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Chapter 423: Zhang Ye gains even more popularity!

Chapter 423: Zhang Ye gains even more popularity!


And waiting!

Why was nothing happening?!

He had spent quite a lot of reputation points, but what effect did it have? Why did he not see any effect? Zhang Ye was getting anxious. That was 8 million reputation points worth of time that he had thrown down. Couldn't you at least let this bro see some of the effects? You can't just leave me hanging with that amount of reputation points used! I had to slog my way up to gain those reputation points. Even if you don't cause a stir, you should at least let me win the lottery and that would still be useful, right?

Looking in his wallet, he barely had a cent left.

On television, there was no news of anything either.

Where did his luck go? It was more than 10 minutes' worth of time, shouldn't there have been at least some effect?

Suddenly, the mainland music chart's website, that was still open on Zhang Ye's laptop, caused him to be stunned for a moment. He discovered that "Woman Flower", which was already losing its momentum earlier, had suddenly made a breakthrough and shot to third place!


Something must have happened somewhere!

Zhang Ye instinctively realized that and quickly went to check Weibo. He saw a news article posted 10 minutes ago and understood just what had happened. He was overjoyed — The equipment at Lee Anson's concert venue had been faulty and mistakenly played Zhang Yuanqi's new single, "Woman Flower" for nearly 10 minutes, repeating it twice!

"Landlady Auntie, look." Zhang Ye showed the her the laptop screen.

When Rao Aimin saw it, she was also amused, "That Lee guy sure is unlucky!"

"I want to see too." Chenchen also came over to take a look out of interest. She suddenly let out a sneer before saying, "When a person is out of luck, they'd fall down, even when standing still."

Rao Aimin commented, "This person is so unlucky, that no one can save him. In my opinion, he no longer has a chance to survive in China."

Only Zhang Ye knew that this was not down on Lee Anson's bad luck, but rather his use of the "Lucky Halo". Thereafter, he, together with Rao Aimin and Chenchen, began reading the comments about the incident. What a good one it was! The comments really took off as anything and everything was said. It was enjoyable to read them all!

"Aiyo, I can't take it anymore!"


“What's the matter with comrade Lee Anson!? Why is he so unlucky recently!?"

"His concert played Zhang Ye's song? And the single was repeated nearly thrice? I can't take it! Just this bit has hit me right on my laughing point! Hahaha!"

"I'm expressing my heartfelt pity for Lee Anson!"

"Are there spies amongst the backstage crew? I want to say to the spy that caused the fault, Comrade! Well done! The organization will not forget you!"

"This is so freaking hilarious!"

"'Woman Flower' is such a divine song! This is really like a lingering ghost that doesn't go away!"

"Haha, that's right. It's a song like a ghost! It has been possessed by Teacher Zhang Ye! And then went to Lee Anson's concert to curse him!"

"Teacher Zhang Ye really is a wonder. How can there be so many hilarious things happen around him all the time!? My whole family burst out in laughter when we saw this news article!"

"To be honest, I'm feeling embarrassed for Lee Anson!"

"This song, 'Woman Flower' is too legendary. No way, I must listen to Sister Zhang's version again! A song for the soul!"

The Lee Anson fans were all speechless or rolling their eyes. This matter made them have the impulse to faint!

What a coincidence?

How could the equipment be faulty?

Even if it were broken, why did it accidentally play Zhang Ye's song?

With this flurry of discussion, the topic of 'Woman Flower', which had lost its topical appeal, turned hot once again. Numbers from all aspects increased rapidly!




Two million clicks!

Four million clicks!

Five million clicks!

At around 10 PM, "Woman Flower" topped the music charts!

It was not only the mainland music charts, it also reached the aggregated national music chart's first position!

"Woman Flower"'s click count could no longer be calculated! The numbers on various music sites that released "Woman Flower" soared. Even online and offline pre-order sales broke past 130,000 in less than three hours! In today's technological age, a single CD release was basically useless. To be able to sell around 80,000 albums would mean that it was quite a good album. However, Zhang Yuanqi's single managed to hit 130,000 albums on the day it was released. This was already a heaven-defying number. It jumped straight to the day's, and even the week's number one CD sales in the entire country!

Many people looked at it in alarm.

"It's so terrifying?"

"Sister Zhang's appeal is known by all, but it shouldn't be that powerful? It's just a single and not a full album. Aren’t the CD sales a bit too exaggerated?"

"That's right. Unbelievable!"

"This amount of sales has already given me the feeling of Heavenly Queen Zhang at her peak many years ago!"

"Zhang Yuanqi's music career has risen from the grave! It wasn't obvious from the previous "Wishing We Last Forever", but now with "Woman Flower", we can say with certainty. The Heavenly Queen that once ruled the music industry for a long period of time is back once again! She's really awesome. Sister Zhang is really Sister Zhang!"

"To be able to recapture the popularity lost from her music career with two songs, who dares to say that Zhang Yuanqi is old? She is a treasured sword that never gets dull!"

"Did you notice? Both of these songs were written and composed by Zhang Ye. Zhang Ye is really Sister Zhang's benefactor. These two songs are indeed too awesome!"

"Yes, there is a need to credit Zhang Ye."

"Teacher Zhang is forever that awesome!"

"Why do I feel that it all seems fake? I can believe in a few million clicks, or even above ten million clicks. After all, it's Zhang Yuanqi, but the CD sales shouldn't be that high?"

"Are you saying Sister Zhang or the management company is engaging in fraud? They are spending their own money to buy it? Friend, you are overthinking it. What sort of status does Sister Zhang have? What sort of position does she have in the entertainment circle? She is the head of the pack. Over all these years, has Sister Zhang ever had any negative gossip? Has there been any negative rumors reported? It was all bought by fans spontaneously! Hur Hur, with Sister Zhang's position, there is also no need to engage in fraud. She has topped the music industry in the past, so there's no need to!"

"The sales can't be faked!"

"Right, I bought it too. I want to listen it on the car."

"Me too. I bought five copies of 'Woman Flower', so that I can use it to ward off evil! This song is too amazing! After that incident, Lee Anson went to Suzhou to hide, but this song, which cut Lee Anson's performance time on the Spring Festival Gala, as well as its composer, that had even beaten Lee Anson, managed to travel miles to look for Lee Anson. It even revealed its prowess to disgust Lee Anson one last time at his own concert. What sort of spiritual energy is this!? What sort of miracle is this!? To be able to hit a villain from miles away! Which song can be this powerful?"

"Agreeing with above poster. For felicity, I'll buy ten!"

"Agreeing with those above. I bought eight to ward of bad people. I plan to give it to friends and family. With one in hand, you can ward against evil and pregnancy. It is all-powerful!"


"Those above, I'm kneeling before you!"

"Engage in rational expenditures! You must engage in rational expenditures!"

"Rational my ass! I'm doing this to support our domestic cultural industry, as well as support our domestic stars! I bought five! I want to let that Korean, who doesn't have any morals or idea of respect, know to get lost!"

Once it became topical, "Woman Flower" soared!

Previously, all the attention on Lee Anson carrying out his concert in an injured state all shifted towards the miraculous song, "Woman Flower"!


Around 11:30 PM.

The new song, "Woman Flower", reached second on the trending list of Weibo!

Actually the first was also about it, but the title of the Weibo headlines was "’Woman Flower’ enters Lee Anson's solo concert".

Not long later, an account with a Suzhou IP posted a picture on Tieba. It was Lee Anson smashing microphones backstage in anger. There were six or seven microphones on the ground. Other than one being in relatively good condition, the rest had been smashed. The batteries and wiring were scattered all over the floor.

The news also quickly updated!

"Lee Anson goes crazy backstage, smashing 8 microphones angrily".

According to the picture at the venue, Lee Anson's crutch had been thrown aside. He could stand up and walk without any problems. Although his hands were bandaged, it was in the stance of smashing a microphone. It was hard to tell if he was even injured, or at least it did not seem to affect him much. Compared to him being wrapped in bandages and leaning on a crutch during his concert, it could not help but cause people to feel doubt. Was all that display of injury just to garner sympathy? According to the reporter's latest understanding of the situation, the location and equipment provided had been paid by Lee Anson's team. The eight microphones and a piece of equipment had been damaged due to Lee Anson. It cost a total of 25,600!

This leaked information caused Lee Anson's popularity to hit rock bottom in China. There were doubts and curses that filled the internet!

"Still trying to deceive people for sympathy?"

"This person has problematic character!"

"Smash microphones? What pettiness!"

"This Lee Anson must really learn from Teacher Zhang Ye. See how Zhang Ye handles his unforeseen circumstances? Some ignorant children were blind enough to seek him to throw stuff at him. Not only did Zhang Ye not strike back, he even stood there to let them hit him. What about you? You smash things yourself? When you look at the contrast between them, the difference is obvious! Look at how Teacher Zhang Ye handles things! Learn it for yourself!"

"From this matter, we can tell in terms of tolerance, our countryman is a cut above him. Teacher Zhang Ye has really won us respect!"

"Using Lee Anson to compare with Zhang Ye? There's no way of comparing. Teacher Zhang is an artist. Lee Anson is an entertainment star at best!"

"Haha, he needs to pay!"

"25,000! Do you guys think Lee Anson will pay?"

"Why did he smash things? If you are angry, you vent your anger on a microphone? Did the microphone annoy you?"

"He even smashed eight microphones in one go. I really wonder what Lee Anson is thinking!"

Suddenly, at this moment, Zhang Ye's Weibo account suddenly added a comment. "Don't ask why. Once you have money, you become willful!"



"It's Zhang Ye!"

"Teacher Zhang has appeared!"

"What a godly additional stab!"

"Aiyah, Teacher Zhang is really too funny! I'm dying of laughter!"

"I'm surprised to see Teacher Zhang Ye himself! Teacher Zhang, you stabbed him nice and good!"

"I'm convinced! Hahahaha! Teacher Zhang doesn’t always speak, but when he does, it’s f**king gold!"

"Lee Anson is too willful!"

"Once you have money, you become willful" was a famous internet meme in Zhang Ye's world. When used in this world, it, too, amused many commoners of this world!

This matter also caused Zhang Ye's popularity to rise by a bit!

Zhang Ye no longer felt his heart aching over the Reputation points spent by the Lucky Halo. What were Reputation points for? Wasn't it just to add to his popularity, and bring him one step closer to his goal? So, it was something he had to do when the need arose!