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Chapter 383: Viewing ALL of the pictures!

Chapter 383: Viewing ALL of the pictures!

His feet had been warmed.

His hands were now warm too.

"Much better, right?"

"Yes, thanks Sis Wu."

"You're welcome, let me get you more tea in a bit."

"OK, I will be fine just by getting some sleep actually."

Zhang Ye looked at at Wu Zeqing, who was his senior not minding the dirtiness, helping him to warm up his feet and legs. He felt embarrassed and especially touched at the same time, because he understood that Sis Wu did not take him to be an outsider. Sis Wu's personality was probably the motherly type who knew how to take care of people. Speaking honestly, from her personality and the way Sis Wu carried herself, it was very difficult to tell that she was a government official. Her personality was too nice, beautiful yet unassuming, holding an important position yet not abusive of her powers, holding onto her views yet not disagreeing with others, gentle, not pretentious, not a showoff, no airs, able to cook, knowing how to take care of others......

How virtuous!

She's so virtuous all the way to your grandma's house!

The requirements and needs that men searched for in a life partner all basically existed within Wu Zeqing. All of these qualities seemed to be reflected by her!

His hands were getting warmer, but his feet were getting cold again.

Wu Zeqing once again casually put her hands at his feet, while gazing at her laptop, "Today's photos were quite alright, they are all rather well taken. Looks like I found the right guy, hur hur."

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "Next time if you....Well, you can find me anytime."

"OK, if Big Sis wants to snap some more, I will give you a call." Wu Zeqing said.

As Zhang Ye felt the pair of warm hands on his feet, he wanted to change the subject. Holding the blanket in his hands, he pointed towards the laptop screen's folders, "Are those all the ones taken by you in the past?"

She nodded, "It's all from the past couple of years."

Zhang Ye coughed, "May I see them? Uh, it's okay if it's not convenient."

She smiled and said, "There's nothing inconvenient, which ones would you like to see?"

Zhang Ye thought to himself that it was naturally better to see the ones with lesser clothes on, but he did not say it out, "Anything is fine."

"Sure, I'll let you take a look." Wu Zeqing put her hand on the mouse and clicked a few times, randomly opening a folder. When it opened, many thumbnails appeared and she clicked on one of them, then closed it before opening another one, "These were all taken in the past half year."

Some were taken in the bedroom.

Some were taken in the living room.

Some were taken while bathing.

One of the pictures made Zhang Ye's heart beat faster. It was a picture of Wu Zeqing, either before, during, or after her bath, resting her butt on the sink without anything on. There seemed to be water droplets on her body and using a very dangerous pose with both her legs outstretched, she took the photo of herself through the mirror. This photo was also one of the most daring ones that Zhang Ye had seen so far. Even while chatting with her as Water Lotus Moon, Zhang Ye had not seen a picture so daring. This one had her baring everything!

He nearly got a nosebleed!

When Wu Zeqing clicked on this one, she did not stop at it. She jumped to the next picture very quickly and finally browsed through all the pictures in the folder, "Do you still want to see more?"

Zhang Ye blinked, "If it's convenient, I'd definitely love to."

"OK, then let's look at the next set." She clicked on another folder.

Over 10 GBs of items, numbering around over 3000 photos. Some were taken with a DSLR, while there were pictures taken with a cellphone camera or digital camera, which could be seen from the picture resolution.

As he viewed them, Wu Zeqing said, "This was taken while I was away on business at Nanjing. The hotel was rather nice and the environment outside was also good. There was a small river outside which could be seen, but the hotel windows were tinted in a way so nothing inside could be seen from the outside. Big Sis sat there on the bay window and took quite a lot of pictures that day, Hur Hur. In the past, these pictures were only seen by myself since I couldn't possibly share them with others. You are the first person to see them."

Zhang Ye knew that he was in an honored position. It was also due to the Cupid Sachet that had brought him this luck in the first place. Without that chance encounter of sending the wrong pictures, even if he had gotten very close to Wu Zeqing, Sis Wu would have never shown him these private photos of her.

Zhang Ye stared intently at the photos as he rubbed his hands.

"Your hands are getting cold again?" She was very caring.

Zhang Ye said, "No, no."

She reached out to him, "It's fine, give it to me."

Zhang Ye's hands were held by Old Wu again, as her warmth was transmitted to him. Sis Wu's hands were very soft, just like her body, which didn't feel too tight and could be described as soft. It was soft and tender, and her fingers were long and thin. Holding them felt very comfortable. He was touching her hands in broad daylight! Zhang Ye was enjoying this moment.

Wu Zeqing rubbed his hands while she said, "This one was taken outdoors. It's the garden outside Big Sis' villa. Although it's all villas over here, but further down the road, there are also highrise buildings. There are about 8 of them in this little district. That day, Big Sis suddenly wanted to take photos in the garden, but as it was still daylight, I had to wait for the sun to set before switching off all the lights and going out to the garden. Then using the flash, I captured this image. It was actually quite dangerous at that time, Hur Hur.

The lighting in the picture wasn't very strong as there were no streetlights or moonlight to illuminate her and looked like it just depended on the camera flash. In the garden, Wu Zeqing was sitting on a stone table in the garden, in a cream or yellow-colored bra. The lighting wasn't strong enough and the color couldn't really be differentiated.

Zhang Ye said nervously, "That's really quite dangerous."

In any case, President Wu's photos were really thrilling in that sense!

After about an hour of viewing, Zhang Ye had finished looking through all of Wu Zeqing's pictures. When he saw good ones, he would compliment them, but if he saw some slightly more revealing ones, he would stay quiet. He knew that since Sis Wu liked to take pictures so much, especially selfies, then surely she would like someone to see it. Now that he had become that person, Zhang Ye knew his mission was to speak less and quietly appreciate them.

After viewing everything, it was already midnight.

Wu Zeqing covered her mouth and yawned. Even her yawning looked particularly gentle and elegant.

"You are feeling tired?"

"I am, oh, it's already 12AM."

"Then rest earlier, I will go back to my room now."

"OK, go and sleep then. I will wake you up after I've made breakfast."

"Let me do it instead, I can't keep bothering you with these tasks."

"You can cook?"

".....I don't."

"Hur Hur, then you can just sleep. Go on."

"Oh, sorry to trouble you again, then....good night."

"Good night."

After switching off the computer, Wu Zeqing turned off the bedside lamp and switched a dim night light on before getting into bed.

In the dim lighting, Wu Zeqing looked so perfect that when Zhang Ye saw her, he was even more head over heels for her, but he knew that he shouldn't stay any longer, since she had not taken off her clothes and went to bed. She was just waiting for him to leave. Zhang Ye took one last look at Wu Zeqing's breasts, which looked sizable even under that knitted sweater. He said good night once more and then left, closing the door to Wu Zeqing's room. He rubbed his nose, thinking that the blood vessels in his nose had nearly burst a few times tonight. It was really too seductive!