 379: Taking photos for Old Wu!

In the bathroom.

A lingering fragrance attacked the nose.

Should he change the water?

Old Wu had already had her bath, change the water?

Forget it, there's no need to change it. This bro doesn't mind even if you are dirty!

Zhang Ye was eager to just quickly have his bath and get out. After all, he was in a woman's bedroom having a bath, so it was still a little inappropriate. Besides, it was getting late too? So, he didn't change the water and just turned on the hot water, took off his bathrobe, and stepped into the bathtub. He submerged into the water fully. There was no shower head either, so he had to make do. Zhang Ye wet his hair before apply shampoo.

His face was all wet.

It was the same water that Sis Wu had dipped in earlier.

Thinking of this, Zhang Ye's heart was beating faster and faster.

Outside, a woman's voice could be heard, "Is the water alright? Is the heater spoilt too?"

"No, no." Zhang Ye shouted out, "The water's warm here, it's not spoilt."

"Alright then." The gentle voice said, "You did not bring the towel over just now, let me go get it for you. If you didn't lock the door, I will open it and put it inside for you."

Zhang Ye said, "The door's unlocked, but then....."

She laughed and said, "It's OK, Big Sis won't peek. I'm coming in then?"

There was only a towel in here which Wu Zeqing had used earlier, nothing else.

Zhang Ye considered for a moment before answering, "Alright, sorry for troubling you."

The bathroom door creaked as it was being opened. Zhang Ye looked over to see Wu Zeqing come in halfway, facing sideways and not looking at him directly. She reached out to put the towel onto the clothes drawer beside the door before stepping back out and closing the door, "Alright, you can continue with your bath."

Zhang Ye heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily for him, Old Wu did not see him using the water that she was using earlier. Otherwise, it would have been quite awkward and embarrassing. He then quickly sped up his bathing.

He was done bathing within 10 minutes.

He started to drain the water and dry his body.

At last, Zhang Ye walked out comfortably from the bathroom saying, "I'm done with my bath, Sis Wu."

When he stepped out from the shower, Zhang Ye was stunned by what he saw.

Wu Zeqing smiled, "That quick?"

"Ah, yea." Zhang Ye's eyes shone.

Because at this moment, Wu Zeqing was lying on her bed in her black qipao and high heels and holding a DSLR camera in her hands. When she saw Zhang Ye, she did not look embarrassed whatsoever. She snapped two photos of her thighs and then re-tied her hair while saying, "Taking a picture before I sleep has become a habit of mine. I'm already at this age, so if I don't keep some memories of myself when I'm still young, I will never get a chance to in the future. Do you usually do photography?"

Zhang Ye coughed, "No, not really."

"You are also in the artistic field and have a very wide range of interests like calligraphy, novels, literature, Hur Hur, but why aren't you interested in photography?" She asked.

Damn, I may be in the artistic field, but I'm not as artistic as you to be doing body photography! We are in two very different fields within art!

Zhang Ye said, "I like photography too. If only I were as good looking as you, I would be taking pictures everyday as well, but my looks are really just too normal, so I don't really take many photos."

Wu Zeqing glanced at him, "You aren't bad, your body is quite proportionate too."

Zhang Ye did not know whether to laugh or cry, "Don't praise me, I know what I am worth."

Wu Zeqing nodded and said, "I still want to take a few more photos, after that it'll be time to sleep."

Zhang Ye understood, "Alright, then you rest early. I'm going back to my room." When he was about to turn around to exit the room, he suddenly had a surge of courage that came from nowhere. Maybe it was because he had a pretty good time with Wu Zeqing and felt that their relationship was no longer as simple as subordinate and superior. Furthermore, Zhang Ye had previously seen Wu Zeqing in those hot photos. He then asked, "The angles by doing it yourself are quite limited. I'll snap some pictures for you?"

After saying so, he immediately regretted!

Holy sh*t! This bro's really got balls!

How could he say something like this so casually! Old Wu would probably send him running!

Zhang Ye quickly gave an excuse, "Hai, I'm just spouting nonsense. Take it as I did not say anything, I did not say anything!"

But Wu Zeqing's reaction seemed indifferent. She looked at him and replied very calmly, "I'm actually fine with that, but don't you need to sleep?"

When Zhang Ye heard this, he got excited, "I'm not in a rush to sleep since I slept for 3-4 hours earlier in the afternoon. I'm not sleepy, so even if I go back to my room, I would not be able to fall asleep. I'd probably be reading the news on my cellphone."

She asked, "How are your photography skills?"

"It's alright. I'm not too sure myself." Zhang Ye said honestly.

She smiled, "I believe in your artistic style. Alright, I'll be troubling you then?"

Zhang Ye, having received the sacred approval, was now feeling over-excited. It was as though a pie had dropped from the sky for him. In the past, he had viewed Wu Zeqing's photos before, but those were all taken by herself. He had not seen it 'live' before, "Oh, I will try my best to capture you at your best."

She stretched her hand out and handed him the camera, "Test it out first."

Zhang Ye had really never used an SLR camera before, but it wasn't difficult to pick up either. Of course, those high level techniques were not something that he could pick up just by fiddling with the camera, but simple picture taking wasn't a problem. Besides, even if his technique wasn't good, it would be still be better than Wu Zeqing taking photos of herself. At least when the job of posing and finding the correct angle, as well as pressing the shutter, was separated out, the effect would definitely be much better.



After trying out by taking a few photos, Zhang Ye had gotten the hang of it.

Wu Zeqing stood up to explain to him how to use the camera, "This main issue for this type of camera is the focus. As long as you adjust it properly, it will be good enough."

Zhang Ye replied in all seriousness, "I understand."

Wu Zeqing said, "Hur Hur, then are we ready?"

"Yes." Zhang Ye made a sign with his hand.

"OK, I'm ready too." Wu Zeqing sat down at the bed's end.

Zhang Ye asked for her opinion, "In this dress? I've already seen you take quite a few photos in it earlier."

Wu Zeqing said, "This dress is fine, I've always gone with it by instinct. If you think another dress would suit me, then Big Sis can change into that. The dresses are all in that wardrobe."

She can even change?

There's too many advantages in doing this!

Zhang Ye asked again, "Not intending to photograph the face?"

"No, not intending to." Wu Zeqing replied.

Zhang Ye was blushing now, but he still asked, "To what scale are we talking about? How about the pose? I....Is it inconvenient if I take the pictures?"

Wu Zeqing said in an easy-going tone, "Come on, don't put too much pressure on yourself. You've already seen quite a number of Big Sis' pictures, so there's nothing inconvenient about it anymore. I believe in your artistic flair. Whichever pose you think is good, I will do it. Whichever dress you feel looks good, I will change into it. It's fine, I just want it to be well-taken. We will do this according to your artistic direction. I've always been the one fiddling with it myself in the past, so I'm a little biased towards my own style, but as they all say, an observer is always clearer about things, so Big Sis will trust you."

Zhang Ye took a deep breath and said, "OK, then I will try my best."