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Chapter 380: Changing Costumes!

Chapter 380: Changing Costumes!

Inside the room.

There were two dim lights.

There was also a couple, a man and woman.

Zhang Ye was wearing a bathrobe. He had not even bothered to blow dry his hair. It was still dripping with water onto his shoulders. Holding a DSLR, he put on a pretense by gesturing a few times before aiming at Wu Zeqing's legs.

"I'm going to take the photo."


"Don't move."


Kacha. The photo was taken.

Zhang Ye checked the photo before bringing it forward for Wu Zeqing to see. "Do you think this would do?"

Wu Zeqing lowered her head and glanced at it. With a smile, she said, "Yes, it's pretty good. It's much better than when I take them myself. The focus is sharper and the angle is good."

It was unknown if Sis Wu was flattering him or if he truly had talent and skill in photography. Either way, Zhang Ye was brimming with confidence. "Alright, then I'll carry on. As for how the next shot should be, let me think. Why don't you change your posture? This way. Your legs are too beautiful, so let me do a special close up on them?"

Wu Zeqing said, "Up to you."

"Then lean your leg over." Zhang Ye instructed.

Wu Zeqing moved her flesh-colored stocking wearing thigh. "This way?"

Zhang Ye immediately said, "Yes, that's too good. Perfect. I’ll be taking another photo."

Kacha, another photo was taken. However, the angle was a bit off, hence he took two pictures consecutively. He focused on Wu Zeqing's lower half of her body, from the ends of her qipao to the high heels. Her meaty flesh looked very alluring. Sis Wu's posture was also very well posed and perfect. In the pictures that "Water Lotus Moon" had sent him in the past, some of them had her legs crossed or her hips perked upwards. Zhang Ye found them a bit wild as there were too many of such pictures on the internet. He had subconsciously been prejudiced by his first impressions. However, when he really saw the poses and expressions Wu Zeqing made when having photos taken of her, she did not give off any feelings of wildness, instead appeared as elegant and gentle as ever.


She had the bearing of a perfect wife and mother!

If she wore ancient costumes and entered an ancient era, she would definitely be a motherly model of the nation!

A few minutes later, more than ten photos were taken. There were a few which were deleted due to the effects of a poor angle, leaving behind five photos which looked pretty good on the whole.

"Take a look." Zhang Ye handed the DSLR to her.

After she looked at it, she said, "Oh, they are really not bad."

With his warm up nearly done, Zhang Ye's technique was getting more adept. In the first few pictures, he was still very careful and conventional. It was all the common poses everyone would have when taking pictures. There was nothing worthy of highlighting. Hence, Zhang Ye planned on changing a few angles. However, his heart was beating like a drum and found it awkward, but when he thought of how Sis Wu said everything was up to him to decide, Zhang Ye did not stand on ceremony.

Gritting his teeth, he said, "Please sit on the rug."

Wu Zeqing stood up from the bed's end and walked over. "Sit like this?"

"Just stretch out both your legs and sit down. I want a back shot of the rug. It will make it seem softer, since it matches very well with your qipao. The color will also appear to contrast more." Zhang Ye still had the basic ability to appreciate art. Even if he was faking it, this fellow's mouth was able to bullsh*t all sorts of things. He was, after all, a broadcasting major and his main job was a host, so he had at least that amount of skill. Anyway, whatever pose Zhang Ye especially wanted to see, it would definitely be alright for Wu Zeqing to pose it. After all, the pictures he liked could not be too bad.

Sis Wu followed his instructions. She bent her back and sat in the middle of the rug, with her legs stretched out straight.

Kacha, Kacha. Zhang Ye began snapping pictures. He started off with a long distance shot before slowly approaching. "Can you change your leg's pose slightly?"

"Sure." Wu Zeqing leaned her body slightly and lifted her thighs.

Zhang Ye swallowed his saliva and carried on snapping. "Sis Wu, can you cross one of your legs to your chest?"

Wu Zeqing crossed her leg. The leg on the floor was still straight, but the other leg was crossed over by her chest. It was at an angle of 60 or 70 degrees.

And with that, Wu Zeqing exposed herself!

With her black qipao being on the shorter side, such a pose and such an angle caused her buttocks to contract, so the thigh that was crossed created a big opening in her dress, revealing what was inside her inner thighs. Even the stocking's lines could be seen clearly. Not only was it like a visible panty line, but the central line of he stockings. Protruding beneath the stockings was the color of flesh. It was not the color of skin, but the color of panties. It was apparently a deeper color than her skin.


Can I take this?

He wanted to ask first, but felt like he could not force himself to ask!

Eventually, Zhang Ye bolstered his courage and ignored everything. I'll snap it. He constantly pressed the shutter button. As he looked through the pictures, he deleted some. He rejected any of the bad ones, leaving only the ones he was satisfied with. After he was done taking them, he walked over with blinking eyes that hid mixed emotions in them. He bent down, "Do you think these will do?" He had to get her opinion after taking the pictures after all. She had exposed herself quite a bit, and it was at a critical spot.

Wu Zeqing glanced and nodded. "Very good. I have never taken a photo here before. These pictures of yours really have a nice mix of color."

Zhang Ye heaved a sigh of relief. "Then I'll take a few more. Can you please change the pose?"

Wu Zeqing moved herself and straightened her body. She crossed one leg over the other. Her body was still flat on the ground, but this caused the exposure at the end of her skirt to widen!

Zhang Ye endured the feeling of having his nose bleed. He maintained thr composure of an artist. He dedicated his life to art, so what if he bled or sweated!? This bro will endure it! Bring it on! Now, his courage was bolstered. He did not walk far, but slowly crouched down. He took from the side and from the front many pictures of Wu Zeqing's pose from many angles. Some of them were aimed at the opening in her dress, while others were shot from Wu Zeqing's head downwards.

Ba da.

One of the high heels on her right foot fell off.

Stockings were slippery to begin with, and Wu Zeqing was in a pose where her legs were crossed, so she could not wear her heels very well. After the heels fell, she sat up by supporting herself, thinking of picking it up. However, she failed to sit up immediately.

Zhang Ye was by her legs taking photos. Upon noticing it, he conveniently picked up the black high heel. The heel was very light and did not appear as heavy as it seemed. Clearing his throat, he aimed the mouth of the heel towards Wu Zeqing's foot and then put the stilettos back onto her beautiful foot, covered in flesh-colored stockings.

When Wu Zeqing saw this, she did not say a word and lay back down.

Her foot was very smooth, allowing it to slip in easily. As the heel was a bit narrow and Zhang Ye's hand was a bit large, a few fingers would dangle even while he held onto the heel. This caused his fingers to touch the side of her beautiful legs. Momentarily, his right hand's middle and ring finger grazed past the stockings. It was extremely alluring!

The foot was so pretty!

It did not seem to have any pits or crevices that usually resulted in wearing high heels for extended periods of time. It was extremely soft, and the skin beneath the stockings were very supple and soft. Her foot was not considered small. It was probably size 37 or 38. For a woman, this size was already quite large. Furthermore, Wu Zeqing was tall, so no matter how small her feet were, it could not be too small. Zhang Ye always believed that a woman with bigger feet would look even better in high heels, especially in tall stilettos. If one's feet were too small, it could not carry off the look. It would appear as if one was "top-heavy".

Ka. Ka. Ka.

Another three shots were taken.

Zhang Ye had really feasted his eyes. Then, he began suggesting. "Oh yeah, quite a number of pictures have been taken for this attire. Why don't you change to another one?"

Wu Zeqing acknowledged and said, "Sure, take a look at the wardrobe and see which is most suitable."


I'll take a look!

Zhang Ye was yearning to do so. Seeing Wu Zeqing stand up while using the rug as support, he walked to the wardrobe and opened the first door. There were five to six bags at the top, and shoes filled the bottom. From the brands, it was apparent Wu Zeqing was not the kind who chased after branded goods. There was not a single international brand. Most of them seemed to be domestic products and probably was not too expensive. There were not many either. To a woman, especially a woman in a high position like Wu Zeqing, five to six bags was considered too few. Even a normal commoner would not find seven or eight bags excessive. These bags were all very warm in both color and style. They matched Wu Zeqing's temperament. It was the same with the footwear. However, the brands of the footwear was not easily recognizable. Zhang Ye did not know either, so he wasn't too sure.

Let me find one.

This? This isn't good.

Hey, this pair of shoes aren't bad. It's creamy white and pointed, but the tip was slightly wide. It also revealed a bit more in the back. There was a little band with a buckle. It would make the feet look nicer.

It's decided. Let's take a look at the clothes.

Opening the second door, it was filled with clothes and skirts. There was winter and summer wear. Since it was for photography, winter wear was definitely out of the question. It had to be summer or spring costumes as the theme. Zhang Ye was very serious towards the "arts". After a long period of searching, he decided on an attire he liked.

The top he chose for Wu Zeqing was a petite creamy white sweater. It did not have a collar, and the cleavage revealed was not too low or high. It was just nice and very mild. Furthermore, it was the exact same color as the creamy white heels. It would match well together. As for the skirt, Zhang Ye helped her choose a flowery long skirt. The dress reached to a spot slightly above her ankles. From Zhang Ye's point of view, the dress was designed to reach one's ankles, but Wu Zeqing had long legs, so it ended up being 6 or 7 centimeters shorter. However, it was just right. If the skirt was too long, then the high heels would not reveal its beauty. Leaving a bit of her feet also made her look taller.

"I'm done choosing. Would this do?" Zhang Ye brought the clothes over.

After seeing it, Wu Zeqing smiled. "You sure have taste. This attire is not bad. Alright, we'll use this. Is there anything else? Should I change my hair?"

Zhang Ye pondered for a moment. "This attire is a bit more mild in disposition. Personally, I don't think you need to raise your hair that high. Of course, it is up to you."

Wu Zeqing said in an easy-going fashion, "I'll heed your advice."

Zhang Ye added, "Oh, there's no need to take off the stockings."

"Alright." She said.

Zhang Ye then rubbed his hands. "Then...go ahead and change. I'll go out for a while. I'll be just outside, so just give a shout when you are done."

Wu Zeqing nodded and picked up the clothes, sitting on the bed. As she bent her back and lowered her head, she took off the high heels on her feet. She was beginning to change.

Zhang Ye hurriedly went out and closed the door behind him.