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Chapter 396: A Stunning Scene in the Dressing Room!!

Chapter 396: A Stunning Scene in the Dressing Room!!

10,000 votes...

20,000 votes...

"Woman Flower"'s votes for best program rapidly increased!

Although it could not catch up to a skit, 'Are You Coming', nor could it compare to a cross-talk program ranked at the top, it was all a result of song-related programs being limited by the Spring Festival Gala. However, compared to other song-related programs, it was leading by a large margin. Just a few minutes ago, it had even caught up to "LOVE-ONE" sang by Lee Anson, who was extremely popular in the country. "Woman Flower" even momentarily surpassed it!

"It's been surpassed!"

"Haha! Nice!"

"The Korean's song has been taken down!"

"Can this song still continue rising?"

"No chance of that. It's all language-related programs on top!"

"It's already not bad reaching this spot. Hur Hur. 'Woman Flower' is now ranked number one for song-related programs at the Spring Festival Gala. Awesome! I heard that the Gala's live version will be released tomorrow. I also saw Zhang Yuanqi's manager, Fang Weihong's post on Weibo that Sister Zhang will be releasing a solo version of 'Woman Flower' the day after tomorrow. Grandma Zhang will probably do the same and release a solo version as well. I heard they are just talking to Zhang Ye about the copyright now!"

"If a single is out, I'll definitely buy it!"

"Forget about buying the CD. That's outdated, but I will spend money to buy a high quality version of 'Woman Flower'. It's really nice!"

The song was very well-liked!

Zhang Yuanqi and Zhang Xia's performance was also very well-received!

Even Zhang Ye, the composer, got some visibility as a result of the massive audience watching the Spring Festival Gala and the massive popularity of Zhang Yuanqi and Zhang Xia. Of course, he was only a composer, so the amount of attention given to him could not compare to the performer as few people paid any attention to this, but then again, the viewership of the Spring Festival Gala was completely heaven-defying, with about 20% of the nation watching this channel in front of their televisions. These numbers were massive. Even if one out of a thousand people paid attention to the composer Zhang Ye after listening to the earth-shaking "Woman Flower", that was still a lot of popularity!

This was precisely the difference Zhang Ye had in his development compared to other mainstream celebrities. He was different from others. He did things here and there. Writing novels and poems. A song here, a program there. A lecture at times, and even did an advertisement. He used all of this to accumulate his popularity bit by bit. Others could become immediately popular after filming a movie, but their popularity would decline after that for extended periods of time. Their popularity would rise again once they were filmed in another movie or television drama. Most people were like that, but Zhang Ye wasn't. Ever since he debuted, his popularity had never declined nor had it remained stagnant. His popularity did not increase as fast as them, but it was increasing on a daily basis! How did he do it? It was all based on this sort of accumulation! No matter how small a mosquito was, it was also flesh. Zhang Ye would never miss an opportunity that could increase his popularity!


It was almost 11.

Central TV Broadcasting Studio 1.

In a particular dressing room, Zhang Ye was still sleeping soundly. He was sleeping ever since the Gala began until now. He was completely unaware of what was happening outside or the stirring buzz. He didn't even know about the commotions in the room. He had slept too late last night and had woken way to early this morning. It caused him to sleep like a dead pig.


It was a ear-piercing screech of a chair being pulled out!

Zhang Ye's eyelids twitched as he leaned sideways in a half-awaken state. Other sounds entered his ear. Outside the curtain that hid the sofa he was on, there were people talking.

There were a lot of sounds.

There were a lot of women's voices.

There were all sorts of tinkling sounds with things being moved as well as some rustling.

"Grandma Zhang Xia, you look so beautiful today." The voice sounded very young, but he did not know her.

"Really? Thank you." It was Zhang Xia's voice..

"I can't call you Granny next time and should call you Big Sis. That big red flower on your head really suits you. It makes you look even younger than me!" It was still that person's voice.

Zhang Xia's laughter transmitted over. "Hur Hur, Yuanqi and I acted young today!"

Another woman's voice: "I once dreamed of being a singer. When I was young, my parents always listened to your songs, giving me that dream. However, you can't always get what you want, right? I actually did not have this talent. Finally, after graduating from Central Conservatory of Music, I switched careers and became a dancer."

A delicate voice said, "Eh, Xiaojing, you were from a music conservatory? I've only just realized now."

"Indeed I am. I am an authentic graduate from a music conservatory. Furthermore, I majored in singing. Sister Zhang, when I was schooling, I heard that you came to our school's auditorium as a guest to teach music. I'm not sure if you remember. After the class, all of us surrounded you asking for your autograph. You spent about half an hour to give each and every one of us an autograph. You did not reject anyone and did not put on celebrity airs."

"I have some impression of that. Were you there?" It was Zhang Yuanqi's voice. It was magnetic and very characteristic.

"That's right. You gave me your autograph, and I still have it hanging in my closet."

Zhang Yuanqi: "I saw your dance performance just now. It was really very good, and was extremely high in artistic quality. Thankfully you switched careers, reducing the number of detours."

"Right, now that I think about it, I'm still good at dancing. I heard you learned dancing in the past too and are great at it. If there's a chance in the future, can I consult you?"

Zhang Yuanqi: "Hur Hur, you would put me to shame. You are a professional dancer, so how can I even compare to you? We can have some exchanges, and in this circle, I have quite some face. If you need to do any commercial performances or other performances, you can look for me. I'll help get you in touch with the right people."

The girl's voice sounded excited. "Really, Sister Zhang?"

Another woman's voice said, "Since Sister Zhang has agreed to help you, then it can't be fake. Sister Zhang, do you still remember me?"

Zhang Yuanqi: "Of course. I heard many people calling you Little Zhang Yuanqi. I don't like that title of yours. You’ll definitely be better than me in the future. Your singing voice is very unique."

The woman said, "Don't, your assessment is too high! Although it was a five person choral, it was all down to luck for me to go up on stage. How can I compare with you? I haven't even thanked you for the other time. Back then, I didn't know you and encountered a management company that wanted to ban me, preventing me from releasing albums. I really was out of choices then. Later on, an industry friend suggested me to look for you. At that gathering, I mustered my courage to tell you about it. In the end, it was settled the second day. I later heard that you gave my management company's higher-ups a call after the meal, settling it for me."

Zhang Yuanqi: "It was nothing."

The woman said, "It might be nothing to you, but it was everything to me. I was not famous at all when I released albums in the past. I never expected you to really care so much as to help me."

The women chatted.

There were quite a few exchanges, and seemed like there were about eight or nine people.

Zhang Ye became more and more awake. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. He sat up from the sofa. What was the situation? The Spring Festival Gala was over? How was he to go back? Old Zhang had also gotten off stage? The performance was over? How was the performance? Was the response from the audience okay? Zhang Ye did not know a thing. He looked at his watch and oh boy, it was almost 11! In about an hour, the clock would strike midnight. He really could sleep, missing his own song's performance!

He had enough sleep already!

It was time to wake up!

He stretched his back and stood up.

The women outside were still laughing and chatting.

"The two of you singing 'Woman Flower' was really too impressive!"

"That's right, Xiaoyu. I also think it was the best singing program tonight!"

"In the future, no one will dare say that Sister Zhang or Grandma Zhang are old. That will just be them smacking themselves in the face! Did you see the reaction from the audience? I saw from backstage. Many elderly women were crying. Those young people were also staring wide-eyed. They were completely engrossed in it! This is the charm of a good song!"


"Woman Flower" was very successful?

Zhang Ye nodded his head slightly. Although it was expected, he was also pleasantly surprised. Who said his efforts were for naught? He did not spend time with his family to pass the new year, but had been working hard here writing lyrics and melody, with all the accompaniments. His efforts had paid off. The approval of the audience was the best evaluation!

His popularity could increase once again!

"Sister Zhang, I also wish to do a cover of 'Woman Flower'. I'm not sure if I will have a chance in the future. Of course, it has to be next year, or the year after because Grandma Zhang and your performance have reached the peak of perfection. The both of you used different styles to perform 'Woman Flower' to its peak. I don't dare to cover it so soon after the two of you sung it. That would be embarrassing. I'll have to wait a year or two first. When that happens, you’ll need to give me the authorization rights. I'll buy it."

Zhang Yuanqi said with a laughing tone, "I can't decide on that. The rights are with Zhang Ye. Auntie Zhang and my single release of 'Woman Flower' would also need brand new discussions with Zhang Ye regarding the contract."

"Zhang Ye?"

"I know him. I heard he's a particularly awesome person!"

"I've also heard of his name. In our circle, many people talk about him. I heard Zhang Ye is quite a character, but his temper isn't good."

Holy sh*t!

Whose temper wasn't good!?

Zhang Ye nearly fainted. Is this bro's reputation in the entertainment industry in such a state?

Behind the curtain, it was Zhang Xia who spoke up for him. "Then that must be hearsay. I've seen Little Zhang. He's a very mild-mannered person and was especially polite to everyone. He was also very particular in what he says or does. He's also very loyal. There's really nothing you can fault him with his dealings with friends. He's a very good lad. If not for him rushing here from afar, Yuanqi and I would have had no hope going on stage, whatmore future Spring Festival Galas."

A girl asked, "Oh, is Brother Zhang easy to talk to? I heard many people had asked for songs from him, but he ignored them. Only Sister Yuanqi has the standing enough to get two classics, 'Wishing We Last Forever' and 'Woman Flower'. We probably don't have any hope just to get one song."

It was Zhang Yuanqi's laughter. "It's not easy for me to get a song from Little Zhang either. Do you know that 'Wishing We Last Forever' was me imposing my seniority on him before I managed to grab it? If not, he would not have given it to me."

"Hur Hur, then there's no hope for us."

"If there's a chance, you can try and ask. Teacher Zhang Ye's songs are really great!"

Industry outsiders or the audience might not pay too much attention to the composer or lyric writer. They only cared who sang the song, but industry insiders, and people who really did music or sung acted differently. After listening to an excellent piece of work, their first reaction was obviously the audience's reaction. They would then want to know who wrote the song. Firstly, it was out of curiosity, and secondly, if they wished to work with the composer in the future, so they naturally had to know the other person's name. Or else, if they were to meet, and did not know anything about the composer or lyric writer, then who would write a song for you!? Hence, the moment "Woman Flower" was sung, Zhang Ye's visibility in the circle completely opened up!

Those who could create one good work might have been lucky.

However, to continuously produce two songs that reached the peak of perfection, it was definitely not as simple as luck. This fellow had true ability!

Well, that's more like it.

Keep chatting, I'll carry on listening.

Zhang Ye did not find it appropriate to come out at this moment. He sat down on the sofa with satisfaction, listening to them talk about him. They were still on the topic of him, so if he suddenly appeared out of the blue, it would be quite awkward, and so he had to wait a little. He would pretend that he had just woken up and not heard a thing.

Just as Zhang Ye was prepared to hear them praise him further, these people ended their chatter and the topic moved back to the Spring Festival Gala's programs.

"The skit wasn't nice."

"It was alright. It wasn't as good as I expected."

"That's right. Language-related programs are getting worse. There's a lack of creativity."

"That's right. They all follow the same pattern and is quite uninteresting. It's getting worse throughout the years.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Ye felt helpless. All of you are so bad at chatting. Keep talking about how this bro is so awesome and mighty. Why was that all?

Time to go!

Let's go out!

Zhang Ye knew everyone was resting in the dressing room, and had come here because it was too chaotic backstage. They were probably waiting for the clock to strike midnight for the new year. Since he had nothing better to do, he might as well go out and chat with everyone. At least, he could get to know some new friends. Of course, that was the scene in his fantasy.

Get to know friends?

Chat with everyone?

None of that scene happened!

After he pulled open about half the curtain, there was a curtain in front that was opened. However, as it was along a corner, those women were all gathered in front of the makeup artist. Hence, from Zhang Ye's angle, he could not see anyone, and could only hear their voices. In Zhang Ye's imagination, Zhang Yuanqi and those nobodies or lesser-known celebrities were sitting on chairs, munching on melon seeds while chatting. Hence, Zhang Ye could walk out with a chuckle, but when this fellow walked towards the outer curtain, and saw the dressing room...

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded!

He was completely shocked that he nearly peed his pants!