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Chapter 386: Brain Gold is Selling Like Hotcakes!


Brain Gold Company Headquarters.

Wu Mo sat in his office, depressed. On the display screen were all sorts of cursing at the commercial they had paid an arm and a leg for. He flipped through it from top to bottom and from left to right. He was stunned that there was not a single message or comment of praise to be seen. Not a single one! His heart hit rock bottom!

My company is done for!

He was going to go utterly bankrupt!

Health supplements were not easily approved. Wu Mo had started from scratch, spending a lot of time trying to get the right to sell the product, but today, everything had come to an end. He lost his last bit of hope on the final bet that he made. His face was ashen!

Everyone in the company was pretty much in the same mood. The employees had all seen the commercial. In the beginning, they did not understand the commercial's content, but after watching it, they were completely dumbfounded.

"This commercial..."

"We're finished. The company is doomed."

"Hai, everyone be prepared."

"There's no need to prepared. I've already packed my things."

"My Mom helped me find some job in finance by pulling some strings. I'll be starting work there next week. Everyone, seek out your future path."

"I heard this commercial was produced by Zhang Ye? That's all the ability he has?!"

"Wasn't it said that Zhang Ye's commercial planning was top of the industry? Why did he produce such a trashy commercial? Let's not even talk about the others, even I think it's brainless!"

"Hai, CEO Wu is nice to us. If the company doesn't go bankrupt, I really want to carry on working here."

"Me too, but there's no other way. The company won't be able to operate any further. Who will give us our salaries?"

However, just as everyone was preparing to wait for the bankruptcy notice, the company's phones suddenly began ringing. The moment one rang, a few more rang!

Ring, ring, ring!

Ring, ring, ring!

Ring, ring, ring!

It sounded like a concert!

"That gave me a fright."

"What's the situation?"

"Why are there so many phone calls?"

A female employee picked up the phone listlessly. "Hello, this is Brain Gold Health Supplement Company...Ah? What are you saying? Chenfeng Supermarket wants to reserve 200 boxes? Are...are you sure? Really 200 boxes...Ah, no I don't mean that...Alright, alright, alright! I, we'll immediately move the goods!"

The other employees encountered similar situations. "What? Reserve 500 boxes of Brain Gold?" After hanging up, he turned around to look at his colleagues, stunned. "This...This isn't some scam right?"

An old employee hung up the phone in shock, "I have Yonglian Supermarket over here! They want a total of 2000 boxes of Brain Gold to be shipped to all the Yonglian supermarket chains in Beijing! Holy sh*t, 2000 boxes!"

The female employee also cried out. "Madness! This bunch of people must be mad!"


Wu Mo's office.

A department head rushed in without knocking on the door. "CEO Wu!"

Wu Mo was very easy going with his employees and was not bothered about it. "Old Zhang, what's the matter? You nearly scared me out of my wits. Are you here to tender your resignation? It's fine. I'll approve of it."

Old Zhang pointed outside, panting. Clearly he had run upstairs with a single breath. "Br...Brain Gold...Phew...is selling like hotcakes! !"

Wu Mo said in amusement, "What are you saying?"

Old Zhang said agitatedly, "It's really selling like hotcakes! We just received orders from eleven large supermarket retailers! We have also received calls from 57 smaller supermarkets around the country and reservations from individuals and online stores! In the past ten minutes or so! We have received reservations numbering a total of 38,000 boxes! And it’s still increasing!"

Wu Mo leaped up on his feet. "How is that possible!?"

Old Zhang trembled and said, "CEO Wu, what do we do now? I've never seen such momentum. The employees outside are all flustered. They think it's a scam!"

"I'll take a look!" Wu Mo charged out and said, "Contact the other shareholders! Get everyone here quickly! Also! Contact the factory! Produce goods overnight! The machines are not to be stopped! Procurement of the raw materials are to be restarted! Regardless if this matter is the truth or a lie, we should produce at maximum production! Take out all of the goods we have stockpiled! We must ensure a constant, steady supply!" At this moment, such courage was needed!


At night.

The sky turned dark.

Zhang Ye returned from shopping.

"Dad, Mom, I'm back."

"Hmph, wash your hands and get ready to eat."

"I bought you some things. Take a look."

"Put it aside. I'm still cooking and can't leave."

"I'll help you. It's not a problem for me to cut some vegetables."

"Enough. The vegetables you cut end up looking like scraps for a dog. Stay aside."

Mom and Dad exiled Zhang Ye from the kitchen. As he smiled, he put down his things and waited for dinner. The cursing on the internet, as well as the specific sales situation of Brain Gold, had nothing to do with him. Now, he was at home, thinking of having a good meal. He had been in Shanghai for such a long time, and then busying himself at Peking University to teach. Although he was at home daily, he did not spend much time with his parents. Without returning home last night, he had infuriated his Mom. Zhang Ye knew very well that Mom was not being intrusive on his whereabouts, but because she knew he would return to Shanghai for work after the Chinese New Year. It was unknown when he would return again. There were only a few more days left for him to stay at home and spend time with them. Mom wanted Zhang Ye to stay at home to chat with them. Even if they didn't chat, just eating a meal and watching together was a kind of warmth.

Ring Ring. He received another phone call.

Zhang Ye had received numerous phone calls already.

This time, it was Yao Mi's father, Yao Jiancai. "Hello, old bro Zhang. I'm Old Yao. You..."

Zhang Ye cut him off with a laugh. "Old Yao, don't speak. Let me guess. Are you going to ask why I was so stupid to take on this crappy advertisement?"

Yao Jiancai was momentarily stunned, "Yeah, how do you know?"

Zhang Ye said with amusement, "You are the eighth person to call me this afternoon. All of you said the same thing. Can you say something fresh to me? Also, this advertisement and the series of promotions were all planned and supervised by me. Don't you say crappy advertisement, I don't like hearing that."

Yao Jiancai nearly fainted. "Damn you rascal. It was really planned by you? You sure are good. I'm really amused watching this crappy advertisement. I can already sing it. I've seen shitty advertisements, but I have never seen one as shitty as this before!" He was old friends with Zhang Ye, so he did not care if Zhang Ye liked hearing what he said. He still hung the words "crappy advertisement" on his lips. "Haha, anyway be careful. I heard SARFT is planning on a new stringent policy. Everyone is worried. You sure are good. You dare to commit such things despite the prevailing wind. Such low quality commercials are probably included in the crackdown."

Zhang Ye was speechless. "Don't worry. It will be fine."

"As long as you are aware of it. My daughter is waiting for me to eat dinner. Bye." Yao Jiancai said.

After hanging up, Mom brought the dishes out. "Why are you busier than the country's president?"

Dad smacked his lips and said, "Our son is busy with work. Look at you, profiting from the toil of others."

Mom retained some of her anger and said, "He produced such a crappy commercial, and you call that busy with work? Just now Mengmeng's mother called, saying everyone on the internet is scolding our son!"

Dad frowned, saying, "This money sure wasn't earned without guilt."

Mom tsked. "He just had some fame and reputation, but has thrown it all away with his own hands. Who would dare ask you to be a spokesperson in the future!?"

The two elders were still unhappy.

Zhang Ye chuckled and wasn't mad. He picked up his cellphone and said, "Mom, look. I'll switch off my cellphone, alright? I won't be going out for the next few days. I'll accompany you to spend the Chinese New Year with you guys. I'll follow wherever the two of you go. I will not have any objections, alright?" Then he exclaimed in an exaggerated fashion, "Hey! Did you fry chicken wings? Great, I love eating those! This color, with some redness in the white, and some white in the redness. Its fragrant, fatty, but not greasy. It's too perfect! Only my Mom could make something that tastes this good!"

Dad: "..."

Mom was so infuriated by him that she chuckled. "You only know how to flatter!"

Twenty minutes later, all the dishes were served and they began eating.

Zhang Ye could not wait and began using his chopsticks. "It's such a feast today. Let me try it. Wow, this is delicious. Hey, this is also delicious!"

Just as they were half-done with their meal.

Brain Gold's commercial appeared on the television once again. It seemed like Wu Mo did not just buy a single time slot, but bought an entire package. Maybe there was complimentary time given. He had invested quite a lot. No wonder he placed so much emphasis on this commercial production back then. A majority of the company's funds had been invested into this!

Dad said, "In a while, give a phone call to the company you are endorsing. Apologize to them. In the future, just be a host. You are prohibited from doing commercials."

Mom asked, "They won't ask for a refund, right?"

Dad said, "A refund would only be right. We scammed them terribly!"

Zhang Ye could do nothing about it, nor could he explain it to them properly. "Dad, Mom, you don't have to worry so much. Let's eat and not think about other things."

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong. It was unknown who it was.

Mom put down her chopsticks and pushed the chair aside with her leg. She went over to answer the door. "Who is it?"

When the door opened, the figure of a youth appeared. "Excuse me, is this Teacher Zhang Ye's house?"

Mom was stunned and said vigilantly. "Yes." Could it be a fan?

The youth was holding all sorts of packages in his hands. There were fruits and supplements. Upon hearing this, he placed the items on the ground and grasped Zhang Ye's mother's hands. He excitedly said, "You are Teacher Zhang's mother?! You look so alike! Only a beauty with a temperament like aunt can produce such a talented son like Teacher Zhang! I have longed wanted to visit you and uncle. Today's meeting really tells me you are equal to your reputation!" Then he hurriedly picked his items up once more. "These are for you and uncle. Just a few gifts, nothing worth much. This is my New Year's greetings!"

There was flattery.

There were gifts.

Mom was a bit in a daze. "Who are you?"

Zhang Ye peeked his head out. "Hey, CEO Wu, why did you come?" Then he said to his parents, "This is CEO Wu Mo. He is Brain Gold Health Supplement Company's major shareholder."


Speak of the devil!

Dad and Mom were already feeling guilty. They had just mentioned this matter and now the person in question had come to their house. Was he being courteous first before he went to arms? By giving some gifts first courteously, was he going to hire a lawyer to force their son to refund the endorsement fees?

Chapter 386: Brain Gold is Selling Like Hotcakes!