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Chapter 409: How did I, Zhang Ye, deserve this?

Chapter 409: How did I, Zhang Ye, deserve this?

Before noon.

In the dark room in the police station.

Creak. The door opened from the outside. Someone had finally brought food and water in.

Zhang Ye was surprised to see that it was the police station's Superintendent Yang Jie who brought in the tray. He crossed his legs and rubbed his belly, complaining, "Superintendent Yang, it's fine if it was 6 or 7 o' clock. I didn't even get breakfast. Maybe you don't have that prepared, but could you at least give me some water to drink? Listen, my throat is already hoarse. I shouted all day, and yet no one came. Why is there not a single person?"

Yang Jie placed the meal tray down and hurriedly sat down when he saw a chair. He took two breaths, as if he had just run a mile. He looked very tired. "Teacher Zhang, sorry about that. We really were too busy. Our entire police station, except for two people who went back to the countryside, came back to work overtime. None of us were upstairs and were downstairs in the reception center. We were not trying to snub you. None of us have eaten a single bite either."

Zhang Ye wondered out aloud. "It's the first day of the new year. Why are you so busy?"

"We shouldn't be." Yang Jie said, "But didn't we catch something busy?"

Zhang Ye was famished so he quickly picked up the chopsticks and began eating. As he ate, he asked, "What happened? When I woke up, it sounded quite messy outside. It seems like there's a lot of people?

Yang Jie added on in a haunted manner, "A thousand people came."


"And that's just a lower estimate. There's still a lot of people outside."

"What's the matter?"

"They are all here for you."

"For me?"

"Finish your meal first. Once you are done, I'll tell you the details."

"Don't. Tell me first, or I won’t have the appetite."

Zhang Ye immediately placed his chopsticks down when he heard this. He really did not understand what had happened.

Yang Jie looked at him and could only say, "This morning, our police station nearly exploded from being so packed. There were a few hundred people in the beginning, but later on, there were more and more people. They were all here to surrender. They all said they were the ones who beat Lee Anson and his two bodyguards. They said it wasn't done by you. Hai, what can we do? We could only go according to procedure and take their statements. We thought we could just do it to appease them, but now, there's too many people. If this carries on, we won’t be able to finish taking their statements till the eighth day of the new year. We also exhorted them to go back, but none of them listened. Our pleas were to no avail. There were even grandpas and grandmas in their eighties and nineties. We are completely out of options. Another branch has sent more men to support us, but everyone is here to surrender and not to cause trouble. They are all very orderly, so we have no means of chasing them away, so now, we are stuck."

Zhang Ye remained silent for a while, "How could this happen?"

Yang Jie was at a loss whether to laugh or cry and said, "Someone revealed the news that you were shouldering all the blame for the commoners on the internet. Many commoners were touched by you and rushed over to help."

Zhang Ye smacked his lips. What was this for? He had shouldered the responsibility. It was because he was the first one to make the move, and he had led the movement. He was the principal criminal, and since there was no way to escape the charges, he might as well take on all of it. It did not matter if he had one more or less. He decided to forgo his new year to not trouble the commoners, but how could there be more people? More than a thousand people came to confess?

Yang Jie looked at him and said, "Teacher Zhang, our words are useless. The branch leaders have also exhorted them to no avail too. Now, the only option is for you to appear. You have to help us."

Zhang Ye stood up without a thought. "There's no need to speak further. I'll go out with you."

"Then thank you very much. By the way, you should eat first." Yang Jie said.

Zhang Ye waved his hand, "I've lost my appetite. Let's deal with proper matters first. Let's go."

Yang Jie was stunned for a moment before leading Zhang Ye out. This was the first time their police station was letting a detained person out to plead with people. It was not in line with the rules, but special circumstances required special treatment. The matter had blown up, so without Zhang Ye, this matter would not be settled.



On the first level of the reception hall.


"Zhang Ye!"

"Teacher Zhang Ye has come out!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

"How are you?"

Upon seeing Zhang Ye appear on the staircase, everyone showed their concern!

Zhang Ye originally had a lot to say and had prepared his words on the way down. However, all of his words became stuck in his throat when he saw the hundreds of people in the lobby and the hundreds of people standing outside. Seeing the people of all ages and genders, with smiles hanging on their faces, Zhang Ye suddenly felt like he could not say a word. His heart seemed to be engulfed in flames. It was not burning, but because of the warmth he felt!

The ninety-one-year-old grandpa walked over under his grandson and granddaughter-in-law's support. As he wobbled, he held on to his crutches and said to Zhang Ye, "Little Zhang, you are good, but neither are we bad!. Look at all these people here today..." He pointed to everyone. "No one organized it. Everyone came of their own accord spontaneously. Some are from Beijing, some are from Jinshi. Some of them even took the first flight out of Shanghai to rush here. It was you who united all of us together!"

Another youth said excitedly, "We aren't doing this for anything else, we just want to let everyone know we f**king love this land too!"

A girl said, "Teacher Zhang, you are too much! How can you gobble up such matters that are full of 'glory'! We want to get some of that 'glow' too!"

A middle-aged man said, "Yes! Everyone will shoulder it together!"

A granny said, "Isn't it just beating a Korean!? What's the big deal!? I don't believe the detention facility is able to hold so many people! I don't believe there is no justice!" An old granny looked at an old policeman beside her and pointed to Zhang Ye. "Take a look! You see! Little Zhang is such a nice person! That little Lee bastard dared pushed a young lady from our country down and did not indicate a thing. There was no apology, there was no helping her up, and now that Lee guy is the victim? And even dares to say that he wants to sue this and that? His behavior itself is a crime! I want to ask you! If your child was pushed down by others, and that person turns around and walks off without an apology! Would you go forward and seek an explanation? Would you watch helplessly? Ah? So now, why have you arrested Teacher Little Zhang!? Can you still tell what is right and wrong!?"

The old policeman could only smile wryly. "Old granny, calm down, calm down."

The old granny said angrily, "How can I be calm!? Let me tell you! If you want to arrest him, then arrest me as well! I beat that Lee guy too!"

"And me too!"

"Right! Me too!"

"If you want to arrest, then arrest us all!"

"We came here today, not planning to leave!"

"Teacher Zhang, you aren't the only person who loves this land! Let's shoulder it together!"

The inside of the police station rang with the shouts of the masses. It was so loud that people across the street could hear it. Some people came to watch the bustle and finally understood what was going on. A few youths had drunk a bit too much in the afternoon, so when they heard this, they could not help but enter with their necks high up!

"I'm surrendering!"

"I'm surrendering too!"

"F**k! This is too infuriating! Count me in too!"

"Hurry up and arrest me! Who knows if I'll be able to share a cell with Teacher Zhang and hear a live version of his talk show! I don't want to listen to anything else but joke segments that scold foreigners!"

There was no decrease in numbers, but rather an increase instead. The police station was already packed to the brim, with no one able to enter from the outside. The crowd from the entrance and beyond were all excited!

Yang Jie and the police station's policemen suffered an even greater headache. What were they to do now!?

Actually, there were many reporters who were mixed into the crowd. They also never expected to see this scene. They looked at each other in shock, and felt their blood rise up. They were used to being reporters, and were in contact with all sort of negative societal news on a daily basis. Either it was how relatives fought amongst themselves for inheritances, or how old people were not helped up after falling. There was also sorts of scams, cheating, and extortion. Today, for them to see such a beautiful side of humans, these reporters experienced mixed emotions!

Zhang Ye quickly stepped forward. He was already extremely touched as he hurriedly helped the old man in his nineties. "Old grandpa, quickly go back. Go back please. What did I, Zhang Ye, do to deserve this. How can I make someone with such an old age like you run around for me..."

The old grandpa held onto his crutches and said, "You are virtuous and capable. People like you are getting fewer in number these days!"

Zhang Ye exhorted him all day to no avail. He then turned towards the old granny, "Granny, it's cold here. Please go home quickly. You are making me feel bad!"

The old granny patted him on the shoulder, "I'm fine. I'm still healthy." As she said, she pointed towards a bag in the corner. "I even brought my blankets and bedding here. I'm planning to spend the night here at the police station!"

Zhang Ye said, "Don't do that. I will punished for that."

The old granny said, "It has nothing to do with you. I just can't stand it!"

"Teacher Zhang." A youth said, "Don't speak further. We will not leave Let's have our statements recorded first. It's up to them to lock us up or not!"

"Yes, Teacher Zhang!"

"Don't worry."

"Right, we are fine!"

Zhang Ye constantly said, "Thank you, thank you everyone. Please go back. Please leave!"

Suddenly, two people appeared at the door!

One of them was Yang Lian, who was also ZhangYeNumber1Fan. She had just finished her operation, and was a lot better. However, she was still in her recovery period. She was pushed in by her mother on a wheelchair, but the moment she entered, her first words were "I'm here to surrender!"

Zhang Ye was stunned. "What are you doing here?"

Her mother said, "Little Lian knew you were in trouble and insisted on coming!"

Zhang Ye said, "Aiyah, then shouldn't you stop her? Why did you send her here!? The air outside is so bad and filled with germs. Hurry up and send her back to the hospital!"

Yang Lian said firmly, "I was struck with a terminal disease. It was you who became penniless and borrowed money to treat my sickness. You put in all your effort when I was in trouble. Now that you are in trouble, I cannot lie in my sickbed!"

The second person, who came in, was Wei Ying, the daughter of his former colleague at Beijing Television Station, "Father Wei". "I'm here to surrender too. Teacher Zhang, count me in on this too!"

Zhang Ye said angrily, "Wei Ying, what are you doing!?'

Wei Ying said nonchalantly, "My father's justice was upheld by you at the loss of your job and you being thrown into the police station. I'm not as skillful as you, nor do I have your powerful abilities, but sparing this bit of effort is something I can do too!"

Zhang Ye loudly said, "All of you are speaking nonsense! Hurry up and go home!"

Yang Lian did not move. Wei Ying also refused to leave. They were bent on staying here!

Zhang Ye's nose felt a bit sour. He shouted a few more times, but no one present left. Upon seeing these people, Zhang Ye was truly felt grateful!

In what way did he deserve this?

In what way did he really deserve this?