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Chapter 382: All Sorts of Things to See!

Chapter 382: All Sorts of Things to See!

At night.

It was almost 11 PM.

Beep beep beep. The heater was no longer keeping the room warm enough, so Old Wu increased the heater's temperature. It was not because the room's temperature was low. There was heating, so how could it be cold? The main reason was because the room was on the larger side. Furthermore, Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing had not been wearing much. Zhang Ye wore a bathrobe while his hair was still wet, while Sis Wu was wearing a creamy white top and a simple skirt, so they naturally felt cold.

As the heater continued providing warmth, it became a lot more comfortable.

Zhang Ye pointed. "Delete this. I didn't manage to delete it just now."

She said, "You aren't in a hurry to sleep yet, right? Let's look at them on a computer."

"Alright." Zhang Ye reacted. "It's too troublesome looking at the pictures on a camera. It's much more convenient on a computer and we can save them directly. We can just delete the bad ones with a click."

"I'll bring the computer over." Wu Zeqing got up from the sofa and brought a laptop with a large screen over. She then switched it on before asking, "Are you cold? Should I give you a coat?"

Zhang Ye waved his hands. "There's no need. The heater alone is sufficient."

Wu Zeqing nodded. She too did not grab a coat. "Then let's drink some hot tea."

The electric kettle had never been switched off since its earlier use, so very quickly, a pot of tea was made. She brought it over and filled up two cups.

"Thank you." Zhang Ye took it from her and then took a sip of it. It gave him a warm whirl, it was nice.

Wu Zeqing also sat down and sipped gracefully. She picked up the notebook computer and placed it on her thighs, and then synchronized the DSLR’s SD card. With a few clicks, Wu Zeqing opened "My Computer" very adeptly. She then clicked on the hard drive. There were many folders in it, and each of them weren't small in size. There was a rough value at the bottom of each window. Each was in the tens of gigabytes.

[ 30 years old ].

[ Suburbs Tour ].

[ 10 July ].

[ Alternative ].

[ On Business in Nanjing, Hotel ].

[ Various qipao, Collection ].

[ This year, Autumn and Winter, Home ].

There were dozens of folders, each with very succinct labels. Others might not understand what these were, but Zhang Ye immediately understood. These folders that numbered in the gigabytes were all the photos that Wu Zeqing had taken throughout the years. If one had tens of gigabytes of movies, that was already considered quite a lot, but your sister! These were photos. Even if the pictures taken by a DSLR were high resolution, tens of gigabytes was still way too much. Furthermore, this was definitely not all there was. They were the best pictures that Wu Zeqing had been satisfied with. The number of deleted photos and those that did not meet the standards of this photo repository probably numbered above a few hundred gigabytes!

It was too crazy!

Old Wu was a crazy photography demon!

Zhang Ye did not dare to shoot his mouth and just watched from the sidelines.

Wu Zeqing right-clicked and created a new folder. She then changed the name and with a thought, she labeled it: [ Before Chinese New Year, Home, New ].

"Alright, we'll store it here. Let's take a look." She said.

Zhang Ye helped her choose. "Oh, this picture needs to be included. This...the one with thighs."

Wu Zeqing asked, "Isn't the position of the high heels a bit off?"

"Not at all." Zhang Ye suggested his point of view. "With your shoes at this angle, it will make it look more natural. If it's from a straight perspective, it wouldn't look good. It will look as if you are trying to hard."

She smiled and said, "Alright, then we'll save this one."

As she clicked on it, she dragged it into the new folder.

Zhang Ye continued to give his opinions on these "normal" pictures. He also dared to speak about them, however, when it reached the pictures that exposed Wu Zeqing, he did not dare to speak despite having his ideas. As he was a man, it was too embarrassing to explain.

However, Wu Zeqing asked him even though he did not want to speak.

"Little Zhang, what about this one?" She asked.

"Can." Zhang Ye said in a vague way.

She smiled, "What does ‘can’ mean?"

Zhang Ye said, "Uh, ahem. Mainly, it's up to you."

She said, "I think it's passable, so I wanted to ask for your opinion, or else why would I get you to help me select pictures? Besides, these were taken by you, so you have the most authority in this matter."

Upon seeing this, Zhang Ye did not stand on ceremony and cleared his throat, saying, "I think this picture is not that good. It's not as good as the previous one. Yes, it's not as good as this one. Your...Your breasts are very pretty, and...and also very, you know. Although the side angle accentuates your figure, it seems a bit, well that, and so I think a front of off-front angle gives a better feel. For example, this one. See how nice this one looks? It's really beautiful." Words that he felt embarrassed to say, such as her breasts were big, Zhang Ye would use words like 'you know' or 'well that' to replace.

Wu Zeqing was not embarrassed, but Zhang Ye was.

She looked at Zhang Ye. "Let's keep both pictures then. I actually quite like this one with the entire body, which you said was average. This is because, I always took them myself, and won't be able to get a picture at this angle, so I will need to keep one."

Zhang Ye said, "Of course. It's just my personal opinion."

Thinking back to the day that he had first met Wu Zeqing on the plane, Zhang Ye had never imagined there would be a day where he would sit at home with Wu Zeqing watching and commenting her revealing pictures on a computer. Zhang Ye had never thought of such a possibility before. Bliss came too suddenly!




Many pictures were saved.

Zhang Ye felt his relationship with Wu Zeqing was taking another step closer. It was much closer than helping her nephew with an endorsement or giving "Ode of Mulan" as a birthday gift in the afternoon.

He stretched his hand to pour some tea. He was a bit tired from watching.

Wu Zeqing was probably not comfortable holding up the computer with her thighs. She then took off her slippers and placed her feet on the sofa. She leaned sideways, and grabbed a small blanket to cover the two beautiful, pantyhose-covered legs extending out from under her skirt. She then carried on saving pictures to the computer.

"This is nice. What do you think, Little Zhang?"

"Indeed, this one is really good."

"This time we are in agreement. Saving it."

"Hey, this is nice too."

"This? Will it make it seem like my breasts are sagging?"

"How can it be? It's not sagging in anyway. It's just natural gravity, because of it being so big..being so proper in size, it should be like that. It has nothing to do with sagging."


"Yes, believe me. It's really the case."

"But this one also shows a bit of tummy."

"This tummy of yours isn't fat. Revealing a bit makes it even better. For this picture, that tiny bit of tummy makes it just right. It's especially pretty."

"Hur Hur, alright then. I'll save it."

At this moment, Wu Zeqing's new seating posture got tiring again. Hence, she casually lifted up her computer and moved her thighs. Her legs poked out of the blanket and leaned it sideways. This time, she had repositioned them to face Zhang Ye, with her legs inclined towards Zhang Ye. Then she covered her legs with the tiny blanket so as to prevent her feet from turning cold. As Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing were sitting together looking at the computer, they were definitely not too far apart. The moment Wu Zeqing moved over, she took up some space. Zhang Ye did not find it appropriate to distance himself, as he would not be able to see the screen. As such, Wu Zeqing's feet were touching the outer regions of Zhang Ye's legs.

Just by a tiny bit.

There was a fleeting sense of contact.

Through the bathrobe, Zhang Ye could clearly feel the tiny bit of contact on his outer regions of his thigh. Without a question, they were definitely Wu Zeqing's toes.

"Shall we carry on?"

"Ahem, alright."

"There aren't that many left. These ones should be deleted. The lighting is quite poor."

About twenty minutes later, the pictures had been selected.

Wu Zeqing began to do some management. Those that were supposed to be deleted were all deleted. Some of those that weren't ideal, but she was unwilling to delete because they weren't too bad, she stored them in the 'Alternative' folder.

It was done.

Brought to a successful completion!

Zhang Ye massaged his thighs. It was a bit numb and he decided to bring his legs up onto the sofa. He began sitting cross-legged. However, this movement of his caused his left foot to touch the two beautiful legs that were on his right. Zhang Ye had bathed previously, and other than the bathrobe and underwear, he did not have any clothes on. Of course, he did not wear any socks. Immediately, a smooth feeling came from his feet. It was Wu Zeqing's pantyhose. It rustled a bit, making Zhang Ye's heart turn itchy!

"I'm sorry, Sis Wu." Zhang Ye said apologetically.

Wu Zeqing said with a demure look around her eyes. "It's fine. You cover up too. It gets cold at night." She gently picked up the blanket on her feet and covered Zhang Ye a little. She pulled Zhang Ye's left foot in.

During then, their feet touched once again.

Sis Wu's beautiful feet had been covered for quite long, so they were very warm. Zhang Ye's foot was colder than hers.

"Your feet are that cold?" She sensed it.

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "It's fine. It's because I wasn't wearing socks."

She shook her head. "You didn't want me to get you a coat which I offered just now. Was it because of you getting splashed by cold water when there wasn't hot water just now?"

"I'll cover it myself and it will be fine." Zhang Ye stretched his hand under the blanket, and with the tight confines under the blanket, it was inevitable that his hand would touch Wu Zeqing's feet. The touch from his hand was a lot richer than the feeling from his foot. The smoothness of the pantyhose drilled right from Zhang Ye's fingers and into his heart. He really wanted to caress it.

Wu Zeqing's foot moved. "Hur, your hand is even colder than your foot. How are you to warm yourself up. Move away." She then slid her hands under the blanket. "I'll help warm you up."

Zhang Ye was alarmed, "Don't, don't. That won't do!"

Wu Zeqing smiled at him gently, "What won't do?"

Zhang Ye hurriedly nudged her warm hands away. "It's not appropriate. How can I trouble you? Don’t worry about me. I'll warm myself up in a while."

"Enough. it's no big deal." She smiled gracefully and moved Zhang Ye's hands away and then held onto Zhang Ye's bare and cold feet. "Big Sis is probably more than ten years older than you? My nephew is about your age, so you don't have to feel embarrassed. You worked for Big Sis all day, and even gave me a birthday present, moving things around, and snapped pictures. If you were to catch a cold, I would feel burdened, so don't move."

"Really, aiyah, my feet are dirty..."

"Didn't you just bathe? Hur Hur, it's fine. When my nephew was young, he always stuck close to me. Whenever it came to winter, he would insist I rub his feet."

Her hands were very warm.

A surge of warmth immediately spread through Zhang Ye's foot.

She asked, "How is it? Is it better?"

Zhang Ye said in distress, "It's much warmer. Let me do it myself. You don't have to carry on."

She ignored him and changed the position where she held Zhang Ye's foot. His sole, toes, heels were all warmed up before she said gently, "Put your hands out."


"I'll rub your hands too."

"There's really no need Sis Wu!"

"Hurry up. Typical colds are because coldness enters through the limbs. If you don't warm them up, you will definitely catch a cold in the morning when you wake up. It's difficult to treat a cold during winter."