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Chapter 398: The Heavenly Queen“s Clothes!

Chapter 398: The Heavenly Queen's Clothes!

She was still taking them off!

The evening gown had gone down one centimeter!

The evening gown had gone down another centimeter!

The Heavenly Queen's fancy evening gown began to fall off as her entire back was revealed. That arc and waist was beyond words. Zhang Yuanqi did not have a figure as tight as Rao Aimin, nor did she have the long legs that Dong Shanshan had, nor did she have Wu Zeqing's full bosom. However, Zhang Yuanqi's figure was the most standard and perfect. It matched the beauty standards of the masses. She was taller than Rao Aimin and her breasts were bigger than Dong Shanshan. Her skin was tighter and more elastic than Wu Zeqing. From top to bottom, her figure's ratio was gold!

"What are you doing in a while?"

"Me? I need to go home. My kid is waiting for me."

"You are going back so early? There's still a celebration after this."

"I can't. My kid can't sleep without me. He's just three years old."

"Sis Yuanqi are you going to join in on the celebration?"

"If you are going, let's go together. Actually, they probably have already begun eating. They have set up a few tables, placed at the studio hall. There's food and wine."

There was some miscellaneous chatting outside, and whenever Zhang Yuanqi was mentioned, she would respond. She did not stop her hands from moving. Suddenly, a black article of clothing appeared on her waist!



Zhang Ye's eyes began twitching seeing this. Suddenly, he felt that Zhang Yuanqi's neck was moving. It was unknown if she was turning back or it was just an ordinary movement. However, Zhang Ye did not dare risk it. He hurriedly lowered his head and looked to the side, pretending to look at Weibo on his phone.

He could not see a thing.

He could only hear the rustling of clothes being taken off.

After another ten seconds, Zhang Ye felt it was safe once again and lowered the cellphone in his hand. He made an angle and quickly used the reflection to see Zhang Yuanqi, who was less than half a meter away from him. Her head was still facing the opposite direction. Feeling emboldened, Zhang Ye looked up again to peep.

Just this peep made Zhang Ye's eyes stare immediately. This was because two beautiful buttocks were gently jiggling inches away from him. Clearly, it was a result of her evening gown scraping against her legs that caused this motion. Zhang Ye could see the fleshy ass tremble thrice, and what made him awestruck was that the two buttocks was not completely engulfed by her panties. They were both revealed without any hindrance!

It was a thong!

It was a black colored thong!

Zhang Ye did not expect to see such a stimulating scene. After some thought, he understood too. This evening gown was too tight-fighting and was a bit long and thin. If she wore ordinary panties, it would result in a visible panty line, hence Zhang Yuanqi wore such an underwear that could cause him to spurt blood. This scene really made Zhang Ye's eyes unable to move away!

Slowly, Old Zhang's bent down. The evening gown was now down to her legs. Pulling out her legs, she was completely undressed. And she threw it backwards.

"Ai!" Zhang Ye jumped in fright. The clothes happened to land on his head. It was still quite warm.

Zhang Yuanqi looked back and whispered. "Put it on the sofa."

Zhang Ye pretended to cover his eyes. "Alright, alright." He then hung the clothes on the sofa behind him.

Zhang Yuanqi did not ask if he had seen anything. After saying that sentence, she ignored him. Then she carried on rummaging through the bag that she had brought in. There were clothes inside.

Zhang Ye knew her face would look over, so he did not dare peep. He covered his eyes and lowered his head, appearing like a gentleman. However, the gap in his fingers was not completely tight. There were some gaps. It wasn't Zhang Ye doing it on purpose, but he happened to chance upon a white pair of hands taking out an item from the large purse on the left. There were stockings and a black dress. There was also a pair of stilettos. Finally, a bra was taken out. It was black in color and was made of very little material. Clearly it was part of a set with the black thong!

The beautiful bare legs turned around, which probably meant Old Zhang turning back.

Zhang Ye waited for a while and tried taking a peep. Zhang Yuanqi's back was facing him and putting on her bra. Bada. She had hooked it on. Then she raised her thigh adjusted a stocking with her hands. She was supporting herself on one foot. Then, she put on the stocking on her beautiful leg and put it on very quickly. However, pulling up the stocking was comparatively difficult and troublesome. After all, she did not have any place to sit, so it was quite inconvenient.

Zhang Ye covered his eyes and subconsciously whispered. "Sit over here and put them on."

"Why?" Zhang Yuanqi asked.

Zhang Ye said, "It will be more convenient wearing it here."

Zhang Yuanqi's voice's came from above him, "How do you know I'm wearing stockings?"

"Ah?" Zhang Ye was dumbfounded and immediately made up a story. "No, I just heard the sounds. I was thinking how it isn't easy for you to wear clothes while standing up. I'll stand up and you sit, alright?"


"Then I'll..."

"There's no need."

"Then, alright."

What a close shave!

He did not know if he had been caught or not!

With the clothes taken off, the fragrance from Zhang Yuanqi's body intensified. Wisp after wisp, it lingered around Zhang Ye's face. This time, it was not the perfume from her clothes since she had taken them off. Now, it was mostly her body’s fragrance. It was very mild, but especially gripping.

She took a long while to wear the stockings.

The changing room was small to begin with. With Old Zhang bending her back and lifting her hips, Zhang Ye could discover it at a glance. Those two butt cheeks were about thirty centimeters away from him. If Zhang Ye lowered his head and moved forward just a bit, his head would touch them. He sat down while the Heavenly Queen was "hovering". Zhang Ye's head was almost level with her buttocks as Old Zhang was very tall.

It's killing me!

This is making this bro not be able to sleep!

However, after seeing such an alluring scene, Zhang Ye felt that it would be worth it even if he could not sleep for three days and nights. This kind of "special seat" treatment was not something just anyone received!

Suddenly, Zhang Yuanqi's legs twisted as she exclaimed. She did not stand firmly and just as she was wearing her second stocking, she lost her footing. As her leg was still partway into the stocking, so there was no way for her to find her balance. She then fell towards the side, and not towards Zhang Ye. It was the wall and if she hit it, it would definitely be quite serious!

Zhang Ye was, after all, a person who eaten quite a few "Taiji Chinese martial arts" skillbooks, and was considered half a "martial arts pugilist". He was quite agile and responded quickly. He leaned forward immediately and pulled her over. Well, he did not manage to catch her, but managed to cover where she was falling towards!


Zhang Yuanqi's back hit the wall!

As Zhang Ye's hands were protecting her, Old Zhang did not slam into it too heavily. However, Zhang Ye also ended up moving in one direction towards the sofa. Pong. There was a loud thud from the sofa.

The people outside heard it.


"Sister Zhang?"

"What's wrong?"

The sounds of two people's footsteps could be heard coming over quickly!

Zhang Yuanqi immediately raised her head and said to the people outside the curtain. "It's alright. I didn't stand nicely and bumped it. Hur Hur, it's been awhile since I last practiced dancing. My skills seem to be deteriorating."

A girl said, "Did you fall and injure yourself?"

"I'm fine, Xiaozhao. Why don't you find a stool to change your pants. I might take quite a while here. Sorry about that." Zhang Yuanqi said.

The girl said, "Look at what you are saying. It's alright. I just used Grandma Zhang's chair and have already finished changing. We’re all waiting for you. Aren't we going to join in the celebration supper?"

Zhang Ye's heart rate was probably at 150 by now. After all this twists and turns, Zhang Yuanqi was already leaning on the sofa's armrest. Zhang Ye had his hands around her back and his other hand was touching the bottom of Zhang Yuanqi's thigh. This was a movement and action he did without thinking while protecting her. Zhang Ye did not do it on purpose. He was also touching where Old Zhang had not covered with stockings. Let's put it this way, Zhang Ye's right hand's top few fingers had come into contact with the stocking's rustling feeling, while the middle of his palm was the other end of the stocking that was still scrunched up. Finally, the lower end of his palm was on Zhang Yuanqi's thigh flesh. It was extremely warm to the touch. Her skin's temperature instantly reached Zhang Ye's palm!

It was soft!

Zhang Ye did not dare to move, afraid people outside would discover him!

Zhang Yuanqi did not move and said, "Go ahead first. I'll come out there once I'm done."

The girl outside said, "That won't do. We aren't in a hurry either. We will wait for you."

"I'm not done changing, and I still need to remove my make up. It's quite troublesome. Auntie Zhang, go ahead and have the meal with everyone first. It's not right for all of you to have to wait for me." Zhang Yuanqi said.

Grandma Zhang from outside laughed in a kindly manner, "Alright, then take your time. We won't be waiting for you. Let's go and eat something first. All of us have been busy all night and are probably hungry. Are you all dressed?"

"I'm done."

"Me too."

"Alright then, Sister Zhang, we will wait for you over there."

Zhang Yuanqi lifted her head. "Alright, see you in a biit."

Sounds of footsteps walking out came out in droves.

Only then did Zhang Yuanqi supported herself on the sofa. She was wearing only a bra and a thong, as well as half a nude-colored stocking, before she slowly stood up.

Zhang Ye said with a pounding heart, "Are you alright?"

Zhang Yuanqi waved her hand while Zhang Ye looked at her. She then looked back at Zhang Ye and coldly said, "Why don't you keep looking at me?"

"No, no, no." Zhang Ye suddenly realized and quickly turned his head away. "I was afraid you were injured. Put on your clothes. I definitely won’t look. I'm not that sort of person!" This fellow probably didn't even believe the words he said himself! He covered his eyes again and then suddenly smelled the fragrance intensify. He then recalled that his hands had caught Zhang Yuanqi. His hands were naturally filled with Old Zhang's feminine scent!

It was so fragrant!

The temperature of her legs seemed to still linger on!

This was the first time Zhang Ye had come into such close contact with Zhang Yuanqi. Actually that's not right, he had come into contact with her at the motel while escaping last time. Well, anyways, it felt good!

This time, he really did not look. Zhang Ye only heard the sounds from his ears.

She seemed to be done wearing her stockings.

Her black dress was probably also done.

Then he heard Zhang Yuanqi say, "I'm done."

Zhang Ye opened his eyes and lifted his head. He finally saw Zhang Yuanqi stepping into two brand new stilettos with her beautiful feet. With some adjustment, she put them on.

This outfits was not as bright as the colorful evening gown from before, but it was very eye-catching too. Old Zhang actually looked good in anything with her beauty and bearing!