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Chapter 424: How People Thought of Zhang Ye!

Chapter 424: How People Thought of Zhang Ye!

The next day.

It was third day of the new year.

"’Woman Flower’ Long-Distance Face Smacking"!

"A divine coincidence"!

"Lee Anson—Just that willful"!

"PR Crisis failed. Lee Anson silently returns on an overnight flight"!

Before the firecrackers outside went off, and while the sky was still dark, various newspaper stands in Beijing began selling newspapers that included news about yesterday's event. Some newspapers even made it a featured story. It also mentioned the matter about the Spring Festival Gala, and narrated the whole story from the beginning.

Zhang Ye had woken up early in the morning. After peeling off his gauze, he found that the wound was fine. He did not put on a new piece of bandage, and just wiped some medicine on it according to the landlady's instructions. Then he washed up. Without eating breakfast, he went out the door directly. He had not taken back his BMW X5, so he went out of his district the roadside to wait for a taxi. It was the new year, so there weren't many cars. All the taxis were occupied and there were few empty ones. As he stood there, he walked over to a newspaper stand, and looked at today's news.

There were a few people there.

"How much is the paper?"

"One buck."

"Give me one."

"Haha, that grandson, Lee Anson sure is unlucky!"

"I can't help but feel faint for him to be unlucky to such an extent!"

"What are you all of you talking about?"

"Bro, you still don't know? Here, take a look at the newspaper."

A few men and women, who had to work overtime during the new year, began chatting at the bus stop where the newspaper stand was.

"Aiyah! I slept early last night. I didn't know something so fun had happened! Hahahaha! Face-smacking Zhang really haunts him! This Lee Anson is also too much. You can offend anyone, but why did you choose to offend Zhang Ye. That fellow is notorious in the industry to scold and beat anyone. Didn't he see how the SARFT turned anxious because of him? Didn't he see how the literary world had been thoroughly offended? How many people in the country have been hit by that fellow, Zhang Ye's scoldings? It's probably uncountable. There's no one amongst celebrities who can cause more trouble than Zhang'er. Take a look! It's your turn! For ‘Woman Flower’ to travel long distances just to smack him in the face, and that final divine additional stab in the end! Even if you are a f**king god of the heavens, you would also be vomiting blood!"

"Teacher Zhang is definitely the best at doing such things!"

"Ai, I'm in stitches from laughing. Teacher Zhang Ye is really wicked. That Lee Anson is already so unlucky, yet you even gave him that final stab. He's too cruel! I can no longer bear to look at him straight! Hai, now with comrade Lee Anson returning to his country fuming, we have nothing amusing left to watch!"

"Zhang Ye really managed all of this perfectly! In the past, this type of wretched thing has happened before. Just that stampede caused by a Korean star in the past, up til now, they haven't even apologized. There was such a furor back then, but nothing came of it. It was all forgotten and treated like nothing. That star is still completely fine. It's really infuriating. It's not like this is the first or second time that this sort of thing has happened. Every time, it's us commoners who have to suffer in silence, but take a look at this! Something similar happened this time, but the difference was that Lee Anson encountered Zhang Ye, a person who never allows himself to suffer! In the end? It ended up completely different! Haha, that Zhang Ye has cleaned Lee Anson up! That grandson doesn't even have a temper anymore! His popularity is gone, his fame is gone. He can only return to his country with his face ashen! We have won a complete victory!"

"That's right. Only Zhang Ye is that great."

"That's true. Zhang Ye's infamy isn't blown out of proportion. He is a thorn acknowledged by everyone in the industry. He's powerful against both foreign and domestic!"

"I feel like I'm beginning to like Zhang Ye even more. Firstly, we are all Beijingers. Back then, I saw a video of Zhang Ye scolding people with Beijing slang, that really suited me. Secondly, those so-called celebrities these days, they are powerful internally. They keep fighting domestically, but once they are set against foreigners, they all become silent when justice needs to be sought against foreigners. They all hum and haw like retards! Look at Teacher Zhang! That's truly an awesome person! He is an expert at scolding his peers! And against foreigners, he is even more professional! Our country's entertainment circle really needs more fierce people like Teacher Zhang, whose 'literary talent can suppress the world, and martial arts can mount the cosmos'!"

"Lady, I agree with your views. Zhang Ye is indeed not bad. He doesn't put us Beijingers to shame, nor does he shame China. This battle was really well fought!"

"That's right. He's winning glory for our nation!"

"In the future, if we see any foreign stars bullying our citizens, I don't have to look for some mysterious relevant department or famous celebrity that can't do shit. If there's a problem, I'll just @Zhang Ye on Weibo. As long as Teacher Zhang is willing to help us, those bunch of foreigners will get their comeuppance! I'll take them as they come. I'll make all of them scram! Teacher Zhang can get rid of these kinds of people without any pressure! Especially when it comes to certain celebrities that lack morals from Korea, Zhang Ye is definitely not a bad choice. The title of Professional Korean Insulter isn't something he got for nothing! The title of face-smacking Zhang is also not for nothing!"

"Pfft, I'm greatly amused by what you said!"

"I heard Zhang Ye lives in a small district behind us."

"Really? This can't be?

"It's true. I heard that too."

"Right, two days ago, Zhang Ye got injured. It happened in this neighborhood."

"God, Teacher Zhang Ye actually lives so close to me? I was wondering why whenever I see my unit's leader's face, I feel like punching him in the face! So I inherited some of Teacher Zhang Ye's 'immortal aura'!"


Everyone spoke very happily.

A youth, whose bus came, looked at his watch and realized how it was still early and decided against boarding the bus. He carried on chatting with the people waiting for their buses. Although everyone met each other for the first time, the topic was just right for them, so they didn't care about anything else. Beijingers tended to be good at chatting.

Actually, when Zhang Ye, who was looking at the newspapers, heard this bunch of people talking, he did not dare to go over. He silently slipped away. When he heard how these people were evaluating him, Zhang Ye was also at a loss of whether to laugh or cry. There were some things they said that he could barely accept, such as having literary talent that can suppress the world, and martial arts that can mount the cosmos? Well, this evaluation was rather objective and fair. He could barely accept it, but there were other points that made him unsure whether he should laugh or cry. Who was notorious? What infamy? What did they mean by few in the industry have not been scolded by him yet? Was this bro such a jerk?

Was he?

Alright, it seemed to be quite true. Let's change topics.

For him to wake up this early in the morning, Zhang Ye actually had something to do. The reason was because late last night, Rao Aimin's junior brother, Lu Yuhu had given him a call.

The conversation of the call was as such:

"Hello, Zhang Ye, have you slept yet?"

"Ah, you are?"

"I'm Lu Yuhu. I have something I need to tell you. When I fished you out, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but I might have missed out certain factors. If it were any ordinary person, it would be alright, but you are a celebrity. It has also caused some influence on society and is heatedly discussed. There are also people questioning the police system's handling of your matters. The higher-ups all know of it, and have asked about it. What I mean is that if you have time tomorrow, can you report to the Ministry of Public Security? The extraction document I wrote about is for you to aid a department. The boss of that department is my friend, and we have pretty good relations, so I wrote his unit and stamped it from his side, allowing me to get the extraction process done. We all know it's nothing real, and you going there was just for show. Of course, I heard from my Senior Sis that you were injured. If you haven't recovered from your injuries yet, then we can forget it. It's actually nothing too important. I can still handle that bit of pressure. I'm just worried the friend of mine that helped me in this matter might not be able to handle it."

"Oh, so that's the case. My wounds are fine now. Alright, then I'll come by tomorrow. If there's any help needed, I'll help. I can't cause you any more trouble."

"Alright, thanks a lot."

"Look at you, it should be me who should be thanking you."

"I'll text you the address. You can go anytime you want, since it's just for show. The department's full name is Public Police Information and Internet Safety Monitoring Bureau. It's commonly known as the Internet Surveillance Bureau, in charge of web security. You'll know when you get there. I'll tell my friend ahead of time. You just need to be in the office to drink some tea and surf the internet. There's nothing else needed of you. At most, we will get you to help with some documents, but we won't get you to do it personally. You'll be there for two or three days at most, then it will be fine. You can then do whatever you want."

"Alright, I understand."

"Great. If there's anything, feel free to find me."

With that, Zhang Ye had to "head for work" early in the morning. Firstly, he had no work to do at home. With "Woman Flower" receiving great success last night, it was something that he need not worry about. Whatever he needed to do had now been done. There was nothing else for him to do. Besides, he was still injured, so he couldn't go home. He was worried that his parents and family members would get worried. Hence, he had found an excuse to tell his parents that he could not go home because he was busy. Since he had nothing to do at home, he did not mind "going to work". Secondly, Zhang Ye did not want Lu Yuhu to find it difficult to answer to his friend. He had given face to Rao Aimin, and helped fish him out through underhanded means. With this tiny bit of a problem, if he did not go, wouldn't that case the person who helped him, risk and pressure? Killing the donkey the moment it left the millstone? That would be too unbecoming. This was not something Zhang Ye could do. Since he could go, he would naturally take the trip. It was also no big deal.

The taxi came.

An empty car drove over.

Zhang Ye immediately waved his hand. The car stopped as he pulled open the door to board it.