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Chapter 381

A while later.

"Little Zhang."

"I'm here."

"You can come in now."


Pushing the door open, Zhang Ye walked back into the room. When he saw her, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Wu Zeqing had changed her attire, and her hair had been redone. Her entire style was as gentle and kind as could be. The attire he had chosen was well fitting!

He began snapping photos!

Zhang Ye was yearning to do so greatly. As he held the camera, he pressed on the shutter button quickly. Sometimes he would squat down, sometimes he would go behind Sis Wu, taking shots from every possible angle.

Lying down.

Sitting down.

In a prone position.

Zhang Ye suddenly asked, "Can you kneel on the bed?"

When Wu Zeqing heard this, she did not object. She made a pose, "Like this?"

"Yes, yes." Zhang Ye's throat was already dry as he said, "First face me. Hand on the bed, prone on the bed while kneeling. Yes, look over here."

Wu Zeqing followed his instructions, and faced Zhang Ye in a half prone half kneeling position.

Zhang Ye found the scene absolutely breathtaking and immediately clicked the shutter button five times.

Although Wu Zeqing's neckline wasn't too low the sweater was a bit loose. In her current position, the neckline opened downwards, causing her cleavage to be exposed. Traces of a flesh-colored bra could be seen, however, Zhang Ye had intended for this angle and image, so he did not miss such opportunities. After adjusting his angle slightly, he took a few more shots. He then asked audaciously, "Turn around. Right, turn your back towards me."

"OK." Wu Zeqing crawled on the bed a few times and before completing a 180 degree rotation.

This entire process was recorded down by Zhang Ye with the DSLR. When Sis Wu's back was fully facing him, her fleshy buttocks faced Zhang Ye. The skirt was not very loose, and was a bit tight, which resulted in her buttocks pulling the skirt tight. Wu Zeqing was one of the more ample beauties that Zhang Ye had seen, but she was not fat at all. Her hips and buttocks were wider and larger than Rao Aimin, Zhang Yuanqi, or Dong Shanshan and was probably 3-4 centimeters wider at her hips. If described by the ancients, she was perfect for childbirth.


Her buttocks were captured!

Then Zhang Ye walked forward and knelt beside the side of the bed. He then pressed on the shutter button quickly while very close to Wu Zeqing's buttocks. He could even smell the scent of Old Wu's wardrobe that the skirt emitted.

He really wanted to touch it!

Despite being in such close proximity, Zhang Ye did not have the guts!

Wu Zeqing had seemed to hand him the task of snapping pictures, and did not question him at all.

"Sis Wu."

"What's the matter?"

"Can I get on the bed?"

"Of course."

Zhang Ye purposely took many pictures of her buttocks, before taking off his slippers to step on the bed. He stood near where Old Wu's pillow was and squated down. He then took photos of Wu Zeqing's cleavage from the front. President Wu really seemed like a professional amongst professional models. She did not move at all. She did not even blink. She was very professional.

"It's done."


"Let's change the pose. Please sit down. Can you pull up your skirt? Reveal a bit of your thigh, then touch it with your hand."

"This way?"

"Yes, a bit more."

The dress moved up bit by bit, reaching a spot somewhat above her knee. Then, Wu Zeqing placed her right hand on her thigh, which was covered by her flesh-colored pantyhose.

Zhang Ye said, "Your leg should look a bit more natural. Bend it a little."

Wu Zeqing bent her leg, and of course exposed herself once again.

Zhang Ye had intended for this. He got off the bed and half-kneeled. He began snapping and finally, he was mostly done with this set of clothes. All the angles possible had been done. Was this enough? Were they each to return to their own rooms? Please don't stop here! Zhang Ye was already addicted and had not seen enough. Besides, only twenty minutes had passed. The pictures that were not bad only numbered in the twenties. There were still too few.

Could the scale increase?

If he enlarged the scale, would Old Wu lose her temper?

Zhang Ye struggled with his thoughts for a long while, standing there motionless.

Wu Zeqing was still maintaining her pose and suddenly looked at him. She smiled and said, "Is it done?"

Zhang Ye immediately said, "This attire is mostly done. Well, can you... take off your top?" The moment he said this, he felt his heart rapidly beating. He was afraid that Old Wu would kick him out the window.

But who would have thought that Wu Zeqing would nod slightly after a moment of pondering. "Alright."

Then, Zhang Ye breathed in deeply as he focused. Sis Wu really sat up and began grabbing her sweater. She took off the sweater from bottom to top right in front of Zhang Ye. She then left the top at the edge of the bed. Her hair was slightly tousled when she took off her top, so she reached up to comb it again.

Her shoulders were revealed!

Her bra was exposed!

There was no way to hide her stomach!

And the most critical point was that Wu Zeqing was pushing her chest out and combing her hair with her hands up!

Zhang Ye's eyes turned red. He did not blink. Old Wu's breasts were too large. Magnificent peaks were not enough to describe their size. Previously, there was the neckline blocking her cleavage, so it wasn't very obvious, but now, without anything to cover it, that bottomless cleavage nearly frightened Zhang Ye out of his mind. It wasn't as if he hadn’t seen the pictures that Wu Zeqing had sent him on the internet. However, those were just pictures. They were 2D, but what was in front of his eyes now was true "3D imagery". That solid feeling was indescribably magnificent!

Very big!

Very ample!

The bra looked like it was about to burst!

There was no need to wait for her to finish combing her hair. Snap! This angle was too perfect!

Zhang Ye did not miss out on this opportunity. He began snapping. When Old Wu was done combing her hair, he went behind her and took a few more pictures from that angle. He then took another photo of Old Wu's head from behind. She had said not to take pictures of her face, but the back did not matter. There was quite a bit of artistry when it came to rear views!

It was a feast for his eyes!

Riches had befallen him!

Zhang Ye was excited and could not stop!

"Can you hold on to something with your hand?"

"Hold onto what?"

"Cough, your breast. Single hand."

"This way?"

"Yes, yes. Great. Can you stroke your hair with your other hand?"

"It's meaningless since there's no face, right?"

"It won't snap that action, but if you stretch out your hand backwards, it would straighten your body, making the feeling better."


Ka. Ka. Ka. Zhang Ye took more than twenty pictures here. He was very satisfied with every one of them. As he sniffed, he was afraid that blood would flow out his nose. As he focused his sights, he took another step further. "Sis Wu, about this..." After hesitating for a long while, he finally blurted it out. "Can you take off your bra?"

Wu Zeqing pulled down the hair along her sideburns and pushed it over her ear. "...OK."



Zhang Ye stared with his eyes widened.

Wu Zeqing asked, "Is this done?"

"Yes, it's done." Zhang Ye said eagerly.

Wu Zeqing acknowledged, and with a smile, she reached back. After a few seconds of tinkering, the bra on her chest loosened, causing her breasts to sink. However, they did not sink too much. It was unexpected that with her size, her breasts didn't sag at such an age.

"Should I take off the bra?" She asked.

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "Not yet. It's pretty good with it loose. Let me take a few shots like this." The feeling of it half masking her breasts was very good, so Zhang Ye did not let this opportunity pass and began snapping picture after picture.

Not long later.

Zhang Ye coughed and said, "You can take it off now."

Wu Zeqing comfortably took away her bra and folded it and placed it off to the side. From this action, it could be seen that she was very meticulous and fond of cleanliness and tidiness.

However, Zhang Ye wouldn't care about this at all. His eyeballs were locked onto Sis Wu's breasts. It wouldn't be an exaggeration that they were nearly popping out!

What size was this!?

Without a bra, it was the most obvious.

Zhang Yuanqi, Rao Aimin, and Dong Shanshan all had big enough breasts, but they were no match compared to Wu Zeqing's size. This was a stunning level! And what made Zhang Ye most excited was that Wu Zeqing did not find it inappropriate! She comfortably let him see without a word. How much trust was that!?

"Why?" She asked.

"Ah, nothing, nothing." Zhang Ye hurriedly composed himself.

"Are you snapping it like that?" She asked.

Zhang Ye said, "Yes, this way. Your body should lean a little bit more. Alright, very good!"

"Hur Hur, it's a bit cold in winter. Can we be a little quicker?" Wu Zeqing said.

Zhang Ye immediately nodded. "Alright, it's almost done. Endure a little longer. Yes, the same posture as before. Hold up your chest from the bottom."

"This way?"

"No, left hand holding onto your right side."

"How about now?"

"Yes, perfect!"

Zhang Ye first took a wide-angle shot and then took off his shoes to get on the bed again. As he bent his back while kneeling on the bed. As he approached, he gave a few close up shots. He was barely an arm’s length away from Wu Zeqing. He could even see her sweat pores clearly. However, at this moment, only a retard would look at sweat pores! Even a f**king retard knew what to focus on!

It was both big and fair!

Her breasts were perfect!

"You can let go." Zhang Ye instructed.

Releasing it, the breast slumped down before bouncing back up!

Zhang Ye took a deep breath again. He constantly pressed the shutter button, taking pictures of her body!

After about half a minute, Wu Zeqing shuddered, her shoulders shaking slightly.

Zhang Ye knew that she was cold and stopped taking pictures. "Alright, quickly wear your clothes. It's done."

Wu Zeqing grabbed the sweater by her side. She stretched her hands, and without any concealment, she put it over her head. However, she did not wear her flesh-colored bra, and just wore the sweater over. If she wore it this way, her breast would not have a perky shape under the clothes, but would have a different flavor to it. It was nice too!

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, "It's been tough on you Little Zhang."

Zhang Ye reflexively answered, "Not at all. It’s just a service for the people!"

Wu Zeqing was amused and got off the bed. She then gestured to Zhang Ye to sit on the sofa in the room. "Here, let me see how the pictures came out. I haven't seen any of the ones we took towards the end."

"Alright." Zhang Ye sat beside her and handed the DSLR over. "Some aren't that good, and I plan on deleting them. However, most of them came out quite well. Choose a few for safekeeping. Most of them are pretty similar. You can choose the best ones from them, while the rest can be deleted."

Wu Zeqing casually pulled a blanket to cover the dress on her thigh. Then flipping through it, she said, "Oh, oh, this is not bad. I'll keep this one. This one can be deleted. This one has a bit of reflection. Oh, this is also very good. Indeed, letting someone else snap the pictures is different. The angles are much better than taking them by myself."