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Chapter 390: New Song? I“ll Write it For You!

Chapter 390: New Song? I'll Write it For You!


The three of them were eating breakfast together.

Breakfast wasn't particularly delicious. As it was Beijing, all the store owners who usually sold breakfast had gone back to their hometowns for the holidays. There was only a small store run by locals across the street that had still been open. There was really nothing much to compliment on the taste, but they would have to make do with it.

Mom grumbled, "Too much, just too much!"

Dad also understood the situation. "Every new chief brings in his aides. Now that the Spring Festival Gala has changed Executive Directors, the planning will definitely be different, nor would be it be the same, or else would it be able to highlight himself?"

Mom asked, "Little Ye, Zhang Yuanqi's past songs aren't suitable for the Spring Festival Gala?"

Zhang Ye was eating fried dough sticks. "She has song. She’s been on so many Spring Festival Gala over the years, so she must have sung a suitable song before."

Mom spoke like a layman, "Then she should just sing that!"

Zhang Ye shook his head silently. Do you think "Unforgettable Night" can be sung for her entire life? Typical songs cannot be repeated all the time!”

Dad sighed and said, "Zhang Xia also only has oldies, nothing new, so there's nothing appropriate for her. If they really had any good, new songs that match the mood, the Spring Festival Gala's production team wouldn’t dare to remove their program slots. After all, their qualifications are known by everyone."

Mom said, "Don't they all have professional teams? Get those people to write a song! They should be able to come up with something nice."

"What time is it already? It's almost time for the final rehearsal. It will be the official live broadcast tonight. How can a song be written in this short amount of time now? No matter how awesome a music composer is, he won't be able to write one so quick. Composing a song isn't as simple as going out on the street and buying cabbages like they are worth nothing." Dad waved his chopsticks. "Don't worry about it. Just eat. It was also fated that Little Ye's song can't be on the Spring Festival Gala. There will be other chances in the future."

Mom continued grumbling about the bunch of directors. Zhang Ye's temper was probably inherited from his Mom, as they could not put up with anything.

They had finished eating breakfast.

Zhang Ye put his chopsticks down before straightening his clothes. "Dad, Mom, I'll be out for a while." Saying that, he went back to his room to grab his wallet and cellphone, before putting on a coat.

Dad frowned, "What are you doing?"

"It's only 6." Mom looked at her watch. "We still need to go to your paternal grandma’s later."

Zhang Ye said calmly, "I have something to do. I'll try to rush back before noon."

Mom's face scrunched up. "No, nothing is more important than spending the new year together! Don't you go running anywhere!"

Zhang Ye said, "Mom, I really need to go out for a little. If I'm not back by noon, don't wait for me. Eat your meals and help me apologize to my aunts."

"You darn brat don’t listen to me..." Mom carried on.

Dad looked at his son's expression and held his wife back. "...Let him go."

Mom turned nasty. "What's he going for? No matter what happens, he still needs to pass the new year!"

Dad said calmly, "Our son is all grown up. He knows how to handle things." After saying that, he said to his son, "Go on. Don't worry about family matters. Your mother and I will help you make things better."

"Thanks Dad." Zhang Ye nodded and left.



He drove his BMW and left the district.

On the way, Zhang Ye gave Zhang Yuanqi a call. "We're sorry, but the number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable." Despite making a few calls, it did not connect.

Out of options, Zhang Yuanqi gave Zhang Yuanqi's manager, Fang Weihong, a ring.

Du Du.

It was connected after two rings.

"Sister Fang, it's me." Zhang Ye said.

"Little Zhang, is there something you need me for?" Fang Weihong's side sounded chaotic. There was a lot of noise, so she was definitely outside.

Zhang Ye slowed his car and stopped by the roadside. "I just called Sister Zhang, but could not get through. Are you able to contact her? I'm looking for her."

Fang Weihong said, "Sister Zhang is at CCTV Broadcasting Studio 1. She went over this morning. The reception there might not be good, so you can't connect. I haven't called her. If you can't get to her on the phone, I probably won't be able to reach her either. Why? Is something wrong?"

Zhang Ye was stunned, "At the broadcasting studio? Wasn't she removed from the show?"

Fang Weihong said, "She's been removed, but still she must still put up a fight. This is the Spring Festival Gala, the biggest stage in the entire country. This gala is very important for Sister Zhang's music career. We can't just let it go. Little Zhang, I'm busy over here and it's quite chaotic. Let's talk again tomorrow, alright?"

"Alright, go mind your matters." Zhang Ye hung up.

Broadcasting Studio 1? This wasn't good. He could contact her!

Zhang Ye drove his car towards CCTV and carried on calling Zhang Yuanqi on the phone to no avail.


Around 7 in the morning.

The sky was still dark, but it was nearly dawn.

Zhang Ye reached CCTV and saw people coming in and out of the entrance. It was quite lively, with some people carrying hula hoops, while others were disembarking from cars, wearing all sorts of colorful outfits. They produced their work passes, or event passes and entered. There were many fans outside watching, screaming constantly.

"Chen Yi! Chen Yi!"

"Aiyah! Fifth Brother is here!"

I saw Xiaohua! Xiaohua, Xiaohua, I'm here! Please look at me!"

Very soon, the screams of the fans blocking the entrance were drowned out by firecrackers.

While sitting in his car, watching this scene, he knew it was impossible to enter without a pass. It didn't matter if he was a star. Everyone here was a big shot. Zhang Ye's face was worthless here.

What should he do?

How was he to meet Sister Zhang?

He suddenly thought of someone and as his eyes twinkled, he picked up his cellphone to call him—Tian Bin. He was Zhang Ye's former colleague from Beijing Radio Station. They had previously conflicted and nearly fought with each other. Eventually, both of them had quit and reunited after burying the hatchet. Tian Bin was now working at Central Radio Station. It was under Central TV, so he wanted to ask if Tian Bin had any idea on how to get him in.

The phone connected.

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "Old Tian, what are you doing?"

Tian Bin smiled and said, "I'm working overtime of course."

"Why do you need to work overtime over the new year?" Zhang Ye asked.

"You went to an online television station and even started lecturing at a university, doing advertisements, so of course you’re free during the new year, huh? I'm different. We get more busy the closer it gets to the new year. It's not like you don't know." Tian Bin wondered out loud, "It's not any time close for you to be sending new year greetings yet, so why did you call me?"

Zhang Ye immediately said, "I have something to ask of you."

"Go ahead." Tian Bin said.

Zhang Ye said, "I want to enter Central TV's Broadcasting Studio 1. You are a part of Central TV's system, is there a way you can help me get in? It's quite an important matter. As for what it is, I can't tell you for the time being."

Tian Bin was stunned. "It's the Spring Festival Gala tonight. It’ll be almost impossible to get in."

"I know, that's why I'm troubling you." Zhang Ye was out of options. "Other than you working at Central Radio Station, I don't know anyone else."

Tian Bin paused. "Where are you?"

"At the entrance of Central TV. The main entrance, on the road to the west." Zhang Ye said.

"Alright, wait for me then." Saying that, Tian Bin hung up.

Zhang Ye was still pondering, but a few minutes later, through his windscreen, he saw Tian Bin's figure appear in the distance. After searching, he ran straight towards Zhang Ye before opening the door and getting in.

"Why were you inside?" Zhang Ye knew Central Radio Station was not here.

Tian Bin chuckled and said, "The Spring Festival Gala only happens once a year. Our radio station pulled all the young men over. I was one of them, so I'm here to help out temporarily."

Zhang Ye said, "Hey, that's nice!"

Tian Bin looked at him and said, "Since you don't want to talk about it, I won't ask about it." Saying that, he removed the pass that dangled from his neck. On it was his name and picture. “This is my work pass. Don't walk through the main door. It's all my colleagues there and they know you and me. They will definitely not let you in. I'm not some bigshot that they will let you in either. Every year's Spring Festival Gala is extremely strict. Even for me, if I didn't bring my pass, they would not let me in. Go in through a side door. You might be able to sneak in as its specially for staff. The people checking are hired security personnel, so they aren't as strict. They are also unfamiliar with most people. When you produce the pass, try covering part of the photo and it should be enough. Our facial structures are quite similar."

Zhang Ye was stunned. "If you give this to me, how are you going to get in?"

"I'll apply for time off. I can also go home and spend the new year's with my wife. It will be a load off my chest." Tian Bin smiled. "But don't get caught by them. I might not be able to keep my job if you do."

Zhang Ye took his work pass and felt his heart warm. "Thank you Old Tian!" He did not expect that Tian Bin would risk so much to hand his work pass to him. This would result in at least a disciplinary violation!

Tian Bin patted him on the back. "You don't have to stand on ceremony with me. Back when we fought with each other so badly in the office, it was mostly my fault. I tried to use my qualifications, thinking too highly of myself. When I left my post, none of my friends contacted me. Not a single person reached out a helping hand. I never expected, and I really didn't imagine back then that you would come to help me out. You gave me the authorization rights to 'Ghost Blows Out the Light', allowing me make a comeback, so, there's no point for so many words between the two of us. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Even if I, Tian Bin, become awesome, becoming an international superstar, I would not acknowledge any of those so-called friends and bros. I would only acknowledge you as my true friend!"

Tian Bin said this from the bottom of heart.

Zhang Ye did not turn corny. "Alright, then I'll be making my move."

The two of them got out of the car. Zhang Ye followed Tian Bin's directions and walked over briskly. As he walked, he wore his shades, avoiding the entrance filled with fans. He found the side entrance reserved for staff only. It was probably a passage recently opened just for the occasion.

The door wasn't very big. There were people lining up to enter. Everyone wore a white color pass around their necks. They were all identical to Tian Bin's.

A few security guards were standing by the door. They checked the documents and did a body inspection, using an item to sweep their bodies.

It reached Zhang Ye's turn.

"Documents." The security guard said with an expressionless face.

Zhang Ye held up the pass that sat on his chest and his fingers covered half the photo. It was not completely covered, or it would appear suspicious.

The person did not look at it carefully.

After the security check, Zhang Ye left his lighter outside, and followed the people in front of him to enter Central TV's compound, heading straight to Broadcasting Studio 1.

Old Zhang!

Wait for this bro!

"Wishing We Last Forever" is for the Mid-autumn festival?

All you need is a new song, right!? I'll f**king write one for you!