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Chapter 416

Skin to skin contact.

The warmth from his ears.

His face was feeling the softness.

That was how Zhang Ye was lying on Rao Aimin's lap. Disregarding Rao Aimin's nagging, he shamelessly refused to move.


Such elasticity!

Her thighs were so full of flesh!

Rao Aimin's long legs were really not your everyday kind of legs. They were classy legs, full of purity, legs with morals, a pair of legs that was absent of vileness. They were a pair of legs that were beneficial to the people!

As a man, Zhang Ye was somewhat ashamed. Rao Aimin, a woman in her thirties, was in much better physical shape than he was. If she had flexed her muscles, she would definitely have a much leaner appearance than Zhang Ye. Maybe it was because of her training since she was young, while Zhang Ye had used the game ring to attain his martial arts. Furthermore, he had not eaten many skill books, so there was definitely no way for him to compare with her.

Humans were usually like this. When you had something, you don't treasure it as much. The things that you don't have, are especially desirable and wanted.

For example, the landlord auntie's pair of legs. He did not have those.

And his landlord auntie's breasts, he did not have those either.

Well, actually he did have breasts, but they were man breasts and weren't that large.

Zhang Ye laid down there and occasionally slightly opened his eyes to look up. He was greeted by the glorious view of two raised parts of the body at a close up. He took a deep breath and could even smell the fabric around her breasts. Rao Aimin was wearing a gray cotton sweater today coupled with a white pair of training pants. Her legs were exposed and she was wearing a pair of flats. It wasn't a very fashionable look, but matched well with the landlord auntie's traditional image. Zhang Ye had known her for so long, but had never seen her wear high heels before. It was always flats, possibly because that was a martial artist's stubbornness, but conversely, it could also be said that it was a presentation of confidence.

"Get lost."

"Let me lie down for a while."

"Do you really think I don't dare to finish you?"

"Then go ahead. I'm already so heavily injured that I'm already on death’s door. It wouldn't matter if I get hurt more. This will not burden me further."


As he said so, Zhang Ye turned around sideways to face Rao Aimin's stomach. His nose was touching her belly and his forehead buried in it. There was really no hint of any excess fat, much flatter than Zhang Ye's own belly. Then he took a deep breath through his nose and mouth, taking in the smell of maturity, a smell of light fragrance. It was probably the smell of her clothes, but whether it was the smell of the outer clothes or the under clothes, Zhang Ye did not know. After all, Zhang Ye's nose and face were close to Rao Aimin's white training pants and the underwear inside.

How refreshing!

This kind of life, was too comfortable!

With this, Zhang Ye's hands became increasingly unbridled. He naturally reached over and wrapped his hand around Rao Aimin's hips.

Rao Aimin seemed like she was about to say something.

Zhang Ye's head was pulled away towards his back, but he did not care. He stuck his head forward again and pressed his nose into her belly once more. Rao Aimin really knew how to live. Although she had so many properties, like the dual-purpose houses in this building, she rarely bought anything too expensive. She would basically only buy things that were at market value or below for cheap. Like when it came to laundry detergent, the smell was not especially fragrant, but as it mixed with her own body fragrance, the smell had become much nicer. Zhang Ye had very sensitive olfactory senses. When he smelled something naturally good, his whole body would become very comfortable.

It was so fragrant!

Another deep breath!

Rao Aimin seemed like she was about to say something again.

Zhang Ye could no longer hear it as he fell soundly asleep.



Past 7PM.

Zhang Ye awoke and the first thing he saw was himself lying down on his own pillow. Rao Aimin was no longer around and he pouted with a sense of loss. Next, he felt the coldness, extreme coldness, running through his body deep inside his bones. He quickly pulled a blanket over himself, but did not feel much better. At this moment, he finally felt that there was a wet towel covering his forehead. He did not know where it came from.

What's going on?

Was he having a fever?

Zhang Ye felt helpless. He was feeling dizzy and knew that the injury he had suffered was not light. It was probably because of that which led to him getting a fever.

"Where is everyone?"

"Big Sis Rao?"


"I'm hungry!"

"Someone! I'm dying over here!"

He shouted continuously for a few times and wanted to get out his bed, but as he was feeling faint, he knew it would be better to stay in bed. He felt his body feeling shaky, as though the world was spinning around him, like in an earthquake. Zhang Ye had to grab onto his bed frame before he had could drop his worries!

The door opened.

Rao Aimin brought a bowl that was steaming hot into the room, "What are you hurrying me for, stop shouting."

Zhang Ye weakly said, "I'm hungry. What's that?"

"Gruel." Rao Aimin said.

Zhang Ye said unhappily, "There's still no meat? I want to eat braised pork."

Rao Aimin sat on the bed, "You should be glad you have something to eat! Stop being picky! You can only have gruel in your current condition. And you still want braised pork? We'll see how it goes after your fever subsides!" As she said so, she showed a face of displeasure, "Sit up, eat!"

Zhang Ye hummed, "I'm not doing that. I want meat!"

Rao Aimin threatened, "Then I will bring you to the hospital!"

When he heard that, Zhang Ye immediately sat up, "Actually, something light would be better." He reached out to take the bowl of gruel, but felt his hands shaking. He could not possibly hold the bowl.

Rao Aimin's narrowed her eyebrows. "Fine! Open you mouth."

Zhang Ye eagerly opened his mouth.

Rao Aimin took a spoonful of gruel and blew on it for a while before putting it to the side of Zhang Ye's mouth. Her actions did not look too caring, but the gruel did not spill and the temperature was just right. Zhang Ye took a mouthful of the gruel that was given to him.

Zhang Ye swallowed it and sincerely expressed, "Big Sis Rao, thank you."

Rao Aimin ignored him and said stiffly, "Open your mouth."

"Ah." Zhang Ye opened his mouth and had another spoonful of gruel.

After he had finished eating, Rao Aimin said, "Do you still want some more?"

Zhang Ye still had a big appetite despite being sick, "Yes, another bowl please. Oh by the way, do you have spiced beef or something like that? Can you put some in there as well?"

Rao Aimin ignored him and went back to her house to get another bowl of gruel before feeding him again.

After 10 minute, Zhang Ye burped and then said, "Where's Chenchen? Has she eaten?"

"She's doing her homework. You should be concerned about yourself instead!" Rao Aimin put the bowl down and took a napkin to wipe Zhang Ye's mouth. She frowned as she threw the napkin away, "I've not done anything else the whole of today. After taking care of the young one, I have to take care of the not so young one. Do the both of you really take me for a nanny?"

Zhang Ye said weakly, "If you fall sick in the future, I will take care of you this way as well."

Rao Aimin smiled coldly, "I've not fallen sick in the past 10 years. Why would I need a rascal like you for? Quickly get better yourself. Once you are better, get lost."

Zhang Ye acknowledged her.

"Drink the medicine." Rao Aimin passed him some antipyretic and a glass of warm water.

Zhang Ye obediently sat up and took the medicine. It was something called Riling Granules, which Zhang Ye had never heard of before in his previous world. It should be the name of the medicine in this word and had a sweet taste. The effects were probably similar to that of aspirin.

After taking the medicine, Zhang Ye was feeling sleepy again perhaps due to the medication, "Landlady Auntie, I want to sleep again, can I lie on your lap?"

Rao Aimin stared at him, "Are you done?"

Zhang Ye said, "Otherwise, I would not be able to fall asleep."

Rao Aimin stared at him but still stretched her legs out for him.

"Thanks." Zhang Ye lay down quickly without another word. His hands naturally wrapped around her and hugged her by the waist.


This position was too enjoyable!

He was now wishing that he would be sick for another 3 or 5 days. When you were sick, you were the boss!

He had this thought running through his mind for the next few hours. When Zhang Ye fell asleep and woke up again, it was already night time. There was a glow from the dark clock on the table and it was showing 12:05AM!

It was late at night.

Only starlight illuminated the room.

Zhang Ye's face was still lying on that classy pair of legs, full of purity, legs with morals, a pair of legs that was absent of vileness. Zhang Ye had expected Rao Aimin to have gone back to her house to sleep, but who'd have known!

Rao Aimin was leaning against the bed frame with her eyes closed. She was motionless.

At this moment, Zhang Ye suddenly felt that he had to get up immediately. He did not want the landlady to suffer with him and cause her anymore trouble.

"Big Sis Rao." Zhang Ye said softly.

"Yes?" Rao Aimin woke up, "What?"

Zhang Ye apologetically said, "You should go back to your house. Chenchen still needs to be taken care of."

Rao Aimin said, "I just checked your temperature at 11:30PM. You are running a fever of 39 degrees. I will go once it subsides, otherwise we might really have to bring you to the hospital!"

Zhang Ye shivered and said, "Don't. I don’t want to go there. No two ways about it!"

Rao Aimin said impatiently, "Then you better cover up with the blanket and sweat it out. If your fever doesn't subside and I'm not here, who would take care of you?"

Zhang Ye said, "Big Sis Rao is still the best."

"Don't flatter me." Rao Aimin said, "When you get better, I still have lots of chores at home waiting for you. You can slowly pay me back."

Zhang Ye did not know whether to laugh or cry, "I feel that my temperature's rising again! I didn't hear anything that you just said. I feel so dizzy now, so then, I will continue sleeping."