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Chapter 397: The Heavenly Queen Rescues the Situation!

Chapter 397: The Heavenly Queen Rescues the Situation!

In the dressing room.

Behind the curtain in a corner.

Zhang Ye's back was completely drenched in cold sweat. His sweat instantly seeped out of his pores. His autumn underclothing was a third drenched. Guess how frightened this fellow was! His hair nearly stood up. He was still hoping to chat with some of the women and get to meet some new friends. From their chat, he really thought they were just having idle chatter, as the topic was all about the Spring Festival Gala. No one mentioned anythign about taking off or wearing their clothes!

He was doomed!

Why were all of them changing their clothes!

The performances were all over, and all the women were in a dressing room alone, changing into their own clothes before waiting for the clock to strike midnight and then go home? Why didn't all of you tell me earlier!? If I knew all of you were changing, no matter who retarded this bro was, I wouldn't have come out. I would have pretended I was dead asleep, or even dead till all of you left. Now it's too late. Zhang Ye had been seen by Zhang Yuanqi!

Don't scream!

Old Zhang, don't you scream!

If you scream, this bro will be having his funeral wake tomorrow!

However, well, this scene was really quite "beautiful". Although he only took a quick glance that was less than two seconds, whatever could be seen had all be seen by Zhang Ye. Furthermore, it was everyone. It caused his nostrils to turn hot. Zhang Ye could not help but pinch his nose as he had a feast for his eyes! The women he saw were not just any ordinary women, but celebrities. Whether they were background dancers or back up vocalists, they were still celebrities despite not being famous. Most of their bodies and faces were excellent. It was a scene that could make him spurt blood!

"Sister Zhang."


"Why aren't you taking off your clothes?"

"Hur Hur, I'm trying."

"Is it difficult? Let me help you."

"Xiaojing, right? There's no need to trouble you. If your Sister Zhang can't even take off her own clothes, then it means that I'm so old that I'm not too far off from saying goodbye to the stage."

"Hehe, don't you say the word 'old'. If you are old, then what are we? You look younger than any of us."

People spoke from outside again.

Old Zhang did not mention what had happened!

Zhang Ye heaved a big sigh of relief. He was so glad that Old Zhang was so loyal! You really are something! You really are something! Hence, he carefully lay back down on the sofa. Actually this sitting took him about ten seconds. As the sofa was made of leather, it would issue creaking noises. Zhang Ye naturally did not want people outside to discover his presence, so he sat down very slowly so as to minimize the sounds to prevent discovery.

Suddenly, something happened again!

The sounds of footsteps approached. "I remember there's a sofa over here?"

Another woman said, "I think so. Behind the curtains."

The woman laughed. "There aren't enough chairs here. If I don't sit, I can't take off these pants. Teachers, why don't you go first? I'll wait for a while?"

A woman's voice that sounded in her forties said, "Hur Hur. Go ahead, I'm almost done."

"Alright, then I'll be going ahead." The sound of footsteps sounded even closer to Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye's eyeballs stared widely. Holy shit, don't! What are you coming here for!? There's someone here! Zhang Ye was already at a loss what to do!


He was about to be discovered!

Suddenly, Zhang Yuanqi's voice rang. "Xiaozhao, hold on for a moment."

"Hmm? Sister Zhang?" The woman said uncertainly.

And Zhang Yuanqi was heard saying, "You are so young and learn dancing, is there really a need for you to sit down to take off your pants?"

The woman said, "Hai, it's because I've practiced dancing all year round, so my waist is full of injuries. I usually have to take care and protect it."

Zhang Yuanqi said, "Then let me give you a hand."

The woman hurriedly said, "I shouldn't trouble you. There's no need. I remember there's a sofa over there. I was doing my make up here before I went on stage. I'll be fine alone."

One step!

Two steps!

Three steps!

The wind that accompanied the person's motions had blown the tiny curtain in front of Zhang Ye's eyes. Furthermore, the curtain was not fully drawn. There was a tiny portion exposed right in front. If the woman took another two steps, Zhang Ye's position would have been exposed. This bit of space was not enough for him to hide! What should he do? There was nowhere to hide! Zhang Ye was extremely anxious. This wasn't a big deal, but it wouldn't do his reputation any good. If he was charged with the crime of sneaking into a women's dressing room to peep at the Spring Festival Gala, Zhang Ye might as well find a piece of tofu to slam himself to death with. He could not lose his reputation! He was too much too. Why did he run into a dressing room to sleep. If he knew that this dressing room was also a place where everyone changed their clothes, Zhang Ye would never have rested here. It was over!

"Hey, Xiaozhao." It was Zhang Yuanqi stopped her again.

"Sister Zhang?" The person said.

Zhang Yuanqi: "Why don't you wait first?"

Woman: "Oh? Is something the matter with you?"

Zhang Yuanqi: "For me, I want to change my clothes. Hur Hur, but my gown seems to be stuck. It's not easy to get out of it. I want to try sitting down since I've already taken off half of it."

The woman said, "Sure, sure. You go ahead and change first. I'm in no hurry."

"Alright, thanks." Zhang Yuanqi said.

"You are too courteous. There's no need to thank me." The woman said.

Then, the sounds of high heels approached him. Tuk. Tuk. Tuk.

As Zhang Ye focused with shock, Zhang Yuanqi was already standing in front of the curtain. Her eyes met Zhang Ye’s once again. Zhang Yuanqi was holding up her evening gown, with many things blocking her chest. However, her shoulders and white back were completely empty. The Heavenly Queen did not say a word or have any special expressions. She stepped into the dressing room and then pulled with her backhand.

Hua la.

The curtain was closed fully!

Zhang Ye knew he was finally saved. He looked at Zhang Yuanqi with gratitude. Then he revealed a wry smile, and made a gesture of him sleeping.

Zhang Yuanqi did not understand him. "Oh?"

Zhang Ye then leaned over silently and whispered with the quietest voice possible, "Sorry Sister Zhang, it wasn't on purpose. Just now, when all of you of left, I was sleeping here. When I woke up, I heard all of you chatting and thought all of you were just chatting, so I foolishly went out!"

Zhang Yuanqi acknowledged indifferently.

Zhang Ye repeated again, "I really didn't mean to."

Zhang Yuanqi said in a deadpan manner, "That might not be the case."

"F**k!" Upon feeling like his volume was a bit too loud, Zhang Ye quickly locked his lips and said with a whisper. "What do you mean that might not be a case. It was really an accident. Don't you know what sort of character I have? I really have to thank you for rescuing me from this situation. Can you get them to hurry up and leave in a while? So that I can sneak out? If not, I'll not be able to get out, and will be exposed sooner or later!" Zhang Ye pleaded.

Zhang Yuanqi looked at him. "Let me consider it."

Zhang Ye was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. "What do you mean you need to consider it? Don't pull my leg. Lives are at stake!"

Zhang Yuanqi threw a bag on the sofa nonchalantly. "Next time, write another song for me."

"Didn't I write one for you today?" Zhang Ye said in a speechless manner. "By helping me this time, you can consider it as paying me back for this song. Alright? We can talk about next time in the future."

"What about the rights to my single?"

"I'll give it to you. You have all the rights, but you must give me some money. As for how much, we can discuss later."


"Then it's settled! Deal!"


Zhang Ye was in a rush to leave now.

The woman outside suddenly said, "Sister Zhang, are you done changing? If you aren't able to to do it, let me try? Evening gowns are always like that. They are too tight and at times hard to take off."

Zhang Yuanqi stretched her head sideways and said, "I'm fine."

The woman said, "Alright, then carry on changing. If you have troubles, give me a call."

"Thanks Xiaozhao." Zhang Yuanqi said.

This changing room was only about 2.5 meters wide. Although it was not considered small, there was a tiny sofa placed in here. Hence, the space was reduced by half, making it pretty confined. Zhang Ye sat on the sofa, while Zhang Yuanqi stood in front. The two of them were nearly stuck to each other. If they wanted to maintain a distance, Zhang Yuanqi would be squeezed out of the curtain. Old Zhang's perfume fragrance was also very prominent.

Take off her clothes?

Right, Old Zhang still hasn't taken off her clothes!

Upon thinking of this, Zhang Ye looked at her helplessly.

"What are you looking at me for?" Zhang Yuanqi said with a frown.

Zhang Ye knew she had a bad temper and hurriedly said, "Nothing." Then he diverted his eyes to one corner and looked at the wall to his left. Then he found it quite unnatural and a bit awkward. In the end, he took out his cellphone to play with it, pretending to surf the net and read the comments of "Woman Flower".

Outside, the women were still chatting.

"Today that Lee Anson was just lip-syncing right?"

"Really? I didn't listen to it carefully."

"It was lip-syncing. You could tell during the rehearsals."

"Oh, I saw it too. However, he did it quite well. He did not make his voice too clear, so many of the audience members couldn’t tell. It's also very common to lip-sync at such a stage. It's to prevent any errors from affecting the stage effect. There are very few people like Sister Zhang or Grandma Zhang that dare to sing live."

In the changing room.

Zhang Yuanqi also laughed and responded. "It's not that there are a few people. There are quite a few. However, there are some people who rehearse so much to the point where they become so tired and sleep for three hours. Some got sick while some got tired out. Some of their voices might not be in top condition, and there will be others who lip-sync. It's understandable."

"That's right."

"It's actually not easy."

At this moment, Zhang Yuanqi turned towards the curtain and faced her back to Zhang Yuanqi. Then she slowly tried pulling off her evening gown again, bit by bit.

Zhang Ye was actually in no mood to use his cellphone. This fellow was known to be the kind of person who could not walk after seeing women. How much nerves did he have to be able to carry on surfing the internet with the Heavenly Queen's beauty and figure beside him? Impossible! Zhang Ye began to secretly look down and peeped at Zhang Yuanqi's back. She could not see him, so Zhang Ye did not pretend to look at Weibo any longer. With his head lowered his eyes maintained a focused look!

The back was extremely white.

As he had previously seen Zhang Yuanqi wearing nipple stickers, she definitely was not wearing a bra underneath. Hence, her back was completely empty. However, there was a bra mark left behind on the Heavenly Queen's skin.