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Chapter 415: Recuperating!

Chapter 415: Recuperating!


Past 2pm.

In the small 30 square meter studio, Zhang Ye had gone off the internet, but was immediately met with telephone calls. They came one after another. It was just like when he was released from the police station at noon. The friends he knew all called to ask about him with concern. Some sent text messages, while others gave him a call.

Su Na's short message: Are you severely injured?

Zhang Ye replied: I'm fine. Thanks.

Yao Jiancai's call. "Old bro, are you dead?"

"Still holding on. Hur Hur." Zhang Ye smiled and said.

Yao Jiancai praised him, "Nicely done. You are a true man of steel and blood. I am out of town filming a show and will be back in Beijing in a few days. I'll visit you then."

Zhang Ye said, "It's alright. Go ahead and busy yourself, Old Yao."

Yao Jiancai said, "Recover well. We must meet up when I'm back."

Many phone calls came while Zhang Ye explained to his friends one after another. He tried to assuage them, but his head was actually quite dizzy. He had lost quite a bit of blood, and would need some time to recuperate. Who wasn't made of flesh? However, Zhang Ye was the kind of person who never wanted people to worry about him. If there was anything he could solve himself, he would solve it himself. He would not worry others, for he would feel bad too. Hence, no matter what he encountered, he would say he was fine. Besides, even if told others that he was doing badly and that he was dizzy and feeling numb in the legs, others would still not be able to help him. People were always busy during the new year. Zhang'er was afraid of pain too. Don't look at how he usually appeared very daring, with him daring to say or do anything? In fact, if this fellow saw a doctor in a hospital, his legs would go limp. He would not go to a hospital for a transfusion or jab unless necessary. Hence, he had to endure it.

Suddenly, a knock came from outside his door.

No, to be accurate it was tapped on by someone once.

Zhang Ye hung up and looked out, "Who is it? The door isn't locked."

With a creak, a beautiful petite figure pushed open the door with all her might and appeared through the crack in the door. She looked with a deadpan expression at Zhang Ye, "Zhang Ye, you are home."

Zhang Ye seemed to see a beloved relative. "Aiyah, it's Chenchen. Why are you here?"

Chenchen said nonchalantly, "My Aunt saw the news and told me to see if you were home."

Zhang Ye immediately covered his head, "You came just in time! Hurry, hurry up and call the Landlady Auntie! This bro can't take it anymore! I'm dying! Get the Landlady Auntie to save me!"

Chenchen acknowledged and gave a condition. "Then you need to do my Winter homework for me."

Zhang Ye stared at her, "You wicked child. Hurry up and call her for Uncle Zhang!"

"Then you agreed." Chenchen turned and walked away.

Zhang Ye did not know if he should be annoyed or laugh. Suddenly, a call came. This time, it was different. It was a phone call from his parents' place. After hesitating for quite a while, he decided to pick it up.

"Son!" Mom said in an anxious voice. "You were injured? Were you really injured?"

Zhang Ye, who had been wailing a moment ago, immediately felt highly-spirited. "Hey, Mom. Who did you hear from that I was injured." Not far from him, the door opened. Rao Aimin's figure walked in, with Chenchen following behind her. She was carrying a first-aid kit. Zhang Ye did not speak to Rao Aimin and first tried to reassure his parents. He said, "I'm fine. I'm completely alright!"

Mom refused to believe. "But it's written on the news!"

Zhang Ye smacked his lips, "Aiyah, don't listen to those media or people on the internet speak nonsense. It's all fake!"

Maybe it was hands-free on that side, as his Aunt's voice also sounded. "This can be faked?"

Zhang Ye said, "Yes, it's all fake. At best, it's just exaggerated. It's the media. They all like to do that. If not, how do you attract everyone's attention and eyeballs? Hey, listen to me, do I sound injured? I'm now planning on going out for a run to train my body. Actually, it was just a few children throwing a few eggs and cabbage leaves. What harm can that cause. Your son isn't made of paper. Didn't you know my nickname is 'man of steel and blood'!? Don't worry, don't worry. I'm completely fine!"

After a while, Zhang Ye hung up while wiping his sweat. He had finally managed to hoodwink them.

Following that, Zhang Ye saw the landlady's figure and nearly had tears stream down his face, "My beloved relative! My beloved relative! You came! Quick save me! My head is aching! I'm dying!"

Chenchen: "............"

Rao Aimin looked at him with askance, "Aren't you a man of steel and blood?"

Zhang Ye cried out miserable, "What do you mean steel and blood!? This tiny body of mine will shatter at a touch! It's not like you don't know!"

Rao Aimin sat on the bed. "Then what did I just see on the internet? Weren't you righteously shouting that you would ‘sacrifice your blood in the Yellow Emperor's name'?"

Zhang Ye exclaimed, "I was just acting awesome! What about seeing the Yellow Emperor? This bro nearly saw the King of Hell! Try letting a rock smash you in the head! I don't believe you will be fine!"

Chenchen interrupted, "My aunt's chin can crush bricks to smithereens, so what if she got smashed by a rock?"

Oh, right!

I forgot Rao Aimin was a "martial arts expert"!

F**k! Then there's no f**king way to converse!

Rao Aimin's nasty tongue never changed. "If you aren't that tough, then don't fake it. Just that body constitution of yours, and you want to smash your face to act like you are a big guy? You even dare to stand there and let them hit you? Are you trying to touch all of China!? What I will sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name? It sounds pretty nice, but I just threw you down from the bed gently and you were already wailing like a slaughtered pig. What's the point of acting awesome?"

Zhang Ye whined without speaking, revealing a look as if he were dying soon. His face looked weak and if someone didn't know, they would think he was about to die that very second. Previously in the district, in front of the crowd, reporters, as well as on the internet and to his friends and family after returning home, Zhang Ye had been forcefully holding on. He looked pretty awesome. No matter who asked him, he said he was fine. Now, without any outsiders, and seeing that it was Rao Aimin, who knew traditional Chinese medicine, Zhang Ye immediately revealed his actual state. He could no longer act awesome anymore.

"Where does it hurt?"

"It hurts everywhere!"

"Hands off. Let me take a look."

"Lighter Landlady Auntie!"

"Cut your nonsense!"

"Ah! Lighter!"

"Don't move!"

"I can't take it, I can't take it! It's too painful!"

Rao Aimin had a nasty tongue but a soft heart. Her words were always very mean, but whenever Zhang Ye got into trouble, Rao Aimin never ignored him.

Checking his injuries, Rao Aimin had a general idea. "Let's go. To the hospital."

The moment Zhang Ye heard this, he immediately grabbed onto the bedpost, "No! I'll never go! Unless I'm dead!"

Rao Aimin stared at him, "Go to the hospital and get the doctors to sterilize it and give you a tetanus jab. Then it will recover quickly. I don't have the tools suitable for the job."

Zhang Ye flatly said, "I'd rather die than go!"

Despite spending all day to persuade him, Zhang Ye refused to listen.

Out of desperation, Rao Aimin could only say, "Chenchen, medical kit."

Little Chenchen slowly opened the medical kit.

Rao Aimin took out a cotton swab and began applying medicine to Zhang Ye's forehead. "This medicine of mine can only sterilize it and do some simple treatment. It cannot guarantee that it will be very effective."

Zhang Ye said, "It's fine, as long as it's effective."

Rao Aimin seethed, "You don't let me rest well on the first day of the Chinese New Year. Let me tell you that this is the last time. Next time, if you get injured, don't come looking for me. I don't have the time for you!" Turning towards Rao Chenchen. "Chenchen, go take your afternoon nap. You still have to do your Winter homework at night."

Chenchen said, "I'm not tired."

Rao Aimin looked at her, "Then don't tell me you are tired and want to sleep like the past few nights. If you don't finish the first ten pages of your mathematics homework, you are not going to sleep!"

Chenchen seethed and acknowledged. The two women had nearly the same expression, as if they came from the same mould. "Got it." Then she turned to return home.

Zhang Ye was still grunting. "Painful!"

Rao Aimin said in a lukewarm manner, "Endure it!"

After his forehead was done, Rao Aimin helped dab the wound on his neck.

As such, Zhang Ye grit his teeth. The spirit and stance he previously had on the internet was gone. People were, after all, sometimes strong, but there were also times when they were weak.

"Big Sis Rao."


"I want to eat your Red Braised Pork tonight."

Rao Aimin fumed so much that it became amusement. "I worked so hard to apply medicine for you, and you even put out conditions? Cut the crap!? There's only a bit of leftovers. It's up to you to eat them!"

"What are the leftovers?"

"Only dumplings."

"What's the filling inside?"

"Chive eggs!"

"Why is it vegetarian? Is there no meat? This bro is a patient now, and a great hero who was injured for national causes. Can't I get a bit of meat to eat?"

"Kid, you are trying to be forceful, aren’t you?"

"Alright then, I'll make do."

"Open your mouth. Drink the medicine."

"What medicine?"

"Anti-inflammatory medicine."

"I can't drink it if it's too bitter."

"If you keep up your nonsense, you will be left on the bed with nobody caring about you. Open your mouth, drink the medicine and water!"

Rao Aimin was already holding the water and medicine. She helped him sit up.

"...Orh." Zhang Ye obediently drank the medicine.

After the initial pain, Zhang Ye felt he was getting better. With someone taking care of him, he felt better. Towards the landlady's wicked mouth, Zhang Ye always kept it at arm's length. However, be it what Rao Aimin did or her taking care of him, Zhang Ye was especially assured with it. He knew she was a specially virtuous woman in everything. Now, he did not need to worry or consider about himself. He lay down and someone would wipe medicine on him, give him tea, as well as food. That feeling was indescribably good, and with that, weariness crept up to him.