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Chapter 403: Beating up Three People Consecutively!

Chapter 403: Beating up Three People Consecutively!

Two kicks!

Two people consecutively beaten!

The scene turned chaotic. There were more and more people gathering around. Many of them were celebrities who came out of Broadcasting Studio 1, after hearing the news, to watch. When they saw the scene, they screamed "holy shit" in their minds. What's going on? Isn’t this too much!? The live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala was not over yet. The clock had just struck midnight for the new year, and there's a fight outside? This... The celebrities had their reputations to maintain. It was unknown if there were reporters, so they were very particular with what they said. They did not express any thoughts nor spoke a word!

However, the commoners outside did not have to be concerned about this!


"Kick him!"

"This bunch of security guards are too wicked!"

"Well kicked!"

"Lee Anson can push others, but we can't go in? They can beat people, but we can't beat them? Your logic is so flawed! "F**k! Could it be that all you Central TV's security personnel are here to service Lee Anson alone? Is he your Dad!?"


Towards the security personnel's unfair attitude, many people began to swear!

Lee Anson was still on the ground clutching his stomach. The two bodyguards were staring deadly at Zhang Ye. One of them helped Lee Anson up and checked his condition.

Lee Anson: "ㅅㅂ..ㅁㅊㅅ!"

The thin bodyguard: "ㄱㅅㄲ!"

It was unknown what they said. It was all Korean.

However, it was probably easy to guess. Lee Anson was cursing!

"Who are you scolding!?" A commoner angrily shouted.

"Say it once more for me!" Another commoner pointed at Lee Anson.

With Zhang Ye taking the lead and standing forward, the surrounding crowd were emboldened!

The Central TV bodyguard, who had been sent flying, felt better after a while. He also barely stood up after feeling a moment of pain. He looked at Zhang Ye with rage and said, "You are beating people?"

Zhang Ye said confidently, "So what if I do!?"

A young security guard behind saw that his colleague had been kicked. He turned nasty and was about to rush over to help.

However, his arm was caught by an old security guard, preventing him from going forward. "Are you dumb? Don't you see who that is!?"

"Who is he?" A young security guard was in a daze.

The old security guard whispered. "He's Zhang Ye. Didn't we see his news two months ago? That time was his first time on a plane, and under the situation of the aircraft cockpit being destroyed by hijackers without any autopilot, he manually flew the plane back and safely landed it!"

The young security guard: "..."

Another security guard beside him said, "It's him?"

The old security guard looked at the young security guard that was beaten and said, "That Xiaochen deserves it. Our job is to maintain order and not let unauthorized people cause trouble inside. The troubles between stars is their matter and not something we should care about, but that Xiaochen went to poke his nose into the matter. He really has water flooding his brains!"

"But..." Someone who had good relations with Xiaochen said.

A security guard explained, "Xiaochen likes Korean stars."

"Ignore him. Pretend we didn't see it." The old security guard said.

In a few seconds, the security personnel were held back by Zhang Ye's forceful stance. After a round of discussion, they changed tunes. They closed one eye, pretending to not see anything. That security guard, Xiaochen, who had been beaten turned back. No one stood in solidarity with him, so he could only run back dejectedly and did not poke his nose in the matter anymore. There were many reasons why these security personnel changed their attitudes. However, anyone wise could tell that it was mainly because Teacher Zhang Ye was too fierce. He did not care who it was. He beat up anyone he saw and was completely unreasonable! To get them to go forward to deal with the matter? How were they to deal with it!? What happens if they got beaten by Teacher Zhang Ye? They might as well not seek trouble for themselves!

The scene was back at its beginning.

Only Zhang Ye was facing Lee Anson and his two bodyguards!

The frail girl, who was trembling till her lips turned blue, was still crying. The acrobatic woman and Ci Xiufang were coaxing her and blocking her from the cold wind by the side. The child's situation made many people's hearts ache. With some time, Ci Xiufang took a glance at Zhang Ye, who was standing by the security booth. It was unknown if she should cry or laugh. She had chatted with Zhang Ye for quite a long while in the lobby and they got along well. What seemed like a gentle young man to her was very polite in his speech. He was also very respectful. He was also a person of the arts and literature, and a teacher at Peking University. Ci Xiufang's impression of Zhang Ye was very good, but no matter how much she imagined, she never expected that she would see such a tough Zhang Ye outside a few minutes later. A teacher of the people? This did not match the image of a teacher of the people at all!

Lee Anson's bodyguards were humiliated and furious. They had come to China only for a few days. They had been alongside Lee Anson all this time. Be it galas, concerts, commercial performances, endorsements, they were always met with courtesy no matter where they went. Everyone was so polite, but where did such a person appear from? In such a situation, in front of so many people, he actually dared to kick Lee Anson?

They were furious!

But they found it more unbelievable!

Suddenly, Lee Anson who stood up bellowed, "ㅂㅅㄴ!"

When the fat bodyguard heard this, he nodded and rushed over and kicked at Zhang Ye! He was very big in size and was quite fat. His body weight was also obvious!

Ci Xiufang exclaimed loudly, "Little Zhang!"

A commoner shouted, "Teacher Zhang, be careful!"

"Aiyo! He's gone over!" Many of the commoners were standing on Zhang Ye's side!

There were a group of people who were shouting at Central TV's security personnel, "You ignored it when those foreigners were beating people! Yet you care when Teacher Zhang stands up for us! Now when they are going to beat Teacher Zhang, you ignore? Hurry up and stop him! Which country are you from? Do you have any humanity in you?"

The security guard, Xiaochen, who had been beaten up, yearned for Zhang Ye to be beaten up. Why would he provide assistance!?

The other security guards looked at each other. Without their leader here, they decided not to move. They decided to wait for their leader to come back before they did anything. The task assigned to them back then was to prevent unauthorized people from entering and to maintain order. Other things were not within the scope of their job description!

The Central TV's security personnel's actions ignited the flames of anger within the commoners. Although they knew they had their reasons and duties, their attitudes were completely unacceptable. Zhang Ye had beaten someone up to force him to be accountable. Not only did you not verbally stop him, you even came to stop him physically. You even jumped in front of Lee Anson, protecting him. Now that it came to Zhang Ye, none of you moved? No matter how the security personnel explained, such as Zhang Ye was the first to make the move, and how it had nothing to do with them, their duties, or things like if they were to pull away the cordon tape, the barging of people would cause the scene to become more chaotic, none of them mattered. They made the commoners feel that what Lee Anson and his bodyguards did was alright, but other than Lee Anson, no one could do a thing!


"Be careful!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

Many people had their hearts in their mouth!

However, there were even some of Lee Anson's hardcore fans who added fuel to the fire!

"Punch him!"

"Go for it!"

"Let Zhang Ye have a taste of his medicine!"

"Serves him right! Who let him beat Anson-oppa!"

These fans actually began cheering on Lee Anson's bodyguard!

Everyone thought Zhang Ye would be beaten. After all their figures were so disparate. Their heights were also different. One was a professional bodyguard, so the situation was obvious!

Then when they looked at Zhang Ye, they realized that he was without reaction. He calmly looked at the flying kick of the fat bodyguard. He did not even put much thought into it, and even at this point, Zhang Ye was still not looking straight at him. He leisurely took one step to the side and raised his arm nonchalantly, blocking the flying kick. His wrist made a very elegant angle!

The fat bodyguard felt all the strength he sent out dissipate and he nearly lost his balance. He landed in alarm and tried to maintain his balance before punching forward with a roar!

Zhang Ye easily stretched out his hand and received the punch. With a twist of his wrist, he dispersed all his strength once again!

It was Taiji Fist!

Today, Zhang Ye was furious, and because of this, the Taiji Fist that worked at times could be used today the moment he made his move!

The fat bodyguard stared. He had used all his strength twice, but none of his strength was usable. Just a twist of that man's wrist, and all his energy seemed to dissipate into the ocean. Not a single wave was stirred. The fat bodyguard gulped in his heart. Oh shit! No matter how dumb he was, he knew he had met an expert today. Although he did not know how good his opponent was, he was sure that he could not beat him!

The fat bodyguard did not dare to move!

The onlookers could not understand.

Lee Anson also did not understand. "ㅃㄹ!"

The fat bodyguard knew Lee Anson was pressing him to make his move faster, but...

The thin bodyguard behind had also been trained and could tell the disparity in strength. He rushed up to help!

But at this moment, a pair of hands appeared behind him to hold him down!

The thin bodyguard was stunned and looked back. It was a stout man a head taller than him who spoke Chinese, "What are you doing?" He tried twisting his shoulders, but could not move one bit. The stout man's strength was much greater than his!

The stout man smiled and said, "I'm here to mediate."

Everyone saw that not far behind the stout man stood Zhang Yuanqi. The Heavenly Queen had arrived. This person was...Zhang Yuanqi's bodyguard!

"The Heavenly Queen is here!"

"It's the Heavenly Queen's bodyguard!"

"Hahaha! Sister Zhang is mighty!"

The thin bodyguard struggled to get rid of him to help, but could not escape from Zhang Yuanqi's bodyguard's hold. He was held on the spot!

He was here to mediate?

He was clearly here to help Zhang Ye!

Lee Anson's face turned black!

When the fat bodyguard saw that the thin bodyguard could not come over to help, his heart turned cold!

At this moment, Zhang Ye's third kick of the day came. Without being alert, a solid thud made him the third person to be sent flying by Zhang Ye!

The two people before him were not considered fat, so it wasn't a big deal if they flew. However, this fat bodyguard was at least 160 kg, yet he had also been sent flying!



"He really flew up!"

The audience finally understood. They originally thought that Zhang Ye's small and weak body would ensure he would be badly beaten by the fat bodyguard, but no one expected that Zhang Ye was more powerful than him!


"Beat them!"

"You are acting wildly here?"

"Teacher Zhang has good kicking skills!"

With an uproar, the crowd repeatedly cheered!

Actually the reason why Zhang Ye could so easily deal with the fat bodyguard was mainly because Lee Anson only had average popularity in Korea. He did not have the ability or foundation. So the bodyguards he hired were not too professional. It was all just for show. It was not like S-list celebrities who selected their bodyguards very carefully. Furthermore, the bodyguards hired by Lee Anson were mainly for their language ability. Since his main development was in Korea, communication was very important. His bodyguards also took on the responsibility of translation, hence, they were much weaker in their main jobs as bodyguards. When something unexpected happened, this fat and thin duo could not handle it!

Furthermore, when Zhang Ye was in Shanghai, he had obtained a lot of Reputation points from the hijacking. He had spent all of it to buy Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books and ate ten books. His level in Chinese martial arts was increased by quite a bit. Although he definitely was no match for "freaks" like Rao Aimin, beating a bodyguard was extremely easy. There was no pressure at all!

Zhang Ye walked over. "You were the one who pushed that girl over, right?"

The fat bodyguard wanted to get up from the ground and was about to speak...

However, Zhang Ye kicked him right in the face. With a dull thud, the fat bodyguard was kicked unconscious. He lay there motionless!

It was not a question!

It was Zhang Ye muttering to himself!

The frail fifteen-year-old girl was no longer crying. She was staring unblinkingly at Zhang Ye and the fat bodyguard on the ground. Zhang Ye was seeking revenge for her!

Zhang Yuanqi's bodyguard saw a few moves of Zhang Ye. His eyes lit up and had a general idea. He knew he was being superfluous. Only then did he release Lee Anson's thin bodyguard's shoulders and walked back to Zhang Yuanqi's side. He was no longer involving himself.

Zhang Yuanqi asked, "Why?"

The stout man explained, "Sister Zhang, don't worry. Teacher Zhang Ye is well trained. No matter how many of those half-past-six bodyguards there are, they will not be his match."

Zhang Yuanqi smiled and said, "Is he that powerful?"

The stout man said without a thought, "Yes."

Zhang Yuanqi said, "Then compared to you?"

"Me?" The stout man pondered for a second and shook his head. "I don't know. We've never sparred, so I won't be able to tell. Anyway, I would definitely not dare to fight him."

"Why?" Zhang Yuanqi asked.

The stout man said helplessly. "I practice in strength boxing styles, while he likely practices in authentic inner strength boxing styles. It's not the same, so it would be difficult to fight him."

The thin bodyguard did not dare go forward.

Lee Anson was also dumbfounded. He gasped seeing the bodyguard who had been knocked unconscious!

Zhang Ye held up a finger and said to Lee Anson, “I’ll repeat myself once more. Apologize!"

The thin bodyguard translated it to Lee Anson.

This time the commoners cheering supported echoed!




Lee Anson's face turned ashen. He looked at Zhang Ye and the frenzied crowd. He was so angry that he nearly crushed through his molars!

Translator’s Note: As previously mentioned, some of the Korean characters that appeared in this chapter and subsequent chapters are just Hangul consonants, and are not supposed to mean anything. They were originally “*#%&@*($&@)” in the raws. If you know what those Korean consonants might represent, just treat it as an inside joke amongst us ;)