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Chapter 404: Today, it will be useless no matter who comes!

Chapter 404: Today, it will be useless no matter who comes!

Outside, the cold wind was howling.

The situation was at a standstill.

"What's the matter?"

"What happened?"

"What's going on?"

"Stop, all of you stop!"

Suddenly, a group of people came out the exit.

They all wore suits and some of them even had badges. It looked like they were Central TV's staff, possibly some were also from management.

A middle-aged man walking in front of them wore a dark expression as he looked at the people lying on the ground. He called out for a colleague who had been standing outside witnessing the whole fracas. The youth who hurried over relayed the incident to them, occasionally pointing in either Lee Anson or Zhang Ye's direction, talking and waving vividly.

After they had an idea of the incident, the staff from Central TV was also in a fix.

A minor person-in-charge went to Lee Anson and asked, "Are you alright?"

One of his fellow colleagues went to check out the fat bodyguard who stirred after being pinched in the philtrum. He touched his face and realized Zhang Ye's shoe print was still imprinted on his face.

The Central TV staff let out a sigh, relieved that the bodyguard was not hurt too badly.

When Lee Anson saw the Central TV staff arriving, he flew into a rage. He pointed at them and said, "옌 뭐냐! 왜 이유없이 폭행을! 여기도 법이 있냐!"

The thin bodyguard translated, "Lee Anson is asking what's with this guy! Why did he hit others without reason! Is this still a place with laws?"

Zhang Ye was amused. "I did it with no reason?"

The commoners by the side were all accusing angrily!


"It was you who made the first move!"

"If not for you knocking that young girl down, why would Teacher Zhang have a reason to beat you!?"

"You didn't apologize or help her up even after pushing her down! Is there any reason? F**k!"

"Apologize! Don't even think of leaving without apologizing!"

"A Korean wants to behave atrociously in our territory?"

"Pui! What f**king bullshit is this!?"

The Central TV supervisor was also troubled. He went over to try to smooth things out between Lee Anson and Zhang Ye by saying, "Both of you are public figures and it's the new year now. Why don't we just drop the matter and forget that it ever happened. We'll all go back home and not hold things up here anymore."

Zhang Ye said carefreely, "It's fine. I have lots of time and have nothing better to do at home."

You’re fine?

We aren't fine!

The person-in-charge said, "Teacher Zhang, you have already done what you did and even hit one of our guys too. No matter what, you shouldn't have hit anyone. What if this gets out, then no one would look good. Give me some face today and forget about it. Even if Lee Anson was in the wrong, you aren't that innocent either, right?"

Zhang Ye gave a wave of his hands and said, "I won't be giving anyone any face today!"

An old man with the Central TV stepped up from behind and said, "Teacher Little Zhang, you are a teacher after all. How can you be like this? Take a step back and everyone can get on with it."

Whether it was the other celebrities or commoners, many of them still did not understand Zhang Ye well. Maybe they knew him a little, but that was not enough. Hearing the old man speak, many of them were surprised!


This fellow was a teacher of the people?

Everyone felt a little light headed upon hearing this. They had never seen this sort of teacher who went around hitting people, but they were full of admiration for Zhang Ye's actions as they were also infuriated by Lee Anson's actions! Because of their status and various reasons, they were unable to go forward and help. Only Zhang Ye had stepped up to take action. He did not care for the consequences of his actions, nor had any regards for his status as a teacher, literary person, host, etc. All he wanted to do was to seek justice for the little girl who had been hurt. Just based on this, many people felt they were inferior to Zhang Ye. They knew that they couldn't possibly have done what Zhang Ye did!

Ci Xiufang said from the distance, "Little Zhang, forget it!"

An old folk music performer said, "Yes, if it goes on like this, you'd get in trouble. I think I saw someone making a police report just now."

Clearly, it must have been a brainless fan of Lee Anson.

But Zhang Ye appeared unmoved, standing still at the security checkpoint!

"Teacher Zhang!" The person-in-charge looked unhappy, "What is it that you want? This is enough. The gala will be dispersing soon and the leaders will be coming out as well! There are also reporters! You..."

Zhang Ye said without acknowledging anyone. "It's useless no matter who comes today!"

"You..." The person-in-charge took a step over.

However, he was held back by another man from Central TV. He pulled him back a meter or two and whispered to him, "Supervisor Liu, don't. He doesn't care who you are and will beat up whoever tries to stop him. Our security team did the same as you and......was sent flying."

The person-in-charge: "..."

Faced with such a person who didn't care for the consequences, anyone would be frustrated!

He couldn't be reasoned with and wouldn't give in to statuses nor could they match him in a fight!

A woman from Central TV suggested, "Why don't we get a dozen security team members to 'send' Zhang Ye off? We need to get Lee Anson out of here before the matter gets bigger. Otherwise, we won't be able to wrap things up here and judging from the commoners' anger, it might even start a riot!"

But the person-in-charge rejected this, whispering in a low voice, "Then that would become a topic of discussion in the media. Lee Anson was in the wrong and if we were to help him to subdue Zhang Ye and aid him to leave this place, do you know how the commoners would react to that? They would definitely think that Central TV worships foreigners since we helped a Korean celebrity bully the commoners of China!"

"Then what should we do?"

"The Spring Festival Gala is almost over!"

"This is too nerve-wracking. Why did this mess have to happen during the festive season? It has always been fine in the past!"

"This Zhang Ye is really as his reputation makes him out to be. He's such a bast**rd. Why didn't he consider the consequences beforehand? Isn't he afraid? Does our Central TV not even have the face to curb all this?"

"Ha, don't even mention us. Don't you know? This man even dared to scold the SARFT, so what else does he not dare to do?"

"Actually, he did well to beat that guy up. Lee Anson's too snobbish!"

"I'm also frustrated with Lee Anson. He puts on an act in front of the cameras."

"That's enough. Don't say such idle nonsense. Keep it down."

The Central TV staff whispered amongst themselves.

At this moment, more people had gathered around. There were hundreds of people surrounding them. Some were standing up on stone benches and staircase railings trying to catch a glimpse of the action!

Five minutes!

Ten minutes!

During this period of time, a lot of people had come forward to try to hush down the incident.

Ci Xiufang was also afraid that Zhang Ye would be made responsible for the whole incident. Whatever reasons it might be, beating anyone up was against the law.

But after a long confrontation, Zhang Ye still did not leave. He stood at the security checkpoint and even lit a cigarette. He stood there like he was one against many, not listening to what anyone had to say!

Lee Anson's eyes was full of rage. He didn't wear much except for his suit. The winter in Beijing was many degrees celsius below 0 at night. Lee Anson was frozen inside out when he suddenly said something in a low voice, "오늘은 왜 이렇게 후지냐!"

The thin bodyguard looked over, but did not translate.

Zhang Ye asked, "What did he say!?"

The thin bodyguard did not respond.

Everyone knew it was not something good!

Suddenly, a girl shouted out from within the crowd. She had initially been a fan of Lee Anson and had snuck out together with the girl who had been pushed. They had just wanted to get autographs from Lee Anson and were your typical Hallyu fans, but after the incident, this girl had already been "converted' by Zhang Ye. She suddenly felt that she was so stupid to have spent an entire day in the cold waiting for Lee Anson. Was she sick? What was that all for!? She suddenly found Zhang Ye very handsome. It wasn't his looks, but him sending someone flying with his kick. That braveness and toughness made her heart melt!

That young girl then shouted loudly, "Brother Zhang Ye! I know Korean! Lee Anson is calling us pigs! A backward nation! Trash!"

The thin bodyguard was stunned. F**k, when did Lee Anson say those words? What Lee Anson grumbled just now when translated was "what sort of crappy day is it today". When did he curse you as pigs or trash? Backward nation? Lee Anson only said a few words. How could there be so much information in them! What are you doing!? You f**king call that knowing Korean? You don’t know sh*t!

Lee Anson also saw how the crowd turned into a frenzy almost instantly. The anger in everyone's eyes was more intense than before. He still did not know what had happened.

What happened?

What had happened?

The thin bodyguard hurriedly translated what the young girl said to Lee Anson!

When Lee Anson heard this, he nearly coughed blood. It's not like this young lady! Was your Korean taught to you by the Japanese!?


You’re f**king scamming me!

The thin bodyguard was just about to explain. "It's not like that! He said..."

The surrounding people no longer wanted to listen to his crap!

"What the heck!"

"I can't endure it any further!"

"He's pushing it too far!"

"Let's barge in!"

"I must beat him up today!"

By the time the Central TV security team could react, more than a dozen youths, who were agitated by those words, had come rushing into the cordoned off area. A few responsible security guards had caught one of them. but when they saw an old guard giving them a wink, they understood and pretended to trip while letting the person escape from them. In the end, they didn't manage to hold back anyone and just shouted out "this is a restricted area"! Of course, it was just shouting. Then, they symbolically made a few grabbing actions, but took no substantial actions! They were also Chinese nationals and had a sense of national pride. Hearing the alleged words of Lee Anson, they too were suppressing anger in their hearts!

But the Central TV person-in-charge anxiously called out, "What is this?! Stop them! Stop these people!" If anything were to happen, they would have to shoulder the blame!

Only then did a few more security guards try a half-hearted attempt at controlling and pulling the intruders back!

But as too many people had entered the area, about 20-30 of them had already gathered around Lee Anson, the thin bodyguard, as well as the fat bodyguard, who had lost his combat strength and had just managed to stand up. They were immediately being beaten up. They hit their faces, kicked them, and a big sis, whose actions made people speechless, even scratched at them!

"Bast**d, I will beat you to death!"

"Beat them up!"

"Stop! All of you, stop!"

"Beat him!"

"Everyone stay calm!"

The scene turned chaotic as it was filled with all sorts of voices!

Zhang Ye was actually the first person who wanted to beat him up, but when he saw so many commoners surrounding Lee Anson and company, he decided not to join in. After all, he couldn't even squeeze in!

The thin bodyguard was clutching his head, almost about to cry. "Stop beating us! Stop beating us! We didn't say those words! The translation was wrong! She translated it wrongly!"

Lee Anson's face was all blue and back!


The little girl who did the translation was also dumbfounded.

A boy, who accompanied her, stared at her stunned. "Xiaowen, you know Korean? Why didn't I know?"

The girl wiped the sweat from her forehead and forcefully snorted. "There are many things about me that you do not know. Why do I need to tell you!?"

"But when did you learn it?" The boy was curious.

The girl said, "I learned it from Korean dramas, can't I?"

The boy pursued the matter. "I never realized. Then say something to me."

The girl scrunched up her neck and said, "Like oppa, like seumida. Korean is very easy!"

The boy asked, "Is there anymore?"

"No." The girl lost all her confidence.

The boy shouted, "Go to hell! You just know the word 'oppa' and you dare say you know Korean? How dare you translate for all of them? You sure are bold!"

The girl faltered and said, "Anyway, anyway, he definitely didn't say anything good. He must have been cursing. I could tell from his expression!"

However, this side episode was not noticed by anyone. They were already busy beating up Lee Anson!