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Chapter 401: Zhang Ye“s One Kick!

Chapter 401: Zhang Ye's One Kick!

It happened too suddenly!

No one had expected this scene!

Lee Anson was stunned. Lee Anson's bodyguards were also stunned. The panicking and dispersing fans were also stunned. Even Zhang Ye, the surrounding celebrities, and staff, who had just come out of Central TV Broadcasting Studio 1, as well as people from artiste management companies waiting outside were stunned. It happened too quickly and no one had clearly seen what had happened!

A weak little girl was already down on the ground. Even though it was the new year, she was still wearing her school uniform. She seemed to have been knocked down and was injured. The little girl lay on the ground, holding onto her arm. She endured the pain and seemed to be desperately enduring it. Tears even seemed to be welling up in her eyes before they started to drip down involuntarily. The ground was also very cold and she was not wear much. She had also been waiting outside for Lee Anson for hours. Now with her trembling, it became very obvious to the naked eye that she was shivering.

"What's the matter?"

"What happened?"

"Why did she fall?"

"Young lady, are you okay?"

"Aiyah, someone help her up first!"

The surrounding people began discussing without understanding the situation.

However, when Lee Anson looked at the girl, he remained unperturbed. He stood at his original spot without moving.

The two bodyguards were initially stunned for a few seconds, but then stopped looking at the girl. Their hands were still around Lee Anson and their eyes were only for their employer.

A woman in her thirties, who had performed in an acrobatic show during the Spring Festival Gala, was nearest to her. She rushed over and held the girl's hands. "Child, are you alright?"

The young girl shook her head with all her might, but her tears carried on dripping.

The woman felt her heart ache and hugged the child's head. "Poor child, this child is freezing. It's alright. Auntie is here."

Behind, Ci Xiufang and her friend also came out. She had also probably seen the situation and rushed over with another middle-aged woman who was around her age. They squatted down and looked around to see where the girl was injured.

"Where does it hurt?" Ci Xiufang asked quickly.

The girl said, "It's not pain. Thank you Auntie."

The woman, who did acrobatics, was not very happy. She did not understand the situation, but knew who had caused this. She immediately stared at Lee Anson and her two bodyguards. "What's wrong with you!?"

The trio ignored her and did not say a word.

The acrobatics performer was further infuriated. "Let's not talk about the reason why. She's just a student and a young girl. She fell in front of you, yet the three of you didn't even help her up?"

Lee Anson leered at her, "&%¥##@@#."

The two bodyguards remained expressionless and were unperturbed from the beginning to end.

No one understood the Korean words Lee Anson said.

Ci Xiufang could not stand for it. "Just because you don't know Chinese, can you just ignore someone when you see them fall?"

A B-list male singer behind also said, "That young lady is your fan! And you can really just stand there?"

At this moment, one of the girls, who had surged forward, pointed to the fat bodyguard, "It's him! He was the one who pushed us! "I saw him!"

"I saw it too!"

"That's right!"

"It's them!"

"How can they do that!?"

"We just wanted an autograph! Yet you pushed someone?"

"What's the big deal!? Why are you putting on such airs!? I won't care about you in the future! I will not listen to your music or watch your dramas anymore!"

"No matter how famous you are, can you compare to Zhang Yuanqi? Back then when Sister Zhang finished her concert, she was stopped by thousands of people at the backdoor. Everyone wanted her autograph, but Sister Zhang did not say a word and took out a pen to sign for us. She spent a full two hours just to give us autographs! She finished signing at one in the morning! Later on when everyone saw how tough it was on Sister Zhang that she could no longer hold her pens did people choose to leave on their own. What did Sister Zhang do? What did you do!? I must have been blind back then! Why did I like you?! You are too disappointing! How can you do that!?"

"That's right, this girl was here when I came. She was shivering in the cold wind. I wanted to lend her a coat, but she was embarrassed to accept it. She waited for three hours! All for one autograph. Can’t you even satisfy her tiny wish? Is this request too much? Is it insurmountable?"

Many people outside began to criticize!

There were a few of Lee Anson's fans who had rushed forward at the beginning. They were also completely disappointed. They felt their hearts turn cold upon seeing this scene. They began to openly denounce Lee Anson and his bodyguards! Although from those people's accounts, it was the bodyguards of Lee Anson who did not handle things properly and had knocked someone down, but who was their boss? It is you, your bodyguards. Your men made a mistake, causing such a situation, yet you remained motionless. You did not even help her up, nor did you say a few words of comfort. Even if you had your reasons, or had something urgent, maybe a schedule you had to rush to after this, or you were in a rush to go home to take a rest, there was no reason that could be used as an excuse for your actions. This matter was all your, Lee Anson's, responsibility!


"Right! You have to apologize!"

"Lee Anson! Hurry up and apologize!"

Many of Lee Anson's fans felt very embarrassed. They did not know on which side of the fence to stand on. It was obvious that they still liked Lee Anson and still possessed some fantasies.

However the fans, who were outside waiting for celebrities, and those who didn't like Lee Anson to begin with were not friendly. They all began shouting!




Without knowing when it happened, everyone began shouting in unison!

Many people were feeling impulsive and infuriated. Not everyone liked Lee Anson, and not everyone had good feelings for Korea. There were already seven or eight people who had crossed the cordon tape!

When the security personnel hired by Central TV saw this, they were afraid the situation would spiral out of control, so they rushed forward to stop them. Each of them grabbed one, hoping to hold down those commoners who had barged in!

"Get out!"

"Don't do that!"

"This is a restricted area!"

The security personnel only had those three lines. They had to ensure the safety of the celebrities!

However, the more this happened, the more the crowd could not hide their emotions!

"You want us out?"

"He already beat our people!"

"Is this Korea or China?"

"Let go of me! Let me in! Which country are you from!?"

Many people were shouting at the security personnel, but they remained steadfast in their responsibility. They forcefully pushed them out without saying a word!

Ci Xiufang shouted, "Stop!"

An old man, who had drawn sand art at the Spring Festival Gala also said, "What are you doing!?"

The security personnel of Central TV ignored him and did what was within the scope of their job, and so no matter who was at fault, they did not need to care. They were people who had been trained and were very professional. To them, this was all a job. Being sentimental? They did not consider it!

Lee Anson was still standing motionless.

He did not move while his two bodyguards did not say a word!

On the other side, Ci Xiufang and the acrobatic woman helped the girl stand up.

Ci Xiufang's friend took off her coat and put it on the girl. "Wear Auntie's clothes. Say something. Where does it hurt? Did you get injured from being knocked down?"

The girl shook her head with all her might. "It's okay, it's okay. Thank you Auntie."

Ci Xiufang was exasperated with her reaction and said, "If you are okay, why do you keep clutching your arm? Let me take a look!" Saying that, she pulled up the girl's sleeves and ignored her resistance and rolled up her sleeve. The girl's arm was completely bruised and had suffered from abrasions!

She did not have a bad fall, but that was according to the standards of an adult. This girl was clearly underage. How could a young child like her still endure the pain as if it was nothing when she had suffered such injuries? This made everyone's heart twitch. They knew she was a sensible person and did not want to bother others. Similarly, this made everyone even more infuriated with Lee Anson and his two bodyguards. What was he doing!?

Was there such a celebrity like you?

How can you treat fans like that?




The commoners outside shouted even louder!

Lee Anson's bodyguards might know Chinese, so when the thin bodyguard saw the crowd, he whispered a few words into Lee Anson's ear. Lee Anson's expression turned ugly and said something to the thin bodyguard.

Finally, Lee Anson actually turned around and walked towards the end of the passage. The car here to pick him up was there!

"I said stop!"


"What sort of person are you!"

The crowd pointed at Lee Anson and rebuked him!

However, Lee Anson acted as if no one else was present and continued walking.

His two bodyguards stood on his left and right as they left.

As this happened, all the domestic celebrities saw this. They did not know how to handle it. No one went to stop him. None of the Central TV's security personnel cared about Lee Anson. Not only that, they even stopped those commoners who were trying to barge in! The scene was a complete mess. Many people were shouting and cursing. There were also voices from the security personnel trying to stop them and even people who helped speak for Lee Anson!

"It was all an accident just now!"

"Anson-oppa would not treat fans like that!"

"It must be the language barrier for Anson-oppa. I know Korean, let me say something."

Then that person shouted in Korean, hoping that Lee Anson would apologize to the thin and frail girl to settle the matter!

Despite Lee Anson and his bodyguards clearly hearing it, they did not even turn their heads back!

The woman, who spoke Korean, turned pale. "How can this be!? Anson-oppa! Anson-oppa!"

The final outcome was Lee Anson had knocked down a fan, and swaggered away with his bodyguards. No one could stop them!

The commoners slowly ceased in their shouting and angrily held up their fists. They were also just very normal commoners. They could curse a bit, but they would not dare to barge in to stop him. Lee Anson was a very popular star in this country. As for celebrities, who came out of the Spring Festival Gala, none of them went to stop him. They could only stand there rebuking him because they too did not know how to stop him!

Lee Anson walked away!

The security personnel ignored the matter!

To them, this matter was nothing!

The injured girl, who had been pushed to the ground, bit her dehydrated lips while looking unblinkingly at the distancing Lee Anson. After a moment of enduring, she suddenly burst out crying. Previously when she was injured and had a bad fall, the girl had endured it without whimpering despite her falling tears. She even kept insisting that she was fine, but now, at this moment, first cries of the frail girl nearly tore apart many people's hearts!

However, something no one expected happened!

Lee Anson did not leave. To be precise, he did not succeed in leaving!

There was a security booth in front that only allowed one person to pass. Just as the bodyguards were waiting behind and Lee Anson quickly walked through the security booth, there was already a person waiting there. This person looked ordinary and had very average looks. He did not dress very formally and seemed to have thrown his clothes on before leaving the house. He was such an unremarkable person, but under everyone's shocking daze, he stretched out his leg and kicked Lee Anson in the stomach forcefully with his shoe's sole!


Just one simple kick!

A kick as fast as lightning!

He had sent Lee Anson flying!

Lee Anson's body was flying through the air and flew a distance of two full meters away!

It was Zhang Ye!

The person, who blocked Lee Anson's path, was Zhang Ye!

There was silence throughout the scene for everyone was dumbfounded!

Zhang Ye faced Lee Anson, who was still flying through the air, and those two bodyguards, who looked extremely furious, and said, "If there's no apology, none of you are going to f**king leave!"