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Chapter 408: An extremely packed police station!

Chapter 408: An extremely packed police station!

It was the first day of the new year.

The sound of firecrackers had awoken quite a lot of people this morning.

With his head moving, Zhang Ye got up from the table. While yawning and rubbing his stiff face, he looked outside, but could not see anything. The tiny window revealed a little of the morning sun, and the sound of firecrackers could be heard through it. He could hear the sounds of festivity outside, but he could not embrace the new year mood inside the detainment cell. The room was too silent. He got up and stretched his limbs. He was thirsty and also hungry.

"Where is everyone?"

"Anyone there?"

"Hey bros, give me something to eat?"

"If there's no breakfast, at least give me some warm water?"

Zhang Ye shouted outside, but no one bothered with him. He felt helpless, but did not complain. He sat down once again. Since he was under the roof of others, he had to make do.

It was a bit noisy outside.

It wasn't the sound of firecrackers, but voices. He did not know what was going on.


Police station.

On the first floor of a large lobby.

The policeman on duty looked at the large crowds squeezing in from outside the door and were quite stunned. They even felt a shiver for they had really been frightened out of their wits. Holy sh*t, why were so many people here? What are they all here for? There were times of trouble recently, don't tell me they were here to chop people to death? No, that's not right. This was Beijing. It was one of the most lawful and orderly places in the country. How could these people be so bold?


There are even children?

Wait a moment, why are there old grannies and grandpas?

An old policeman from the side also turned frightened. He got a policeman to watch over the situation as he rushed back to make a phone call. "Hello, Superintendent Yang, hurry over quickly!"

Yang Jie was still sleeping in the dormitories of the police station. "What's wrong? Isn't it early!? I was busy late into the night last night. I'll be going in later in the day."

The old policeman hurriedly said, "Many people are here at the station. The entrance is completely blocked. Little Wang and I can't handle it at all! I think it's best you come over quickly. If not, get Old Wu and Old Zhao too?" Under normal circumstances, the police station enjoyed peace and quiet during the new year. There were not many matters or cases, so only two or three people were left manning the station. The rest would be on break as they took shifts.

However, today's situation was a bit different!

Yang Jie was stunned, How many people came?"

The old policeman said, "There's about three hundred. And that's the number that squeezed in. It seems like there's more outside. As for how many in total, I can't even count, there's too many!"

Yang Jie turned nervous. "What's going on?"

"I don't know. I got Little Wang to watch the place outside!" The old policeman said.

Yang Jie hurriedly said, "I'll be there in three minutes! The both of you must hold on until then!"

"Alright, alright, alright." After hanging up the phone, the old policeman bolstered up his courage to walk back out.

The dormitory was probably quite close to the police station, so in about three minutes, Yang Jie had grabbed a few policemen and rushed to the police station. These people were on break, but due to extenuating circumstances, Yang Jie got all of them activated. A few Deputy Superintendents were also informed, so they would be here soon.

"What's the matter?" Yang Jie wanted to be fierce, so as to control the crowd that were here to cause a mess. However, when he saw about 500-600 people packed around the police station, he lacked the confidence. Holy sh*t, what were they here for!? Yang Jie subconsciously placed his hand behind him and touched the gun by his waist and felt a bit more reassured. However, he and the other policemen also knew that if these people wanted to do something, then just their few guns would be meaningless. Hence, someone had already informed other branches and the special forces for backup support.

The police station was facing a monstrosity, so they had to be on full alert!

Yang Jie bit the bullet before walking forward and said, "I'm this police station's Superintendent Yang Jie. If you have anything, you can tell me? It's the new year, so everyone, please don't be rash. If there's anything, we will try to solve it. You must trust your government, the police, and the law!" He said in an earnest manner.

No one spoke.

The old policeman said with a trembling voice, "All...All of you, is there something?"

A youth stepped forward, "I'm here to surrender!"

The policemen that numbered about eight were stunned, "Surrender? Surrender for what?"

The youth stretched his hands out in front of him, "Hurry up and cuff me! The matter with Lee Anson being beaten at midnight, it wasn't done by Teacher Zhang Ye, it was done by me!"

"And me too!"

"Me too!"

"I was involved!"

"I was also involved!"

"Cuff me!"

Immediately, more than a hundred voices cried out. It was tumultuous and thundering. Their voices echoed throughout the entire police station, even drowning out the sounds of the firecrackers outside!

Yang Jie was dumbfounded!

The policemen were also stunned with widened eyes!

"All...All of you are here to surrender?" Yang Jie felt faint. The thing that happened at night only involved about a dozen or two people in the brawl. How could there be so many people? Impossible! If there were really hundreds of people beating Lee Anson, would Lee Anson be slightly injured? He would have been beaten to a f**king pulp!

A man fiercely slammed the police station's reception counter. "Hurry and take my statement! Lee Anson was beaten by me! Let Teacher Zhang out!"

"I'm here to surrender too. He was beaten by me!" A woman also stepped forward!

A young policeman wiped the sweat from his forehead, "Superintendent Yang! What should we do about this!"

Yang Jie also did not expect this to happen. Anyone with a clear mind knew it was impossible so many people were involved in the brawl. However, with so many of them surrendering themselves, they could not do anything about it. They had to go in accordance with procedure and take statements. They had to do them one at a time!

The police station's policemen was immediately thrown into chaos. They were here to surrender, and the policemen could not chase them out. They could only get them to line up. It turned out that these people were very well-mannered and did not cause much trouble. They lined up to have their statements taken. It was rather orderly, causing the policemen to freeze!?

What should they do?

Hai, I guess let's take the statements!


"Full name."

"Sun Jian."




"Nine years old!"

The policeman looked at the primary school student still wearing a tiny yellow hat and with a face of being at a loss of whether to laugh or cry, he said, "Little friend, this is a police station. It's not somewhere you should be. Be obedient and quickly go home."

The primary school student refused to listen. "Lee Anson was beaten by me!"

The policeman exhorted, "Hurry up and go home. If not, I'll tell your Mommy and Daddy?"

The primary school student said, "He was still beaten by me! Let Uncle Zhang Ye out!"

The policeman immediately felt his head swell.


"Full name."

"Qin Zhunwen!"

"Uh, age?"

"Ninety-one years old!"

On another side, a policeman was nearly in tears. He looked at the old man sitting across the table that needed two of his family members to support him in his crutches. He immediately poured some tea to serve him. Seeing how the elder did not sit very stably, he was a bit afraid. He gave up his seat to the elder, afraid that something would happen to him while here. He did not even dare raise his voice. "Old grandpa, you...you are already this old, can we not do this? Please don't. Hurry and leave."

The elder in his nineties stared at him with his flared beard while slamming his crutch onto the ground, causing the ground to reverberate. "Why should I leave!? That guy was beaten by me!"

Yang Jie came in and when he saw the scene, he nearly vomited blood. You beat him? Just those bones of yours at your age can't allow you to even stand firmly! How were you beating others? Forget beating him up, just someone touching you will cause your bones to fracture! What the hell do you mean you beat him!?

"Old grandpa." Yang Jie walked over respectfully. He could not be disrespectful after all. At that age, that person was even older than his grandfather. "We have the most basic level of judgment. With your body, how are you able to beat others?" Then he looked at the two family members who were holding him by the arm, "The both of you, please bring this elder home. It's messy here with so many people here. If anything happens, it will be troublesome."

The two family members also felt helpless. "Don't tell us. We couldn't do a thing either. The elder insisted on coming, and no one could stop him. He refused to listen."

The old man stood up unsteadily, "What's wrong with my body? You don't believe? Do you want me to show you some moves?"

Yang Jie hurriedly said, "No, no. I believe, I believe. Hey, hurry and take down the elder's statement!"

Only then did the elder feel appeased. He sat down with a snort, "Just write it this way. That little bastard Lee Anson was beaten by my crutch! Why did I beat him? Because I didn't like the way he looked!"



"Li Dong!"

"How did you beat him?"

"Just like that!"

"Can you be more specific?"

"I first punched him in the face, then I kicked him in the stomach. Lee Anson wanted to dodge, so how could I give him the chance. With me being sharp-sighted, I punched in the direction of his retreat. Then guess what happened? Haha, he never managed to escape from these hands! I sent him flying with a slap!"

The old policeman rubbed his temples and looked at the middle-aged man sitting across him with a cane and sunglasses. "Can you take off your sunglasses?"

The middle-aged man took off his sunglasses. "Why?"

His eyes were white and were closed at times, while opened at other times.

Old policeman: "...Are..are you blind?"

The middle-aged man raged. "Why? Do you look down on the blind?"

The old policeman was nearly about to cry. "I didn't mean that. How did you beat him when you can't see? And...how were you 'sharp-sighted'?"

The middle-aged man held his neck and said, "Can't I tell by using echolocation? Can't I!?"

Old policeman: "..."


The entire morning!

Their police station was in complete chaos. There were only about 500-600 people in the beginning, and by the end, there were more than a thousand people, all here to surrender! Some of them were quite normal. Some of them looked like they had really participated in the midnight brawl. There were others, who came to surrender, which made the policemen faint! Such as the elder in his nineties, a nine-year old child, an old granny in her eighties. There were people who were blind or lame. The team structure was so complicated, that there was no room for complication. There were people of all ages and professions. There were those who were obviously were not involved at a glance!

It was too chaotic!

There was no f**king way to handle this case!

The police station's policemen suffered in silence and did not even want to mention it. At the same time, they were completely in awe with Zhang Ye. They were impressed at his charisma. The thousand people who came today were all here for Zhang Ye. In other words, they were people who were moved and encouraged by Zhang Ye. They were all a bunch of good and lovely commoners!

This Zhang Ye was very popular!

However, the policemen were not surprised. This was because many of the things he had done was indeed worthy for everyone to give him a big thumbs up. He had done things beautifully, so it was no wonder that so many people were rushing here to take the blame for Zhang Ye!

Was this scene funny?

It was very funny!

But for some reason, these few policemen were touched!