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Chapter 418: The privileges of being sick!

Chapter 418: The privileges of being sick!

Middle of the night.

Rao Aimin had just finished her conversation with Zhang Ye on the topic of martial arts. She covered him back up with a blanket, so that he could have a good rest. Suddenly, Chenchen entered the house through the unlocked door.



"I have to pee."

"Didn't I already teach you how to climb onto the toilet?"

"I couldn't reach it and I really have to pee."

Chenchen was in a half asleep state, and stood there in her pajamas.

Zhang Ye heard her and joined in saying, "I have to pee too."

With a look of unwillingness, Rao Aimin picked Chenchen up. She kicked open Zhang Ye's bathroom door and place Chenchen on the toilet. She nagged, "When the big one is done, the little one comes, when the little one is done, the big one comes back. Can't you both just let me take a break?"

Chenchen was done.

Rao Aimin held Chenchen's chin and said, "Go back and sleep."

"Orh." said Chenchen, who was still half-asleep. She was still whining as she walked back.

Zhang Ye urged, "Landlord auntie, help me get my coat. I need to use the bathroom too."

Rao Aimin opened his clothes cabinet with an annoyed look before randomly picking out a coat and throwing it onto the the bed. She was probably tired too, as she took off her slippers after sitting on the bed. Her legs went on the bed as well as she snugged herself inside the warm blanket. She did not lie down, but just leaned against the bed’s headboard. She basically sat there with her arms crossed and shut her eyes for a nap.

Zhang Ye, who was in his long johns, put on the coat and went to the toilet. Although he was still a little dizzy, he was already feeling much better than he had been before. When he came back to bed, he crawled into the blanket and leaned his back against the wall.

"I'll be sleeping for a while." Rao Aimin said.

Zhang Ye said, "Sure, you should rest a little."

"Call me if there's anything. Don't bother me if there's nothing." Rao Aimin said without opening her eyes.

Zhang Ye probably had already slept too much today and was not feeling too sleepy anymore. After tossing and turning for a while, he opened his eyes. Using the moonlight, he glanced at Rao Aimin beside him. Her resting face was very beautiful, both her side profile and her frontal profile. The side of her face looked very slim and cut. Her chin was also a bit sharp. Zhang Ye did not care if she was asleep or not. With a shift of his body, he moved over. He laid on Big Sis Rao's legs as if he was no outsider. Rao Aimin had tucked both her legs under the blanket, but she was still sitting in a leaning position, so there was an angle. It was also a perfect place for Zhang Ye to lay on. His head was just above the blanket, and the side of his head was on Rao Aimin's stomach.

In a weak state, people did not consider many things. Their thoughts also became simpler, as such, he also became bolder. Zhang Ye could not sit still after lying down honestly for five minutes. As he closed his eyes, his hands reached towards Rao Aimin's legs. With a tiny pinch, he immersed himself in the elastic fleshy thighs underneath her yoga pants. After adjusting his head's position, Zhang Ye freely touched Rao Aimin's stomach with his hands, pulling open her gray sweater, snuggling his hands in.

Oh, there were still long johns underneath.

As the lighting wasn't good, he could not tell what color it was.

Zhang Ye decided that he might as well pull the long johns away. With that, he stuck his palm on to Big Sis Rao's tummy. Her skin was thin, and as he stroked it, it was rather smooth.

Rao Aimin did not move.

Zhang Ye had not taken advantage of Bis Sis Rao in a while. He could not see her after going to Shanghai, and when he was back in Beijing, he could only engage in short conversation. There was so much to talk about, yet he didn't have the opportunity. Now, with an opportunity in hand, Zhang Ye's principles of the "need to succeed at every crime he did”, he naturally had to get something. Zhang Ye had done such things before too, but all he got in then end was a quite terrible state. If it wasn't a shoulder flip from the landlady, it was twisting his arm till it nearly dislocated. However, he was now a patient, and a patient had patient privileges.

His hand sneaked in.

Bit by bit, his hand moved higher.

Belly, navel. Zhang Ye used the sensory signals from his palm to find various locations.

Suddenly, his fingernails and fingers touched a piece of fabric. It was very soft, and clearly it was her bra. There couldn't be anything else at this spot. Without any hesitation, Zhang Ye moved his fingers and slowly slid them in. Finally, he inserted his whole hand in, as it was enveloped by the bra. His palm immediately felt flesh. His fingertips were filled with the elastic fullness of flesh, so much so to the point of his fingers nearly being squeezed out. As for the back of his hand, it was tightly cupped by the bra. Thankfully Rao Aimin's bra today did not have a wire, or his hand would not have been able to squeeze in.

It felt great!

He had succeeded!

Zhang Ye was satisfied. With the advantage taken, he suddenly felt his entire being feel much better. His fever seemed to subside even more. It might not even be 38 degrees Celsius anymore. As his palm felt the warmth from Rao Aimin's flesh, which was cooler than him by just a bit, so it was not very obvious. It meant that their body temperatures were quite similar.


Taking advantage of her could heal him?

"What are you doing?" A woman's voice came from above him.

Zhang Ye coughed and said, "Nothing, I'm just finding a position to sleep in."

In the darkness, the female voice said, "Kid, is this your sleeping position? Didn't I say not to bother me if there's nothing!? Are you not going to let me rest?"

Zhang Ye said with an embarrassed face, "Sure. Go ahead and sleep."

The female voice said, "Cut the crap. Take your hand out."

"No." Zhang Ye shamelessly said. "If I don't grab something, I can't sleep well."

The female voice sneered. "Do you want me to make a move?"

Zhang Ye lay there like a hooligan. "Make your move. I'm already at death's door anyways. I'm dizzy and everything in front of me is a blur. A touch would shatter me. If you aren't afraid I'll faint, then make your move." As he said, he cried out painfully, "Aiyah, my head is hurting again. I can't take it anymore, I'm dying!"


Zhang Ye's head was struck by a person!

"Little bastard, you dare to play games with me!?" The female voice said.

Zhang Ye said speechlessly, "You really hit me?" Actually, it did not hurt one bit, but this fellow said with exaggeration, "I'm finished. My hand has lost its sense of touch. My consciousness is turning blur. My body..."

"Enough of that. Hurry up and go back to sleep." After the female voice said that, there was silence.

Zhang Ye peeped at Rao Aimin from the narrow slit in his eyes, and realized she had gone back to sleep with her eyes closed. She also did not fuss with the hand that was in her bra. Zhang Ye had a general idea and slowly took out his hand from her left bra cup, but did not fully remove it, but instead switched to the other side. He then squeezed it into the right bra cup. Immediately, his palm, fingers and even fingernails experienced softness!

It was as if he was lying on a cotton field.

It was as if he was in the ocean.

Zhang Ye felt extremely comfortable. With a move of his legs, he scissored Rao Aimin's legs in between his own. And at this moment, sleepiness crept up to him.