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Chapter 384: The Brain Gold Advertisement that Gets Cursed Badly!

Chapter 384: The Brain Gold Advertisement that Gets Cursed Badly!

The next day.

9 in the morning.

Zhang Ye's ringtone sounded out, waking him up from under the blankets. He had slept late last night and hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

When the first call came in, Zhang Ye turned around, ignoring it.

Only when the second second call came did Zhang Ye stretch out his hand to pick it up impatiently.

"Hello, who is this?"

"Teacher Zhang, its me."


"I'm Wu Mo."

"Oh, CEO Wu, hello."

"Are you still resting at home? Sorry for disturbing you."

"It's fine. Tell me if there's anything."

"The advertisement on Beijing Television Station will play today. The first wave will begin at 11. Then it will also appear in the afternoon and at night. Our company scrimped up some more cash, planning to bet it all on this. We even paid for the advertisement to be shown on other provincial television stations. They will all go up today. As for the internet promotions, it began the day before yesterday. Other than a lack of funds preventing us from reaching intensive penetration, everything else is according to your marketing idea."


"However, that 'scientific editorial' that goes out twice a day did not seem to have any obvious effects. Our Brain Gold sales did not have any significant increases."

"Don't worry. Wait for the broadcast of the advertisement."

"Teacher Zhang, are you sure there won't be any problems? All my wealth is on the line. If this really fails, I will really have to go home and be a garbage collector."

"Don't worry. It won't happen."

"Then...Alright. Rest well."

After throwing his phone to the side, Zhang Ye yawned and slapped his face. Only then did he become a bit more awake. He also did not plan on sleeping any longer since this was not his house. He definitely had to be a bit more restricted in President Wu's house. Hence, he pulled the blanket away and got out of bed, and went to bathroom to wash up. As there was no hot water, the moment his face was drenched with cold water, he was immediately much more awake. Zhang Ye was not unaccustomed to this. As the saying went, it was best to use cold water to wash one's face in a winter morning.


Wu Zeqing was already up.

"Sis Wu, you are already awake?" Zhang Ye went to the first floor of the villa.

She was sitting on the sofa watching television. She looked over upon hearing him speak. "Hur Hur, I just woke up too. My nephew gave me a call, mentioning the advertisement."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "He gave me a call too, saying that it would air at 11."

Wu Zeqing asked, "Are you hungry?"

Zhang Ye said, "I'm fine, I'll eat at home, so there's no need to trouble you."

She said, "Aren't your parents at work today? There will be nothing for you to eat at home either, so make do with what I have here. Well, let's eat early and treat it as lunch."

Zhang Ye did not refuse, "Then I'll not stand on ceremony. Your cooking skills are right up my alley. Just thinking about your cooking makes me salivate. I'll eat another meal of yours."

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, "That's all that matters if you like it. If you aren't satisfied with anything, you can give me suggestions so that I can improve. You sometimes don't mean what you say."

Zhang Ye said exasperatedly, "No, it's really delicious. I'm not trying to curry favor with you."

Wu Zeqing chuckled. "Alright. Take a seat. I'll prepare lunch. If you want some tea, pour it yourself. If you want to watch TV, go ahead and change the channel. Make yourself at home."

Zhang Ye wanted to help out, but was rejected by Wu Zeqing. She was adamant about not letting him do anything. Zhang Ye could only sit on the sofa watching TV. From time to time, he would glance at the beautiful figure busying herself in the open kitchen. Wu Zeqing was wearing a white sweater. It had a wide and plump style and was not furry. It had a lot of leeway. Her pants were an ordinary whitish-gray pair of slacks. She was very suitable for such pale, light colored clothes, as it made her have an endearing temperament. She looked very gentle with her flowing hair. Hey, let's stop talking about it!

Washing the vegetables.

Cutting the vegetables.

This scene was like a piece of art.

Be it her work or cooking, Wu Zeqing did thinks very calmly. She was the kind that did things neither too fast nor too slow. She was never flustered and did things prim and proper.

She was done cooking.

The two of them began eating.

"Oh! Delicious!"

"The fire was a bit too big for the potatoes. It wasn't done well."

"Not at all, this level of heat is perfect. It wouldn't be nice if it’s too crumbly."

The television was always on Beijing Television Station. Suddenly, a familiar jingle was heard.

Zhang Ye's ears perked up when he heard it. He cleared his throat and put down his chopsticks, immediately looking at the TV screen. "Sis Wu, it has begun. This is the commercial."

Wu Zeqing also turned her head to look at it.

The commercial was aired right after a Beijing Television Station entertainment program which had pretty good ratings. The time slot was also not bad. Immediately, there were two characters Zhang Ye was familiar with on the screen. One was an old man, and another an old woman. This was designed by a professional according to Zhang Ye's requirements. It was nearly produced in the exact same fashion as his world's "Brain Platinum" television commercial.

The moment they appeared, the two old animated characters began dancing.

"I will not accept any gifts this year!"

No gifts accepted, no gifts accepted! No gifts accepted, no gifts accepted!"

"The only gift I will accept is Brain Gold! Brain...Gold!"

The final scene was Zhang Ye holding Brain Gold's commercial logo. It was about a second long. Zhang Ye's picture was fleeting because in the next moment, the commercial ended.

Wu Zeqing did not speak a word.

Zhang Ye coughed and said, "Was that OK?"

She asked, "You only have that one shot?"

Zhang Ye acknowledged, "The main focus wasn't supposed to be me."

Wu Zeqing laughed, saying, "I won't evaluate the commercial. I don't have much prior knowledge on this subject. You are the professional in this area. You have done a few commercials, and all of them have been successful. You naturally have much more say and authority than others. Since you planned on doing it this way, you definitely have your reasons. Here, let's carry on eating."

Upon hearing what she said, Zhang Ye started to feel the pressure. "Actually, I only am 90% confident. There is always a 10% chance of uncertainty. You can never be sure of some things."

Wu Zeqing comforted him. "I've seen a poem before, called 'In Future We Trust'. I heard it even saved a life. That poem was written by you, right? I think it was very good. Believe in yourself. You have the strength and the ability. What should be done has been done. Doubt and fear do not help you in any way. Even if Little Mo's company goes bankrupt, it is also due to his mismanagement as he lacks talent in business. It had nothing to do with you."

It may be the case, but if it was any other company, Zhang Ye would have just been their spokesperson and not worry about anything else, but this time, it was different. It was Wu Zeqing's nephew's company, so Zhang Ye was naturally very concerned about it. He would not fool or joke around with such matters.

Let's hope so!

Let's hope the trajectory would be the same as his worlds!

After the meal, Zhang Ye insisted on washing the dishes, but was still pushed away by Wu Zeqing once more. Helplessly, he could only symbolically wipe the table and had nothing left to do. After bidding farewell, he drove home himself.


At home.

His parents were not around, as they were at work.

Zhang Ye did not sit idle. The moment he returned home, he switched on his computer to check the situation with the promotional strategy that he had designed. He was too busy to keep up with it over the past few days as he was busy. He did not worry too much about it, but after snapping pictures for Wu Zeqing last night and seeing so many pictures he should not have seen, upgrading their level of intimacy, Zhang Ye became more concerned. He did not dare to be sloppy about it. He read all the editorials and the internet publicity. Indeed, they were executed according to his instructions. However, his world's "Brain Platinum" went through a gradual process. It had undergone a long period of accumulation. However, Brain Gold did not have as much time to set up the process. They could only bombard with greater intensity, adhering to the core ideas. It was as intensive as the commercial could be. It managed to be just in time for the Chinese New Year season. Tomorrow was Chinese New Year’s Eve, so it was at an opportune time! Success all depended on this moment!

Pit-a-pat. Zhang Ye began typing and according to the 'specimen' of his previous world, he typed out a few editorials and sent it to the advertising company, letting them implement it as soon as possible!

By chance, Zhang Ye clicked on Weibo and caught a glimpse of the comments regarding Brain Gold. Without counting, ten out of the ten comments were all cursing!

"Pfft! What is this!"

"I feel like my eyes have been blinded!"

"What sort of retarded advertisement was that!?"

"Brain Gold? I think you are Brainless Gold!"

"F**k! Why is Teacher Zhang's figure shown right at the end of such a crappy advertisement? It can't be! This does not conform to Teacher Zhang's overall image!"

"I'm wondering why too. Why did Teacher Zhang endorse such a health supplement company? It's such a knock off! It's too shitty! Teacher Zhang did not look at the advertising content when he took on the endorsement?"

"Was Teacher Zhang scammed?"

"I think so. The advertising company probably fooled Zhang Ye!"

"Even video websites have this Brain Gold commercial! It's a trap! I've nearly been brainwashed! How can there be such a rubbish commercial?!"

Suddenly, someone revealed insider news: "Zhang Ye was not scammed. I know someone from this advertising company. According to reliable news, this commercial and the series of promotions were all planned by Zhang Ye alone. They were only executing it to his standard. This endorsement was not a result of forcing Zhang Ye!"


"That's not true, right?"

"It's true. I actually heard that too!"

"Impossible. Everyone knows Teacher Zhang's commercial planning skills. Be it the electricity conservation or 'I'll speak for myself', they were all top commercials in the industry. They would likely be placed into education textbooks in the future. With Zhang Ye's ability, how could he possibly have come up with this crap?"

"Can this even called a commercial? I'm almost crying from watching it!"

"Exhorting the television station and websites to stop broadcasting this commercial! My ears!"

"I will not accept any gifts this year, the only gift I will accept is Brain Gold! I can f**king sing it already! I'm shocked that such a brainless commercial is so catchy!"

"What has Teacher Zhang done!?"

"Zhang Ye has come up with another a mind-blowing move!"

"Haha, I'm delighted to see this. I'm waiting to see a fool made of someone!"

"Does Zhang Ye think he is too popular? He's trying to disperse some of it?"

"No matter how high the endorsement fee given to Zhang Ye was, such a crappy commercial should not be accepted. This is killing the golden goose! It will decrease his popularity! Is Zhang Ye dumb?"

"This commercial was produced by Zhang Ye. Who knows what he's thinking?!"

On the entire internet, be it Weibo, Tieba, or discussion forums, discussion about the product "Brain Gold" appeared beginning in the morning. And no one praised it. Yes, not a single one. Everyone was cursing at it. In the history of advertising, this could also be considered a miracle!