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Chapter 385: Completely Sold Out in the Supermarkets!

Chapter 385


Zhang Ye and Wu Mo had an exchange over the phone.

Over the phone, Wu Mo sounded like he was about to cry. "Brother Zhang, you are my true bro. Didn't you say that this commercial would be fine? Why is all of society cursing at it!? Just visiting any website or opening Weibo, there are only comments cursing our company's product. Our Brain Gold is completely infamous! The editorials actually had some effect, but now, our fame and reputation is completely ruined!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Rest assured CEO Wu."

"Can I really?" Wu Mo asked anxiously, "How do we carry on promoting now? There's no way of promoting it in any other way. There's also no more time left. We can't reverse this terrible situation! You might not know. Even other health supplement companies, who are also trying to advertise during the festive period, are all laughing at us!"

Zhang Ye said, "Look at the sales."

"It's already been cursed so badly. If the sales are good, I'll cut my head off!" Wu Mo asserted.

Zhang Ye was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry as he said, "CEO Wu, it's Chinese New Year. You shouldn't say such words. Actually, I wasn't too sure this commercial would work previously, but now, seeing so many people curse at it, I'm already 99% certain that everything will be fine. We are not afraid of being cursed. The more curses, the better!"

Wu Mo said, "Ah? Why so?"

Zhang Ye said, "I have a suggestion now. That is to continue producing the product. Produce as much as you can. Replenish the stockpiles, or you will miss out on a huge opportunity."

"Replenish some more? We already have a lot in stock." Wu Mo said.

Zhang Ye said firmly, "Believe me. This is all temporary. I dare assure you that from today onwards, Brain Gold's sales will absolutely have no competition!"


The sound of keys jingled. It must be his parents returning home.

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "I still have something on, so that will be all CEO Wu." Hanging up, he went out the bedroom and saw his parents enter the house. "You’re back so early?"

Dad took off his shoes. "It's the eve of Chinese New Year tomorrow, so we were able to get off work early today."

Mom did not look pleasant. "Why didn't you come home yesterday?"

"Hai, I drank too much and ended up sleeping at a friend's place." Zhang Ye brushed it off with a vague statement.

The television was still on. At this moment, Brain Gold's commercial aired once again. The sound attracted his parents' attention as they turned to give it a look.

Mom said in a speechless manner, "What sort of retarded commercial is that!?"

Dad also said, "The quality of advertisements these days are getting lower and lower! Anything can be aired by television stations these days. Aren't they afraid of ridicule?"

Zhang Ye: "..."

Finally, the scene cut to Zhang Ye holding up Brain Gold's logo.

Mom was momentarily stunned. "Son! Why did you appear in the commercial!?"

Zhang Ye said with a wry smile, "Didn't I tell the both of you last time? I am endorsing a health supplement company. It's this Brain Gold."

Mom was dumbfounded as she said, "You planned this commercial?"

"Yes, it was planned by me." Zhang Ye said.

Mom could not stand for this. She immediately began lashing out at her son. This time, Dad stood on Mom’s side. They began nagging, saying things like how he as a host. A layman should not do commercials or things like how producing such a crappy commercial was scamming the health supplement company. Mom was very greedy, but was also a honest person. For her son to take so much in endorsement fees from them to produce such a commercial, it was not worth the price of over a million. Mom also felt bad about it. There was no need to mention Dad. Dad was a person who had worked hard for all his life. He was never covetous of small gains. He did not take a single cent from his office, so he could not accept this!

Dad reprimanded him. "You are causing them harm!"

Mom said with worry, "If their company goes bankrupt, they will definitely sue you."

Zhang Ye could not explain it to them. "Aiyah, Dad, Mom. You are overthinking it. Don't worry with how I do things. I have an idea. Right, tomorrow is the eve of Chinese New Year, I'll go out and buy some things. I need to bring it to both granny's place. I’ll be heading out." He took the opportunity to escape.



There was a large store downstairs.

Zhang Ye wore shades and a face mask and pushed a cart in the shopping district. He began to pick things out to buy, such as fruits, cigarettes, and wine. He got a bit of everything. These things were all essential.

Suddenly, he saw Brain Gold's shelf!

There were seven or eight youths standing there, looking through it.

"This is the Brain Gold from the commercial, right? The packaging isn't too bad."

"I also saw the commercial. Many people on the internet were discussing this health product. It's pretty hot right now. I'll buy two boxes for my parents."

"Is this thing really effective?"

"It should be. I saw some reports on the internet saying that there's something very important for the brain. It needs supplements for it. It has something to do with memory loss while aging."

"Oh, then I should buy two boxes too."

"Why is it so expensive?"

"Good things are naturally expensive. It's only once a year anyway. We’ll buy it."

"Forget it. I'll grit my teeth and buy it. You’re right. It's just once a year. It wouldn't cause too much pain for my wallet. It's for the elders anyway."

A few people walked past and more than ten boxes of Brain Gold were removed from the shelf.

Not far away, a few people inquired with the supermarket staff.

"Big Sis, is there Brain Gold?"

"Yes, it's over there."


"This Brain Gold is selling out pretty quickly. It's almost sold out in a single afternoon. You should buy it early. I think we’ll be out of stock by night fall. It's the Chinese New Year after all, so gifting these types of things to your elders are the best. It's something worthy enough and has health effects."

"Alright, then I need to rush to get a few boxes!"

"If I get more, can I get a discount? My Mom heard from a neighbor that she saw some article on the internet. She specified to not give anything this year but Brain Gold."

"Oh, it currently isn't being discounted."

"Alright then. I still need to buy them, even if there are no discounts. Hai, the elders have already spoken."

As Zhang Ye pushed his cart past it, he noticed that the number of Brain Gold boxes left on the shelf numbered less than twenty. The other 90% of the space was empty, apparently bought out by others. He was not surprised. He smiled and carried on moving forward to buy his things. The health supplement industry was very intense. It was more obvious during festive seasons. What was typically most important about health supplements? Firstly, the effects. Since it had received the nation's approval, it must have some effect. Furthermore, these sort of things were not regularly bought. Commoners could not afford to eat this every day, so they were not very familiar with the effects, so what did they rely on? And what did they make their choice based on? Zhang Ye's commercial gave an answer!

From promotions!

From planning!

The health supplement's commercial was different from the typical daily supplement commercial at its very core!

Everyone was cursing at it? Zhang Ye was not afraid of that at all. It was better with more of such criticisms. This was an embodiment of popularity. He was afraid that when the commercial dropped, it would not result in even the tiny ripple. That would really be hurting! Zhang Ye was in the entertainment industry, so he knew this rationale. Wasn't popularity that resulted from being cursed at still popularity? It was too! Just like his world's Brain Platinum commercial, wasn't that commercial also cursed at, but in the end, what happened? Brain Platinum's sales surged! And Brain Platinum company did not change their commercial after all these years! It was always that "I will not accept any gifts this year"! Just this line alone made everyone think that this brainless commercial would go down the dark path of death!

But why did they dare to carry doing so? It was all from their great market sales!

Although people were cursing at it, everyone still bought the products after cursing!

Deciding if something had truly worked was proven by market and sales, and not the voices of people. If they listened to the so-called voices of everyone, the Brain Platinum from Zhang Ye's world would probably not have hit such a large scale.

This matter seemed somewhat contradictory, and was quite strange, but that was what happened. What people said didn’t reflect what they did. As people cursed at Brain Gold's commercial, it did not prevent them from buying a few boxes for their parents and elders.

When it came to commercials, it was a profound art. Zhang Ye was not a professional in advertising, and for the core concepts, he was actually only able to ambiguously understand it. He only understood what contributed to the current situation. Firstly, brainwashing. Secondly, using the festive season card. Thirdly, using the parents and elders card. In a single day, the commercial was already so hot. Its visibility was also increasing. What was the most important when giving gifts during the holidays? It was all about giving something substantial, something healthy. The most important thing was giving face. If you gave a health supplement no one knew about, it would seem weak. With Brain Gold suddenly appearing, it immediately took over all the chances for the health supplement market to promote their brand. Its sales naturally increased as a result! There were even children who did not know what to gift for the holidays. After seeing the commercial, they were given an inclination and subtle hint that if a gift were to be given, it should be Brain Gold! They did not need to wrack their brains over it, allowing them to choose their gift immediately!

Zhang Ye deliberately waited for a while. Twenty minutes later, he walked past the shelf again, and the Brain Gold here was already emptied out! There was not a single box left. It was all sold out!

Then, he saw a few supermarket staff rush over, moving boxes over. They then places boxes of Brain Gold onto the shelf. Apparently, they had just received the goods. Wu Mo's company definitely made a return!

"It sold so fast?"

"I'll have a box too!"

"It actually doesn’t look bad. I'll buy some for my Dad!"

Many people saw how well the sales were and also bought it!


The other supermarkets, other exclusive retailers of Brain Gold, online shops, and in various provinces and regions, such a miraculous scene was constantly repeated!

"It's sold out?"

"I just saw the commercial and came. Why is it out of stock already?"

"I even told my family I'll buy them gifts."

"Everyone, please wait a moment. Brain Gold is currently in short supply. We have contacted the supplier and the goods will be delivered soon. Please wait another ten minutes!"


In Zhang Ye's world, someone had once mentioned that for Brain Platinum to have today's scale, creating a legend of the present, it was all a result of that brainless commercial!

In the past, Zhang Ye felt it was a bit too exaggerated.

But now, it did not seem exaggerated in any way!

Chapter 385: Completely Sold Out in the Supermarkets!