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Chapter 388: An Advertising Proposal that Created History!

Chapter 388: An Advertising Proposal that Created History!

At home.

After sending away his guest, Zhang Ye closed the door and returned to his seat

Mom said with a beaming smile, "Son, come and drink something."

Zhang Ye said, "Mom, didn't I say, you don't have to worry about matters that deal with my work."

"I wasn't worried." Mom gave some tea to her son and then pointed to her husband. "It's all because of your father's worrying. I say, what does an old man like you know? Just worrying over nothing!"

Dad nearly coughed out a mouthful of blood. "When did it become my fault?"

"Are you saying that it was me?" Mom was denying any relation with him. "I have always believed in my son. How bad can the commercials he produce be? Take a look. He is a company's chief executive. Such stature, yet he personally came to give us his new year's greetings. He even brought so much stuff, and even asked for our son's forgiveness! He even took the initiative to ask for a change in contract, adding more to the endorsement fee. Actually, when I saw the commercial this afternoon, I already found it extraordinary!"

Dad ignored her and carried on reading his newspapers. "Alright, say whatever you want to say."

Zhang Ye was also amused. "Mom, don't keep angering Dad."

"Alright, I'm ignoring him." Mom pulled Zhang Ye over to the sofa. "How do you plan on spending that three million yuan? Do you think it’s time for me to learn how to drive now?"

Dad interjected, "It's already tiring for you to go downstairs. What driving are you even talking about?"

Mom stared at him. "So what if I drive? It's none of your business!"

"Little Ye, don't listen to your mother. You can buy a car for anyone but her." Dad said, "You might not know, but when you were young, I had a quarrel with your Mom. In the end, your Mom really rode a trishaw all the way to the Beihe province! She disappeared for a day, nearly making me call the police. And it was one of those old-school, crappy trishaws. She dared to even cross provinces, if you give her a vehicle with four wheels, she will probably cross the ocean!"

Mom was slightly annoyed, "Why are you bringing up something from so many years ago!"

Zhang Ye chuckled and said, "Mom, so you actually have a criminal record?"

"What do you know?" Mom tsked. "Back then, your Dad made me so angry, that I grabbed you and got on a trishaw. I didn't care about anything and just kept cycling in one direction. Finally when I was mollified, and looked up, I nearly had a fright. A large signboard wrote — Beihe Province Welcomes You! I didn't expect to ride so far, so I hurriedly cycled back with you. When I reached home, my legs nearly broke!"

Dad added on. "You also caused the child to catch a cold."

"Isn't that your fault?" Mom rolled her eyes at him.

The old coupled bickered again.

Zhang Ye was amused and continued listening.

Over here, the family was "enjoying abundance of happiness", but on the internet, the storm regarding "Zhang Ye's Brainless Commercial" was not over. It was still in the heat of the moment.


On Weibo.


"The TV is airing that Brainless Gold again!"

"God damn it! Teacher Zhang, please spare me! How many times has this commercial been aired today?"

"In the past, I always wished to watch Teacher Zhang's video lectures when he was a part of Peking University. Just seeing him made me happy. I was full of anticipation. Now, seeing Teacher Zhang in this commercial, I can't look at it anymore!"

"The commercial is too idiotic!"

"That's right, I've never seen one so idiotic before!"

"Brain Gold's company sure is bold. They even dared to use such a commercial given by Teacher Zhang?"

There were commoners scolding, and there were members of the advertising industry who stood forward, questioning the "low-quality" and "low-morals" of the commercial. There were even advertising industry insiders who said such a commercial could not even be called a commercial. It was too trashy and did not comply with advertising standards and requirements.

The last line was written by the industry insider as follows: "Even an idiot would not buy a product promoted by such a trashy commercial!"

"That's right."

"Only idiots would buy this!"

Many people echoed.

Then, a piece of news came out!

Following that, everyone was stunned!

This was published by an online news agency. They had done preliminary market statistics and had interviewed members from Brain Gold company's headquarters in Beijing. "The moment we entered Brain Gold company's office, our reporters were stunned by the scene before their very eyes. There were more than a dozen phones on the tables constantly ringing. The employees were all busy picking up calls for additional orders. They were all too busy. Even the company's leaders had to help pick up phone calls to deal with the logistics. We interviewed the company's chief executive, Wu Mo. CEO Wu brought our reporters to his company, and took out a report of today's sales and pre ordering records. Just today, in less than a day's of sales, Brain Gold has already reached the Brain Gold sales volume for an entire quarter from last year! The exact figures have not been produced by Brain Gold company, but according to Wu Mo and relevant personnel, Brain Gold's sales volume has increased by at least a hundred times! When the actual statistics are produced, this number might be even larger than expected!"


"A hundred times!?"

"This news must be fooling us, right!?"

Everyone shouted out, expressing their disbelief. They just couldn't believe it!

The news article also wrote: "Later on, when the reporters asked CEO Wu what the reason for the sudden rise of Brain Gold. As a relatively new product, being able to get such an overwhelming advantage during the Chinese New Year, a period when the health supplements market is at its most intense, the only reason given by CEO Wu was a few words. He said 'due to advertising promotions'. As the reporters pursued the matter, CEO Wu did not reveal the exact advertising strategy, but did thank Teacher Zhang Ye. The commercial planning was supervised and implemented by Zhang Ye alone from beginning to end. CEO Wu told our reporters that other than the excellent quality of the product, choosing Teacher Zhang Ye as the spokesperson for their product, as well as delegating the responsibility of developing the advertising strategy, was the best choice their company had ever made!"

Upon seeing this news, everyone could not accept it!

"It can't be!"

"Is everyone mad?"

"People actually believe this commercial?"

The industry insider who had just bombarded Brain Gold's commercial also jumped out, publicly questioning the veracity of Brain Gold's sales volume. He believed it was faked!

Following that, another piece of news came out!

Beijing Times' official Weibo: "Today, our reporters visited various supermarkets in Beijing to survey the sales situation regarding health products during the festive holidays. The results of our survey exceeded our reporters' expectations. The shelves of major brands were desolate and cold. Rows of products were neatly placed on their shelves, as if untouched. However, on Brain Gold's counter and shelf, when reporters visited, there were five supermarkets whose shelves of Brain Gold had been completely emptied. There were four other supermarkets who had only eight boxes of Brain Gold left on their shelves. When the reporters queried the salesperson, the person's answer was that this was the second batch of goods to sell out that day. They had received a new batch of goods from Brain Gold company at the last minute, but also nearly sold out by night time. Many people, who came to the supermarket, would rush straight for Brain Gold's shelves. They were all meant for gifting their relatives and seniors. Tomorrow was the eve of Chinese New Year, and the salesperson told our reporter that the demand for Brain Gold tomorrow might be even higher. According to the sales situation, the momentum of this growth might continue past the Chinese New Year!"

Another news media: "Brain Gold! A marketing miracle is born!"

The fourth media agency: "From today onwards, Brain Gold will have a spot in the intense competition amongst health products. Our reporters interviewed a few companies that also sell health products, and their market analysts told our reporters that they found the outcome incredulous. They even added that Brain Gold's miraculous sales had to have a master advertising planner behind the scenes. However, he expressed that he was not familiar with the advertising company Brain Gold company hired. He believed that only a top advertising company would have such an ability, and being able to grasp the situation regarding the health product market so accurately. When our reporter mentioned that the advertising strategy was suggested by Zhang Ye, he turned silent momentarily before saying 'no wonder, so it was him'. Finally, he even expressed that when Zhang Ye's contract with Brain Gold expires next year, they had the intention to negotiate with Zhang Ye to work with him as well."

Zhang Ye's contract did not limit him to other endorsements. He could actually endorse products like shampoo and beverages. He was only restricted from endorsing health products. This was something that was definitely in the contract.

One agency's news was fake?

But it couldn't be false when so many official media agencies were reporting it!

'God, please tell me this isn't true!"

"Hahahaha! Teacher Zhang is too hilarious! He has once again succeeded in wiping everyone out!"

"The two words Zhang Ye means miracles! Why do I love Teacher Zhang Ye so much?! Just seeing him speak and him doing things make me overjoyed!"

"This commercial is really godly!"

"So the brainless commercial that everyone is scolding is so awesome?"

"Some people are having their faces smacked! Face-smacking Zhang is in action again!"

"I'm dying of laughter! Teacher Zhang Ye is too good at stirring up trouble!"

"It can't be refuted that Zhang Ye is too formidable! Just a simple idea for a commercial saved a company!"

"The dust has finally settled! Finally we can seek redress for Teacher Zhang Ye's name? Brainless commercial? How can a commercial that can increase a company's sales by a hundred times be called a brainless commercial!? Then what commercial isn't brainless? What a joke for some so-called industry insiders saying bold words that this is some trashy commercial! A commercial isn't filming a movie. So what if it looks pretty? So what if the melody is nice? The goal of a commercial's airing is to make people buy their products! Teacher Zhang Ye has given everyone in the advertising world a lesson! Today! He has once again created advertising sales history!

The so-called advertising world industry insider also became silent. He did not have the courage to appear again. It was unknown if he went offline or was silently watching behind his computer screen.

Following that, it was unknown who leaked the news, revealing the endorsement fee Brain Gold company paid to Zhang Ye. It nearly blinded many!

Zhang Ye's endorsement fee for Brain Gold products was three million a year!

As a D-list celebrity that was about to reach C-list, the endorsement fees he received was heaven defying. This was the f**king endorsement fees given to A-list celebrities! !


"I'm shocked!"

"Why is it so high?"

"This is fake too, right? A D-list celebrity getting paid as much in endorsement fees as an A-list superstar?"

"It's ridiculous, right? Is this news reliable?"

"It's reliable. I heard it from a fan. Three million, and it's just for a year!"


Many people were gasped in shock!

Even Zhang Ye's friends Liked it on Weibo.

Yao Jiancai: "Haha, congratulations to my old bro Zhang for rising to A-list!"

Su Na: "D-list getting the endorsement price of an A-lister. Teacher Zhang Ye is number one in the industry! Citizen of Peking University sending her congratulations!"

Those who did not understand the situation also watched the bustle. Those who actually understood knew very clearly that the endorsement fee was not just purely an endorsement fee. It should have included the advertising strategy fees. Brain Gold company had deliberately wrote it into his endorsement fee so as to boost his popularity. Actually, with Zhang Ye's popularity, giving him 800,000 a year for being a product's spokesperson wasn't considered low either. The remaining so-called endorsement fee was probably the cost of Zhang Ye's commercial! Hence, it was not true that Zhang Ye's endorsement fee was on par with an A-list celebrity's. It was due to Zhang Ye's brain and abilities that allowed him to exceed the levels!

Was three million expensive?

It seemed expensive, but with careful thought, it wasn't at all!

That was sales that was a hundred times higher than before! If they knew Zhang Ye's commercial would be so formidable, those larger health product advertising companies would probably be willing to pay five million!

The internet stirred. There were people still scolding, while others began to watch the advertisement with an objective eye. There were many who praised Zhang Ye to the skies too!

Things like "those who gain Zhang Ye, can rule the world!"

Things like "Once Zhang Ye makes his move, everything belongs to me!"

Even if many people did not like Brain Gold's commercial and still felt it was trash, but when Zhang Ye was mentioned, they could only respond with "awesome". Regardless of anything, his results and the outcome was right before their very eyes. Sales was the thing that spoke actual volumes. Everything else was meaningless!


That night.

Many advertising companies worked overtime. It was very rare for advertising business, or even similar circles, to work overnight on the eve of Chinese New Year. This was because they were not that busy during the festive holidays. Whatever planning that had to be done would have been cleared. The only reason for working overtime tonight was because of that commercial!

At a particular company.

In a particular office.

A department chief was playing Brain Gold's commercial on a screen. There were about eight advertising creatives and staff watching it helplessly. This was already the tenth time they had watched it in a row!

"Let's talk. What's so good about this commercial?"

"Leader, this..."

"Speak, don't daze."

"We really can't tell. It just really doesn't seem good at all."

"Not good? If it's not good, how can it create such legendary sales of a hundred times more!? Everyone will work overtime today. We have to fully digest this commercial. The higher-ups have already expressed that we have to research it, research it, and research it some more! We have to understand the core of the commercial! Everyone has to learn! After grasping it, our company will attempt to create a similar commercial after the New Year!"

"I can see the brainwashing effects. The tune is also catchy. It also subtly hints at giving gifts to your parents, but...the commercials of other health products are also similar. Why is it that only Brain Gold's commercial caught on? Could the secret be in the tune? Or is it because of the animated Grandpa and Grandma?"

Why did it catch on!?

This sort of crappy commercial shouldn't have done anything!

Everyone researched it all day without figuring out why!


At the same time.

Other advertising companies were having similar scenes play out!

"Everyone, analyze it!"

"Where is the crux of the commercial? It's so strange!"

"This doesn't fulfil logic. At the advertising school I studied in, there was no mention of such things. This commercial is dealing cards in an unexpected way. There was no precedent in the past!"

“Who has classmates or friends who work in the company that did the advertisement for Brain Gold? Give them a call and ask them. Get something out of them!"

"I have a friend there. He was one of the ones doing Brain Gold's advertisement. He was in charge of producing the animated characters, but when I asked him, he too said he did not know the core or strategy regarding this advertising promotion. He was even more unsure of where the miracle in the television commercial was. He said that it wasn't only him. Everyone in his company was just copying slavishly. However whatever Zhang Ye said to set up, they would execute and do it. The design of the characters, the tune were all planned by Zhang Ye. The rest was unknown. Zhang Ye also did not tell them!"

Everyone had a clash of opinions.

The chief was eventually infuriated as he slammed the table. "Such a large bunch of professional advertising school industry elites, and yet you are inferior to a layman who hosts for a living? People will laugh their heads of if this gets out! Carry on watching! Carry on analyzing! This commercial must have some key concept and idea! I don't believe Zhang Ye is really all-capable! He knows how to advertise, but we, as professional advertisers, don't? If any advertising company manages to hire Zhang Ye, what do we have left to compete against them with? Ah?"

That's right, how are we to compete?

Zhang Ye's ability was too perverse!

Just an idiotic commercial had been made into a miracle by Zhang Ye. Many people in the advertising industry were probably as dumbfounded as they were!

A female advertising producer meekly said, "Chief Chen, we can try to poach Teacher Zhang Ye. We can bring him on as a consultant."

Chief Chen was stunned and then slapped his thigh. "That's right! Why didn't I think of that?!"

Unfortunately, they were not the only one who thought of this idea. Many advertising companies were analyzing the stunning case study of Brain Gold, but were left fruitless. Such a commercial was impossible to imitate, hence, some people thought of getting Zhang Ye. They began to act using their own connections.

In the end, just as Zhang Ye crawled into bed, preparing to sleep late at night, his cellphone began to ring.

Chief Sun was very polite, "Hello, Teacher Zhang Ye, I hope I didn't disturb your sleep? Hur Hur, let me first give my new year well-wishes to your parents. I'm Old Sun from Dahe Advertising Company. We wish to invite you to be our company's consultant. Don't worry, we will not tie you down in the office. We will just ask you for ideas when needed, letting you analyze our advertising proposals. Also, there will be some lectures. The salary is negotiable."

Zhang Ye did not think too highly of himself. "Chief Sun, I'm am but a host."

Chief Sun smiled wryly. "You may be a host, but you have continuously created many legends in the advertising world! Others may treat you as a layman, but we won't. You are more professional than any professional in the advertising world! Do you want to consider joining our company? A annual salary of 1.5 million!"

Zhang Ye politely rejected, "Thank you for thinking so highly for me. If there is any opportunity for me to be a spokesperson in the future, I will contact you then. As for other things, let's put it aside. Sorry about that."

There were a total of four calls, all from advertising companies.

Zhang Ye rejected each one of them, and did it in a friendly manner without thinking highly of himself. Their invitation was a form of recognition and trust in his ability, so Zhang Ye had to give them face.