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Chapter 425: An eccentric short haired beauty!

Chapter 425: An eccentric short haired beauty!

It was around 8 in the morning.

Somewhere, at the front gates of a compound.

Zhang Ye alighted from the taxi as soon as he arrived. He saw the national emblem emblazoned on the building and glanced at the two guards, who were armed with guns, protecting the front gate. He did not enter, but instead went across the road and found a food stall to have his breakfast. He ordered a bowl of stir-fried liver and half a tray of buns, finished them all up, and burped with satisfaction. Only after he had cleaned his mouth and put on his sunglasses and a face mask did he make his way over.

"Who are you looking for?" The guard asked him warily.

The other guard said, "Please show your ID."

Zhang Ye said, "I'm looking for the Director of Internet Surveillance Bureau's First Department, Dong Zhiqiang. My surname is Zhang."

A person in the control room heard that and picked up the phone to check, "Hello, Director Dong. A youth by the surname of Zhang is here and he says he is looking for you...yes, he's out here right now...OK....OK, I understand." With that, he looked at the guards outside and nodded.

The guard stood aside, "Block B, third floor."

Zhang Ye smiled, "Thank you."

This was not the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Security, but rather seemed to be a branch of it, but from the looks of the compound, it definitely did not only house the Internet Surveillance Bureau. There were definitely other branches and units under the Ministry of Public Security located in this compound as well. Zhang Ye did not know the details and he wasn't too concerned either. He was only here to report as part of a procedure for a few days only, so there wasn't much point in knowing too much.

Block B.

He found the place after about five minutes of searching. Then, he took the lift to the third floor.

Ding, the lift stopped and he stepped out. The Internet Surveillance Bureau sign was clearly displayed on the wall just outside the lift.

"Teacher Zhang Ye I presume?" Off to the side, a middle-aged man, who looked to be a little younger than 40 years old, stepped out of his office. He was a little plump and was wearing an ISB uniform. He looked rather cheerful.

Out of respect, Zhang Ye took his sunglass and face mask off, "Yes, that would be me. You are?"

The middle-aged man said, "I'm Dong Zhiqiang."

Zhang Ye reached out his hands, "Director Dong, nice to meet you. Thank you for your help just two days ago."

"It was a simple matter. Don't worry about it." Dong Zhiqiang laughed heartily, "Although it was that rascal Lu Yuhu who asked me to help, but when we found out about your actions to stand up for the commoners at that night's gala, all of us at the office could only be filled with admiration and respect. It was a simple thing, and I’m glad I could be of help."

Zhang Ye smiled, "I still need to thank you anyway. If not for your assistance, I would probably still be in the police station’s holding cell right now. After all, I'm at fault in this incident as well."

Dong Zhiqiang put his arms over his shoulders, "Come, let me show you around the department. Yuhu must have told you already? This is just a small procedure. To the public, we will inform them that you were asked to help with cleaning up the mess relating to the entertainment business. For example, cases of fans of idols hacking into each others' computers and planting viruses or trojans. These sort of incidents are happening more and more commonly in the past year. As an entertainment business worker and being close to people from the literature and education fields, you have a lot of contacts and know more about such things. That is why we invited you to help with the investigations."

Zhang Ye did not object, "Sure, let me know if you need my help on anything."

Dong Zhiqiang laughed, "It's fine. You can just have a drink, surf the internet, or play some games. There is no problem with that. You don't really have to do anything. Just you coming over has already made it easier for us to answer to the upper echelons."

As they walked, Dong Zhiqiang introduced him to the ongoings of the Internet Surveillance Bureau. The corridor walls were plastered with many awards, like team awards, individual merits, medals, etc, etc, etc. Old Dong's mood was rather good as he even boasted to Zhang Ye, "All of these awards were won by my people. The Internet Surveillance Bureau is different from the other departments as we do not rest even during festive seasons. Hai, actually that's just how the public security system works. Look at this, this was an award that one of my men received from staying up for two days and one night just to crack an internet crime. There's also this one here, which we won about five months ago. Another one of my men had accidentally traced the IP of an offshore hacker who was wanted. It was even reported in the newspapers that Interpol and the local authorities had cooperated to nab that hacker. This won for us a third tier contribution to the case."

Hearing him talk, Zhang Ye occasionally nodded and entertained him by saying, "Your department must be full of elites."

"That's true." Dong Zhiqiang was getting more complacent as he carried on, "In a place like the Internet Surveillance Bureau, our people are really the most elite. Their technical skill is good and they listen to orders, as well as, being able to face many hardships. Under my command, their working relationship is very harmonious and it's like we're one big family, so you coming here today...."

They reached the office.

Before they could go inside and as Old Dong was still boasting, Zhang Ye had already spotted a few people arguing inside. Three cyber-policemen had surrounded a cyber-policewoman.

"Officer Fan! Why are you playing that music while we're all trying to work!"

"I'm bored from being too free. Is that wrong?"

"You are free, but we still have to work!"

"What has it got to do with me whether or not you have work to do?"

"Hey, why are you always like that! Officer Fan! Do you still have any discipline? The leader just stepped out and you're being like this?"

"Even if Old Dong is back, I will play the music if I want to. Do I even need to report to you all? Haven't you all heard 'Woman Flower'? What a great song."

"That attitude of yours....."

"Hur Hur, what about my attitude?"

The three of them had started arguing with the cyber-policewoman, and it was getting loud!

Zhang Ye was feeling a little awkward as Dong Zhiqiang had just finished talking about how proud he was about his team. Was this what you would call elite? This was what you meant by being able to take hardship and listened to orders? This was called a harmonious working relationship? Cough, cough. Old Dong was truly just boasting, and now, even Zhang Ye felt a little embarrassed for him.

Dong Zhiqiang face turned red as he couldn't carry bear with it anymore. He angrily opened the door and went it, "What's this! What are you all arguing about! Comrade Yingyun! What trouble did you cause again now!? Do you even have any respect for me anymore? Do you still have any respect for this organization? Let me remind you! You are someone who has made mistakes before!"

At this moment, the cyber-policewoman turned her head.

When Zhang Ye saw her face from the front, he was amazed. What the f**k, there's even such a beautiful policewoman hidden in the Public Security system? This person was really beautiful! She looked to be around 30 years old with a slim figure. She was quite thin and had short hair. Even for any woman who were considered pretty, most would not look good with short hair, or dare to cut their hair short, but this woman was different. Her short hair made her look especially capable. It also matched her demeanor well. What a perfect short haired beauty! Even if compared to many of those female celebrities that Zhang Ye had seen before, she would not lose out. She was even better than many of them! The feeling that she gave to Zhang Ye was that of a very capable and strong woman!

Fan Yingyun did not take it lying down, "Then fire me! I was just thinking of going back home to 'deeply reflect' upon myself. Do you all think that I wish to come to work?"

Meng Yi pointed at her, "How dare you speak to the leader in this manner!"

Fan Yingyun threw up her hands, "This is how I always talk!"

Zhang Ye noticed that there was another older comrade and a male and female youth in the office. They were just doing their own things at their workstations and were not looking over at the argument. It was as if they had no interest in what was being argued about. With that, Zhang Ye understood that this was probably not the first time that such events had happened. It was not that they were not curious, but rather that they had gotten used to such happenings!

Arguing everyday with her colleagues?

Scolding the leader everyday?

What the f**k, what sort of woman was she! She's even fiercer than me?

Zhang Ye was enjoying what he was witnessing. He realized that this woman's character was quite similar to his own. She had a sense of fearlessness and her temper was even worse than Zhang Ye's!

The few of them shouted for a little while before they finally got tired.

Dong Zhiqiang waved them off and went back to look for Zhang Ye. He said to him, "Teacher Zhang, I'm sorry that you had to witness that. Don't bother about her. Come, take a seat here. You can sit anywhere you want over here."

"Zhang Ye?"

"It's Zhang Ye!"

"Aiyo, Teacher Zhang. Why are you here?"

Only then did everyone realize that there was one more person in their office. A few of the cyber-police's eyes lit up. Fan Yingyun's glanced over too and was stunned.

Zhang Ye greeted everyone simply, "Hi everyone!"

Dong Zhiqiang began introducing everyone, "I don't think Zhang Ye needs any introduction, right? All of you should already know him. Teacher Zhang's here to assist us regarding some cases. Yes, that's all that you all need to know." Then he started introducing his team to Zhang Ye, "This is Meng Yi. He’s in charge of web data analysis. This is Fang Xiaoshui. She’s responsible for online network defense." After introducing everyone, when it came around to the spiky short haired policewoman, Dong Zhiqiang pursed his lips and casually said, "She is Fan Yingyun. She used to be a teacher at the People's Public Security University of China, but now....she's been transferred to our department."


This sort of temper and she was a teacher?

And she was even a teacher at the People's Public Security University of China?

Zhang Ye was very curious about this Fan Yingyun. He looked at her a few more times and felt that her position and rank in this department was a special circumstance. She was quite different from the others as even when she was yelled at by Dong Zhiqiang and a few of her colleagues, it seemed like they couldn’t do anything about her. If it were anyone else, who would dare stand out of the crowd so much? Dared to speak to the leader in this manner? Even if they were not fired, they would have been transferred elsewhere!

"Teacher Zhang." A youth came up to him.

Fang Xiaoshui also said, "Teacher Zhang Ye, nice to meet you. I've always liked your shows."

The people from the Internet Surveillance Bureau were all very friendly. A few of them had come to make conversation with Zhang Ye.

At this moment, Dong Zhiqiang received a call. It seemed like something had come up and he left some instructions for them before leaving.

Once the leader left, everyone spoke in an even livelier manner. The Internet Surveillance Bureau's work was usually rigid and boring. For a celebrity to suddenly visit them, they were, of course, very interested.

Zhang Ye was actively chatting with them, not neglecting anyone.

Suddenly, the shadow of the short haired beauty had squeezed through the crowd. Fan Yingyun was holding a cup of warm water and walked up to him in her heels, "Teacher Zhang, have some water. It's hot, be careful."

When those words came out of her mouth, all of her surrounding colleagues had faces of shock!

Even the old comrade and a few other cyber-police, who had not been too interested earlier, suddenly looked over. They all looked dumbfounded!

What does this mean?

Was that Officer Fan talking?

Serving water and even telling him to be careful not to get scalded?

F**k! They had all known each other for some time now. Counting each and everyone of them, none of them had ever seen Fan Yingyun behave this way! Aren't you the type to show an attitude to whoever you met? Aren't you always scolding anyone you see? Are you only treating us that way? But you're so nice to Teacher Zhang Ye??