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Chapter 402: Another Person Is Sent Flying!

Chapter 402: Another Person Is Sent Flying!

"Holy fuck!"

“Beating people!"


"Lee Anson got sent flying!"

"Who is this person? Who is this person?"

"He's so fierce! There's absolutely no way of looking at him straight!"

"He really flew up! Holy sh*t! How much strength was in that f**king kick!?"

It was a scene no one could react to. This scene, that was engraved in everyone's minds, was not something that could have happened. However, everyone watched in shock as this scene happened for real. It had happened before their very eyes!

Lee Anson flew out of the security booth!

Lee Anson slammed into the ground and cried out!

It's true! Everything was f**king true!

It was no longer sufficient to describe their expressions as jaw-dropping. The celebrities were all stunned. Lee Anson's fans also became silent. Everyone stared wide-eyed in amazement at the person in the security booth. They did not understand where such a daring person came from!

He really dared to beat him up!?

You really dared to make a move?

Who is this person? That is Lee Anson! A famous bigshot star!

How could this be possible!? How did such a foolish, rash person appear in the Central TV's compound? Furthermore, he was in the special passage in the security zone meant only for celebrities?

It was already past midnight and the sky was very dark. The lighting wasn't good, so many people could not see his face clearly. Only when that person took a few steps out of the security booth did everyone see the man's face!

Someone screamed!

"This is....."

"F**k! Isn't that Zhang Ye!?"

"It's really Teacher Zhang Ye!"

Many people did not know him, but some managed to recognize him. Zhang Ye was especially well-known in Beijing. Even if quite a number of people could not call out his name, they would make the connection with a particular work and "legendary story" of his after seeing his face!

"Did you see wrongly?"

"Not at all! It's him!"

"Yes, yes! My parents watch his programs daily! It can't be wrong!"

With the flurry of discussion, the crowd seemed to explode as voices roared in unceasing fashion!

Those who truly understood Zhang Ye or knew what he had done were immediately enlightened, as well as being at a loss whether to laugh or cry. It was no wonder. It was Zhang Ye. Teacher Zhang was a well-known hooligan in the entertainment circles. His name had been place on the watch list by the SARFT, and was placed number one of this year's SARFT blacklist! He had beaten his leaders, scolded his unit, conflicted with the SARFT, turned nasty with a professor, and had gone to war with the literary world! Teacher Zhang's experiences and legends were not something that could let them look at him straight. He was a hooligan from top to bottom. It was rumored that some people would hide from him when they saw him!

Beating up someone?

Beating up a celebrity?

Others might not do it, but when it came to Teacher Zhang, he would really do it. Just on this matter, only Teacher Zhang Ye was capable of such hooligan acts!

A messy situation happened!

This would be interesting!

Many people exclaimed in disbelief. Many people were stunned on the spot, unsure of what to say. There were many who were extremely excited, as if they were on stimulants!

Those who were excited were not just excited because of seeing the bustle, but it was an excitement that came out of their nursed grievances and fury. Many of them were suppressing their pangs of fire, but had to watch helplessly as Lee Anson and his two bodyguards walked away. They could not do a thing, but now, someone had stood up for them. And he was not some ordinary commoner, but a celebrity who had fame and prestige!

It allowed them to vent their anger!

That kick had relieved them of their anger!

"Nice kick!" Someone shouted loudly!

Eventually, numerous people looked towards the person who spoke. That person gulped and shrunk his neck back. He produced a loud cough and just as he was about to say something, others responded immediately!

"Yes, nicely done!"

"This kind of person is better off being beaten to death!"

"To think he's a star!? How can he have such an attitude towards his fans? What sort of character is this!?"

"Teacher Zhang! You did it too beautifully!"

Shouts of support and cheers resounded in the Central TV's compound!

Of course, there were also discordant voices. It was the hardcore fans of Lee Anson, or it was better to call them brainless fans.

A fat girl angrily said, "Who allowed you to beat him!?"

"Anson-oppa! Are you alright? Are you alright?" Someone said.

A middle-aged man standing beside him could not bear to see this anymore. "Young ladies, he treats you fans so badly, how can you keep supporting him? What's the point!?"

The fat girl glared angrily. "I like Lee Anson, what has that got to do with you!?"

A boy said to her, "One of your own was pushed to the ground. You neither helped, nor cared. Yet when the person that caused all this fell, you are more worried for him than worrying for your own parents? What state of mind do you have!? How dare you shout at us!? How can you shout!? Didn't your parents educate you? You can't even tell right from wrong!"

The hardcore fans that resolutely stood on Lee Anson's side decreased. However, there were still a few. Both sides began to curse each other!

Ci Xiufang shouted loudly, "Little Zhang!"

An acrobatic star Zhang Ye did not know signaled to him with his eyes!

Zhang Ye's kick had frightened all these domestic celebrities. They were all amazed at how brave Zhang Ye was. It was not that they had not seen people being beaten, but for a celebrity to beat up another celebrity, and at the Spring Festival Gala in the Central TV's compound, and furthermore in front of so many commoners and celebrities, this shocking scene was enough to stun them completely despite them having seen all sorts of things and traveled the world!

There was all sorts of voices!

Everyone reacted differently!

However, Zhang Ye ignored all of that. He turned a deaf ear to his surroundings and took step after step as he walked towards Lee Anson, saying, "I shall repeat myself once more! Listen to me carefully! If you do not apologize! No one is going to leave here today!" Then he used his body to block the security booth's entrance, sealing it. "If you don't believe me, you can try! Where do you think you are? Others don't care? Fine, they might not care, but I care!"

This was obviously aimed at the Central TV's security personnel!

Another security guard saw that a fight had occurred here and was also dumbfounded. He subconsciously charged at Zhang Ye and blocked in front of Lee Anson. It was unknown if he was being professional or for any other reason. He shouted at Zhang Ye, "What are you doing!? Don't do it!"

Following that, people saw another kick and another flying figure!

Zhang Ye had kicked the hip of the security guard and he too flew up like Lee Anson. As the spot he was kicked in had a different center of gravity, he even flipped in the air!

"Ah!" That security guard got thrown out!

Instantly, the scene turned silent!

He pointed at the security guard's nose and said, "You ignored it when a commoner was beaten! When the commoners want to seek justice, you stopped them! Now that a so-called star from Korea is in trouble, you are more worried than his Dad or Mom! Are you f**king sick!? Was your brain kissed by a donkey!?"