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Chapter 391: The Song has been Written!

Chapter 391: The Song has been Written!

The sky slowly lit up.

Central TV's Broadcasting Studio 1 was in turmoil.

"Where are the costumes? Hurry!"

"Leader Sun, the props are broken, what do we do?"

"It's fine. Get Little Chen to get them. There are spares over there!"

"Everyone quickly change into your costumes and get your makeup done. The final rehearsal has already begun. We are the eighth program. Once you’re ready, go backstage, it will be our turn soon!"

"Aiyo, don't push!"

"Where's the makeup artist?"

"It's the final stage. We have to do it well or our program might get axed!"

"That's right. My hands are shaking. Even big stars like Grandma Zhang and Auntie Zhang can have their programs cut at the last minute. People like us without any fame will not..."

"Shh, quiet down. Don't speak about it anymore."

"Director Peng is trying to pave the way for future stars."

The lobby was a mess. There was the sound of guitars strumming, people singing, and there were even people dancing. There were way too many people in here, which was unable to accommodate so many people to individually practice. Hence, people could only find a spot to practice a few times before going up on stage. One could see the nervousness and excitement on everyone's face.

Going on the Spring Festival Gala!

This was such a hallowed event!

Basically almost 90% of them were going on the Spring Festival Gala for the first time. They naturally would not look as calm as those familiar faces to the Spring Festival Gala. In fact, even those celebrities, who had appeared on the Spring Festival Gala more than once, were also possibly nervous, as the pressure was intense! Furthermore, with Zhang Yuanqi and Zhang Xia creating a precedent, programs decided on the program list might eventually not go on the show. Only at the final moment of the live broadcast would they know if their programs would be allowed to be performed. The competition was brutal!



Resting area...

There were many big stars here, so no one cared about Zhang Ye. Many of them did not know him.

Zhang Ye randomly looked around, unsure of where he was. Hence, he pulled a child walking by, "Friend, please wait for a moment."

The young girl was only ten years old. When she saw him, she suddenly shouted out in pleasant surprise, "I know you! You’re Teacher Zhang Ye!" She was carrying some metal loops. It seemed like she was going to perform acrobatics.

Zhang Ye cheerfully said, "Yes, it's me. I have a question for you. Do you happen to know where Zhang Yuanqi is? Have you seen her since you came?"

The little girl was very honest. "I know. Auntie Zhang and Grandma Zhang are in the resting room. They are just around the corner. Turn right farther up. In the room on the left right at the end of the hall. I just came from there. The door is open, so I saw them." It wasn't a big place, so it was quite easy to find someone.

"Thank you, young lady."

"You're welcome."

Zhang Ye began his search.


In a resting room.

It could also be considered a makeup or changing room. As there were mirrors on the side of the wall, and heaps of clothes and props on the floor. It was a multi-purpose room.

Zhang Yuanqi and Zhang Xia were sitting beside each other chatting.

Zhang Yuanqi laughed cheerfully. "It's quiet over here."

"Hur Hur, we are 'aged elderly' who have fallen from popularity. It's nice for some peace and quiet too." Zhang Xia was a very healthy and high-spirited old granny. All her short hair was white, but had been rebonded. Her eyes were very bright too. "But if they say I'm old, as a granny, I admit it, but to go so far as to say Little Zhang is 'old', it is me implicating you. How can someone in her thirties be considered old? Besides, you still look like you’re in your twenties."

Zhang Yuanqi said, "You can’t be considered old either. How many elderly grannies can sing 'Song of the People' without being out of breath? We have been 'made' old by others." She looked at her watch. "The final rehearsal is about to begin, and will have nothing to do with us. Are you going to leave?"

Zhang Xia smiled and looked around and took a while before she spoke, "I have been coming to this place for so many years. I haven't been home for many new year's eves. I've always been here. To me, Central TV Broadcasting Studio 1 is the place I will always spend my new year's eve, and so today shall be the same. Even if I can't get on the program, I will still spend my new year's eve here."

Zhang Yuanqi patted Zhang Xia's hand, "Then allow me to accompany you."

Zhang Ye happened to hear Zhang Xia's words just as he reached the door. At that instance, his heart was struck and twitched slightly!

What sort of old person was she?

What sort of emotions did she have?

This was an old granny that had merged the Spring Festival Gala into her bones!

"You don't have to stay with me."

"It's fine, I don't have any other things on today."

"Isn't your team trying to compose a new song for you? You still have a chance of going on stage."

"Hur Hur, it's just burning the midnight oil. They won't finish in time. If the directing team told me earlier that the song wasn't suitable, I would have found someone to write me a new song, but now, it's too late no matter what."

"It's too early to give up. There's still hope. Your standing in the entertainment industry is much higher than mine. There are so many musicians writing lyrics or composing melodies. You just need to ask one of them."

"I've already asked them. Nothing is appropriate. Even if there were appropriate ones, they were not that shockingly nice. It has to at least match 'Wishing We Last Forever' before I could even sing it. If there's no nice song or lyrics, what's the point of me going on the Spring Festival Gala? We are in the arts, so we can't just fool the audience, right?"

"Who wrote 'Wishing We Last Forever'?"

"Zhang Ye."

"He doesn't have any similar songs?"

"Writing a song is slow and tedious work. It needs inspiration. If the directing team had informed me a day earlier, I would have asked Zhang Ye, but I was informed too late. Little Zhang most likely doesn't have any suitable songs."

Suddenly, Zhang Ye marched into the resting room. "Who said I didn't!?"

This voice of his gave the two of them a fright as they looked over.

Zhang Xia did not know him. "You are?"

"Little Zhang?" Zhang Yuanqi smiled and said, "You really cannot be talked about."

Zhang Xia could tell from her words. "This is that Zhang Ye?"

"Grandma Zhang, hello." Zhang Ye nodded at the elder. "Let me wish you a happy chinese new year."

Zhang Xia said kindly, "You too. You were the one who wrote that song for Little Zhang, right? I don't know much about the entertainment industry, so I don't really know you. Please don't mind."

Zhang Ye immediately said, "If you knew me, it would have been my honor. It's fine. I'm just a small celebrity and I’m not that famous." Compared to the two in front of him, he was indeed a small celebrity.

Zhang Xia asked, "What did you say when you entered?"

Zhang Yuanqi also looked at him. "You have a good song?"

Zhang Ye said confidently, "Of course."

"Do you have a sample? Let me listen to it?" Zhang Yuanqi said.

"That I don't have." Zhang Ye said.

"You don't even have the score or lyrics?" Zhang Yuanqi asked.

Zhang Ye said, "I saw the news at 5 or 6 this morning and got wind of it then, so I didn't have much time to prepare. I also tried contacting you on the phone, but failed. I borrowed a friend's staff pass to sneak in. I know you are in need of a song to go on stage. Why are you looking for others? I, myself, would do. It's impossible for you to get other musicians to create a song that will be well-received across the entire country at the very last minute, but you know I can do it!"

Zhang Yuanqi smiled and said, "The last time I tried buying the rights to your lyrics, you refused all day, so I was too embarrassed to request another song from you."

Keep acting!

Carry on acting!

Have you ever been embarrassed?

Zhang Ye said, "This time it's different. I've always believed that art does not care about age. Of course, I'm not saying that the two of you are old. What the Spring Festival Gala's directing team has done has infuriated me. My parents are also very angry, so when I encounter such matters, I think I should do something about it. Hur Hur. A person like me doesn't have much ability, but I'm still not bad at writing poems or songs. I won't dare to say what I write is the best in the country, but I dare to say that no one can write faster than me! Tell me what type of song you would like, and I'll write you that song!"

Zhang Xia was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry, "You'll write anything we want?"

Zhang Ye said with affirmation, "Yes."

Zhang Xia then said, "Lyrics along with the melody?"

"Yes." Zhang Ye replied as if it was a matter of fact..

"Interesting." Zhang Xia was filled with doubts, but very interested. In her decades of experience, for someone to dare brag so much, they were either a madman or a genius!

Zhang Yuanqi shook her head. "Well, I don't know what song I want either. Without a sample, I can't judge if it's a suitable piece of work."

"Then, let me take the liberty of thinking of a song for you." Zhang Ye said.

"Alright." Zhang Yuanqi waited.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Xia got up and said, "I'll go to the ladies. You two carry on chatting."

Zhang Yuanqi held the old granny. "You don't have to hide, it's fine."

The old granny laughed and said, "I really need to go to the ladies."

Zhang Yuanqi did not speak further. Zhang Xia went out and closed the door behind her.

The moment the door closed, Zhang Yuanqi returned to the appearance Zhang Ye was familiar with. It was as if she had changed her face. Her expression lost all color. If anyone saw this scene, they would be stunned till they peed their pants. However, Zhang Ye did not react as he was completely used to it now.

Zhang Yuanqi asked indifferently, "Are you confident?"

"It won't be inferior to 'Wishing We Last Forever'." Zhang Ye said.

Zhang Yuanqi acknowledged and coldly said, "Regardless of what song is it, I owe you one."

Zhang Ye knew that for him to rush here because of her news, ignoring everything at home to the point of sneaking into Central TV to help Zhang Yuanqi write a song, Zhang Yuanqi was actually appreciative of it, despite not showing it on her face.

"Let me write the lyrics first for you to look at."


Zhang Ye found a pen and paper and began writing.

After finishing, he cleared his throat and began singing.

One minute...

Three minutes...

After hearing it, Zhang Yuanqi remained silent.

Zhang Ye blinked at her. "How is it, Sister Zhang?"

Zhang Yuanqi stared at him. "How do you do it?"

"Just like that." Zhang Ye said evasively.

After saying this, Zhang Xia entered after pushing the door open. "What's the matter? You haven't begun writing the lyrics? It's fine. Take your time."

"It's already written." Zhang Yuanqi's expression changed suddenly, as she smiled and said, "Not only are the lyrics written, even the melody has been produced." Saying that, she showed the lyrics to Zhang Xia.

Zhang Xia took it from her and said, "You heard it? How was it?"

Zhang Yuanqi smiled lightly. "I've never doubted Little Zhang's literary skill. I'm always assured with his lyrics. I always felt that the melody of 'Wishing We Last Forever' was a fluke, and that he happened to chance upon it, but today I finally came to a realization that it was not a fluke. Little Zhang is one of the top musicians in this country!"

Zhang Xia said stunned, "You seldom give such high praises to someone. Is it that good?"

"Take a look at the lyrics, and I'll sing it to you once." Zhang Yuanqi could sing a song after listening to it just once.

The moment she opened her mouth, Zhang Ye was convinced. That voice of hers, that music literacy of hers, if this song was not sung by Zhang Yuanqi, it would be a sin against the heavens. Although there were some parts where Zhang Yuanqi went a little off-tune, she had only heard it once after all. Although there was no band or accompaniment, Zhang Ye still felt this classic music piece, even when sung by her, gave him goose bumps! The song's melody had been on Zhang Ye's mind on the way here. He could not get it out of his head. He wanted to let Zhang Yuanqi try it out, but he never expected that it would be so beautiful!

Who said Old Zhang could no longer carry on down her musical path?

This talent, this voice, this singing experience...all of this made her an integral person in the musical world! It was only bad luck that she did not have any good songs these past few years!

Zhang Yuanqi finished singing it.

After hearing it, Zhang Xia gasped. She immediately stared at Zhang Ye's eyes. "You really wrote that song in the past few minutes?"

Zhang Ye nodded.

Zhang Xia repressed the shock in her heart and regulated her breathing rhythm. "Little Zhang, if not because I know so much about the music circles, having some interactions with all the rookies and seniors in it, I would have believed that you are the best musician in the entire country just based on that single song!" Then she said to Zhang Yuanqi, "Hurry and make the background music and get some accompaniment. You can definitely mount the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. If this song can't get you on it, then the Spring Festival Gala would have really lost all of its value. Yuanqi, and Little Zhang, I really like this song to the bone. After the Spring Festival Gala is over, let's find an opportunity to talk about it. I want to make a cover too. We can talk about the rights and cooperation details then."

Zhang Yuanqi suddenly said, "I have a suggestion. How about, the two of us sing it together!"

Zhang Xia waved her hand, flatly saying, "That won't do. This is Little Zhang's song for you. Besides, you are a Heavenly Queen, so there's no reason for you to sing a duet when you can sing it solo."

Zhang Ye spoke up first. "You decide, I'm fine with anything." Then after a short pause, he said, "Grandma Zhang, I actually think this song is better if the two of you sung it together."

Zhang Yuanqi smiled and said, "Then it's decided."

Zhang Xia was still hesitating. "That's not appropriate, right?"

Zhang Yuanqi said calmly, "The directing team, the media, and many people are saying that we are old and have lost our popularity. I don't know what you think of it, but I don't like hearing that. Let the two of us let them see that we are not old. We can still sing. After another ten years, after another twenty years, we will still stand on that stage...still beautiful women as ever! We will still be the brightest and most dazzling flowers of the gala!"

Zhang Xia smiled, so much to the point that she did not resemble an elderly person. "...Alright! Let the two of us fight shoulder to shoulder! Let's show them what we’ve got!"

Zhang Yuanqi immediately took out her cellphone to make a call. When she discovered it had no reception, she quickly walked out the room to call her team. "Hello, Old Wang, I have a song here. I’ll need some background music for it, and some accompaniment. Prepare on your side. I'll be there immediately. Get everyone together and prepare to work overtime. I'll treat everyone to dinner. Hur Hur." Then, she left Central TV alone to busy herself with the track's music!